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Senator Ted Cruz Makes His Point … and It’s Worth Hearing


Democrats are crying foul (when don’t they?), accusing Ted Cruz specifically and Republicans generally of trying to shut down the government ahead of the October 1 opening date for the Obamacare exchanges.

As usual, their faux outrage has no basis in reality: the government won’t be shut down. Speaker Boehner and the House Republican caucus have unequivocally stated that they are not seeking a government shutdown. Nor could Ted Cruz’ antics have led to a shutdown, either: Senate procedure required him to wrap up his antics by 1:00 PM Wednesday in time for a vote.

In retrospect, the naming the health care law the “Affordable Care Act” sounds like a sick joke. Then again, this is the same federal government that once called the measurement for radiation from a nuclear bomb “sunshine units.”
– David Laska

All told, Ted Cruz spoke on the Senate floor for 21 hours for a simple purpose: to focus the eyes of Washington and the nation on the fact that Obamacare has failed. Its own authors have admitted the implementation has been a train wreck, and one by one, every promise spun to the American people about this law has unraveled.

That the program has failed is a fait accompli; what remains to be seen is the size and scope of the failure.

According to the Society of Actuaries, America’s leading organization of risk-analysis professionals, the cost of medical claims under Obamacare – the driving force behind the rise in insurance premiums – will increase by 32 percent nationwide.

The cost of medical claims is up 62 percent in California. According to the Executive Director of that state’s own Obamacare exchange, health insurance premiums for individuals are rising by between 64 and 146 percent.

The day the exchange opened, the average 25-year-old nonsmoking male in California saw his monthly premium rise from $92 to $184.

In Tennessee, the average premium for individual females is doubling. For men, it’s tripling. One Kentucky family famously saw their premium triple overnight.

Remember when Barack Obama told us, “if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan”? He was lying.

Remember when Barack Obama bent over backwards arguing that the new revenue raised by Obamacare wasn’t a tax? He was lying then, too. And don’t take my word for it – he admitted as much at the Clinton Global Initiative on Tuesday when he said that Obamacare is “paid for by a combination of things. We did raise taxes on some things.”

Of course, “some things” is a much easier concept to digest than medical devices, medical bills, special bank accounts to save for healthcare and, oh yeah, personal income – all of which are punished under the Obamacare regime.

In retrospect, the naming the health care law the “Affordable Care Act” sounds like a sick joke. Then again, this is the same federal government that once called the measurement for radiation from a nuclear bomb “sunshine units.”

I’ve met Ted Cruz. He was the keynote speaker at our annual fundraising dinner in May. Sen. Cruz spoke for over 30 minutes, without notes, a podium or a TelePrompTer, about economic growth and the American dream. The audience of 500 hung on his every word and responded with a standing ovation at the end of his remarks.

Ted Cruz is a serious Senator. And his message is one the American people need to hear, especially those in the 20 states with Democratic Senators whose terms expire at the end of next year.

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  • Robert S Moulds

    The democrats tried to get around a sales tax to pay for universal health care and now they face another sequester. They could blame Ted Cruz who is from Canada who can’t run for president but is a great senator and if he ran for prime minister of Canada I’d vote for him. But they are wrong for they are trap with they own silly plan.