Woman Suspect KILLED in Incident near U.S. Capitol

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A chaotic car chase that began when a woman tried to ram a security barrier near the White House ended with the suspect being fatally shot near the U.S. Capitol, in an incident that put the Hill temporarily on lockdown and caused what one witness described as “mass panic.”

Police confirmed late Thursday that the suspect was killed after being struck by officers’ gunfire.The Secret Service said she had a 1-year-old girl in the car, who was not injured.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said officers acted “heroically.” She said two officers were injured — one from the U.S. Capitol Police, the other from Secret Service — but “both will be okay.”

The USCP officer was released from MedStar Washington Hospital Center Thursday night.

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told Fox News that the woman originally tried to run down a Secret Service agent near the White House. The Secret Service later confirmed the officer was struck by the woman’s car.

In a statement, it also said multiple gunshots were later fired at two locations near the Capitol.

According to U.S. Capitol Police, its officer was injured in a related car crash.

The chase and subsequent stand-off near the Capitol went down as lawmakers were debating under the dome about the partial government shutdown. Officials said it appears the incident had “no nexus to terrorism.”

Terrance Gainer, the Senate sergeant at arms, told Fox News that this appears to be an “isolated incident.”Gainer also said the injured Capitol Police officer crashed a police cruiser while trying to join the chase. The cruiser “seriously clipped” a barricade, he said, but the injuries are “not life threatening.”

The chase and stand-off caused panic on Capitol Hill, with sirens blaring inside the building and lawmakers and their staff being ordered to stay in place. The lockdown was later lifted. Returning to the floor late Thursday afternoon, lawmakers thanked Capitol Police and other security officers and gave them a standing ovation.

Officials said the incident began with a car chase, which started when the suspect, driving a black sedan with Connecticut plates, tried to ram a barrier near the White House.

Several police cars pursued her to a location near the Capitol building.When they boxed her in, sources said, the driver got out and five or six shots were fired.

David Loewenberg, who witnessed the incident, said he saw an officer “hugging a child and taking that child away.”

Eyewitnesses described a chaotic scene.

“We were definitely caught off guard, we were scared,” said Matt Knuppeo, who said he was touring the Capitol building when the stand-off unfolded. “It was mass panic for a while.”

“We just heard the gun shots — pow pow pow pow,” witness Emily Wheeler told Fox News.

The developments come as lawmakers were debating a series of small spending bills, amid the ongoing partial government shutdown.

The violence follows the mass shooting last month at the Washington Navy Yard, where a gunman killed 12 people. The gunman also died.

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Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.15.31 PM“We saw people dropping to the ground. Not hit, taking cover,” said Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.05.36 PM UPDATE: THE LOCKDOWN HAS BEEN LIFTED.

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  • retiredbobinFla.

    It’s got to be a liberal DAMNocrat. (loony leftist)

  • Blind4Blind

    Dog’s and Cat’s living together!

  • Gus Demetriades

    I don’t see a conservative or patriot taking their baby to a gunfight…liberals now…..

    • Brian Grierson

      lol Idiots come from all sides. Liberal and otherwise.

  • Charles Boettcher

    Wonder if PD just got a little trigger happy? Hard to say until actual details are released.

    • Kathy

      She was probably recruited at a nearby McDonald’s by the Obama Gang after PMS was strongly suspected. The job was probably worth $15/hr, a new car and a new ObamaSmartphone. Of course, if the truth even remotely resembles this fictional description, we will never hear it now….especially if the suspect was killed. They didn’t kill the hired SEIU picketer yesterday at the Veterans Memorial before the media got to him….today they didn’t make that mistake????

  • Warhawk Wynne

    Everyone here seems to think it was a crazy leftist…how about the possibility that she was a mad right winger who had had enough?

    • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

      Right wingers don’t fire first, we wait for the moral high ground, such as being shot at first.


      no… it was a leftist…. the NSA IRS ATF CIA FBI ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC THE NY TIMES and a whole host of government and private news agencies who now work for the Liar in Chief are watching all the Tea Party People… cause they know how evil those U.S. loving, Constitution Reading evil ones are…so it wasn’t them….this time…. but they will still have to be watched…….

  • Michael Modes

    Julia did not get her contraceptives.

    • bluelight61


  • David Scates

    I haven’t watched TV but I bet they’re blaming a Conservative or Republican as usual.

  • Punatic

    Another case of workplace violence has happened in Washington, DC. It’s being reported that a woman driving an automobile rammed a barricade near the White House.

    Apparently the automobile used in this incident is an assault weapon. The automobile was equipped with an automatic transmission AND a high capacity gas tank!

    It is time for everyone in this country to come to their senses and support Automobile Control.

    There should be controls put in place immediately to limit all automobile gas tanks to no more than 15 gallons, and there should be a complete ban on automatic transmissions!

    • Lewtheprof

      I posted something about like this on the Huffing and Puffington Post site after the last army base shooting spree. It passed muster by their PC police and and then it was made public. I think it stayed up long enough to infuriate every anti-gun nutcase on there that day and then it happened. Somebody apparently was “outraged” and squealed me out to the Huffy Po Po appeals court of PC etiquette, and then the comment promptly taken down,, and me? I was unceremoniously put into the “penalty box!” Yes folks, that was a good day!!!

  • jtak101

    Let me get this straight..she was killed, but taken into custody and her condition unknown?? Umm…dead is dead isn’t it??

  • ace

    “a car attempted to crash one of the barriers” must have been made of snow fence or chicken wire cause my Lexus would have
    broke that front bumper into a thousand pieces,and I see no dent,why did
    they jump in front of a 3000 pound car did he hope to stop it?or did he
    want an excuse to fire? they airlift a “wounded” cop but let the lady bleed out,what injury’s did this cop have broken arm from senselessly jumping
    on the windshield?or a hangnail?how do you explain three windows blown
    out yet the windshield intact,how do you rationalize their life was in
    danger when you shoot from the back?

    • Brian Grierson

      Try actually WATCHING the video of the incident first before you editorialize. But to put this into perspective for you. The driver was clearly seen driving, making the turn decisively, running up onto the curb towards the barriacade, stopping just short of them and boxed almost completely in by police. The driver then reverses the car and rams into a police cruiser, a police officer jumps out of the way as it reverses, and then the driver speeds off, evading police for a short time. That was the end of the video.

      The suspect spoke english but was suspected of having post pardum depression from the birth of her daughter. At that time they were awaiting confirmation of the drivers Identity.