America’s Veterans Did NOT Fight for Socialism


Veterans are America’s heros. Veterans fought and many died for the liberty too many Americans today are tossing aside like a piece of useless garbage with no or very little thought about the consequences.

So many Americans are under the mistaken impression that socialism is just a liberal version of ordinary American politics.
No… Socialism is its own, very dangerous animal that weakens its prey by luring it in under the false pretense of an easier, less stressful existence.

Socialism, throughout history, has been a colossal failure for a number of reasons.
Once you vest all power in the government, history demonstrates that this government, takes on a life of its own, with the operating bureaucracy driving it to ever greater extremes of control. Additionally, history demonstrates that, if the wrong person becomes all-powerful in the state, the liberty of the individual is lost and people become victims of a psychopath’s ideas.

Nazi Germany is a perfect example because it was a socialist dictatorship. The Nazi’s official and frequently forgotten name was the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. In other words, while most people consider the Nazi party to be a totalitarian ideology arising from the right, it was, in fact, a totalitarian party arising from the left.

Practically within minutes of the Nazi takeover of the German government, individuals were subordinated to the state. Even industries that remained privately owned (and there were many, as opponents of the Nazis = socialist theory like to point out), were allowed to do so only if their owners bent their efforts to the benefit of the state. Show a hint of individualism, and an unwillingness to cooperate, and you’d swiftly find yourself in Dachau, with a government operative sitting in that executive chair you once owned.

We all know what life was like in this Nazi socialist state. Citizens immediately lost the right to bear arms; thought crimes were punished with imprisonment and death; children were indoctrinated into giving their allegiance to the state, not the family; the government dictated the way in which people could live their day-to-day lives; and people who appeared to be outliers to the harmony of the conscienceless government entity (gays, mentally ill-people, physically handicapped people, Jews, gypsies) were dehumanized and eventually slaughtered.

And here’s something important for you to realize as you think about what happened in that socialist state. While a core group of people, Hitler included, undoubtedly envisioned these extremes as their initial goals, most didn’t. They just thought that, after the utter chaos of the 1920s (especially the economic chaos), the socialists would calm the economy (which they did), and simply remove from people the painful obligation of having to make their way in the world. It was only incrementally that the average German bought into the ever-more-extreme demands of the state – and those who didn’t buy in were coerced because of the state’s willingness to use its vast, brute power to subordinate individuals to its demand.

Both history and current events demonstrate that the socialist reality is always bad for the individual, and this is true whether one is looking at the painfully brutal socialism of the Nazis or the Soviets or the Chinese, with its wholesale slaughters, or at the soft socialism of England, in which people’s lives are ever more tightly circumscribed, and the state incrementally destroys individual freedom. And that is why Obama’s socialism matters.

Regardless of Obama’s presumed good intentions, socialism always brings a society to a bad conclusion.
Socialism is NOT just another political party; it’s the death knell to freedom.

When Obama says he wants to fundamentally transform America, it is imperative that you understand his interpretation of fundamental transformation means moving this country from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist nation… one executive order at a time…

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  • astrojohn

    I’m reeeaaaaally getting tired of reading/hearing the phrase: “Obama’s good intentions…”. Can’t we PLEASE dispense with this charade?!

  • Glenn P. Kuehner

    Now our political class condemns veterans for our service because our values are polar opposites from theirs. Now they are forcing Christians out of the military to try to transform the military to their values. The destruction of the last home for the best America has to offer.

  • Robert S Moulds

    The veterans deserve better than to mustard out on Governor island as they did in 1898 after the Spanish American war. Greeted with indifference as dough boys after World war one and the Korean war or called baby killers after the Vietnam war. We should honor them even if nether Germany, Japan (captured two islands off Alaska) or Italy could invade the United States. They did make the world safer for democracy.

  • wildeagleone

    The commander in Chief doesn’t know his fighting forces well or he would not begin to believe he can muster a private force to take the Real Americans on in a combative manner. This is not Lybia, Seria, Afghanistan, or Pakistan!!!! this is the United states of AMERICA

  • Patriot47

    He wants us to start his war. Then he can proclaim insurrection. We have to be calm, steady and ready. Let him start what he can’t finish. The current and former members of the most formidable fighting force ever known are still around. Weekend warriors with good weapons and paper targets are no match.

    Molon Labe’

  • afanaglenn

    Just saw it again. It was the day that Obama sent COLD CHILLS DOWN MY BACK when right before the election he said “IN FIVE DAY WE ARE GOING TO FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE COUNTRY” And that is one of his promises that he has kept, not among the five things he said that weren’t lies as stated on another web site today. He has virtually succeeded, the national debt that he has accrued being a virtual death knoll for the country. TODAY, I get cold chills down my back when he speaks and there is a CROWD CHEERING for him. You wonder what are these people thinking?

  • Janice

    Anyone who holds his crouch during the pledge of allegiance is ignorant. We are now stuck with an ignorant traitor to our Christian Republic. May heaven help us weather this assault to we the people.

  • kf

    Since when did socialism have any good intentions? Socialism is taking from producers and giving to the lazy in order to build loyalty among the takers. All Obama wants is power over white people and a muslim dominated government.

  • veic

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