Deranged: Cher Suggests KILLING Tea Party / Republicans

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In a series of nearly incomprehensible tweets issued Thursday, pop diva Cher suggested Tea Party Republicans be killed over the current partial shutdown, Twitchy reported.

Calling Republicans the “devil incarnate” in tweets filled with expletives, she suggested they be put in jail and ultimately killed.


Twitchy captured eight of Cher’s tweets, all written in upper case — something generally frowned upon as it gives the impression of yelling.

“I don’t know exactly what Deep Six means, but I think it means kill them. Cher, you craaaazy,” one person tweeted in response.

The Blaze was somewhat more moderate in its characterization of Cher’s violent outburst.

“From murder to ‘toss out’ or ‘get rid of’ someone, there are a plethora of definitions associated with the term ‘deep six,’” Billy Hallowell wrote.

Twitchy, however, reminded readers that Cher recently said Republicans needed a “good whipping.”

“But hey, why stop at drawing blood?” the Twitchy staff asked, calling her a “perpetually mouth-frothing diva” who is “just about ready to finish this.”

On Monday, Cher engaged in another all-caps rant against Republicans, calling them “sociopaths.”

This is part of the violent rhetoric President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has helped foment as a result of the partial shutdown, brought about by Reid’s refusal to consider a single GOP proposal to fund the government with restrictions on Obamacare. Both Reid and Obama have said in no uncertain terms they will consider nothing except full funding of Obamacare.

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  • wolf2525

    Cher has always been a sick puppy, Sonny knew it, and said so many times. That idiot don’t know her head from a hole in the ground. A messed up drug addict, always has been. I think all tha botox went to her brain.

  • Tallfritz

    I am a member of the Tea Party, and Cher can go to the old folks home where she belongs….

    • carolchristine

      They are too good for her. She should commit herself to the Physic ward.

  • lakehead2

    Cher is a pathetic, hidious old has-been. She should have stopped the drug use when she was about eighty years old instead of continuing. She is totally pathetic.

  • glass

    Maybe Cher should spread her wealth as a way of putting money where the mouth is and show the conservatives how it’s done, and by being an example.

  • Laura Lee Davis

    Too many drugs have fried her brain. She is an Obama slave and a sorry excuse for a human being!

  • Bulldog74

    I missed the part that explains why anyone should care what Cher thinks.

  • CharInOhio

    “I’m in Europe and THEY THINK…….” Well STAY the hell IN EUROPE and don’t come back !!!!!!!!! We didn’t need you here from day one and we sure don’t “need” you now !!!!!!! Quit trying to make yourself ” a voice” of America……..because you AREN’T !!!
    You are a used up has been …..who wants to still be relevant. You were NOT relevant THEN and surely NOT now ……..

  • CharInOhio

    Yeah seriously……….I mean……..I just COULD NOT EXIST …….without knowing what CHER THINKS ???? ROFL ……….Seriously? Oh snap, she doesn’t like those against Obama ………my feelings are SOOO hurt ? NOT LOL !!!!!!

  • catman

    Just another obamabat who has her nose up obumasses butt so far she can see out his lying mouth. However, I do agree with one part of her “remarks” that said “people here (presumably Europe) thinks that our politicians be put in jail”. Sounds like a plan to me !!!
    She’s also just another Hollywood whore who, if she had as many sticking out of her that have been stuck in her she would look like a porcupine.

  • RonP

    Hey Cher, who the F___ do you think you are? No one of any intelligence cares what you have to say. You are a HAS-BEEN. You are a WASHED-UP liberal, A POS.

  • Dennis

    What the hell does Cher know about actually killing someone? If she wants to “deep-six” me she can pack up her liberal ass and come look me up. I’m pretty sure I can still pick her off long before she would hear my rifle report. How’s this for you Cher: This is a democracy and everyone has a right to their opinion, incuding you. But freedoom of speech does not include the threat of death. It’s illegal. Or didn’t you know that? Maybe Cher if you spent less time drinking or whatever you injest to become the lovable bitch that you are, Chastity might not have become so confused about her gender. At least my children know what they are (without requiring surgery) so I guess I might know a thing or two that you have no clue about, huh?

  • cr0ak

    Cher, Cher
    If Europe’s so great
    Stay over there!
    We don’t really want you back here.
    So, Cher, Cher….
    Stay over there!

  • carolchristine

    Cher would not know a Tea Party Person if she saw one. She has no idea what they stand for. All she knows that it is fashionable right now to demonize them. She’s a piece of work.And Blake Sheldon thinks she is just wonderful.

  • bull57

    What are you gonna deep 6 us with. Remember. Cher Baby, we have all the gun witch!!! Come get ya some!!!

  • Fobama

    This is hate speech and inciting a riot. This skank wh0r3 needs to be arrested.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Cher must really miss or hate her ex hubby Sonny Bono and that’s why she is taking out on the republican and tea party. But Cher he died a republican more over you danced on a Iowa class battleship for MTV in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was president. I know some one who won’t dance in her under ware aboard a US navy ship anytime soon. Then again with out the wigs and make up maybe your not so hot so you have done the sailors a favor. So suck it you 1970s wash out and marry OJ Simpson.