Illinois Dragging its Feet on Concealed Carry Permits for Residents

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The wait keeps getting longer for Illinois residents who want to carry a gun.

In July, Illinois finally became the 50th state to allow people to carry concealed weapons. But it will be January before the Illinois State Police will accept concealed-carry applications; April before anyone gets a permit.

“The Illinois State Police originally told us (applications would be accepted) Jan. 1, now they’ve backed it up to around Jan. 10 because they’re not ready,” Ron Darnall, owner of Darnall’s Gun Range outside of Bloomington, said Monday. “We understand now, instead of March, it’s going to be April before the first cards are sent out.”

Darnall is among the hundreds of firearms instructors authorized by the Illinois State Police to teach residents about the state’s new law.

“There are 900 instructors and 500 curriculums,” said state Rep. Brandon Phelps, the Democrat author of the concealed-carry law. “I am excited about how the State Police are handling this.”

Phelps said fingerprints will be the biggest factor in determining eligibility.

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