From the Inside: The Million Veterans March On DC


This article was submitted by Mike Marshall, a North Carolina Patriot, Veteran, and member of the Stokes County Militia. Mike was also one of my official bodyguards when I speak at the Constitution Day Rally in North Carolina.
This is his personal account of participating in the Veterans March on DC.

Mike Marshall

I have never liked being told that I can’t do something that I feel is within my rights to do. I have never been a fan of spiteful people either.

When our Government spends our money to close our parks to force our hand…..I call that spitebul BS. They are simply wasting more of our money to prove a point and try and play the blame game AGAIN.

So when some of the Militia suggested we go to DC I was all in. I wanted to see for myself what was going on. I wanted to do something. And I never miss an opportunity to hang out with Veterans and Patriots if I can help it. 1395160_10202259325992322_1315149315_n

So we went to DC saturday afternoon in a a small convoy. 18 Stokes County Patriots wanting to be a part of it all. After a long trip up there and a short night of sleep, we got up at 0530 Sunday to catch the metro to the Memorial. Well, we caught the Metro to DC and of course had to walk miles(okay blocks but it seemed like miles) to the WW II Memorial. 1384070_3559693086750_1180569751_n

We got there and it was already packed, truckers were circling through and blowing their horns, crowds were waving flags and signs and everyone was cheering. Then as we got up to the Memorial we realized that Ted Cruz was getting ready to speak….I couldn’t get close enough to hear him but there was hundreds of people clapping and screaming so I guess he didn’t disappoint. 1374070_601037413292442_141791968_n

A Marine Veteran approached me and asked if I was willing to help open the Lincoln Memorial, I said absolutely….we gathered our guys and met with a group of Vets at 1000 hundred hours and we marched toward the Lincoln Memorial….the guy asked if I thought we should go to Vietnam first since it was on the way….I said Absolutely….we removed the barricades and the crowd got larger…. a lot of people paused to enjoy the Vietnam Memorial and we took pics.

Then we realized that the guys had went on to open the Lincoln Memorial….by the time we arrived they had removed most of the barricades and 30 to 40 people were inside. We went up to the top and looked back to watch waves of people storming THEIR Memorial. 644140_10153295422035134_818401020_n

The police began to assemble, and the crowd continued to swell…..hundreds of people flocked to the Lincoln Memorial. Then Sarah Palin and her husband Todd came through and walked to the top of the Memorial. I was able to get a pic with Sarah and I told her that the Stokes County Militia loved her….she said ” Militia?, Well,I love you too.” 1395970_10202164173334240_1775884668_n

The crowds were still swelling and the law enforcement officers began to replace the barricades. The crowd converged on the barricades, and they were physically unable to continue to replace them. They began to chant “tear down that wall”…and someone began to send the Star Spangled Banner….it makes the hair stand up on my neck to even describe the emotion I felt as all of us Veterans stopped and sang our National Anthem together.

Then there was a congressman who tried to get the crowd to back down and let him negotiate with the Law in order to reopen the Memorial….the crowd told him in no uncertain terms ” We are tired of political negotiations, that is how we got here in the first place” a group of Marine Vets grabbed the barricades and tore them down….a cop ripped one Marines shirt and then grabbed his baton…. I was screaming at a LT with the Police ” You can stop this….you are on the wrong side, just back em off take them over there” He paused and then told his men to stand down and they moved to the grass beside the Memorial as the barricades were removed and carried to the White House. We gathered our group together as other groups drifted in and out for a few minutes then a Marine Veteran from Vietnam shouted ” follow me to the White House”………when we got to the White House we realized we were at the back of it and so we went around the other way to get to the front lawn. 1374058_10153295421955134_1115718018_n

When we got there, they were saying someone had been beaten with a baton, but I didn’t see it myself. The crowd was getting loud and chanting ” Shame on you” as the police assembled and the horse police came in. We saw police with riot gear on being removed from the crowd area, as police showed up with gas canisters and they even brought in an armored car. When the armored car came into view the crowd turned toward it screaming ” this is what a Police state looks like” and ” we are American Veterans, we are not the enemy”….a Captain stepped out and told them to ” get that damn thing out of here” The police backed away and the crowd began to calm down. 1377307_438267802946675_2117965297_n

One man went over and gave the guys on horse back a speech about working for the wrong man, and they should be ashamed to stand against American Heroes….when the horses filed off he shouted
” you left some Obama on the street!”

We saw several men on the White House lawn armed with AR type weapons and there snipers on several rooftops including the White House. They even sent a helicopter overhead with two armed men in the doorway.

After a while of a few speakers and meeting a few people and taking photos the crowd began to thin and we made our way back toward the metro….I saw an armored car streaking toward the WW II memorial lights and sirens on so we went back down there and found out someone had a rifle….at first they said it was an M4 then they said it was an AR15, then they said it was a .22….I overheard the police talking and I heard an officer say it was a .22 caliber AR15 style rifle which was unloaded and carried as a part of some type of display.

I do not know if the guy was arrested, I heard he was beaten but as with the other incidents I heard about, I did not actually see it. Personally, I never saw the Police lay hands on anyone except the officer who tore the guys shirt off at the Lincoln Memorial when he was trying to tear down those barricades.

In fact, the officers I spoke to were supportive of Vets and were nice and even helpful to me. I will say too, there was a Veterans club called the Rubicon who were picking up any trash they saw…..everything was clean as a pin as we went through.

The only thing that I saw that was treated with anything but respect, was the barricades and the signs that declared areas to be closed.

I am very proud of the Stokes County Militia for their role in this trip and glad to have been a part of it. I imagine that the spiteful SOB in the White House has probably ordered his minions to replace the barricades, so maybe we didn’t accomplish anything…..but I think we proved a point. There are plenty of Patriots who are fed up and they are not going to be told no much longer. I applaud the truckers, the bikers, the Veterans the Tea Party and the Militia as well as all of the affiliated and unaffiliated groups or individuals who chose to be a part of this…..and I am glad that I had the opportunity to be a small part of it myself…..God Bless America and God Bless Patriots.1375273_3560703232003_1331911246_n

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  • TrailsofFire

    weeping, when we all ascend and we all unite, then what? this is not going to be pretty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I know that there are still many many more of us who will eventually have to show up in numbers, yet, pointing rifles at our vets, and unarmed citizens seems a mite out ranked, do we continue to live in fear? or rise up? let time decide, but it is a coming real soon!! may God be with us all!!

  • Steve Pettis Sr.

    Words can’t describe the pride and humility I felt when I read this. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I’m recuperating from knee replacement surgery and couldn’t be there. I’m thankful that I was able to read this first hand account of what happened. Next thing we need to storm are the Network News headquarters of all the MSM!

  • CHinOhio

    I was there – and I have a LOT of differing opinions with how this article describes things… a LOT! This was en easy day, and I saw no resistance from National Park Rangers, DC police, Secret Police, to what we were there to do. The timeline is off, and the only thing I saw was the police stopping people from throwing barrycades over the White House fence onto the lawn, and the riot police – who came and went in less than 5 minutes.

    • Jeff

      so…what is your point…this he Mike Marshall’s account of what he saw and in the timing of when he saw it….no one is trying to fabricate anything, but merely telling their account of what happened that day…my wife was also in Washington from beginning to end, and everything that is written here is pretty much spot on

      • mike marshall

        thank you Jeff….I don’t know how anyone could critique a timeline…I know what we did and what order I am not sure about the times after we arrived at the WW2 Memorial At 9am. I simply told my story.

        • Retired Capt

          I was there from 8:30am until 4pm. That same Lieutenant who had them stand down at the Lincoln Monument, talked to several of us before we moved to the Viet Nam Wall and then the Lincoln Memorial. The one (rogue) cop who ripped the shirt also handcuffed one guy at the Lincoln Monument. That cop had fire in his eyes and was looking for confrontations. He used more force than necessary (not excessive) as the guy being ‘cuffed was TOTALLY passive. Ironically that cop had a globe & anchor tattoo (USMC) on his right arm! I agree that most LEO’s were passive. One Park Ranger told me, “Officially I’m supposed to tell you the Monuments are closed.”

          • mike marshall

            That is the same guy Capt. The Marine who had his shirt ripped off said that those 2 were in the same unit. I told him twice to look at his arm while the confrontation at the monument was taking place. I also told them they were on the wrong side. He seemed like he was itching for a fight and was not concerned with whom it was with.

          • Retired Capt

            Not in focus but ……..

          • mike marshall

            that is him

    • Jabsdna

      Ok, so now if Mike is so wrong what is your side of the story? You cannot just disagree without backing up what you say happened. Maybe you were there at a different time there are many different situations, but you cannot just say thats not the way it was and leave it at that!
      Sorry, I have faced so very, very many trolls that cruise websites like this just to always try and defy anything that is said and voice the liberal view which is always blurry if not a lie. Their whole existence is to seek and try and destroy the REAL truth or extort it !

      • CHinOhio

        Not trolling. I guess this account could be accurate thru the eyes of someone depending on timing. I personally saw none of the aggressiveness of the LEO’s described, nor did I hear of it. The riot police were on the ground for less than 5 minutes at the WH, leaving when it was clear they were doing nothing more than inciting the crowd with their presence. I saw many accounts where people were citing a lot of police brutality, but I saw none of it.

  • bbarnicle

    Like this honorable veteran’s recounting of the day, a lot more happened with the police than was reported on the news. I saw a man being arrested at the Lincoln Memorial, but yet the news said there was only one arrest (the man with the rifle). Two police had a young man (didn’t appear to be a veteran) by the arms, taking him to the lawn area. At one point they pushed him to the ground – I thought they did it so they could cuff him. But no, they pushed him down…then picked him back up (reason?)…then continued to walk him to their van. Media Matters came running along for the scoop.

    Everywhere there were police, the veteran I walked with spoke to them, and they were polite and calm.

    I was very proud of the positive and orderly actions of our veterans. Very proud.

    • mike marshall

      I heard about the guy getting arrested at the Memorial but I didn’t see that. I believe it happened after we went to the Whitehouse. I saw a picture of police with a man on the ground and some of the barricades appeared to have been replaced.

  • WASP

    Give me a call when you and about 2 million more go back–with loaded arms and I’ll join you. Then, I’ll believe some Americans are serious about taking back our country from the ruling-class w*h*o*r*e*s who infest Dysfunction Junction. IF you can manage that, a LOT of these self-serving criminal gummint rats will be running for the exits.

  • notislam

    Thanks for the account. I do not watch the liberal news media controlled by their Arab owners . Way to go VETS I am on your side .God Bless America!

  • Kevin

    This is great news, especially since it was not reported in the news. It looks like this will be repeated mid January. I think we should all plan going to DC in january, get our friends to go, and tell our politicians we will take our country back. We must live within our means , if this country is going to survive. We need all our politicians to agree to a new budget to reduce the debt and avoid any more debt ceiling increases. Let’s meet in January and take our country Back . Kevin Dayton , Ohio

  • Peter

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Breath of fresh air to read of folks who stand for their/our rights and values. All I’ve heard from DC is tales of woe & people celebrating their victim-hood. Thank you, too for your service to our country and to my/our freedom, such as it is.

  • wildeagleone

    It is too bad that those with the money that call themselves Patriots can’t or don’t lease buses from each state for a one time delivery of veterans to the steps of the Vietnam, WWII memorials and show this individual living in the White House how serious we Americans are about taking our country back from him and his minions

  • GunRights4US

    Progress against tyranny will only come about when HUNDREDS is replaced by MILLIONS

  • Brian Bertha

    GOD bless all you patriots and veterans you are the hope for this country not more feckless politicians

  • glop

    How I wish I could have been a part of all of it. What a glorious day! We really need more demonstrations to get the job done and our Country back. “For the people and by the people” (not a direct quote). It’s just to get a point across.

  • Buster Handcock

    In the Marine Corps, WE SAID “000000RRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHCHESTYPULLER” AND ADVANCED ON THE ENEMY. It IS time to take our country back, from the people
    who continue to run our country into the ground and lie, cheat and steal to get their way!

  • ginred