76 Yr. Old Woman Brutally Raped/Beaten by 3 Thugs During Home Invasion

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This situation is exactly why I am on a mission to arm and train America’s women. Women must stop being victims waiting to happen. I just recently trained an 80 year old woman to shoot. I am confident she is armed an prepared to defend her life if necessary. Wake up ladies… Don’t be a thug’s next victim.

MANSFIELD, LA (KSLA) – A neighbor and friend to an elderly ArkLaTex woman that was brutally attacked by three men Tuesday night is speaking out.

Police say it happened shortly before 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night in the 1400 block of Regina Street in Mansfield, Louisiana. The victim’s neighbor, Mary Jo Sallis say it could have been much worse. “It’s a wonder they hadn’t killed her, you know, because she could identify ‘em,” says Sallis.

Sallis says the victim is her longtime neighbor and friend of half a century. Sallis says she checked on her friend at the hospital. “She’s putting on a good front now, you know. But, she told the daughter she didn’t think she would ever be able to spend the night in the house by herself anymore.”

Sallis says her 76-year-old friend had just returned from First Baptist Church in Mansfield after cooking for a Lions Club banquet that night.

Mansfield Assistant Police Chief Gary Hobbs says, “The elderly lady had come home and she was transporting items from her vehicle inside the residence. She had made several trips in and out.”

Hobbs says that’s when 18-year-olds Ladandrick Jones and Michael Campbell along with 19-year-old Emmanuel Bogan grabbed the victim in her carport. “They physically restrained her, drug her into the residence and that’s where the physical assault and ultimately the sexual assault took place,” says Hobbs.

Mary Jo Sallis says she believes it could have just as easily been her attacked instead of her neighbor. “Well sure! That’s what scares me so. I went out while it was, just before or while it was happening, I went out on the carport,” says Sallis.

The only difference for Sallis: Her husband was watching and waiting for her. “And, ‘course, wasn’t anything my husband could have done. Now, he was standing at the door, but it was nothing; they would have probably killed him,” concludes Sallis.

The three men now face serious charges in that home invasion including robbery and rape. With the three suspects now locked up, each on $1.55 million bond, there is an uneasy peace that has settled back on the community of Mansfield knowing that these three men will not get out until the legal system determines their innocence or guilt.

Mansfield Assistant Police Chief Gary Hobbs says the three suspects are cooperating with the investigation, but would not elaborate whether that might include full confessions to the attack.

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  • Ronnie

    Put them in general population and let the inmates take care of them


      Ha as if that’s gonna happen I’m sure most of their friends and family are already in “general population”. They need to be put down like the worthless rabid animals they are!!!

    • Dana King

      GP? No, those three, if convicted, need the chair.

      • Berferd

        Quick bullet to the head in the backyard, moments after conviction would be more impressive to their fellow “youts.”

      • BeautifulAmerica

        I totally agree with you. They will only get worse, not better.

    • Thomas J.Stratford

      The cure for this ill? A study oak limb, a strong rope….you’re welcome!

      • f*** racist mfs

        Hang your white *** on a rope!!!

        • lolo

          You must be one of those black cowards dad or all three

        • Thomas J.Stratford

          Thanks for admitting you’re another filthy black ghetto snipe, that obviously evolved from a toaster..Brilliant!

  • Mike Rush

    Thanks for the forced integration guys.. thanks a lot !!!

  • NickFortune

    Gee three animals to rape an elderly women; what were their girlfriends pregnant? Sick SOB’s

    • Tommy Lynch

      Good news just in: You can lay pipe of pregnant females.

  • Noah Pologies

    How fortunate for us and our elders that these subhumans are being forced into our “strong White neighborhoods” by HUD’s anti-White policies. Four generations of blacks have been nursed on the teat of White Guilt reparations and the need for a solid Democratic voting bloc, and all we have to show for it is White Genocide.

    • kielie698

      Lets not play the race card here. Its people, all people, who do not deserve this no matter the race. Let us not be forgetting that. All races fought in wars to protect, all races are good and bad. Lets focus on the ones who are good and the ones who are bad and not bring racism into it as thats exactly what this administration wants you to do in my opinion. We should not fall into that pit.

      • NateBForrest

        Total BS. The 2011 FBI crime statistics say BLACK MALES are responsible for
        58.6% of all Robbery
        59.7% of all Murders
        36.6% of all Aggravated Assaults
        39.9% of all Forcible Rapes

        Black males are only 6% of the total US population,… see any pattern here, or is that racist??

        • Thomas J.Stratford

          The majority of the black males that commit the crimes you site are under age 30, and are only 3% of the population.

        • linlin

          Of course, it says something. We know that blacks do most of the crimes. It’s getting worse every day.

        • mrempty

          So those stats have nothing to do with income disparity, location (inner city crime rates vs minority populace, etc) or the fact that minorities are prosecuted more often, easier to convict, etc? Look at the whole picture you bigot.

          • astrojohn

            …where’s the bigotry – can’t handle the truth?

          • Paul Kopacko

            mrempty, do those statistics have anything to do with RIGHT AND WRONG? Income disparity does not trump what is right and what is wrong. Location does not do so either. Ease of prosecution has much to do the fact that the perps BROKE THE LAW. Quit trying to absolve the thugs who perform such heinous and barbaric acts on weak, little old ladies. Your “whole picture” appears to be very limited in scope. Perhaps YOU should be a little less bigoted and prejudiced before you comment on things.

          • mrempty

            You obviously are a moron and have zero understanding of sociology.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            Ah hahahahah! You gotta be kidding. Just go join Bolshevick Greenpeace and check out Politico. You were made for each other.

          • Paul Kopacko

            I hear but the echoing noise as of a few pebbles rattling within a steel drum. Such is your repetitive droning that everyone who disagrees with you is a “moron”. Your comments are unimaginative, boring and indicative of a lack of substantive ideas. What these three young thugs did to that old woman is plainly and simply wrong. With your vaunted and copious intellect, please explain how RAPE is in any way excusable within the context of a civil society? What unfulfilled social need did these three have that would then make raping anyone an acceptable course of action? This is not an issue of color or ethnicity. This is an issue that transcends all your stereotypical, African-American, downtrodden, progressive cant. If you are having difficulty understanding my point, look up those big words I’m using. It is small minded, racist bigots such as yourself that refuse to look beyond such simplistic reasons such as black and white that keep such black youths as the three rapists in this article from being able to achieve anything but such an ignominious end. On top of that I don’t need to hide behind such a ridiculous moniker when I post my comments. Nor do I need to simply repeat bombastic, ad hominem, stupid attacks over and over like yours because I have the capacity for rational thought and am able to back up what I say with ideas that are original and thought provoking. All you are able to do is bray the same “moron” line like some jackass in the barnyard. .

          • mrempty

            No, idiot, you are NOT READING WHAT I AM TYPING. These specific criminals deserve all the punishment we can muster, I’ve written that 5 times now on this thread, try to keep up there, good ol’ boy. HOWEVER, to say all black people need to be eradicated as you fine southern dandies are so quick to suggest, is bigotry, racism, ignorance, and frankly it is un-Christian. You all best run down to the pastor and see what Black Jesus thinks of all this

          • Jack McCarthy

            Many of the locked up young black males should have been executed. Now they feed them give them a gym and put them back on the streets to murder and rape some more and this goes on and on in some places.

          • antilib

            Sociology! More liberal dogma! What a clown

          • mrempty

            I hope your daughter marries a black man

          • antilib

            You are just a piece. Get off my screen, maggot.

          • mrempty

            I bet you are all christians too. You know Jesus (if he existed at all) was black? Bet that really grinds your gears huh?

          • mrempty

            You’re an idiot, I am not saying these specific people don’t deserve a fate worse than death, OF COURSE THEY DO. I am saying it is BIGOTRY, and RACISM, to condemn an entire race because of it. And I’m prejudiced, HAH! Damned inbreds.

          • NateBForrest

            I have looked at the whole picture. I have judged them by the content of their character. Know what? They’re still ni-qq-ers.
            Savage and subhuman animals. A ni-qqer is a ni-qq-er in
            any environment or any socio-economic class..

          • mrempty

            A racist is a racist and ignorance is ignorance. Go burna cross you inbred moron.

          • Tim Pierre

            Aww the little progtard is getting angry at truth and statistics. How original…

          • mrempty

            I love this, I am a prog tard because I’m not a racist. Priceless. Guess what? I am a respected member of the republican community, I have a signed picture of myself with BOTH Bush presidents, and have had dinner with sitting republican president. I am ALSO not a racist or a bigot.

          • hey bro when is you comming back to kentucky ,you know papa is missing buck toothed face and gimpy walk talk to you soon your younger brother bigjim

          • BeautifulAmerica

            No, they have to do with destruction of black families, and lazy dependence on big government.

          • wrenchmonkey

            Show me gangs comprised of white people, show me white people that go drivin around shooting at people for no reason, show me white people that put children out as prostitutes for dope money. White people are the meth pukes and serial murderers IE ted bundy, gary ridgeway, ed gein. also seemingly higher in the rape and pedophilia. Mexicans have big gangs and sling dope (mainly sling cocaine and heroin). blacks also have big gangs and sling crack among other drugs but blacks also have the highest amount of individualized crimes IE robberies, murder, also the garbage such as prostitution rings, theft rings and other crimes.

          • Jack McCarthy

            The serial murders seem to be the Jews most the time I look into these crimes.

          • Thomas Conte

            Oh for pity sake you d-bag! stop with your self righteous indignation already. So waaha they were poor and Waaha we were persecuted and/or prosecuted more often etc…Blah, blah, blah…just because someone is a minority, persecuted or lower
            income, black, white, Chinese, Mexican, Russian, American Christian and/or especially Islam/Muslim it is no excuse!, stop empowering the a-holes being able to act like rabid animals and get away with it because of some random disadvantage…it is pure bullsht! we all have our own individual problems, it is not the problems that define the individual but rather in how we deal with those problems that defines us… we all make what is called choices and we all need to be responsible for the consequences of those choices! Case in point…these three thugs…you act like a rabid animal you should get put down like a rabid animal it has nothing to do with anything other than the individuals perpetrating the crime.

          • rwp24382

            You seem to want to take the academia route and blame everything on the background of the person, not the actions of the person. This is what MLK referred to as the content of their character. Right now there aren’t a lot of blacks with character. There are whites that have grown up poor, gotten educations, and were able to improve their lives. Why can’t blacks? Why do blacks have to have special programs set up by the government to be able to make it? You would call it racist, if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t you?

            It’s time for people to look at the problem for the crimes. It’s called bad choices by individuals. It is called being held responsible for things they have done wrong. The reason there are so many in jail, is because they are doing the crimes. Look at the top of the page, did you see one white person in the thug shots? Was one white, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Italian, or any other group in on the crime? It would be easier to convict now because of DNA. I’m sure those thugs had their DNA all over the woman. That’s pretty much an open and shut case.

            Quit trying to blame others for the failings of a liberal government to improve the lives of blacks by destroying the black family. The Dems are getting everything they have wanted in blacks. They want a dumbed down electorate, dependent on what can be given to them by the government, to vote for them in mass without hesitation.

        • GEORGE


        • hola pappy is that you again well you surely get about hombre

      • Steve White

        race has everything to do with it….you must be a LIBERAL…they are retarded

      • Thomas J.Stratford

        Time to grow up. The facts are clear, the black male under age 30 is a festering stinking sore upon our nation.

        • Tommy Lynch

          I see a lot of well to do black people around my age and younger on campus making a life for themselves. They are good people.

      • Lorraine Terpening

        Sadly, you will probably become a victim. I hate racial profiling, but with all the issues brought out to the general population, I cannot and will not be a victim. Have you heard about the “knock out” game? This is done by African American kids who target white people. White business men, women, gays etc. I have researched, and found not a single case of this being perpetrated by white people. NONE. If you continue to give the benefit of the doubt to these kids, like I said, you will probably be a victim soon.

        • ronkgman

          Arm yourselves people…be prepared and respond!!

      • BeautifulAmerica

        You are living in the past. Those are America’s ideals, but big government/socialism has destroyed them. It’s not racism, but the truth; blacks and mexicans are doing the crime.

      • mariowen

        Let’s not play the race card?! Until people like you open your eyes and your intelligence, there will always be a problem. It is most definitely a race issue and it is blacks attacking whites. If you are too ignorant of facts to see that, then you are the problem here. Race is at the dead center of this issue and it needs to be talked about, acted on and punished – every single one of them. And the attackers are 99.8% black – the victims equally white. Get a life! And when you say that race doesn’t matter – what a farce you are.

      • mike austin

        It is about race. But only because the white liberals have fostered this hatred of whites and the entitlement of blacks victimhood attitude.
        The majority of blacks do not have the will to look at who Dems really are. The party of the KKK. Welfare is the new slavery and they don’t seem to care.

      • sweetwilliam

        How many elderly black women are being raped by white boys?

    • steve

      many people call the truth racist but its not its just the truth.

  • kielie698

    You don’t see this in the headlines of our Newspapers do you? As this would go against Obama trying to insite racism in our country. It does not matter to me what race is involved, but it should be in the headlines no matter who does these sick things to our citizens. God Bless that poor woman. My heart goes out to her but my thoughts cannot be stated here for those who did this most vile act. They do not deserve to be on this earth what so ever.

    • antilib

      You must be a Lib. The media hasn’t reported anything of substance since Obama started running for Pres. They are now finally starting to wake up because he’s cutting them out of his loop.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    The black feral animals love to rape, that and drugs are the usual things that occupy their low order minds.

  • Bill Piedra

    I think we should give them a fair trial for their crimes, but if found guilty, no pussy footing around. Each of them should be stripped naked and have their face and testicles covered in peanut butter and cheese whiz. Then they should be tossed into a dumpster in the neighborhood they grew up in so that their cousins, the rats, can have at them. While this is happening, their mothers should be forced to watch.

    Before their worthless carcasses putrefy, the mothers should be forced to clean up the mess and then sent a bill for the dumpster rentals. After that, ever member of their entire extended family should be permanently cut off from welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, medicaid and any other taxpayer funded benefit, and forced to repay every nickel they used. We gave them a chance and tried to help them out, but obviously, it didn’t work.

  • Jon Booth

    I suppose
    that the “professional victim league of America” will now rush to the punks defense….calling then disadvantaged youth..blaming everyone BUT the miserable thugs that did this

  • Stu Gotz

    more of Obama’s sons..wanna bet they say they were the victims and she seduced them..and remember folks don’t lock your cars doors when a group of thugs walks by,its offensive to them

    • Tommy Lynch

      i wait until they get real close and do it so they can hear it. so funny.

  • Cougrrcj


  • Gloria Brooks

    I will be keeping the rape survivor in my prayers, Yes I called her a survivor because that is what she is, These men who stand accused of this heinous attack on this poor woman hopefully will prosecuted to the full extent of the law, It’s a shame that this woman wasn’t safe in her own home.

  • Diane Alden

    Guess what .. the guilt trip IS OVER and has been for some time.. black on white crime has exploded… FBI stats…. Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.

  • George

    How come its always these Niggers that do this to old folks they should be sent to Utah and stand before Utah’s firing squad and shot dead. Why waste food on these three scum bag bastards. Besides that they are breathing our fresh air kill em now so other scum bag moron’s will think twice before doing this to a lady.

  • Dee

    Welcome to Africa – America! This kind of thing is happening in South Africa daily. The elderly of the minority group are being targeted, they are being beaten, tortured, raped and killed in the most gruesome of ways. They’ve had 12 year old boy drowned in boiling water, raping and then breaking a glass bottle inside a woman, forcing the men to watch as they do this to their wives, then forcing the wives to watch as they mutilate their husbands. Hardly ever is something stolen these days. The world excuses this because apparently these people are “poor” and “previously disadvantaged” but they could easily wait for people to go out and enter while no-one is home. The fact of the matter is this: They aren’t interested in just taking a few material items anymore… they want to torture, humiliate and mutilate. Imagine getting the call that you 94 year old granny has been raped and beaten up. She called the police 4 hours earlier but they had not come and you were her last resort (not wanting you to see her that way) Everyone seems to think that it’s okay because of SA’s old laws “apartheid” but the youths that are doing this were born into the “new South Africa” where there are now laws stopping govt aids to whites and forcing employers to hire blacks or sit with higher taxes etc Crimes of Black on Whites are no longer reported and the govt monitors what News Papers can print. When the minority group start asking the world for help – they are classed as bigots and racists… http://sunettebridges.co.za/demonising-the-messenger/ and http://sunettebridges.co.za/a-year-from-hell-the-truth-about-south-africa/

  • Tommy Lynch

    After reading some of the comments, lets not forget there are decent black people out there. Like Morgan Freeman. ;p

  • Joey Dicardo

    Young, dumb, fucken niggers! Hang them on a tree!

  • Marty

    You notice how they never mention the race of the elderly lady? She was most likely white, but it would be racist to state that. They don’t attack their own kind, just whites. I agree, NOBODY deserves this kind of treatment, but you never see a group of whites doing this to blacks. Look at what Nate posted.They commit the crimes,then call it racist when they get caught and punished.And as for you, Mr. Empty, the minorities are convicted more cause they commit more crimes.I am not saying whites don’t commit crimes,just that all I hear is the media saying the whites are picking on the minorities. If they want a better rap, act better.That’s another issue brought up, this “knockout game”. Only blacks do it and only to whites. Tell us Mr. Empty,where is the bigotry in that? Those are facts.

  • Jack McCarthy

    Obama’s sons at it again.

  • kent

    Cut their balls off and make then wear them around their neck !!!

  • Sam

    Rape Apes at it again.

  • Robert S Moulds

    It is disappointing to see elders who should be respected beaten and robbed. When and If they leave prison they will be elderly some thing they should have though about.
    They will find in light of their past that sympathy is word between a certain four letter curse word that starts with s and syphilis.

  • mrempty

    Bunch of racists and bigots on this site. Hey did y’all know Jesus was Black? Yup. Not a ton of white guys running around Mesopotamia back then. Sorry about that, now you have to pray to a black guy.

  • Sickofobama

    I heard they had hands up and said don’t shoot. I witnessed it. They are innocent. They were raped by the lady. Her injuries were from these honor students trying to defend themselves.