Gabby Giffords and Husband Launch Veterans For Gun Control

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The gun control PAC of Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, is launching a new initiative, “Veterans for Responsible Solutions.”
According to CNN, the new initiative “will support Giffords and Kelly’s wider efforts by bringing to bear the experience of military veterans who’ve sworn to defend the Second Amendment.”
Kelly, a veteran himself, said he shares the views of the veterans in the new initiative. He also spoke of all the guns he and his wife keep in their home for self-defense and target shooting.
Along with Kelly, Veterans for Responsible Solutions say they are not seeking “to repeal or limit the Second Amendment.” They just want “universal background checks.”
Neither Giffords, Kelly, nor Veterans for Responsible Solutions addressed the fact that universal background checks will require gun registration in order to be effective. Nor did they address Breitbart News’ reports that universal background checks would not have stopped the heinous crimes of the Sandy Hook Elementary, D.C. Navy Yard, or LAX shootings.
CNN did report that the couple’s push for universal background checks has proven “politically unpalatable.”

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  • Majoritysense

    These people don’t understand the need for the second amendment. In speaking out against the 2nd amendment they show their anti American attitude. It is unfortunate that they were victims of a mental nut with a gun. However, in this fallen world their will always be many bad nuts and the rest of us must have a defense to counter those bad nuts, especially the multitude of paranoid political ones who work in Washington, DC.

  • Danny

    If she were to have been injured by a drunk driver, do you think they would be trying for “reasonable” restrictions and banning of certain cars or trucks?

  • joeswartz

    Shades of the paid off Bradys. How quaint.

  • Gerry Emery

    Meet The Truth about GUN CONTROL