Georgia Mother Banned From Daughter’s School for Posting Pic of Her Gun Permit on Facebook

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An Augusta, GA mother is now banned from her disabled daughter’s school simply because she posted a picture of her weapons permit on Facebook.

The reason for this no trespassing order sent from the school is simply ridiculous. Simply because the woman served her country in the Army and now has a weapons permit, the principal sees her as a danger and threat to the school.

According to WRDW,
“I feel like a criminal. I want I want to be heard. I want a public apology,” says Mount. On Wednesday, Mount says she was handed a notice from Richmond County Board of Education police.

“He tells me that were going to issue you a criminal trespass warning,” says Mount. The notice banned her from McBean Elementary School where her disabled daughter attends.

She asked what she did wrong. “The principal is scared of you and she doesn’t want you on the grounds. I ask for what? And he asks were you in the Army and I said yes. He’s like do you have a concealed weapons permit? I said yes,” says Mount.
Mount who is a parent volunteer says she is banned from the school for posting a picture of her new concealed weapons permit on her Facebook page.

Under GA law, since she was issued a trespass warning, Mount could be arrested if she returns to the school.
Mount was allowed to transfer her daughter to another school within the district following the incident.

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  • Teresa

    This administrator needs to be sued.

    • Mark7Seven

      And fired and never allowed again to influence a developing mind of a child.

      • ww6

        don’t say “fired”, it might scare the principal

        • Whyatt Whitfield

          Say “Forced by the district to remove themselves from a position of influence.”

  • Brian

    She should go back to the school! If they arrest her sue the CRAP out of them! They have no legal ground to stand on

    • Gene

      Brian Going back to that school would not be a wise thing for her to do as it stands she has broke no laws and can keep her gun permit if she went back she would then be breaking a court order and would lose her gun permit and have a good chance on not getting it back

  • BigDogJunction


    Nothing more. Just sue the @#$%ing @#$% out of them.

  • jim

    Is Georgia importing politicians from New York or is it Illinois ?

    • Apolloone

      I started to post New York or California Liberal flakes. I personally know of a couple of cities where Liberal transplants have weaseled their way into these city’s political arena which didn’t take very long for them Liberalize everything; which is to say they screwed things up royally.

      • Lori in Lakewood, Co.

        They’ve been doing that here in Colorado.

    • Ronald Green

      Unfortunately, the principal is probably home grown. We are the home state of Jimmy “The Fool” Carter.

      Sue the principal and the school system for defamation of character. Stupid liberal twits.

    • liberalssuck

      Kalifornia too!!

    • Mad ga mom

      Sounds just like GA… As a mother of a disabled child I can tell you getting any kind of services down here is VERY hard compared to other states. This is probably more about getting the student to go away than the mother.

  • keats5

    What is going on? This is the third article this week where I’ve read that veterans are now considered high risk and/ or potentially dangerous people.

    • Conrad Pilapil

      A while back they (this administration) stated that vets are potential domestic terrorist. They are just following through with this thought process. There are several stories now of vets being told to take mental evals when they go to the hospital for what ever.. and if they refused, they are stripped of gun rights. Also.. mind you they have started (and have now reversed) briefings in the military that any connections or donations to the “tea party” or “christians” is contributing to hate groups. Things are escalating..

      • TombstoneLizard

        You are referring to the infamous statement by then-DHS Chief Janet Napolitano in 2011. You are quite correct: Things are escalating, but try to remember that all this anti-gun rhetoric is considered a “wedge issue” by the ruling elite on high. The more they can divide us, the more they can count on everyone wasting their ammo on each other when the balloon officially goes up. Let us seek to reunite and restore our nation to the tenets of the US Constitution, and not give any the right-or the power-to bring militarized “police” forces to bear against us; least of all to “mop up” what remains.

      • Whyatt Whitfield

        Oh well.

  • keats5

    What are “Richmond County Board of Education police”?

    • Ronald Green

      The school system there now has a small police force for the schools.

  • Jo Poma Parker

    r u kidding me stop them from breeding

  • cvxxx


  • Fischenbach

    The other parents in that school should pack up their kids and go somewhere else. That is ridiculous. Why are our veterans made out to be criminals in the country the swore to protect?

    • Apolloone

      I hope she sue for maximum dollars, she most definitely has a sound case not only should this principal have to apologize publically but in writing as well, and in the meantime the parents of the other kids should demand that the school board fire this Communist.

    • Ronald Green

      Because the DHS has decided that veterans are potential terrorists and / or loonies. This is simple transference, liberals do this kind of thing all the time.

      It’s bothers men, a veteran myself, a lot because they say I am a potential ‘terrorist’ but refuse to classify Muslims the same way even though they have no evidence to show the veterans are ‘terrorists’ and lots to show that Muslims often are.

      A good question is, what is the Federal Government doing that it should be afraid of it’s veterans?

      • Stephen Zeigler

        Ronald, thanks for your service to our great Nation. I so agree with your last statement….what are they doing ( DHS ) and what do they have planned for the citizens ? What would be the point of interment ? Execute us, what is the advantage of that action ? Only one things comes to mind, obama turns the USA over to muslims and eradicates those which disagree.

      • Fischenbach

        A better question would be what is the Federal government doing that it should be afraid of its citizens? It seems to me that this administration is all about secret deals behind closed doors, sliding amendments into legislation after its been voted on, far from the “open and transparent” lines they gave us 6 years ago.

      • Whyatt Whitfield

        If the gov. does something that makes it scared of its veterans, let’s find it and uproot the whole cause. Then, put a veteran at the head of any office which caused such a fiasco. Problem solved.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    So posting a govt issued license, which indicates one had had the training and background check required to carry concealed is a ‘threat’? Time for a law suit!

    • Apolloone

      A lawsuit she could easily win. This story like so many I read on here and many other sites like this one; is that most likely I will never hear the outcome, I can only hope she sues and they fire this Communist anti America. And people wonder what is wrong with our so-called educational system.

  • Babsj

    Why does someone who has served this country and has done nothing wrong have to suffer because of someone else’s neurosis?

  • cajuntad


  • anarchyst

    This is but another prime reason why “qualified immunity” must be abolished for ALL public officials. If this “principal” knew that she could be personally sued for her “misbehavior” by not allowing a parent on school grounds, she would tend to change her mind.
    The threat of being personally liable is a much stronger deterrent to “bad behavior” than the “deep pockets” of a school district.
    Abolish “qualified immunity” NOW!

  • Richard_L_Kent

    Defamation lawsuit. End of story.

  • eagle641

    The school principal needs to be fired first, then educated in handguns. A public apology is needed on local TV and the administration needs to take a close look at their ancient policies. Get used to it Democrats, there’s a lot more of us armed, at any one time then you could ever imagine. Signs do not mean a thing, when it comes to protecting your own live, and the lives of those around us.

    • Whyatt Whitfield

      I once stoppped a school shooting by citing a sign at the entrance prohibiting weapons. JK, the shooter shot me and I was buried. The second time I tried, I used a fire extinguisher spray to KO them. JK again, they stabbed me, shot me all over, then finished me off. Seems like signs work great.

  • Alison

    Absolutely Crazy!!! She should sue and that principal should be dismissed. And why was the school even granted a trespass warning to begin with???….on what grounds??? People are idiots!

  • Neil Carpenter

    The plan is working. Why isn’t anyone calling for revolution as our forefathers did?

    • H L

      too many chicken-sh*ts, and not enough balls….

      • Stephen Zeigler

        HL, do you want to go toe to toe with the DHS, NSA, and obama’s militia ? That is what it will come down to. In New Orleans the Army ( Reserve I believe ) confiscated guns from legal law abiding citizens out of their own homes. Nothing to my knowledge was or has been done in respect to the gross violation of their 2nd Amendment rights. We have been sold into slavery. We are in debt, out gunned, and over droned. Red Dawn !

        • H L

          I’d be GLAD TO…. I am not scared of anything, I have children to protect and BY GOD I will protect their future even if I lose mine, PERIOD. So, balls, yes, I got ’em!

        • Whyatt Whitfield

          If Red Dawn happened, which it could, I would go toe to toe from housetop to housetop. Better to die free than to live a slave. It hasn’t come to that, but who knows if it will. Death is merely another obstacle to overcome on the path to eternal life.

  • Kevin

    …and we trust our kids in the hands of these morons 8-9 hours a day?

    • Whyatt Whitfield

      If you don’t social service will come and take care of them 24 hrs a day. So yes.

  • Ashley Reynolds

    I would like to know if their is a petition that I can sign to show my support in having this decision OVERTURNED??

  • LeChat

    The American Police State continues to spread. My high school had a rifle range in the basement. Of course, that was 50 years ago.

    • Whyatt Whitfield

      OMG a rifle range in the basement. I bet school shootings happened a lot of the time, didn’t they?

  • Buckethead80

    I’ve actually used my CWP as identification when I’ve signed my kids out early…this is insane.

  • SnoMad

    Do something REAL about it. Email, telephone or write letters to the school super and/or her.. if you want their email addresses let me know. I’ve already sent scathing emails to her and the district super.. They should ALL BE swinging from the gallows for being traitors, right next to BHO.

  • Phillip Textor

    I would check to see if the principle has the authority to ban her for this?

  • H L

    so she was banned because the principle is a fear monger whackadoo?!?!!? This is crap!!!!!!

  • veteran_citizen

    That “Principal” needs to be FIRED, and all the rest of all the moronic school cronies, that participated in this cowardly, spiteful and shameful act. They should be punished, some how, for infringing on that innocent Veteran-Mother’s 2nd Amendment Rights! Unless something is missing from the story or it was reported erroneously, I believe that she did not break ANY school rules, Federal or State Laws. For this very personal attack on her rights, I would say, “sue the principal, school and school district” but that might inadvertently affect people and children that were not involved. She definitely has that option though. She needs a public and published apology as well as a full reinstatement of her job with back-pay for all the labor per man hours that was wrongfully taken from her. Not to mention that innocent, law-abiding Mother’s embarrassment, harassment and stress that she and her family received, unfairly, for absolutely NO REASON AT ALL!!! Shame on them. SHAME!!

  • Juli Warfel Bitler

    I can’t even begin to fathom how the school administration justified this to themselves. They have trampled on at least two of her constitutional rights…. Interested to see what legal action will follow. I feel terrible for this woman’s unjust treatment.

  • Doug

    I am scared of that Principal teaching our children, so the Principal should be issued their walking papers as well as a criminal trespass warning.

  • cwize

    The principal should be banned for being way too gutless to run a school. What sort of example is being set for THE CHILLLDDREEEENNNNNNN

  • Burn a Koran a Day

    Welcome to the death of our Nation, folks.

  • John W. O’Brien III

    statists gonna state

  • PureVT

    Wow, not only should the principle be fired, but the judge that issued the order as well. Just because someone has a permit, or served in the military, there is absolutely no rational reason to be afraid of them. She should sue the snot out of that school and the judge as well.

  • liberalssuck

    Time to sue a school district. As for the rest whelp once one falls they all fall.

  • Teresa Bishop Simmons

    That was uncalled for.. She did nothing wrong..

  • jeff bute

    they are violating her civil rights. sue them, set an example.

  • Dennis Johnston

    ignorant educators are EVERYWHERE! It again begs the basic question: “Is
    there any group of people out there who are more misguided, more ignorant (not
    to mention arrogant) than those who administrate the education (as well as some
    teachers) of our kids? I think not. What a conglomerate of collective DUMB

  • gesposito

    jack off school principal. She really needs to find out what it feels like to be scared. Dumb bi tch

  • Questions

    The first thing I want to know is, was the principal concerned/scared of this parent before the picture was posted? If it was not posted, no one would be aware, and would anything change?

  • Jim Hilton


  • Ga treats dis. children crap!

    Sounds just like GA… Not wanting to deal with their disabled.

  • Ronald Glen Hogue

    I would take my kids out of that school so quick – they would be wondering what happened. Then, I would sue them.

  • Kyle

    Par for the course in this country….? I can’t believe that this is not being pursued further.. I would have went for the job of the principal… If we continue to let them take things away from us, things are going to get worse.

  • Sheldon Gardner

    I would sue the school then sue the principal……

  • Paul Jensen

    sue that dumb ass

  • Mack

    Here’s their website. Let ’em have it. Be sure to tell them how freaking stupid they really are, since 2/3 of the parents there probably have the same, identical permit. Why don’t they just kick 2/3 of the parents out of there and see how loing their freaking schools last.


  • Jackson_Howard

    This is the second article that I have read here that recommends suing someone.

    I though that you people were against junk lawsuits?