The Knock Out Game: The Black on White Race Crime the MSM Media is Not Reporting

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

It’s called “the knock out game” and its growing in popularity around the country.
Several people have died and countless others injured in this cruel game that involves groups of teens or young black adults randomly picking out a white person on the streets or some other public place and punching them in the back of the head or in the face, knocking them to the ground.
Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this? Fox is reporting on it… and some local stations, but I have yet to see or hear about it in any other national news outlet.
By the way, it has been reported that the blacks who partiipate in this believe conservatives are racists. So… if you are a known conservative walking around, your chances of being punched out just increased.
When viewing this video, one of the most sickening things about it is how, in many cases, the black teens punch their unsuspecting victim from behind… like cowards…… then walk off laughing about it.
How can you defend yourself against idiots like this if they come up on you from behind? Even a gun can’t help you in a situation like this.
Speaking of guns…. while our anti-gun legislators are focusing on the inanimate object as the root of violence in this country, you have to wonder what they would say about this crime… If banning guns is their solution to stopping gun related crimes, what is their solution to stopping black on white crime knock out game crimes?

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  • Dominic De Falco

    aka “Polar Bear Hunting”. Blacks are always screaming equality so it is time to give it to them. After all, we have to start somewhere! I started a new knock out game, aka “Black Bear Hunting”. Polar Bears need to step up and join in and see how they like it! Fairs fair!

    • Mark Morris

      We started the same game here! Let us know how well it’s working out for you all! Good luck and good hunting!

      • Loretta Swift

        Unfortunately these cowards only prey on women, the elderly and effeminate city men. Let them come to our neck of the woods. We’d have ourselves a real good hog feeding for sure.

        • Ray – Lord Protect Israel.


    • revwillie

      I will not lower myself to play fair. I carry a glock and a piece of Disney Plastic on the back of my neck. Go ahead Punk, Make my Day.

      • Dominic De Falco

        Good luck with that, they always hit the unexpected and you can not watch them all at once!

        • revwillie

          I’ve lived in Viet Nam long enough to learn some tricks. Allow me to point out, I don’t play fair. There “WERE” four Black Police Officers in North Little Rock whom thought a White Driver delivering a Radio to a customer was a prime target for a Rodney King beating was in order. I’m still alive, they are not. Clear as mud yet ? I don’t play fair. Go Ahead, Make My Day. I’m not a nice Guy.

          • Dominic De Falco

            Well, I wish you the best of luck and anyone else that encounters these little ni66ers!

        • Ray – Lord Protect Israel.

          That’s true, it’s considered a hate crime for a white person
          to defend himself against black people.

          • Dominic De Falco

            Yes Ray and it is getting more prolific everyday!

          • Ray – Lord Protect Israel.

            I hope your Thanksgiving was a nice one.

          • Dominic De Falco

            It was very nice. I have no real family besides my wife and son so we spent it with some good friends and neighbors. Hope yours was a good one and Christmas is even a better one.

          • Ray – Lord Protect Israel.

            My family and I went to a restaurant, no clean up afterward.

          • jackie cox

            Christ was said to have stated he would deal with the devil with the heel of his foot, back then the knives were not very good, there were no firearms , what would Christ have to say if he were here now ?

          • 2EdgedSword

            He would probably order all men resistant to defending against such crimes taken to a deserted place and stoned to death as His farther so ordered during the sojourn of Israel in the wilderness. The same was ordered for all able bodied who refused to work. YAY God!!!

  • Chris

    Lets Whites start the “Shootout Game”,thats where one of them hits us and we fill their ass full of lead in return.Sounds fun!

  • Phyl197

    I think if you check, you will find that George Soros (Greek billionaire) has most of the medians in his pocket. He has destroyed his country (Grease) with this buying and selling) with the don’t ask and don’t tell. mentality. He tried it in England, they booted him out with a “never come back here” and where did he go next?? You got it The good ole “USA”!! Ole saying goes “Money talks an BS walks.

    • Loretta Swift

      George Soros (born August 12, 1930 in Hungary) is a leftist American
      businessman and one of the richest people in the world, current net worth
      estimated to be at about $8.4 billion. The birth-name of George Soros is György Schwartz, his family name was changed in 1936 from Schwartz to Soros to avoid anti-Semitism.

      Soros later said that he “grew up in a Jewish, anti-Semitic home,” and that his parents were “uncomfortable with their religious roots.” Soros is an atheist.

      Soros uses his billions of dollars to influence government politics. In 1989, Soros financed Vaclav Havel’s rise to power in the Czech Republic’s “Velvet Revolution”.

      He has acknowledged having orchestrated coups in Croatia, Georgia, Slovakia, and Yugoslavia.

      In late March of 2002 Soros announced he was giving three million dollars to
      Budapest Open Access Initiative to set up open-archiving systems. Soros was
      accused of “foolishly spending millions [to] undermining libraries,
      librarians, authors and referees”.

      He is also known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of his US $1 billion in investment profits during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis.

      Soros personally has made campaign contributions to Democrat political candidates; Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Charles Rangel, Al Franken, Tom Udall, Joe Sestak, and Sherrod Brown.

      During the 2004 election, George Soros donated $23,581,000 to various liberal 527 Groups dedicated to defeating President George W. Bush. Soros contributed $3 million to the leftist propagandist Center for American Progress and $5 million to radical leftist MoveOn.org which he co-found with Hillary Clinton. He is also the founder of the Open Society Institute.

      • Kent2012

        and in the new year we hope that someone “donates” 230 grains of lead to georgie boy…..

  • susan5042

    Dr. King would be appalled. A goal of his was to not have whites cross the street when a black walked down the street. Now it is that way again. When we start killing them from this racist game, then they’ll scream injustice. But my gun is named justice. Be on your toes!

    • Susan… I am so glad to see women arming themselves… Your gun is the equalizer! Go girl!

  • jackie cox

    I see blacks starting a fight they are unable to finish, anglosaxtons, white, hispanics are slow to anger, Black on white/hispanic crimes have started under obama and affirmative action in police, you can play hit, I am thinking we will play a different game, you will slither back to you hood, as the coward/bullies you are, unless you respond with violence, then you will reap your just reward, its too bad because of collateral damage to the innocent among you.

    Take a closer look at south america, see the blacks shoved onto the outer islands like haiti, it happened for the same reason, a violation of the natural law of respect, too many adults are irresponsible, your inner city welfare proactive multiple voting clan is destroying our nation by empowering people into positions of power, who do to america what they do to your bully run inner city communities. where it takes a gang of people to give you courage to hit people alone—prepare to meet individuals and groups people with arms; bats, clubs, knives, guns, acid, etc etc, watch your demonic little minded people go some place else, watch your homes burn, remember phoenix, 90’s drive through the black neighborhood, or what left of it, all the houses are riddled with bullet holes, blacks in phoenix went back to chicago, NY, FL, into communities of blacks out of fear, they started a fight they could not finish—its happening once again.

    no one is the same and no one would be little different from one another if they lived each others ives, skin color is the most insignificant of who anyone is unless you make it so, then you become someones elses biatch, niggertown is the place tou seek, and you better stay out of sight. thats what I see in your future, thats the way people are, violate the natural law of respect and in time you will get messed up

    Black on white crimes is synomous with obama government, and soon you will see and feel the results of your actions, if your smart you will move into secular communites, away from whitey and the mexkins because if you continue as you are we will began a genocide you cannot begin to dream of

  • Mike

    Guess who will be the racist when they shoot one of these game players.

  • sabber

    What is there to say if they speak out against it we are being racist but the fact these kids would do it to a mother who has kids or a pregnant person just goes to show that morals no longer are here.. sad day for ever person in history who fought for rights of any color..

  • Paul F.
  • Christopher Bonnette-Langlois

    they called the skinhead’s ”racist” dickhead…….even whites hated them,but you know what? back in the time they wouldn’t even look at a white in the eyes,I hope that every white who took action against the skinheads get to be knocked out by some random niggers,have a nice day race traitors oh and don’t cry please,it was your choice live with it

  • angf117

    try it on me punkass bitches…you will die that day

  • Tamika Mstmitchnow Mitchell

    Dont get mad because karma a bitch it was cool when whites were beating and killing black but now its a problem because they doing the same. Im not racist at all im just saying

    • Lorraine Terpening

      Tamika, here is the problem. All those people who have been injured or killed have nothing to do with injustices that happened years and years ago. Today, we all walk around, work and shop with everyone. No one wants to be judged. But because of this current problem, lots of folks will be judged even if they’ve never done anything violent towards another. I think that is the saddest part. A few bad people violently attacking innocent folks spoils it for all. I will forever watch my back and pass judgment on all, based on this horrible “game”. This essentially has been forced on me. I’m “forced” to now carry protection and pass judgment.

    • susan5042

      You’re a sad individual. There are no slaves still alive, nor are there any slave owners. Only 1.4% of whites in this whole country owned slaves in the height of the slave owning period. And only 4.8% of southern whites owned slaves. On the other hand, 28% of southern free blacks owned slaves. Yes, that’s right, black masters owning black slaves. Look up William Ellison, he was a free black cotton farmer. He owned 63 slaves. And he was an illegal slave breeder. So Tamika, your anger ( which you have no connection to slavery, so why angry?) is directed at the wrong race. It was Africans who sold their own people out of Africa, and blacks who owned the biggest percentage of slaves. This is history. something you should educate yourself on. Slavery has not kept you down, you have done that to yourself. And then keep doing it by relying on the government to clothe, feed, and shelter you. That is slavery my dear.

      • Traysa

        Apparently slavery in ALL color and gender has been erased from history books. ONE example?

        Slavery in Rome: Estimates for the prevalence of slavery in the Roman Empire vary. Estimates of the percentage of the population of Italy who were slaves range from 30 to 40 percent in the 1st century BC, upwards of two to three million slaves in Italy by the end of the 1st century BC, about 35% to 40% of Italy’s population.[28] For the Empire as a whole, the slave population has been estimated at just under five million, representing 10 – 15% of the total population. An estimated 49% of all slaves were owned by the elite, who made up less than 1.5% of the Empire’s population. About half of all slaves worked in the countryside, the remainder in towns and cities.[29]

        Roman slavery was not based on race.[30] Slaves were drawn from all over Europe and the Mediterranean, including Celts, Germans, Thracians, Greeks, Carthaginians,[31] and a small group of Ethiopians in Roman Egypt.[32] By the 1st century BC, custom precluded the enslavement of Roman citizens and Italians living in Gallia Cisalpina, but previously many southern and central Italians had been enslaved after defeat. Slaves in Italy were mainly indigenous Italians.[33]

      • Loretta Swift

        Still Susan this may all be a little too deep for Taaaaaaaaameeeeeeeka to grasp or accept. They continue to enslave themselves by continuing to vote the way they do.

        What can you expect from people who are too oblivious to individual thought and self reliance.

        They believe the concept of slavery originated upon the birth of the USA.

        The leftists continue to keep this issue alive hence the “choice” of Obama over Hillary. The racist card is their only “hope”.

      • Momma

        Do not bother replying to people that talk like this – as what they are trying to do is justify CRIMES

    • Sean Haddy

      People whom believe their actions of violence are okay against others whom did nothing wrong to them, nor are even related to those people whom may have done them wrong in the past, are psychopaths.

    • Monica

      It’s time that everyone gets over the past, and MOVE ON!! I have several black friends, not one of them would participate in a game like this. The ones that are doing this, are uneducated, inner city ” nobody’s”…. with nothing better to do, but hate and be hooligans. I would be highly surprised if any of them are college educated and/or came from a decent family that taught them morals. There are no slaves anymore, haven’t been any in a long time. Blacks were given equal rights quite a long time ago. As far as I’m concerned, most hateful blacks are that way because they want to be, and most are far more racist than any whites that I know. It’s high time to move on, quit crying about being put down by ” the man”, and live in the now. NOT what happened 30, 40 or more years ago. Karma’s a bitch????? Really??? I think not…. life is what you make it. Believe me, I do not, and I repeat, I DO NOT agree with the way the black race was treated over the last several hundred years. But, ya know what….I never owned any slaves, I never made no one sit at the back of the bus. Hell, I wasn’t even born yet, during those times. But, I am sick and tired of being persecuted for others ” in the past” actions or behaviors. I had not one thing to do with that. The black race wanted to be equal, you now are, and most seem to keep crying about the past. If ole Al or Jesse are so dang worried about hate crimes, well I have a piece of info for them….. HATE CRIMES ARE HATE CRIMES, PERIOD!!! It makes not one difference what ones color is. They need to address ALL HATE CRIMES, not just the ones that benefit their continuous whining.

      • Joseph

        You bring up some points many need to hear YET you are misguided with a comment which – in reality is insulting – possibly prejudicial!

        As follows (you said): The black race wanted to be equal, you now are
        ….What needs to be realized – not said – but felt naturally – IS: EVERYONE IS SPECIAL FROM THE DAY THEY ARE BORN!
        Think before speaking! Leave wisdom to the wise!

    • Traysa

      No. It WASN’T cool. You THINK that because of what you have been led to believe by people who just CAN’T let crap go. You want me judging you based on your skin color? No? Then don’t be putting that rubbish on others. It has NEVER been cool no matter what color or gender.

    • Garry Steffens

      So let me get this straight. In 1864 my great-great-grandfather gets drafted to fight in the Union Army. It was how he was “rewarded” for becoming an American citizen. A 44 year old man was marched off to war leaving 8 kids and a wife to take care of the farm he built with his own hands. He was a German immigrant, so the people he fought for said he was stupid, that he was dirty, that he was a coward, and that he and his comrades ate dead bodies. He did all of this, and risked his life fighting to free people he never met and wouldn’t have cared if he died, so long as they were freed. Now, 150 years later, his descendants somehow “owe” the descendants of the people he freed something? Karma is a bitch? How about that for karma? If the past is all that matters, then where is my thanks for my ancestors risking my life to free yours? Or does the past now not matter and it is all about today? You can’t have it both ways.

    • Jerome

      You piece of garbage – DO NOT TALK AS IF WHAT HAPPENED MORE THAN A HUNDRED YEARS AGO (to a few, by a few – NOT a RACE) HAPPENED TO YOU! And learn to read – people from many nationalities were treated less than others than the black man.
      What I am curious about – is why do not the black man which was taken from their home Africa – not desire to go back there and make it a better place!
      Stop complaining and join the human race in peace!

  • Robert Boshears

    Knock at door the other night. Was expecting pizza… Black man with spray bottle, asking me to come outside… when I said no, he shoved his foot to block door… mistake… 80 pound Catahoula took over, he was trying to do my family harm… if the dog was slower at getting him, I would be in jail for protecting my family. To hell with PC, Reverand Jesse and Chemo Al… a double tap would have ended this. Oh, did call police, they said they were actively looking for this man… sent a few cars… and this is a very good neighborhood … Dog got T-Bone reward.

    • Sean Haddy

      This is why I have a security door, and will NEVER open it unless i know who the person is.

  • nitrox3058

    No such thing as black on white crime you racist! It only happens the other way around or they would report on it!…….. Right?

  • Howard

    You can take the black people out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the black people.

  • guest45

    Thanks for the “heads up”, Jan Morgan..well informed is well armed

  • lagabia

    Hopefully very soon one or more of these thugs will attack the wrong person someone with a gun, then after a few of them go down that stupid game will definitely slow down.

  • Tamika Mstmitchnow Mitchell

    I didnt say it was right cause its not nobody deserve to be miss treated so yall took my opion and ran with all im saying we all have the right for our protection and there no excuse for violents regardless of rae im not racist and never will be regardless

    • susan5042

      When you say karma’s a bitch you are saying you think it’s ok. You use karma as a justification.

  • Tamika Mstmitchnow Mitchell

    Im not saying they were right cause there not i just read comments thays y i spoke and thats the only reason

  • Tamika Mstmitchnow Mitchell

    @Garry i am not as bad as u think and i dont hold grudges i love all people and i appreciate all that fought and help other including myself but maybe i was wrong but at the same time i wasn’t trying to be rude

  • Guest

    It sure seems that these black on white violent crimes have increased dramatically over the past five years? Did something happen in January of 2009 that has

    • Muhammed

      Yes, something happened – I noticed it immediately – it was the election to the ?Office of President of a black man. A man I VOTED for and do not regret it. But it seemed to be a message to some black folk to start crimes against non-black citizens. I have never had a problem with anyone until Mr. Obama was elected – since then I have been a victim of 5 hate nuisance crimes and two other hate crimes – that after thinking about it I should have assured (non-violently)it made National news.
      One asked where is Jesse ?? I wonder what influential people are behind this?
      Who will step up to stop it? So far – it is too late for a good man to stop it as it SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN DONE!

  • Matt Blaine

    It seems as if these violent black on white crimes have increased dramatically in the past five years. It’s almost as if something happened in January of 2009 that triggered this disturbing trend….almost as if there has been some higher authority in this country that has encouraged this sort of hateful behavior of blacks towards whites.

  • Nanci Alley

    Arm yourselves America! With the POS POTUS on the loose the only way that we are to take back our country is BY FORCE! Have one person walking alone and others sitting in a car following the walker! When these f**king punks come up to knock the walker out, OPEN FIRE! See how fast the cockroaches can run! Then everyone in the car & the walker can laugh as their blood flows into the streets! Kill some of them & they will stop! They will know that their GAME IS OVER!

  • Chrisk 222222

    Weak. Another FOX media tactic to keep sheep scared and focused on fear. That’s my view so
    Go back to your television sit on your fat ass, open a coke and let the media tell you what to think and believe. Morons.

  • edawg

    To the author of this article, you are absolutely wrong. People of all races are being attacked during this disgusting game. Get your story straight. I am a Black man and I happen to think this sh** is disgusting and a disgrace to my people. You as a journalist my friend must do your homework before you try to stir people up.

    • Harry

      I admire you (really for attempting to de-fuse this) however – declaring anything going seriously wrong need to be analyzed before labeling a RACE CRIME.
      Sorry to say here….I have found from the evidence – this is exactly that!

  • bingyboy

    Where are Reverend Al and Jesse Jackson?? Pretty quiet on this one, aren’t they??

  • ML NJ

    “I have yet to see or hear about it in any other national news outlet.”

    Maybe Dear Leader doesn’t like these stories?

  • Loretta Swift

    They’re getting their marching orders from pastors like Rev Wright and “Payback Time” DOJ Holder. Mark my words as soon as one of these animals get gun down by someone of a different skin color only then will you see the media people start to report this and the cries of racism will ring out.

  • Cujo

    When people start pulling guns and shooting these punks then Jessie Jackson jr and Al sharpton will crawl out of their holes and start screaming Whites are discriminating.Where are they now to HELP STOP THIS COWARDLY ACT?When caught these people involved need to be made examples that we as a society are not going to stand for this.The streets would be full with people complaining if it were a group of asians doing it or whites doing it to African Americans it would be called a racial thing but because it is groups of young African American teens they dont think it is racial motivated Bull Crap!WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IS WHEN PEOPLE SEE A GROUP OF YOUNG BLACKS THEY ARE GOING TO PULL THEIR GUNS AND THE FIRST MOVEMENT FROM ANY OF THESE PEOPLE IN THE GROUP MAKE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST MOVE THEY WILL GET SHOT.the sad part is that is is not all but a handful of punks doing it .

  • whitefeather

    Jan, this situation needs a visual from 35,000 ft. I don’t believe it’s a Black on White thing; it’s a Control thing. As people start losing control of their lives and surrender it to the Media, Govt. and Visual Arts, we are going to see more of these incidents. That’s not to say that the T. Martin gig din’t kick it off, but to say there is an underlying societal attribute at work here. People are seeking to Control others, when they lose control of themselves. That’s what it’s about…..Look around it’s prevalent everywhere. What we need to do is Coalesce and divide into specialized groups. For me it would be Environmental Issues (Especially Conservation). We need to start accruing serious funds by whatever means we can. Here’s an example; In Wyoming, near your buddy Mr. Findlay, Duke Energy is paying 1 mil in fines….Not to the Govt., but to Conservation Groups. In turn these groups will invest in surrounding lands and dictate the terms of land use agreements for surrounding areas 100 fold. check out tpl.org and nature.org. The USFWS under ESA Sec. 5and 6 as well. They are grabbing land and destroying the economies around it. I have gobs of info if you are interested. Just email me. If you can’t get my email from this discus thing, get a hold of Bill, he has it. Greg Kennedy
    Ps he may still be mad at me, so expect it

    • Momma

      No one surrendered anything to the MEDIA. The MEDIA has not mattered in the real peoples lives for years now!
      The MEDIA is a bunch of pathetic people believing people believe them – what they write! No way! I actually feel sorry for most in the media – they remind me of a movie I once saw “the Death of a Salesman”

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    Give BLACKS everything they want and you END UP with a



    The new KKK BLACK BEAR DOWN GAME is DEFINITELY coming to a
    CITY or TOWN near you!

    for the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES to “STAND UP” and “SPEAK
    OUT” about BLACK on WHITE RACE CRIMES occurring in AMERICA!

    “Does anyone remember how NANCY GRACE CRIED everyday
    over the DEATH of TRAYVON MARTIN, and PRESIDENT OBAMA did a several NEWS
    CONFERENCES about the TRIAL and ERIC HOLDER is still trying to find ways to

    WOW, everybody seemed to give a SHYT when the VICTIM BLACK
    and the PERP turned out to be only HALF WHITE!

    TRAYVON MARTIN was just the 1st “KNOCK OUT
    WHITEYER” to get CAPPED; sadly, many more will follow in his DEADLY



    [email protected]





  • Robert S Moulds

    These thugs should realize that when they are prison for their crimes they will learn were sympathy lies in the dictionary between a four letter course word starting s and syphilis. By doing to another race they risk having seen as a hate crime when it is really the strong prey on the weak again they will see that in prison were sympathy lies.

  • suesunswim

    You effing pieces of sh!!!T. I hope someone pulls out a gun and shoots you and YOUR STUPID EFFING GIRLFRIEND in the face. How about a knockout game like that. YOU LOSERS.

  • Ray – Lord Protect Israel.

    The Shared Agendas of George Soros and Barack Obama
    By Discover The Networks
    February 2011

    While George Soros was busy bankrolling his battalion of established activist groups and launching a few new ones of his own, he quite naturally looked toward the upcoming presidential election of 2008 with great anticipation, eagerly awaiting the day when George W. Bush would finally leave office. The question was, who would replace him? In recent years, all indications had been that Soros favored Hillary Clinton above most, if not all, other potential Democratic candidates for President. But now there was a new face on the scene¯a young, charismatic U.S. senator from Illinois named Barack Obama¯who seemed not only to share virtually all of Soros’s values and agendas, but also appeared to be a highly skilled politician who stood a good chance of getting elected to the nation’s highest office…

    In December of 2006, Soros, who had previously hosted a fundraiser for Obama during the latter’s 2004 Senate campaign, met with Obama in Soros’s New York office. Just a few weeks later¯on January 16, 2007¯Obama announced that he would form a presidential exploratory committee and was contemplating a run for the White House. Within hours, Soros sent the senator a contribution of $2,100, the maximum amount allowable under campaign-finance laws. Later that week, the New York Daily News reported that Soros would support Obama rather than Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, though Soros pledged to back the New York senator were she to emerge as the nominee.1 But it was clear that Soros considered Obama to be the more electable candidate of the two. Most importantly, Obama’s economic and political prescriptions for America were wholly accordant with those of Soros.


  • bdcorvette

    Solution: kill them. I carry, I will shoot, and hollow points do not discriminate. They do not care, and neither do I. You do not need to be black to die, but it may be a bit more likely given their tendency toward violence. Step up, boys. I am your man.

  • Jeffrey Snyder

    and they say they are not niggers…i would like to know just what one would call them besides niggers.

  • jackie cox

    A 10 to 1 retribution rate might solve their problem, in other words whenever there on one black on white knock out game, we should have 10 shot, cut, or beating whites/Hispanic on black retribution, It would stop.

    Looking back to the days before Latin kings, satans desciples, bloods, crips, were kidnaping pretty young mexkins girls, taking them to motels, gang raping, shooting them up with heroine for a few weeks, then selling them at auction for upwards of 10,000 $, In these new times, the black gangs stick to their own neighborhoods, as the Latin kings, MS-13, have created a different perspective on the black gangs in the real world where bullies are cowards.

    The color of anyone’s skin is snot a significant variable of who people actually are, unless our government, news,media create an illusion that color of skin makes a difference,,Which they have with affirmative action, Obama (oblowme) and it’s spouse Michael , who makes definitive statements about reallocation of assets from white to black, or Betty claiming Trevor Martin could have been their son, what? Did he have a button baby ? Ha ha ha just kidding, faggots don’t breed.

    The knock out game will unfortunatwly have a collateralw damage factor on innocent people, other than the white victims the roaming gangs of blacks select when they are alone out of sight of crowds…COWARDS

  • 2EdgedSword

    Purge needed. Note that the perp NEVER plays without a crowd of backers. That legally constitutes level 4 threat of violence and may be met with lethal force – no questions asked. To document that there exist 4 or more attackers, one should always kill at least four perps for court.