New York’s War on Citizen’s Gun Rights

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Those who are willing to give up liberty for the sake of security, deserve NEITHER!
That is what the citizens of New York get… Slavery to a government that forces law abiding citizens to live defenseless in one of the most dangerous high crime cities in America.
The people by majority, have elected dictators and now must reap the consequences of that poor choice.
What I want to know is this: When is a good lawyer going to challenge the Constitutionality of the gun laws there that clearly trample the Constitutional rights of citizens?

In this video, John Stossel exposes the ridiculous process to gain a carry permit in New York. I was in New York last year, speaking at a 2nd Amendment rally in Albany and I couldn’t carry. I couldn’t even bring a gun into the state. Other than when I delivered my speech, I spent most of my time inside my hotel room in New York because I couldn’t carry a gun when I needed it most. Although I am a state concealed carry instructor, I am against mandatory training and background checks before getting a permit.
Those requirements in any state violates the 2nd Amendment. I believe any regulation is clearly a form of “infringement” and becomes a prohibitive tool to keep people from owning and carrying guns. © 2013 Jan Morgan (NRA Certified Instructor, RSO, and Arkansas State CHCL Instructor #13-903)

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  • william pogue

    what we need is for people is to do it the charles bronson way in the death wish movies.we as people have a god given and the 2nd amendment right to have guns and carry them anywhere we want without these fools in governments stopping us.

  • 48vince

    It isn’t only New York. Here in the state of Hawaii we have an autocratic police chief who refuses to issue any CCP’s to anyone for any reason, nor does he recognize any out of state permits, either. You can apply, but you ain’t gonna get it. One cop told me that most of the police would like to see citizens carrying because it would cut down on the high rate of stabbings and assaults we have here. I carry anyway.

  • IHateLibs

    IMHO ??? EVERY LEGAL Gun Owner Should Band together , and ALL AT ONCE, Grab your ARMS and MARCH on New Yorks Capitol . And DEMAND this ILLEGAL ASSAULT on MY/YOUR/OUR 2nd Amendment Rights BE STOPPED . Action speaks Louder than Words . Looks as though Phone Calls , and E-Mails and Voting DOT WORK . They need to Hear And SEE , the REAL Americans KNOCK on Their FRONT DOOR

    • rwp24382

      As much as I believe your anger, carrying a gun to DC is a bad idea; at least at first. Unless you want to have it confiscated, taking a gun will only play to the hands of the libs. The left will get hundreds of guns off the streets and all that participate will probably be charged with a felony and have their weapons confiscated at home. Doing that they will accomplish a few things: 1) they will get the guns of citizens immediately. 2) They will get the weapons they have at home. 3) They will get you off the voter rolls for being a felon. That will also give Obucku an excuse for enacting martial law. A walk on DC by a few million voters for gun rights will scare the WH and Congress. Carrying guns will only give them a way to plant someone with their views to shoot people and blame it on those that come peacefully. You know it will happen. It is something the left is looking for to completely take over the government.

  • ECDucy

    IT IS TIME THAT WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP TO THESE COMMUNIST BASTAR*S!!! Every lawful gun owner in NY should tell the Communist, Criminal Government to go “F” Themselves & DEFY the unconstitutional NY Law! ALL Lawful gun owners in NY should now form – (1) Militias in EVERY neighborhood in the state & should prepare to defend each other! (2) WE THE PEOPLE of NY should now begin IMPEACHMENT or RECALL proceeding against every single Criminal, Communist Politician in NY. (3) REFUSE TO REGISTER YOUR WEAPONS & REFUSE TO SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS!!!

  • Robert S Moulds

    Before the New York state government imposes stricter guns laws consider Bill C 68 in Canada costed a billion dollars instead of the hundred million a the streets in large city’s are no safer.

  • John

    Can anybody tell me the leagelity of NYC non- carry pistol permit law and 5 round rifle limit, when the state law is carry for pistol and 10 rounds for everything. I don’t want rantings just the leagalities that they have the legal right to impose these restrictions.