Taking Down Number 3! Colorado’s Next Gun Rights Recall Underway!

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Gun owners across America should be excited about the successes of grassroots Colorado citizens and fired up about what they can do in their own states to remove anti-gun lawmakers who have comprehension issues regarding the 2nd Amendment.

The new Colorado gun-rights recall campaign against state senator Evie Hudak and Democrats is heating up. If the citizens succeed again, this will be strike three on ant-gun democrats in that state.
Recall Hudak organizers are trying to gather at least 25,000 signatures by early December. They already have faced death threats and harassment. Liberal supporters of Hudak have littered the district with scare-mongering door hangers depicting gun-rights activists as dangerous criminals and sex offenders. The group distributing those fliers, “Democracy Defense Fund,” is also behind deceptive “community alert” robocalls spreading the same slanderous message. The smear campaign is funded by a D.C. outfit, the Environmental Majority PAC, which already has dumped $50,000 into pro-Hudak committees.

(Recap for those who need reminding) In September, grassroots Second Amendment activists ousted two top Democratic state senators for their promotion of radical, job-destroying gun-control measures backed by New York and D.C. special interests. Vice President Joe Biden himself personally lobbied state Democrats to adopt the new gun-rights restrictions. Billionaire gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg dumped gobs of cash and lobbying expertise into the state.

But bigger coffers and bully pulpits weren’t enough. National pundits called the historic recalls of Democratic state senate president John Morse of Colorado Springs and state senator Angela Giron of Pueblo “stunning,” a “surprise,” and a “shocker.”
Indeed, there was no such precedent in Colorado history. The gun-rights activists were outspent by at least a seven-to-one margin. Giron’s district went for Obama by 20 points, yet she lost by twelve.

Bitter losers blamed the NRA. But the recall movement in both districts was spearheaded by local neophytes who were not initially supported by the GOP political establishment or any big-moneyed interests. In Colorado Springs, these vastly underestimated activists gathered more than 16,000 signatures for their Recall Morse petition in a matter of weeks. In Pueblo, the recall leaders were a pair of brothers who run a family plumbing business.

Local gun-rights activists may have been perceived as the weaker, disadvantaged, and less experienced combatants. But they had a passion for the fight and public opinion on their side.

And they’re not done. On October 4, the secretary of state approved a new petition to recall a third Democratic state senator whose gun-grabbing extremism made national headlines this spring. Evie Hudak represents Senate District 19, which encompasses Arvada and Westminster in the metro Denver area. During a legislative hearing in March on the Democrats’ plan to ban students from carrying concealed firearms on campus, a condescending Hudak rebuked pro-concealed-carry advocate and rape victim Amanda Collins.

“I just want to say, statistics are not on your side, even if you had had a gun. . . . Chances are that if you had had a gun, then he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you,” Hudak lectured. But even the liberal Denver Post pointed out that the old statistics Hudak cited from a liberal anti-gun group applied only to women with guns who were attacked by “intimate acquaintances,” not strangers, as was the case with Collins.

Hudak’s dishonest defense of disarming and disempowering women sent a chilling message from government to constituents: About to be raped, assaulted, or murdered? The odds are against you. Don’t bother to fight back.

You can’t tell from Hudak’s indifferent behavior, but the stakes are sky-high in this modern David vs. Goliath battle. Democrats hold Colorado’s state senate by an 18–17 margin. Democratic governor John Hickenlooper’s fate also hangs in the balance. And grassroots gun-rights groups in other states are gearing up to launch similar recalls.

It’s no wonder Hudak’s allies have sunk to such slimy depths as to sabotage recall activists’ ability to gather signatures and communicate with voters. The lumbering Goliaths of gun control are tone-deaf, policy-dumb, and totally desperate. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

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  • Bassin Earl

    Morse, strike one. Giron, Strike two. Hudak, Strike three. Chickenlooper, YOU WILL BE STRIKE FOUR!!!!!! obummer bloombutt loving anti gun libs, YOU’RE OUT!!!!!!!!

  • Ronn

    Just FYI, hudak turned in her resignation last week, there will be no recall, however, this is still a victory as the seat will be up for election in 2014, instead of 2016!

    The democrat vacancy committee will appoint another liberal to hold the seat over the next several months, I believe this happens 12.03.2013, but we can see November 2014 from our front porch.

    Can you hear us now!

    • Paladin67

      Thank you. I knew I read she resigned. Great info included with your post!

  • Robert S Moulds

    Seems the democrats have another political defeat to add to the failure of Obama care and by a underdog lobby group.

  • hangman57

    Good take them all down .

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Why are we reading this now? I understand that Evie Hudak resigned on 27 November so that the Democrat governor could appoint another Dem to the seat, and keep a majority.
    see: http://www.eviehudak.com/

  • MontieR

    She resigned so the dems could keep control.