A Chance Encounter With Guns and Aussies Leads to Life Changing Lesson on Liberty

Jan Morgan

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When a couple of Australians come to America on vacation, looking for adventure, they find it in an indoor gun range and leave with a new outlook on life and the true meaning of liberty.

Tony is a physicist and his daughter, Abby, is a chef. They knew one of the things they absolutely had to experience while in America, was shooting.
Their goal was to get some firearms training and hopefully try to understand why Americans had such an obsession with guns.

Of course, Tony and Abby thought this was just a chance encounter… that they walked in to a range and were getting firearms training from a “gun chick”…. 🙂 🙂 LOL..

They had no idea they were now in the hands of one of the most passionate, uncompromising, 2nd Amendment advocates in America who is adamantly opposed to background checks, registration, as well as any and all forms of restrictions/laws regarding gun ownership which are forms of INFRINGEMENT in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

In Tony’s words, Americans were simply a bunch of fanatics when it came to guns and gun rights… He had no idea why 90 million people in this country would want over 300 million guns.
Fortunately for Tony and Abby, I happened to be running the range in Hot Springs the day they walked in the door asking for “training”.

As they explained their situation in Australia, I learned that it is even worse there than I realized.
I knew law abiding citizens in Australia were not allowed to own guns. I did not know that they also could not own air soft guns or pellet guns.

To make matters worse, it is against the law in Australia to wear bullet proof vests. So, in addition to being disarmed and defenseless, they also can’t take simple protective measures like wearing bullet proof vests to save their lives from criminals who have guns (and also vests)…

I spent an hour in a classroom setting teaching them gun safety, proper grip, shooting positions, sight alignment, sight picture, target versus self defense shooting positions, etc.
In the midst of that “gun” training, I also began to drop in the lesson, information about responsible gun ownership, why so many Americans love guns and explained that our “obsession” with guns goes much deeper than the firearm.

Firearms are simply tools to protect and defend our true obsession, which is LIBERTY.
I explained the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights and how it is not a right “given” to us by the government but rather, it is a statement to the government that Americans are born in this country with the right to bear arms to defend life and liberty and this right “shall not be infringed.”

I asked them questions like, “do you realize that in the 20th century, 170 million people have been annihilated by their own governments AFTER BEING DISARMED?”
This was news to them.
I asked them what they would do if someone like Hitler became the leader of Australia?
How would they, an unarmed citizenry, be able to take their country back?
I explained that gun control laws are the first steps to tyranny. Gun registration leads to confiscation.
Gun control is not and have never been about GUNS… IT IS ABOUT CONTROL…

By the time these two wonderful Australians left the range, they had a new outlook on guns, gun ownership and most importantly, freedom…. how precious it is and how easily it can be lost, one law, one restriction, at a time.

I believe these two may one day be moving to America.
As you see from the video, they definitely left with a change of view.
I hope they will share their experience with others in Australia, even though change there at this point seems impossible.

This “chance” encounter was also a reminder for me that Americans must be ever vigilant about standing against any efforts to infringe on our 2nd Amendment.
There are already close to 30 thousand gun control laws on the books in this country.. That is 30 thousand too many that have occurred on our watch.

Once you give up freedom for the sake of security, you lose both.

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  • Robert S Moulds

    Jan would only need visit Canada with strict gun control to see how lucky she is to live in the United States under bill C 68 all guns (not air soft or air guns under different rules) were to be registered. The Bill was imposed in 1995 in order to make the streets safe at the cost of $100 million. The streets were just as dangerous and the cost went up to $1 billion. Not only has freedom been lost to security but life has gotten more complicated and expensive. As for Piers either deport extradite him to Britain he did hack people’s phones for the daily mirror and is hiding in America to avoid trial. If that fail’s tell him to move to Canada though I prefer you don’t.

  • whitefeather

    Jan, I hope you had the opportunity to point at actual “Codifications” which are used Ex-Post Facto to disarm Americans. Similarily, the Mental Illness battle cry, which is to be used in a predeterminative manner, is key going forward. We are headed to strange times. These Progressives are intent on World Domination. We need to challenge some of those laws through court standing. Molon Labe

  • HongryHawg

    If they have the equivalent to our IRS in Australia, and I’m sure they do, this mate and his wife will be soon be experiencing another American experience; a tax audit.

  • Ramesses II

    Are Australians dingos? don’t they know that on the Chinese maps that Australia is called “New China,” do they know what that means, what will they do when China decides to expand?

  • Sunshine Kid

    Outlawing guns is pretty much a tactic of politicians to earn trust. Sorry, I don’t trust politicians to use guns to “protect” me. We have an uneasy standoff now, but politicians are the ones pushing for the change in the balance of power, not the gun owners; we’ve already given up far too much in allowing infringement of our rights by the government.

  • gfr

    In California there’s a ten day waiting period to pick up a gun that you’ve purchased.
    Advocates point to the case of a young lady who (some years ago), walked into a sporting goods store, crying, bought a gun (from an unobservant store clerk), went home and shot herself.
    Granted – in this case a ten day waiting period might have stopped her. But the strange thing is that the ten day waiting period applies to everybody – even people who ALREADY OWN GUNS !!!
    If that young lady had already owned a gun she probably wouldn’t have even bothered to go to the store to get another one – so what would have been the advantage of making her wait?
    Some might say that this is just an example of anti-gun politicians trying to “infringe” on the 2nd amendment – I think it’s simpler than that.
    Liberal politicians are all about appearances rather than substance. they want to APPEAR to be “doing something” about gun violence – it doesn’t matter if the actions that they take make ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE to the amount of gun violence.
    Now we as gun owners can choose to make it difficult for these idiots – OR we can work with them to make it LOOK like they are doing something, while ensuring that the practical effect on our gun rights is non-existent…
    How to Become an Armed Guard in California. Firearm Permit Application Process.
    To apply for a firearm permit in the State of California, you must:
    a) Be a U.S. citizen or have permanent legal alien status.
    b) Pass a 14 hour training course in the carrying and use of firearms.
    c) Submit a firearm permit application, pay the $80 application fee, and submit a Security Guard Registration w/Firearm Permit Live Scan form signed by the Live Scan site operator. A $38 Firearm Eligibility application, $32 DOJ fingerprint processing fee and $19 FBI fingerprint processing fee must be paid at the Live Scan site.[$219 total].
    [The firearm training course is 8 hours of classroom training, and 6 hours on the firing range.]
    In addition you have to have UNARMED security guard training which takes 40 hours and an exam.
    So my point is this: security guards ALREADY outnumber cops four to one in California. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that even the crazed California legislature will BAN armed security guards.
    If some highly placed dummycrat politician could take the credit for getting all the “crazy” gun owners “properly trained” – MAYBE they could point to that as a way to REDUCE gun violence.
    I would be willing to take all that training if it would make my gun rights more secure, (Particularly if the state would pay for it) – it might even be fun.

  • justathought22

    Again I say where are those in power decrying criminals of their guns? All I hear about is taking guns away from law abiding citizens thus taking their right to protect themselves and families. Not one person has stood up and discussed what they will do to take guns way from the criminals or stop guns from getting into criminal hands. But veterans, the guy down the street, or the woman with a Saturday night special in her purse they are the evil threat that must be stopped. When does sanity come back?

  • SargintRock

    If you are tired of the endless chatter of the Talking Heads describing WHAT is happening on the Dinosaur Media, I encourage you to switch to the Alternative Media(Alex Jones) and find out HOW and WHY and by WHO it is happening!!!

  • Timur

    Great job Jan, keep up the good work.