The Squeaky Wheel of Liberal Rage


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Why is it that every time someone of a conservative nature expresses their beliefs, the liberal left goes into a ravenous rage and instigates a witch hunt? Aren’t they the ones who speak of tolerance? Aren’t they the compassionate ones who want us all to sing Kumbaya in a group hug around the campfire? As much as they want to portray themselves as the peaceful protesters who just want a better America, what they really want is an amoral America where conservatives and Christians cannot make them feel the burden of their sins. There is no right or wrong. Only you can set your moral compass.

Phil Robertson, the long bearded matriarch of the Robertson clan on Duck Dynasty, has enraged the left by expressing his Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality and other perversions. According to the left, this is vile hate speech that cannot be tolerated. As a result, A&E has suspended Phil indefinitely. As the saying goes, the squeakiest wheel gets the oil. They are a small minority of the country, but they scream like little girls at the top of their lungs and you’ll do anything to shut them up.

Phil Robertson Photo

But the father figure of the Duck Dynasty clan is not the first conservative to express negative opinions about amoral behavior. In February of 2012 Rush Limbaugh told his audience that Sandra Fluke wanted tax payers to pay for her birth control because she was going broke paying for it herself. According to Limbaugh, that makes her a slut, a prostitute, because she wants tax payers to pay for her to have sex. The thirty year old professional student testified before Congress that it cost a law student $3,000.00 for birth control, and later admitted she did not know that Target sold the pill for $9.00 a month. She can do enough research to testify before Congress but cannot find the commonly found inexpensive birth control she desperately needs? Limbaugh was, of course, attacked from the left, lost several advertisers who bowed to pressure from the LGBT community, and ended up having to apologize for expressing his honest opinion that Fluke was a slut. MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC covered the story extensively, attacking Limbaugh viciously.

Of course, when, in November of 2013, Martin Bashir attacked Sarah Palin, concluding that someone should defecate in her mouth (how much more disgusting can one get than that?), the liberal media was silent. Not a peep came from them is Sarah’s defense, or even to admonish Bashir for his contemptuous remarks. Only pressure from the right eventually led to Bashir resigning from that insignificant little station known as MSNBC. No loss to them; they’re pretty much at the bottom so their ratings can only go up. But where was NOW? Where was liberal rage for Palin?

You can’t speak of liberal rage without talking about the “War on Women”. Yes, there is such a war, but it is not perpetrated by conservatives as the left would have you believe. I believe they call that projection. If you want to see a war on women, you need only look up attacks on Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Nikki Haley, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, or Condoleezza Rice. It is particularly vexing to liberals when an African American woman is a conservative. But any female conservative will do, especially if she is also a woman of faith, as so many conservative women are.


Liberal rage is a fickle thing. They believe in progressivism, another word for socialism. They tell us they want everything in America to be fair for everyone. We are all entitled to an education, a job of our choosing, or to not work if we so choose, a car, housing, and a living wage. It is governments job to ensure we all have those things. If you challenge them to show you how that works economically, they will call you names, tell you that you are a racist, because they really have no idea how to make it work. Either every single liberal in America skipped Economics 101, or they are simply incapable of understanding it. In their minds, this is the height of compassion for their fellow Americans. Except, they aren’t really concerned with all Americans, just the ones who think like they do. If you are a hard worker who has a good work ethic, and subscribes to the founding principles, you do not belong here. You are disrupting the karma of their Utopia.

The Bill of Rights, for a liberal, is the Bill of Entitlements. Make no mistake; if you are a producer, you need to support a non producer. It’s only fair. If you have a moral compass, keep that to yourself. That’s one thing they do not want you to share. If you try to impart your ideas of morality, common sense, or logic, you will enrage liberals everywhere. They will tell you what is acceptable. They can force society to accept the anything goes philosophy but if you want to practice your faith – well, that doesn’t go. So I guess it’s anything but God goes.

As I’ve said before, worldview matters. And there are stark contrasts between the liberal and conservative worldviews.

Liberals on
Life: Disposable, my choice
Liberty: I can do what I want but you can’t
Guns: Only crazy people want guns. Ban them all. Uncle Sam will protect me
Faith: I have faith in government and myself. If you preach morality to me, I will get angry
Economics: Put it all in the kitty and divide it equally. We all deserve to be equal, even if we
don’t equally contribute. Government should provide for us all. Don’t ask me
how.That’s their problem
Free Speech: Say or do anything you want as long as you do not talk about God or morality, or say anything negative about someone I worship, or something I believe in
Capitalism: Only serves the rich and isn’t fair to the poor. Selfish and greedy. No one needs to
make millions or billions of dollars. They should be made to share that with those
less fortunate
Taxes: Government should raise taxes so they have the money to expand social services and
take care of people. I don’t mind paying more. It means I can get more from the
government and I will be sure that I am taken care of, no matter what happens
Charity: That’s what the government is for. They should take more money from the rich and
support causes and services as people need them.
Versus Conservatives
Life: All life is precious and should be protected
Liberty: Just don’t harm others or their property
Guns: It is my right to protect me and mine, from criminals and tyrants alike
Faith: Believe as you will and allow me to do the same
Economics: Free market system. Work hard, keep what you earn. Don’t rely on government, rely on self. Keep government out of the way
Free Speech: We are all free to say what we want to say, even if it is offensive. That doesn’t
mean we should always say it, but we are free to speak our minds even if we look
stupid doing it
Capitalism: What is wrong with greed? Those with marketable products and ideas proffer them to make money, and in doing so they create jobs, which helps people to support their families
Taxes: Everyone has a right to make what they can from their marketable skills or products.
Taxes should be minimal and everyone should pay the same percentage of their income.
Taxes should be used only for minimal government, not for extensive social programs
Charity: Local charities allow me to choose what I want to support with the money I earned.
Government should not be able to force me to pay into things I am morally opposed to
or do not want to support.

Logic is elusive to the liberal mind. They have no idea how to achieve their goals, just that they want them achieved. To present facts or logic to them is to invite an argument. Liberals are angry ALL THE TIME.

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  • Wayne

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease? Sometimes a wheel does not squeak for lack of lube, often it is a component or two that is out of alignment, then one must take a hammer and straighten it back out.

  • Aristophanes

    Matriarch? Please proof read before posting your article. He is the patriarch!

    • Aristophanes

      I suppose I will get flack from someone for this. If you are a writer, you use words; therefore, you should know the correct words.

      • Becky

        I agree, but I never claimed perfection and I made a mistake. Sorry if this distracted you from the larger point. Yes, I meant patriarch, and I missed the error in proofreading. I beg your forgiveness and indulgence.

        • Aristophanes

          If this came across as really critical, I am sorry Becky. With how illiterate the general public is getting, I guess I expect more from writers. I did think it was a very good article and i beg your forgiveness if you thought I was being overly critical.

          • Nobody reads anymore, but some seem to want to live in “The Adventures of Billy Budd” from Herman Melville…

            It isn’t even so much the “morality” bag… it is the lack of logic… cold, hard logic… no critical thinking…

            People can’t think beyond their gonads or what foreign objects and bodily appendages they can cram into their digestive orifices.

            There is a lot of truth to Freud’s theorized stages of psychosexual development. People are retarded gaytheists and fagnostics…

            If you have to tell grown men that babies will not come out of their rectums, there is no hope for any rational discourse… but it might be covered under Obamacare…

        • Why not polyandry or polygyny?

          All men are born of a woman.

          The Synagogue of Sodomy and Church of the Stinky Donut Hole will not tolerate blasphemy of their religious fággotry. They must think they will have fun playing “spread the other cheek” in gay marriages with their new Islamic masters.

          The Koran permits a man to have as many as four wives, but Saint Sodom Hussein Obama put on a yarmulke and prayed at the Wailing Wall… no Muslim would do this Miley Cyrus dry humping of demons.

          Millions protested gay marriage, but François Hollande’s French government did it anyway… Hollande is a Sodom Hussein Obama sycophant… Ayatollah Khomeini rose to power from the sewers of Paris.

          Marine Le Pen faced prosecution for criticizing Islam (in France of all places) in context with existing French laws. And, in true Vichy fashion, they raised the white flag with Iran just like Monsieur Kerry.

          If anyone is anti-woman, it is the gay leftist L’Internationale… and they infest the education bureaucracy like AIDS.

  • Aristophanes

    Except for the matriach error, very good article. I totally with you!

  • Chris Fostel

    My favorite analogy for conservatives and liberals is in terms of driving an
    automobile. The liberals are the gas pedal, the conservatives are the brake. If
    we were all conservatives we would never get the car out of the parking space
    — no gas. If we were all liberals we’d get out of the parking space, but crash
    a short distance later. You really need both to go anywhere and to get there
    safely. There are two additional elements needed; a steering wheel and
    somewhere you want to go.

    My personal feeling is that God provides the compass, but doesn’t tell us where
    to go. We should all jointly decide on a mutually agreeable place to end up.

    The debacle playing out in Egypt should be a warning to politicians of every belief. If you finally get into office, don’t load the government with only your own believers. You may not go anywhere, you may crash and you can believe with certainty that no one but your side will like your decisions.
    Lincoln got it right. Pick people from both side of the aisle so you know you’ve got the best available people and you’ll hear both sides of every decision before you pick
    which way to go.

    • SRM29

      “My personal feeling is that God provides the compass, but doesn’t tell us where to go. We should all jointly decide on a mutually agreeable place to end up.”

      You want Americans to jointly decide where we end up after death?? I’m pretty sure we don’t have any say in the matter. (…or am i misunderstanding you?)

    • Aristophanes

      Unfortunately, with the current faux president, he would not listen to the other side. He would do what he wanted to do and too bad if conservatives don’t like it. According to him anyone who does not agree with him are stupid and do not deserve to live.

  • Lorraine E

    It is a fact in today’s world whoever screams the loudest, longest, and performs the best act of being persecuted, abused, and offended ALWAYS WINS. I’ve seen the biggest bully, liar, sadist, thief win again and again because the timid innocent people always give in to whoever has the best act going irrespective of the fact that they are 100% wrong. Too bad for us that things are that way but during these End Times that is how it is.

  • Johnny Blade

    Taxes should be minimal and everyone should pay the same percentage of their income.
    <<<<< I actually support the abolition of the 16th amendment, scrapping the income tax and the IRS. I think individual taxes should only be collected on spending, not earning. Uncle Sam shouldn't get the first cut of your pie.

    • Becky

      You are absolutely right. It’s a shame that they were ever able to institute a permanent income tax to begin with, and I would be happy to join the bandwagon go get it repealed, and go get rid of the IRS as well. However, I did not want to expand on that idea or any of the conservative ideas as that was not the intent of the article.

      • Judaic Bolshevist Mammonism (Baphomet) is no less a devil than Mahomet…

        Russia has a 13% flat tax, no capital gains tax, no gay pride marches in their army, and real Russian soldiers on their borders…

        The pertinent question, comparing Russia to the USA, is who are really the communists?

        Vladimir Putin beat the Communist party in his election!

        The US State Dept. is infested with communists and they tried to steal the Russian elections for their comrades with 501(c)3 tax exempt organizations, just like at home in the USA.

        No wonder Russia and Egypt clamped down on NGO non-profit provocateurs… Miss neo-kabbalah lesbian Madonna, now rumored to be a Muslim convert, was flown in to agitate while Hitlery was on a world-wide gay pride tour…

  • John A

    Seems to me the liberal agenda is a strong advocate of “diversity”…..as long as they limit the definition of that word and doesn’t go against their ideology.

    In actuality, they limit diversity of “thought” and “opinion” by stifling Phil Robertson’s freedom of speech because it differs from the agenda of liberals, A&E, the gays, lesbians and confused transgenders agendas to promote perversion in today’s society. That’s right, I said something politically incorrect., but it’s the way I feel and perhaps many others think as well.

    If A&E is going to limit what Phil Robertson can say, then it’s only fair the other side should be kept in the closet.

    • Aristophanes

      John A – I love your last sentence!! Very succinctly stated what a lot of conservatives (including me) think.

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    Correction: “Life: All life is precious and should be protected”

    Myself and most of the people I know are very conservative and they/we don’t really adhere to this philosophy. Most conservatives I’ve met will usually say something to the effect of ” Life: innocent life is to be protected, people who behave in an evil manner or like animals (rapists, murderers, child molesters, etc) should be put down for the betterment of society” Otherwise, good article..

    • Becky

      You are, of course, absolutely right. At the time I was thinking of babies and the elderly, and the liberal notion of population control, but I absolutely support the death penalty. Isn’t it odd that liberals fight tooth and nail to keep abortion legal, and support what amounts to getting rid of our elderly (for instance, the portion of Obamacare that says if you are 72 or older, you will not be entitled to things like cancer treatment because you have lost your value to society) but they tell us it is inhumane to execute heinous criminals?

      • abortion = pre-natal summary execution

        death penalty = post-natal abortion

        born gay = birth defect

        gay marriage = religious faggotry

        (Duck Dynasty Math Made Easy)

    • Homosexuals desire their own extinction and the Islamic animals are more than willing to give it them… I simply have no cause to interfere in the conflict between these devils.

      Judaic Bolshevist Mammonism (Baphomet) is no less a devil than Mahomet.

      Would the false prophet ecclesiastics have men believe that taking sides in the conflicts between devils is the path to Salvation?

      Yes, it is the great whore of Babylon.

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    They can’t connect dots with a pen and a dot map.

  • Doc M

    This piece is so full of contradictions, generalizations, and hypocrisy that it’s laughable. The real jaw-dropping moment though was when the author said that conservatives’ view on capitalism is “What is wrong with greed?” You want to talk about sin, and then say “What is wrong with greed?” Well, for one, it’s one of the 7 deadly sins!

  • Doc Holliday

    Outstanding article. Good job. This article should be printed in every newspaper in the United States. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Art Hock

    That’s okay Becky it was a great article and I would never criticize for a small mistake, after all most liberals can’t spell any words other than the usual 4 letter profanity.

  • The left never seems to want to pony up their own money to spread around to those less fortunate around them. If those on the left are so “compassionate” and believe so strongly in wealth distribution, let them lead by example.

    The “funny” thing is that when the policies of the left come crashing into their leftist lives – they are the first to scream about how it isn’t fair. Look at the 0bamacare cheerleaders, who now are faced with the cost to them of “free” insurance or the “greenies” who fight to keep the wind turbines and solar panels out of their neighborhoods.

    Lefties – put your money where you mouth is – practice what you preach – walk the talk……until then – leave me alone and shut the heck up

  • Mark Bigger

    good article, socialism is not welcome here. neither are liberals who want to push their beliefs on others

  • Robert Moulds

    Phil Robertson should be free to say his opinion so liberals like myself can avoid those mean racist white crackerjack peckwood gun tooting hicks and rubes in the south. The Robertson trespass into a private golf course steal gulf carts and poach defenseless bull frogs with tridents poor little fellows. Yet they still have gun permits like the confederate flag they serve to inform liberals where they are not welcome and to stay away. Too bad Hillary could not fallow Joe’s example and not run for president.