Anti-Gun Senator Demonstrates His Firearms Ignorance

Kevin De Leon, (California Democrat) of course…
makes an absolute fool of himself when attempting to talk about firearms, which he clearly knows nothing about.

Unfortunately for him, it was video taped and will now be ‘out there’ forever.
Mr. De Leon, is just one more example of the foolishness in the democratic party regarding firearms and the 2nd Amendment.

If he wants to be anti-gun… thats his business…. but.. if he thinks his ignorance about firearms should prevent the rest of us from exercising our 2nd Amendment rights, that is MY BUSINESS.

Mr. De Leon, the next time you want to demonstrate something related to firearms, I suggest you find someone who actually knows what they are talking about… Of course, good luck getting anyone who knows guns to be on your side and willing to demonstrate and disseminate erroneous information as if it was factual.

You folks who live in California, better get busy getting these fools out of office or you will find yourselves living in a police state run by idiots.

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  • Mileaway

    I live in CA. It’s too late. California will be a Mexican state (ghetto) in a few years. Liberals will find themselves in a serious, dangerous state of affairs when that happens. Of course they are all pot smokers so they will just be closer to their dealers. OR, they can always move to Oregon,Washington and Colorado. New York sounds like the perfect place for them! Me? I moving to where the guns are still in the hands of Americans!

    • chamuiel

      good for uou, and when you get to where you are going, please don’t vote Democrat. We do not want our states ending up like Kalifornia.

    • RedMeatState

      when the money and the services run out, so will they.

      • Clint

        I don’t blame them for leaving these liberal hell holes, but leave the liberal crap at the old address. They have already infested Oregon and Colorado and are in the process of ruining those states.

        • RedMeatState

          Nevada too.

      • LiveFree2014

        Or the Water!! These DemoCRAPS are so stupid that they have not prepared by saving water. How many years now has California been in Drought??? At least 30 years that I am aware of. Instead of building reservoirs or Dams to capture and hold water. They are allowing the EVIRONUTS to tear down these Dams that hold back this Precious resource called WATER. How DUMB is that???? They also have no clue what guns are about either, like the [email protected]#t Senator Kevin De Leon of Los Angeles when he describes what a GHOST gun does and can do….. DUH, Nahhh A double DUH!!!

    • Stealth

      I know the feeling… I’m in Connecticut ( but not for much longer ) where it is ALSO as bad!!

      • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

        Ditto for New Jersey, except we have 3 strong 2nd Amendment Groups here making a lot of noise. The problem is getting enough people to vote out the majority of Democrats in both houses, which we just missed by a few dozen total votes in 5 counties this past November. I think the next go-around in 2015 will change the balance of power.

      • Barry Sanchez

        Come to the South to a States like Georgia or Louisiana where the Constitution of The United States of America is still heeded.

  • deltaboy 2

    I want this dumbass to demonstrate his half a second trigger finger.

  • Frank Matchung

    Its a shame that people like this are the ones making gun laws. The real tragedy is that while all these anti-gun politicians are wasting their time making restrictive gun laws that have been proven again and again in crime studies to be INEFFECTIVE, no attention is given to the things that can actually help reduce violent crime. Obama allotted millions for a federal violent crime study which found that gun laws are ineffective and suggested better ways to curb violence, but the democratic anti-gunners have ignored this hard evidence (which they used our tax dollars to research) and decided to continue their current campaign. They are literally trading lives for votes.

    • Steve Harper

      You can not fix stupid, and Obama is leader of a bunch of it!

  • Sheboygan Schnoid

    One editorial suggestion, for this and future articles: Don’t use the term “Democratic” when referring to that political party. Use “Democrat” instead.

    • fbpdplt

      Call them Demo-ATS

      • NoMoreMarxistsInDC


  • Nonameever

    Senator de Leon according to FBI affidavits bribed government officials.
    Support the Prosecution of California Democrat State Senator de Leon

  • louisk

    And the very stupid liberals and Democrats and Hollywood weirdo’s will believe this and accept it as gospel . while the rest of us pull our hair out listening to this total libtard moron. I would never allow him within 50 feet of a loaded gun, well maybe I would. Because he would kill himself in seconds because of his moronic stupidity.

  • Zepp

    So amusing watching liberals talk about guns. Clueless!!

    • Clint

      The hilarious thing is, you can bet the liberals didn’t hear anything wrong with what he said. ;<)

  • Proud Texan

    I am a democrat, somewhat liberal, and yet a gun owner as well as all of my kin. (both republican and democrats) Try not to paint us all in such broad strokes please.

    • RedMeatState

      why not? YOU put them in office!!!

    • Capt Parker

      Maybe you should ask yourself, “Why”?

    • frankenbiker

      Sorry but your party are the ones responsible for the whole labeling thing to begin with. We’re not all right wing, nut jobs, or gun crazy domestic terrorist. Its your party FIX IT.

  • Brian P.

    Pot is legal in CA. That might explain this ignorant pinhead who’s brain has a hard functioning through all the bong resin.

  • Vic Hyatt

    The 50 cal was banned in this state, and it has never been used in a crime there. They pass bills solely on looks and emotions with no factual evidence supporting their agenda. It doesn’t matter if he is right or not, his bill will get passed and signed by a governor who is equally inept as de Leon.

    • John Clapp

      They voted moonbeam in, there is no hope for Kalifornicators. When you get a law that will allow you to hunt democrats and have a 5 a day limit, then you will have something. They are not people you can reason with, only kill. By the way, it has been fully document that democrats kill people, not guns. All the precincts that vote more 50% democrat have the highest amount of gun homicides. Also in the last 40 years with the exception of 911, every mass murder in this country has been committed by a far left democrat or the children of a far left democrat.

  • Dan Moore

    What a group of dumasses.

  • mardo123

    Another one of the seven dwarfs of the elected “officials”…….this dodo is wearing the Dopey Sweater! Just think this guy was elected – people VOTED FOR HIM. Wonder about those voters. God HELP this country.

  • Imcominforyews

    If CA was a haven for Terrorist, CA liberals would welcome them, even while they get their throats slit all in the name of PC, WTF, over.

  • David E

    It sounds like We The People are getting tired of our so called representatives not representing us and letting the tail wag the dog. If and when we revolt, kick out all these do nothing people from office starting in DC and then clean up our states. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. CHARGE!!!

    • The AntiMan

      We the people are hardly we the people at all. More like we the divided.

  • Robby777

    What? It already is a police state run by idiots. Where has this guy been for the last 20 years???

  • The AntiMan

    There is already a police state there and all in America. Too late.

  • Jim28thReg.

    This clown must be the Washington Idiots’ favorite new toy .

  • RedMeatState

    Why, oh why, didn’t this moron blow his foot or his face off???

  • frankenbiker

    Here’s one of the problems I see. Californians are going to mess up their state so bad that they’ll eventually capitulate to the spixicans and turn over the state to them. Then they’ll move out to other states spreading their ignorance and liberal ideology, until they infect whatever state they settle in. Put up a fence around Ca. now or the country is doomed to be the next fairytale land.

    • NevadaProud

      They have already Californicated Oregon and Nevada!

  • Fred

    When is CA State Sen. de Leon going to be charged for the bribes the FBI claimed he took and gave?