Cruz Delivers Another Blow to GOP Leadership

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One month after the firing of longtime House Republican staffer Paul Teller ignited tea party anger, Mr. Teller hopped across the Capitol, landing in the office of tea party favorite Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Texas Republican announced Monday he had hired Mr. Teller as his deputy chief of staff, starting Thursday.

“Paul’s many years of experience working in Congress and his tireless work to advance conservative principles make him a tremendous addition to our team,” Mr. Cruz said in a statement, noting that he looked forward to working with Mr. Teller to “promote a positive policy agenda that will restore economic growth, rein in government overreach, and protect Americans’ personal liberties.”

Mr. Teller was the executive director of the Republican Study Committee, a group of the most conservative House Republicans, until he was fired in December for divulging the contents of private conversations between lawmakers to outside parties, according to a House GOP aide. The tipping point came when Mr. Teller worked to undermine the bipartisan budget deal brokered by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), a member of the RSC, before it was unveiled, a senior House GOP aide said.

Mr. Teller declined at the time to comment on his departure.

“It is an honor and privilege to work for Sen. Cruz,” Mr. Teller said in a statement Monday. “His leadership is truly motivating, and I can’t wait to get started on our collaboration for liberty.”

Last year, Mr. Cruz helped spearhead the push to refuse to keep the government running unless funding for the health-care law was gutted, endearing him to some conservatives and right-leaning groups. The campaign caused heartburn among House GOP leaders when their rank-and-file, urged on by a band of conservatives, rejected numerous proposals to reopen the government after it partially shuttered, damaging the GOP party in polls and helping boost Democratic fundraising.

Outside groups heralded Mr. Cruz’s hiring of Mr. Teller as fresh evidence of his loyalty to conservative activists, rather than fealty to party leaders.

“Cruz’s decision signals his desire to strengthen ties with the conservative grassroots given Mr. Teller’s years of experience and strong relationship to conservative movement leaders,” contributing editor Todd Thurman wrote in a blog post for the Heritage Foundation, a conservative Washington think tank.

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  • armydadtexas

    In your face RINOs, in your face, you limp dk fools.

  • Patriots4Freedom

    Love/hate relationships…Stand Your ground TED CRUZ!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I’m glad…, no, I AM VERY HAPPY that this mans career is not lost and his skills and knowledge are going to be accessible to the Conservative movement.

  • Dempsey Coleman

    Well John Boehner and the rest of you RINO Karl Rove
    Look Alike’s Put that in Your Pipe and Smoke IT

  • foxxybey

    Since most of the Republican’s have become RINO’s this is great news, they need to go.

  • James Maxwell

    And the GOP “Leadership” (NOT) is wondering why they are losing ground daily
    with the voters! Their lack of leadership, sponsoring weak candidates for President,
    attacking those in the TEA Party who honor their oath of office and are willing to
    stand on principle, but the GOP has consistently pushed Bonner and others who
    do not have the courage nor the backbone to stand up for the Principle that made
    us a great nation, but rather compromise and surrender to the enemies of freedom.
    Now they want to cave in to the Anmensty party and give away one or our most
    precious gifts, Our Citizenship, to Criminal Illegal Aliens whose first act was to invade
    our nation and steal from our citizens. For that reason I have a serious problem
    trying to vote for any GOP party presentation. I didn’t leave the GOP they
    deserted me a long time ago..

    • Mike_Travis

      More like their treason is the cause of them losing support. They are so corrupt there is no difference between the commies in the rnc and the commies in the dnc! All of them are traitors and should be charged and convicted accordingly.

    • Ralph Farmer

      Me too. The Rinos are still thinking that if they sell out just another conservative value or if they just “embrace” another leftist cause (they have no values) they will be accepted by the Marxists. They still have no idea how vicious or “who” these people really are.

      • Shutter

        It goes beyond that. They both hold allegiance to the same entity that is willing to sell out this country’s freedom and liberty and their own soul for more and more power and financial gain.

        • Ralph Farmer

          I agree with you there as well.

    • Dave Phelps

      I have reached my limit, I have voted GOP for most of my life, I will vote for the GOP this year,and If they don’t get obummer out of office in 2015, and continue to have no balls, 2014 will be the last time I vote for a republican, I will vote for a third party to take over in 2016. and yes I know that might mean hitlerry will be the next pres. but what difference does that make, the country will be dead, and so will I if anyone comes to get me from the gov. as long as I can take at least one with me, and may they go to hell

      • sreynolds

        LOL Don’t woryy hitlery will NOT be the next president, she may even be in prison by the end of this year….

        • Tom

          Man I wish you were right, not only will she be the top runner for the flems, she won’t have to answer for anything. Look at her bobbled nose philander. Now I know it’s not nice to make comments on someones appearance, but he’s looking more and more like Jimmy Durante, and he had a million of em.

        • Clint

          We can live and hope.

      • CQQL33

        Dave, I can’t help but to agree with you here. If they come, they may get their dinner but I will get my sandwich.

    • carolchristine

      That is how many of us used too be republicans, are now Independent voters.

      • medic2003

        I prefer to think of myself as a liberty voter. Ron Paul started my awakening in 2008. I mean I didn’t like a lot of what bush did but hey its better than a dem right? Wrong. Voters on both sides have been played for far too long. We are waking more and more up every day.

  • FactsRule

    Isn’t the following a mistake in the article: “…their rank-and-file, urged on by a band of conservatives, rejected numerous proposals to reopen the government after it partially shuttered.”? As I recall, the House made numerous proposals all of which were rejected by the DemoncRAT Senate.

    • medic2003

      Only because there are a lot more liberty minded constituents than anyone tied to the establishment cares to admit. It is falling apart on them. They aren’t fooling us anymore.

  • mary

    Ted Cruz is the Man!!!!! Time for those money grubbing, Obama azz kissing RINOS to go!!!

    • Tom

      Amen sister

  • mary

    All RINOS need to be censured!!!!

    • Mike_Travis

      Nah, they need to go to prison for Misprision of Treason.

  • pysco

    If GOP was doing the right thing, they would never have to worry about Cruz, they have turned there back on the people that elected them.

  • Fred_K

    Ted, You da man. And the fickle finger of fate to the Republican progressives (communists/facists).

  • SFS444

    Mr. Cruz hope you are the real deal and not another RINO in the closet. I am putting a lot of faith in you. Best wishes and full support.

  • Buckeye8

    Hopefully it will be to late when the repubs finally realize what an idiot Cruz really is.

    • dmbunce

      Maybe he’s an idiot but he knows when to the word “too” instead of your “to”. Prime example of liberal grammar.

    • medic2003

      Lol. From what I can see he’s anything but an idiot. For starters he comprehends the constitution better than 90% of elected officials. Calling him an idiot doesn’t make it true.

  • HappyClinger

    Take it to ’em, Ted! That’s the only way we’ll defeat this elitism that is leading us down the path to socialism.

  • jaws4316

    Ted Cruz for President on the Tea Party ticket in 2016!! Screw the Republican establishment.

  • sreynolds

    Glad to see the media attacking chrsitie, just wish they were NONPARTISAN and equally went after dems too. chrisitie will get no conservative voters on his side, he IS a rino…

  • federalist frank

    The last hope for our country .. CRUZ ’16 !!!

  • eyeball

    So? What was SO SECRET about these “private conversations” between Ryan and “whatsername?” Aren’t we living in a “transparent-government” age? Are the American People TOO STOOPID to know what’s going on? I’m sick and tired of “back-room deals” that get you and me SKROOED. You!, time for some REAL changes.

  • Billy Bob Johnson

    One more bit of evidence of just how far to the wacko extremist right Teddy is. He’ll be gone soon.

    • dmbunce

      I hope Teddy stays way out to the right because that is where I am and a WHOLE bunch of others. I Know that scares you but that’s too bad. You say he will be gone soon? That is your only hope. Sit back, open your eyes and talk all you want. He is not leaving. It is so funny how tea party people get under the skin of people like you.

  • Dempsey Coleman

    Cruz Good going keep it up you are the only one shaking
    things UP like Larry the Cable Guy would say “hay geter done

  • mjnellett

    Ted Cruz is one of only a few with a spine in either house of Congress. What he attempted to do with the defunding of Obamacare is beginning to look like a really good idea.Good luck to Mr Teller, and God’s speed on your new mission.

  • marmo43

    I am fed up with the rhinos and the demos both. I wish the true conservatives would get some back bone and stand with the tea party. We need true conservatives and constitutionists in action and not in words.

  • marineh2ominer

    I have not solidified my 2016 choice yet , but it is a mighty short list , of which Ted Cruz is high on it . I also list Rand Paul and Dr,. Ben Carson . I would love to see a real black American get in there and straighten out the black Kenyans mess to put America back on track to be a constitutional republic like our founders planned for us .There are also several others I would Love to see in Washington even if not in the White House YET . That would include Allen West , , Sarah Palin , Mia Love , and Greg Bannon from my own state of North Carolina .

  • John Burney Sr

    I would like to see Ted Cruz run for President of Texas.. That said I don’t think America will vote for anyone from Texas for a while.. I of course could be wrong it’s just my oppinion.. Go Ted Cruz!!!!!