Jan Morgan in South Carolina 2014

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Jan Morgan delivering a message to the Patriots at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention in Myrtle Beach, January 18th, 2014

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  • susan5042

    Love your passion Jan! I’m sure I’m on their list!

    • Susan, thanks so much.. it is definitely a heart thing with me.

  • Busdriver Bill

    I’m generally supportive of Jan. I’d be interested to know just who she thinks are the bottom line enemies of our national and individual sovereignty, though. (It is just about unspeakable, to discuss the subject, as it usually elicits a barrage of name-calling and accusations). I’d guess that the “Tea Party” is split down the middle on this one.

    • We are our own worst enemies… If the good people of this country were on their toes and had not been sleeping… no enemies could have made the progress they have made toward the destruction of our Republic.

      • Archie

        It’s amazing to me the number of people that want somebody like CrispyCremeChristie or Jeb Bush as our candidates in ’16. I even hear people calling for Romney to run again. For the sake of our children can people stop and remember us losing with these so-called moderates and winning with Reagan and Bush.
        Sarah Palin n ’16. A real conservative and a mama grizzly.

  • Audry

    keep up the good work Jan

  • Gadi Adelman

    Great Jan… As usual!

    • aww…. Gadi… good to see ya here buddy! Luv ya!

  • Thomas Mick

    Contrary to what many believe, America isn’t what our representatives in
    government think it is. The legislature wasn’t intended to be a think
    tank coming up with ideas for morphing society to the latest trend or
    fad… or to herd citizens wherever they deem necessary to better form the
    world to their liking. People today seem to have the impression that
    anything the legislature passes is law… that those men and women in the
    capital, both state and Federal, can legislate on whatever they consider
    necessary; to govern the people in any manner and for whatever purpose
    the legislature determines. Such is not the case… In an American
    Republic, the people determine what powers the legislature has by
    defining those powers in a constitution, along with any limitations the
    people determine are necessary to protect those things outside the scope
    of the political body… such as our unalienable Rights


    • Kent2012

      Have you noticed how many clown Republicans talk like cristi with comments such as ” we need to compromise”….no we do not, we need to get this big house in order and in the process exterminate the parasites……

      • tballard56

        The left never, ever compromises. They keep advancing their agenda all the time. Even when they suffer a setback, they do not even take time to lick their wounds. they just immediately go back to advancing toward their goals. It always seems to be the Republican establishment that compromises in the interest of “bipartisanship.” That is why we have lost the moral high ground on so many issues. We can no longer allow that to happen – we need to not just draw a line in the sand, but relentlessly advance our agenda for once. If we have the guts and the persistence, we can make it happen, but we need to be in it for the long term.

  • Thomas Mick

    That was a very uncompromising and therefore refreshing statement, Jan. I am proud to call you patriot… our right of self-defense comes from God and laws that infringe on the right usurp His Authority and seeks to enslave us.

    • no compromise is my solid position on the 2nd. which in the eyes of most, makes me a radical…

      • Thomas Mick

        Then you’re in good company, Jan. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Samuel Adams were all radicals…. and let’s not forget the greatest radical of all, Jesus.

        People who compromise on the Natural Right of self-defense are cattle. Their lives and property are subject to whoever commands them. A tiny field mouse will struggle against a cat that pounces, using its teeth and claws despite the futility of the act; only human beings will remove the teeth and claws; allowing themselves to be devoured without a fight. Such people should never be permitted to occupy a constitutional office since they’re incapable of fulfilling the obligation they swore, to provide for the common defense.

        Anyone in office that attacks our Rights is an oath breaker, since the sole purpose of legitimate government is to secure our rights. Such people need to be removed from office at all costs… after all, just what was the reason for our founders to include Article IV in the Bill of Rights?

        “Anyone supporting the election of a legislator that openly promises
        things that are not permitted by the Constitution is supporting fraud
        and the insertion of a criminal into an office of honor and trust. If
        someone promises you something they cannot lawfully provide, they’re either lying to you in order to solicit your vote or announcing publicly that they have no intention of adhering to the oath they swear; either way, voting for such a person is contemptible.”


  • Lilac

    Come to Australia and fire up the people please? We need to get our guns back.

    • Lilac… did you hear the part of my speech about the couple who came to my gun range from Australia?

      • Lilac

        Hi Jan, yes I did. That physicist must live in fantasyland. We have gun crime and the civilians can’t defend themselves. I carry for my work here, but two guys in my crew have been shot dead by criminals who had black market firearms. The Muslims are big dealers in black market firearms and they all have illegal guns. The Australian civilians must fight to bring back the right to carry or we are all doomed.

        • Thomas Mick

          The right to defend yourself is a natural right that comes from your Creator, Lilac. Such a right was not given to you by government nor can government lawfully legislate against it… Government usurped God’s authority when they legislated against that right and you still possess the means… The criminals are exercising their right, why aren’t you? Because of the criminals in government aiding their counterparts, the people of Australia are ripe for the picking.

          ARM YOURSELVES! Utilize the same black market if necessary but be prepared to defend yourself… You should not comply with laws that defy the laws of your Creator, nor allow them to weaken your society to violence from within and without.


  • Jim Capobianco

    Jan, thank you for all the information. The only thing I truly hate about your information is it puts me in the group that has stayed on the sidelines for too long. It shows me how complacent I have been over the years. Shame on me.
    As always keep up the good fight.

    • Jim…. you are awake now.. thanks for taking the time to watch and for your honest assessment of where you were… Now… stand up and fight back!

  • Ann Wilson

    Jan I am with you all the way and keep up on your posts daily. I can’t help though to feel an urgency for some immediate, serious action on our part. We sit idly comparatively speaking, as our enemy is building arms and rapidly moving forward in their attack. Homeland Security continually ads protective gear, tanks, weapons etc. ready and waiting for their orders. With 36 Jihad camps in our Nation and we only film and write about how terrible it is with no action taken. A President who promises his ink will not run out continues writing his executive orders and is not stopped. Our voting and petitions and protests are not getting us far. What is our battle plan when these armored vehicles come down the street to attack? What will stop the Jihad suicide bombers when they are heading in our direction again. Just because we know about these things does not stop it. We need leadership and a plan.

  • Christina Mccauley

    Jan , the people today are not told what OUR MEN did for our freedom, People think , oh its not my bussiness , or what can 1 person do ? , or the government can do what they want & we cant do anything to stop them , or ,it has nothing to do with me .What people need is more Americans like you to get our government back down to size & stop them from taking OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS AS AMERICANS ! TY & GOD BLESS YOU !

  • Michael Pettinato

    Great Job Jan Love you!!

  • Michael Pettinato
  • Thomas L. Bentley

    Great Job ! I hadn’t watched this particular video, but I knew when I first saw you on my FB page in 2012 and hung in there long enough to make it to the “friends” list. Love you girl and keep stirring the pot.

  • Tony Avitia

    im from Chicago and someone forgot to tell the gangsters that guns are evil! that is why Chicago is the murder capital in the country. I guess all those strict anti gun laws didnt work. God bless America Tony A

  • Erandur de Dawnstar

    you reminds me the journalist Rachel Sheherazade here on Brazil, on speech and beauty. Raquel was censured by the government this year, she cant speak anymore about these “radical” subjects