Magpul Makes Good on Threat to Colorado! Hello Texas!

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Magpul Industries threatened to leave Colorado after the legislature passed a measure banning weapons magazines with more than 15 rounds.

And now that is official.

The Erie-based ammunition magazine manufacturer announced it is relocating its operations to Cheyenne and Texas.

Most of the 200-plus employees will be moving to Wyoming, where manufacturing and distribution will take place, said spokesman Duane Liptak.

“Moving operations to states that support our culture of individual liberties and personal responsibility is important,” CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said in a news release. “This relocation will also improve business operations and logistics as we utilize the strengths of Texas and Wyoming in our expansion.”

The move is expected to happen within the next 12 to 16 months, the company said, and it hopes to relocate at least 92 percent of its workforce outside of Colorado in that time. It hasn’t been decided whether every single employee will be moved out of the state.

Employees were notified Thursday about the move, and most are not expected to make the move and will be out of a job, Liptak said.

Paula Mehle, economic development coordinator for the town of Erie, said there is some hope that a small number of employees will remain in Colorado. But, she said, new tenants would be sought for the buildings Magpul vacates.

“It’s a political issue at the state level that the town doesn’t have any control over,” Mehle said.

Read more at The Denver Post

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  • damifinoone


  • Mike_Travis

    When all conservative businesses (I did NOT say gop) leave communist states and relocate to states that are at least pretending to be conservative, liberal states will collapse. Even then, die hard commie-liberal idealogues will blame right wingers for the failure, which is fine. Let them have their fantasy. We want our God, our Liberty, and our guns! To hell with the rest of you who think differently. Move to some communist utopia like N Korea since you hate America so much.

    • medic2003

      Problem is, globalists dont want anyone anywhere to be free. We are dealing with truly evil, satanic forces.

  • earnest.roberts

    keeping an eye out to watch the treasonous usurpers in our white house start to make more lawless laws .. I’m betting they will make laws that established businessmen cannot move out of state “at will”.. we’ll see what they do to circumvent their lawlessness! To this I say.. “DO IT ANY HOW” !!! R E S I S T this T Y R A N N Y !

  • Dominic De Falco

    It is temporary. The liberals will slowly infest every state and take over, You can move but you can not hide. They will eventually catch up by taking over every state one by one while America sits on it’s arse and watches!

    • Bruce A. Frank

      That is the problem and is exactly what has happened in Colorado. There are some clear indications that Texas is suffering from an intensive effort on the part of the Progressive Left to quash the continuation of that Conservative state.

      Arizona is closer to a move to the Left than one would think. The fact that Left leaning politicians like McCain continues to be reelected. Jan Brewer is conservative only as far as it can carry here politically. . .at the moment!

      • Dominic De Falco

        Time to do pest control! Eradication of the species is our only hope!

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Leftists habitually move into a decent area or town, turn in into a socialist pesthole, find that they don’t want to live in a socialist pesthole, move to another decent area or town, and repeat the process.
      They’re like a swarm of locusts who fly into a field someone else has planted, eat all the grain, then fly to another field.

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.join sheriff joe in phonenix on feb 21/22 2014,god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz.god bless america

  • machodog

    My company in Colorado makes bra holsters for women and I’m moving it to Arizona. I will not pay one red cent in taxes to Colorado.
    Hickenlooper said he didn’t care that Magpul and three other companies are relocating.
    I am staying here until November though, just to get my vote in. There’s two senators, a governor and an attorney general that need to go and I’m going to help send them off.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Let us know the name of your company when you move. I’ll bet you generate more business.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I love Magpul products anyway, but now I love them more!

  • John Burney Sr

    Welcome to Texas!!!!

  • celticwaryor

    Welcome to Wyoming Magpul!!!

  • Bern Loko

    Should have moved magpul to phoenixs !!

    • Dominic De Falco

      They are smarter than that. Arizona is on the take over list by the Libs and Dems and is closer than you think to completion!

  • dtk1952

    Serves Colorado right. Now if only businesses in Connecticut would follow suit.

  • raygun

    Come on down to Fort Worth, Texas. There is another small town you may be interested in ….. it’s called Liberty, TX. It’s down on the Texas coast between Houston and Beaumont. Nice name. Any where in Texas would welcome you guys. Some liberal strongholds (due to mass immigration from the Right and Left coast and several points in between) to watch out for: Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. We are still a RED state and proud of it. US Navy vet, 1966-1970; Hospitalman 2nd class, FMF/FMS Corpsman “Doc”, Pharmacist Mate; the “Big E” (CVN-65), USS Repose (AH-16), USS Lexington (CV-16); Freedom Is NOT Free.

    • Doc

      Good on ya doc. Semper Fi! USMC 73-78 FMF 6th, 7th and 9th Marines. USS Midway CV-41 and USS Ranger CV61

    • Dave Phelps

      You got that right, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas, and even Beaumont are blue, and are cancers in Texas, also along the meskin border

  • JTCoyot√©

    Here in Colorado, there are as many ex-democrat Tea-party folks as there are Tea-party ex republicans — all fighting to return our Lawful Constitutional Republic. The administration as it stands here today is a corporate-state authoritarian, Constitution hating, enemy of the republic, tyranny. Both sides of the isle are just the defense and the offense of the same anti-liberty globalist team whittling away at America..

    I’m sad that Magpul has to leave because of the regulatory meddling of these governmental control freaks… Magpul will thrive in the freer states of Texas and Wyoming…




    Welcome to the great state of Texas Magpul!!