Missouri Set to Arrest Feds Over Gun Control Enforcement


Minimize the power of the federal government and use the sovereign power of the states and state’s rights. This is how Americans will restore our Constitutional Republic.
What Missouri lawmakers are working on today is a perfect example.

A Missouri Senate panel is taking up legislation that would send federal agents to jail for enforcing federal gun control laws in the state.

The measure being heard by the Senate General Laws Committee today would declare certain federal gun control policies “null and void.” Agents enforcing them could spend a year in jail, be fined up to $1,000 and face other civil penalties.

The bill would also allow designated school personnel to carry concealed weapons in buildings. Another provision would let holders of concealed gun permits carry firearms openly, even in municipalities with ordinances banning open carry.

The legislation is sponsored by Republican Sen. Brian Nieves, of Washington. A similar bill passed the Republican-led Legislature last year, but was vetoed by Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

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  • Dominic De Falco

    Key words: “Set to Arrest”, See a lot of this type of talk but yet to ever see any real action!

    • Colorado and Illinois talked until they got enough people educated then removed the bad legislators from office in Colorado and won their gun rights back in Chicago thru the judicial system…
      You have to talk it out first in order to reach people who are not well versed on the subject… Then when you have the numbers, take action

    • bobvelon

      You will never see any action.. It is just talk as you say and who has the guts to buck the feds?

  • Tina Alexaprova

    Nixon and McCaskill here in Missouri always vote against the people here.

    • Beverly Buckman

      Yes, they are always on the wrong side of things….time to get them out of office too.

    • asoro

      well get them out

      • marmo43

        we are working very hard on it. many hard core demos are starting to see the light of what these people stand for.

      • Tina Alexaprova

        I’m one person with one vote, it takes more than just I to do it. I didn’t vote for them the last time either.

        • asoro

          good for you

  • profchuck

    Sounds good, lets see if they really do it. If they do then other states may follow suit on gun law and lot of other things like Obamacare. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

    • Patrick Henry
    • Clint

      The other states need to not wait on Missouri or any other state. Every state needs to pass laws nullifying these liberal gun laws and rules coming out of Washington, D.C. immediately.

      • True Clint

        • Clint

          I knew you would. Thanks.

      • bobvelon

        What can you do when you live in the “People’s Republic of California”. The Democraps in this state are doing everything they can to take our weapons… We don’t stand a chnce as this state is Democratic…

        • Clint

          Bob, I can empathize with your situation, but don’t lose heart. I lived in southern California several different times in the 60’s and early 70’s when I was in the Navy. Things were much better then than they are now, but even then, the handwriting was on the wall and anyone who wanted to see the truth of what was going on, could if they just opened their eyes. Many of the liberals of California have moved to other states like Oregon and Colorado and are ruining those states just the way they ruined the beautiful state of California. Everyone must make their own decisions, but things will get no better in California in the foreseeable future no matter how long one lives there. As beautiful as the state is, if I presently lived there, I would do everything in my power to find somewhere else to live. There are states like Texas where folks still have their freedoms and in Texas there is no personal income tax and the cost of living is certainly lower than California. Florida, where I own a home, is probably the closest in climate to Southern California than any other state, minus the Santa Ana winds of course. Florida has no personal income tax, no tax on food from a super market and all of the rights guaranteed to us in our Constitution. Food from a restaurant is taxed of course. My home state of Alabama is another state which has a lot of features that California does, from the beaches in the southern part of the state to the mountains of north Alabama. While they are not as high as the Sierras, etc., it still has it’s own beauty. The cost of living in Alabama is even lower than Texas and Florida.
          I don’t know your age and financial status of course, but if it were my family and I trapped in California, I would be looking for a way to escape, just as soon as I could do it. I loved California’s beauty when I lived there, but I love my freedoms and rights, bestowed by God, and enumerated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights much more than I do the beauty of nature. With our freedoms and rights intact, we can always find someplace in our beautiful country to enjoy God and the environment He created. Good luck in making the right decision.

          • bobvelon

            The problem is I cannot move…..Wife won’t leave because her sister, our daughter and son live here and she won’t leave them.. It is going to come down to a revolution in this state I’m afraid and I will be compelled to join them.. I’m 74 and military retired but too old start fighting now….

          • Clint

            Bob I do understand completely. I’m nearing 70 myself and I’m a 100% U.S. Navy disabled veteran. Your are right, unless something takes place really soon to get these liberals out of office, not only in the state Capitals but also in Washington, D.C., there will be a revolution all over our country. There are many across our nation in the same fix. We don’t like what we see happening, but we are not exactly sure what we can do about it. I think we all better pray for guidance from above.

          • bobvelon

            Clint the people could march D.C. locked loaded and ready to rock and roll…..I know that is the extreme but that is what it may take down the road if all else fails….California is a cess pool and getting rid of all the malcontents would almost be impossible to clean out…This state could be the beginning of the revolution..

          • Osama Obama

            Kalifornia, the only state with an electorate stupid and libturd enough to vote themselves a tax INCREASE. Then you have the slovenly, corrupt Dis-honorable Boxer, Pusslosi, and Frumpstien.

    • Yes… Sweet

  • Beverly Buckman

    and if our corrupt governor does not sign it…he will be out next!

    • You guys let me know what I can do to help you remove these people from office

  • CQQL33

    Way to go Missouri lawmakers, stand by the constitution and correct these laws a fast as you can. Maybe other states will grow some nuggets and follow suit. It is time to take back America as the land of the free and home of the brave. I stand with Missouri on this one, for sure. God bless America.

    • Yes it is past time to take our country back!

  • machodog

    It’ll never happen…obama and holder will sue the state and the supreme court will order an injunction and order the state of Missouri to cease and desist. It’s etched in stone in this administration. For Missouri to do that would impose on obama’s plan to confiscate all guns…something obama won’t stand for.

    • tell that to Missouri! i don’t think they really care what obummer and Holder think

    • Dave

      Yeah, whenever you can’t get around our Constitution, or the will of the people, go find some black robed Sodomite presiding over the extortion racket to get you what you want. Non inultus premor.

    • two2wisper

      Thats when I get right with God cause Im going out in a hail storm of lead.

      • You and me both… Rather die free than live a slave

      • Dave

        Send them out first.



    • Patrick Henry

      you citizens have to get that YOURSELVES. Get after your reps get grassroots constitutionalists going

      • Steve j

        Not gonna happen. Its ILLINOIS.
        The welfare city/state Chicago has the population to override the rest of the state, apparently, so unless mrs. O’Leary’s cow stumbles into a petroleum refinery in the center if town you can count on that state staying as commie as red china til the end of time.
        Sucks for the rest of the state, but voting with their feet is about the only escape.

        • Clint

          And that is a shame.

        • Steve the Illinois gun owners political action committee has made tremendous strides there… Don’t give up on them too quickly

          • JOHN T. FOX


        • bobvelon

          Not as long as the ghetto-chief gets his way…Time to take him down a couple of notches….

        • JOHN T. FOX


    • Capt Parker

      In most States, it used to be that in order for a weapon to be “concealed” it had to be carried “under your normal street clothing”.
      Thus, if was under a heavy winter coat, it was not considered to be concealed. Lately, that seems to have been changed to something like – if it is not “readily visible” …. it is considered “concealed”.
      One “officer” even tried to tell me that since I carried in a shoulder rig and the weapon was “covered by my arm” that he could arrest me for carrying “concealed” ….. I invited him to try it if he wished and then read him the “Right to resist unlawful arrest” statute ……. he seemed surprised!

      I still find my self wondering, just exactly, what part of, “Shall Not Be Infringed” these idiots fail to comprehend.

    • marmo43

      you have a common sense man running for the governors office. vote for him

  • dufus

    Way to go Missouri. The rest of the states need to follow suit and put this administration in its place. Live by the Constitution, PERIOD!

  • jaws4316

    Nixon will just veto this bill too, so unless they have enough votes for an override it’s going nowhere.

  • Michael Rocus

    Show me.

  • James Kroeger

    Yeah right…sounds like a lot of hot air to me. Put these agents in jail for one year and $1,000.00 fine…not in our life time. Wake up America…never happen!

    • I’m so glad our founding fathers were not pessimists like you..
      You have an attitude problem…. You are the exact kind of person I was talking about in my speech that I delivered in South Carolina last weekend… I suggest you watch it on this website

      • James Kroeger

        No Jan, I’m a realist. I’ve worked for the government for 32 years…8 of which was in the military. I’d like to believe your article, but under our current government there is no way…absolutely no way these agents will face any charges for enforcing these gun control laws no matter which state they’re in. Obviously you haven’t spent any time employed in the federal government. Keep dreaming…this is what’s wrong with this country today! Typical media!!!

        • Larry

          I retired from the US gov. If we can get the jerk from Independence( R) to vote to override Nixon’s veto, it will happen. States rights, 10th Amendment, is the answer to the whole matter. The ATF is an unconstitutional agency. The founders were smarter than this and many administrations. The Second Amendment is very clear. We have become very lazy, with our thinking. The Fed gov has limited powers, if not listed in the Constitution, then the states are in control. We must take back the states rights stolen by the Feds

          • James Kroeger

            I hear you Larry…that’s what everyone (those with any common sense) said about Obama (Mr lord of the flies), but look where he still is today. Nobody has taken the initiative to oust this imposter who still resides in the White House. I agree…the problem is in our Fed gov…no debate there, but what the heck are these completely lost sheeple of this country going to do to correct it? “Nothing”…that I can see…they’ve got their heads buried in the sand…all the way to their shoulder blades! This country is headed down a road of self destruction…until the veil can be lifted off these blind fools who allowed this crap to happen in the first place.

  • Johnny

    Yep, Jay Nixon will veto this. He a Demotard Obama suckup. Prolly lies just like his boss! Obama likes Muslims. Has he imported a few thousand trained Muslim fighters to Missouri, yet?

    • Dan Moore

      He probably lies too.

  • 2bvictorius

    Although millions of dead people, Illegal residents and even citizens of foreign nations, continue to vote in our elections that are rigged by both political parties, I take comfort from one absolute truth, none of those listed above can stand against those of us who are actually alive and actively working with intent upon defeating those who are determined to destroy America and “We The People.” and in the end we will be victorious over our enemies.

  • Bear

    I think every state should follow Missouri’s lead and not let Obama’s bogus laws take place.. Its time the sleeping Giant wakes up and gets America back on its feet.. Its time to clean out the WH and those who are trying just to fill their own pockets and fold under to Obama’s BS..

    • I agree bear

    • marmo43

      yep, woke up a sleeping giant, just as they did when they tried to crucify phil Robertson….

  • John Burney Sr

    It sounds good!!! Good luck!!!

  • Hank

    Let’s start with the Muslim in the white house then the DOJ, then Biden, Pelosi and Clinton and maybe, just many we will get America BACK!!!!

  • Big Joe

    I think Calif will be the last to do something if at all lmao. Time to move i guess

  • sanchezmikea

    maybe they can arrest some federal judges while they are at it!

    • Dave

      Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  • JJM123

    GO MO – SHOW ME you will do it.

  • Janet


  • MeeshaWoodstock

    So proud at this moment to be a Missouri born resident ~ Living in Missouri!

    Need to vote some of our state law makers out of office as they will probably fight “tooth and nail” to stop this from going through…

    To fight “tooth and nail” is to fight with the intensity and ferocity of a wild animal…

  • MeeshaWoodstock

    Born and raised in Missouri and at the present time a resident…

    It is sure time to vote some of our lawmakers OUT of office as they will fight “tooth and nail” against such legislation…

    tooth and nail definition
    To fight “tooth and nail” is to fight with the intensity and ferocity of a wild animal…

  • bobvelon

    I would love to see Missouri do this. The rest of the states should all follow suit… We need to tell the feds to get out of our lives and let the states do as they please.

  • MeeshaWoodstock

    I know that State Representative John McChaherty will fight for this…
    Our Pastor and friend. He loves to hunt, oh and yes with a rifle which he intends to keep 🙂

  • Sickofcompromise

    I hope Wisconsin’s Walker will hold fast our 2nd Amendment as well. Wicked socialism & Islam both a cancer on America.

  • Joe_Redneck

    Nullification is THE best way for states to take back their rights under the US Constitution. Washington has NO power it doesn’t take from the people OR the states.

  • Capt Parker

    Start with your County Sheriff ….. he is THE highest “law enforcement” in the County.
    Not even the Governor may overrule the Sheriff unless the Sheriff is operating outside the Constitution and the Governor is acting within same.
    In order for AND ‘federal’ to operate with the bounds of the County, they MUST have the express permission of the Sheriff to do so. I experienced this “first hand” with the Secret Service and the Weston County, WY, Sheriff.

  • eyeball

    Standing Ovation!!! Now, we ALL need to take up the same attitude and legislation. The Federal Administration’s primary goal is to CONTROL you and me, remove our rights, strip our dignity and enslave us. LEAD THE WAY, BIG MO!

  • marmo43

    our reps and sen are standing up and fighting against those who oppose the constitution. its our governor who needs to be replaced. hopefully, the demos will finally come to this conclusion and kick both Nixon and mccaskill out of their offices!! I will continue to encourage all to do this. go to this site http://www.cspoa.com to see if your sheriff is a member and if his name isn’t there, call him and encourage him to join the fight for our 2nd amendment. thanks

  • jscusmc69

    TIME to move to MO !!! WAIT ONE—I already have a CC permit–2nd Amendment and the RIGHT to SELF-DEFENSE—FEDS tried to KILL ME so I KILLED THEM!! BET it holds up==and I go free !

  • Locutis2112

    Misery has seemed to have overlooked Article VI, Section 2….good luck with that one.

  • Billy Bob Johnson

    Another republican run legislature run amuck with extremist nuts wasting taxpayer money chasing windmills. Don’t get your hopes up boys as this debacle is going NOWHERE.

    • Truth Slinger

      You haters of the Constitution won the Civil War to defeat the Constitution but those who still love America and state sovereignty (exactly like our founding fathers gave us) will now win back our freedom to defend ourselves from the likes of Stalin, Hitler, and Obama.. Tell your communist friends to hide and watch.

  • Curtis

    We have to nip this fascist government in the bud before it grows too big to handle! The time is now.The constitution holds precedent over any anti gun laws!

  • jarhead

    if jay nixon trys to veto this bill we Missourians need to march right to the capital and remove that idiot, no if’s and’s or buts…….i am fed up wiyh this moron and maccaskill with all their obama agenda.. Mo. people know what they want better than they do….

  • Just Sayin

    Once Obummer divides the country even more than he has and splits its people apart enough by racism and other dividing methods, places such a burden of taxes and federal debt on America we cannot pay and smothered by more and more Federal Laws. forces medical inssurance on the citizen and gives free medical to illegals and the entitled and just stirs the culdrum of evil and raises the temperment, purge the military to weaken our security in which he took an oath to proetect, where people may loose it and march on the capital. Then Obummer will enact the Marshall Law ( his plan) he has already signed in May of 2012. This is the plan and method how he will retain power and remain in office and become Americas first dictator. Just think about it! This president will go down in history ans Americas first “Trojan Horse” and the man with his back up Valerie Jarrett and George Sorros with the complete backing and corruption of the “Progressive Movement” that fianlly destroyed America!” “Just Sayin”

  • Diane Nixon

    Evict the”Porch Monkey” from the white house

  • George

    Every state should pass similar laws. The penlites should be much tougher. Five years in prison and $10,000 in fines, just to get things started.

  • The AntiMan

    WASTE of time. They tried this last year with HB436. It FAILED. Why? Well, there are a few reasons but one of the biggest reasons is because the LEO’s on the local-state level were NOT on page with this. My local county thugs were crying about what issues they’d face since they work with the fed’s ALL the time. The LEO community is a hindrance and a nuisance to say the least. They’re criminals and part of the domestic army that has been plaguing our nation especially for the last 15 years. This won’t pass and those of us who recognize our rights as they’re without needing govt permission to exercise them would do well to ignore this 2nd attempt of failure. I hate to sound so cruel but the truth is hard to swallow for some. MO is full of criminals from the local cop to the state legislators and other so called rep’s.

    • The AntiMan

      The other part about this is that it doesn’t nullify all of the local and state gun control laws which are illegal also. No, no, they don’t want to do that, just the federal stuff since you know, the states want to act like they never ceded their 10th Amendment powers over decades to the fed’s for things like federal funding which MO get’s alot of.

  • Jim

    Still all talk and no action. When will these state stop running their mouth and take action.?

  • Johnny

    The States can do most anything they want, even removing and rebuilding the Federal government if enough States sign on to doing it! There are seventy members of the Socialist Party in congress (the DSA). I wonder how many there are in State governments.

  • marmo43

    we in Missouri need to contact Nixon’s office and demand that he sign this bill. we have to stand united…