Remember When the Colonists Stood in Line to Register Their Guns?

Jan Morgan

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Today in Connecticut….
What happened to the spirit of our Founding Fathers…
Where are those brave, strong, determined to remain FREE men?
You won’t see any of them in lines like this.
Wake up America.
Registration leads to Confiscation…. Confiscation leads to Tyranny…
History has proven that Tyranny leads to annihilation.
In the 20th Century, 170 million people have been annihilated by their own governments AFTER BEING DISARMED.
Don’t take my word for it. Read your history.
Watch this video.

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  • whitefeather

    Want to end this “Constitutional Injustice?” It starts with “American Spring.” http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/
    Here’s my version of Policy Coupling of Job Creation, Welfare, Security, and Liberty; “Issue a Gun and Bullet Proof Vest to every American born on this soil.” Whole lotta probs go away…..

  • Jakester

    I will NOT register my guns – Ever! Molen labe is not just a slogan to many of us. It’s a direct challenge… Just try and take them…

    • i agree jakester…

    • Todd Modderman

      I’ll register my guns right after the Illegal Aliens and Muslim Radicals in the US register first.

  • El Lobo Solo

    Sad Day!!!
    My ancestors came out of Conn. One starved to death at Valley Forge, another was a teamster in the Conn. militia, his 1st cousin led the local militia at Lexington.
    I am in Texas now, will have to make my own call when things come to my state. Until then, will be backing my local Sheriffs & state politicians & do my best to keep worthy men & women in leadership.
    PS: Just signed up six new members to the NRA this Christmas. Get out & get active.

  • Derbyhat

    Are we saying the confiscated weapons after their registration? When all our guns are gone, I guess liberals will be throwing their old crack pipes at the enemy to defend the nation if there are no guns as Obamacare will provide the new ones!

  • Mark Sullivan

    Silly. Citizens of the colonies and subsequent states were required by law to own guns. No way to enforce the law without a registry. Neener. Neener. Neener.

  • Walter

    when the Colonists stood in line to register for service in their
    Colonial Militia? Then,stood in line to register for service in their
    State Militia? Well one of my ancestors here in CT. would remember. On
    his 16th birthday, 12-15-1776, he went
    to his Town of Coventry and registered for service in the CT. State
    Militia. All able bodied men between 16-60 years old were required to
    register and serve. It was not just their Right to keep and bear arms
    but their Duty to keep and bear arms in participation of their well
    ORGANIZED Militia! Does anyone still think the first 13 words of the
    2nd Amendment are UNneccessary for the security of a free State? http://www.amazon.com/Thirteen-Words-Jr-Edwin-Vieira/dp/096717595X/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

  • Brian

    Americans should have seen this coming if they weren’t lulled into a state of security by their government and the media. The American people bought into the false idea that they were some how different( in a sense better than everybody else), so none of what happened in other Countries will never happen in the U.S..