The Response Republicans Should Have Delivered

Jan Morgan

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Senator Ted Cruz delivers the kind of response off the cuff that should have been delivered from the Republican party tonight to Obama’s State of the Union Address.

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  • Kenyan Mocker

    Ted Cruz is mocked by RINOs and it is very clear they fear him. Keep the heat on the GOP, no support, no money until after the RINOS are gone.

    • Terrye Cravens

      I do not fear him. But when he backs socalled conservative groups that have gotten more Democrats elected than Republicans, I do not have a lot of respect for him either. His defund nonsense may have made him a lot of money, but it did not do one damn thing to slow down Obamacare…in the process he lied. Just plain flat out lied about what the GOP could and could not do. Now, if you want to kiss his butt, fine, but do not expect the rest of us to do the same.

      • Craig Culver

        Ted Cruz is doing the job the people of Texas sent him to do. RINOs in GOP is a problem, not the Tea Party movement. Terrye if you want kiss McCain’s ass, it is a free country. Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are the future of GOP. If you don;t like that kind future them that you join the Democrat party, they will glad to have you.

      • James Maxwell

        Please point out where he lied? Or where he backs or supports
        conservative groups that have gotten more Socialsit Democrats
        elected than Republicans. The GOP thru it ignorance and refusal
        to support viable candidates has cost the American people to suffer
        by getting such as O’socialist elected. The TEA party has not backed
        nor supported those individuals in any election.

        • carolchristine

          You are correct as far as I can see. Why are people so afraid of Tea Party people who just want our Constitution followed by our elected leaders. The rule of law is out the window in this country. Anything goes If Obama wishes it to be. Right or wrong. Why do we even have elections?

      • Myrtle Linder

        Who do you think he should back??? That’s the best that we have, even though it is not as great as we would like. Of course there are Rinos in the bunch and we would all love to rid the party of, perhaps they will eventually join their own. Problem: they may have been placed in the GOP for just that reason, to spoil the name, to cause conservative foolish enough to turn away..

      • G. Scott

        As far as the defund situation goes, he had Republican misleadership actively fighting against it, speaking out against him and voting with the Democrats to pass the budget bill and fund Obamacare. Ted Cruz did all he could for us under the circumstances. It is expected that we have to fight the Democrats, but it is shameful that Cruz and those like him have to fight so called Republicans when they try to do what’s right for our nation.

    • Myrtle Linder

      Ted Cruz is my hero. He is a Christian pro-America fighter. He is hated by Rino’s, all antichrist and those who afraid to speak up because of “What will people think.”

      Believe it or not I just got an email from the Kenyan saying “Join me, lets get to work”
      I replied, “Don’t waste your time, I am a born again Christian and pro-America!”

      Don’t forget to pray for me! He is likely to sic the IRS on me. Or maybe send on of those

  • Terrye Cravens

    Oh please. Cruz would get up there and read Green Eggs and Ham and make the whole party look stupid and his little Cruzbots would just slobber all over the man. Other than making promises he can not keep, fund raising off of those promises and stabbing fellow Republicans in the back…exactly what has this con artist accomplished?

    • James Maxwell

      Now just admit that you are a O’socialist troll who got your panties in a was
      because you are dazed and confused beyond all belief. It is astounding
      that you are using the same terms the apply to your masters and are trying
      to turn it against the Republicans. To bad, So Sad but you have again
      failed your master, I wonder if he will let you lick his boots tonight?

      • Wayne Bennett

        That is just damn funny how your messing with Terrye about O’commun ist in Chief. And his boots do need a good licking Terrye, better get on top of that now and save the punishment for later when you can’t speak because your choking on steak.

    • FaMiNe

      Your last name seems to explain your idiotic stance, you craven socialism lover.

  • Steve

    Last night the speech Obama made shouldn’t be called the SOTU it should be called SOBS meaning the Same Old Bull Sh*t.

  • Pat Alexander

    TREASON should be sought on this fake president!

  • MrConstitutionalist

    Ted Cruise sounds infinitely more presidential than our Poser in Chief!

  • Ken in Texas

    One can only hope that a lot of You Tube viewers happen on to this video. Well said Senator Cruz!

  • daveveselenak

    Quit the damn whining and impeach the bastard because talking to the choir isn’t changing a damn thing!

  • John Hand

    I am a dedicated conservative Republican Army retiree, so DO NOT say I am trying to knock Ted Cruz. But something bugs me about him. I have seen interview after interview with him. Ask Cruz a question and OFF HE GOES, unwinding and spouting like a tape recorder. (Politics). Just once, I would like to hear him talk like a normal man, in a normal, nom recorded voice and no politics in his words. Can he do it? Is he human?

  • sanchezmikea

    Perhaps the only response should have been: Under Obama, if you want your dignity, you can keep it!

  • raygun

    Ted is the man. Next time around, let’s put as many Teds in office as we can ….. at least 15 or so.

  • angelkisz