Another School OVERREACTS: Teen Suspended, Criminally Charged

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A senior at Northeast High School in Clarksville, Tenn. has been suspended for 10 days and faces a multitude of additional punishments including criminal charges because school officials found a knife belonging to his father inside his father’s car.

The student is David Duren-Sanner, reports local CBS affiliate WTVF.

The student’s father is a commercial fisherman who works on the West Coast. The father left — wait for it — a fishing knife in the car.

Duren-Sanner has sworn he knew nothing about it.

The boy’s father noted that the knife could have easily been wedged between two seats.

The incident occurred on Thursday.

“They called on the intercom that we had a random lockdown search,” Duren-Sanner told WTVF.

The car he drove to school was randomly chosen for a search.

“I was, like, ‘Sure, no problem.’ I didn’t have anything to hide,” he explained. “And he said, ‘Do you have anything that we might need to know about?’”

Duren-Sanner mentioned that his dad chews tobacco, so there would likely be snuff in the car.

The blade on the knife is longer than three inches. Consequently, school officials consider the knife a dangerous weapon.

Duren-Sanner tried to explain that the knife belonged to his father, the owner of the car, but to no avail.

School officials immediately suspended the senior for 10 days.

He will not be allowed to return to school when that 10-day period is up. Instead, Duren-Sanner must attend an alternative school full of alternative school students for 90 days after the suspension ends.

On top of all this punishment, he faces weapons charges thanks to the sheriff’s department, which concluded that the knife was effectively in the boy’s possession.

Peggy Duren, Duren-Sanner’s grandmother, said she tried to tell school officials that her grandson did not own the fishing knife. However, the tough vice principal was having none of it.

“Guilty until proven innocent,” Duren lamented. “It’s part of this zero tolerance policy.”

“He doesn’t deserve that,” Duren-Sanner’s grandmother added.

“It makes me sad. It breaks my heart that this is happening to kids,” she told the CBS station.

She also noted that her grandson has maintained a 3.0 grade point average. He is part of the ROTC program. He hopes to obtain scholarship help to attend college, but that’s in serious jeopardy now.

Duren-Sanner will appeal the draconian sentence from school officials on Wednesday. If he loses, he won’t get to go to prom or walk across in his graduation. He may not be able to graduate at all.

An active online petition at Change.org urges school officials to drop the charges against the student and end his suspension.

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  • Pitts40

    Sue the HELL out of the school system!!!!


    This boys father should raise complete hell and gather every member of the school district and campaign the next election of the school board. I would hire a good investigator and dig up everything on every principal and every teacher . I am sure their wouldnt be much problem for I know of no body who is an angle. then enforce the zero tolerance against them they showed his son. I would do the same for the police force. they are notorious for misbehavior. I would spend every cent I had to make these people see what narrow minds they have. No one said if his was the only car searched.

  • bren54

    People , how long are we going to allow these injustices to continue?

    • junkmailbin

      welcome to the land of liberalism running everything. Their is no rational thought just punishment and loss of all freedom.

    • With Government School run by socialists this was as inevitable as Government Housing turning unto a hell-hole. The Tragedy of the Commons, a fact of life which cannot be overcome.

  • Truth-censoredbyliberals

    We need to cool our heels on blaming the law and the school board on this story.

    The story that this was his fathers “fishing knife” smells very fishy indeed.

    It might be his dad’s, but that knife is NO fishing knife at all.
    I fish and I know fishing knives.
    What it is… It’s a fixed bladed double edge combat boot knife.

    It is designed for mortal combat and will seriously wound or kill when plunged
    like the dagger it is into someone.

    I was buying all this story until I actually saw the knife on Fox News
    and double checked with the Montgomery Sheriffs Department evidence
    photos that were published in local media and Newspapers.
    I recognized it as exactly the same type combat knife I purchased and carried in
    Special Forces clipped into my jump boots.
    I am surprised the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t recognized
    this, followed up with just a quick internet search for images of combat
    boot knife, and pointed this out to the press and media to prove their
    case is valid and the school system is justified.

    Somebody needs to get a better story, cause this dog just won’t hunt!

    • astrojohn

      Big Deal – it was IN THE CAR, stupid! The kid wasn’t about to gut someone with it!

    • TeaParty Patriot

      So you fish . . . That makes you an expert on commercial fishing knives? That’s like saying I enjoy sex so I have the same expertise as a porn stud.
      The equiptment that commercial fishermen use is simply what is availble on the market adapted for thier particular tasks. For instance the knife that is used in a salmon hatchery is poked into the vent and must cut both directions to be efficient. A two edged dagger might be just the ticket for this task.

    • Capt Parker

      Ever seen a “dive-knife”?
      You just keep telling your ‘story’ about your “jump-boots” …. someone is bound to be impressed ….. eventually.

  • disqus_pNhkHlXhCQ

    That is so sad and ridiculous. They need to see the whole picture before they ruin a child’s life. Shame on them.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    is incumbent on our educational system to remove any sense of independence or
    masculinity from our boys in order to create good little government drones. If
    it cannot be accomplished through intimidation, expulsion, or criminalizing ordinary behavior, medication is always available.

  • astrojohn

    Wait, the kid looks like a minority – this school is CLEARLY not following Holder’s dictum not to pick on minorities! They must now find a Caucasian to destroy.

  • buck

    This is the result of ” ZERO ” tolerance policies that relieves moronic school officials of any lever of judgement or reason , nor should they EVER be allowed any where near impressionable youth , EVER .

  • TeaParty Patriot

    Put some burnt cork on his face and start screaming racism . . . . They will either forget the incident or jackson sharpton and the cbc will come to his rescue.
    If I was the kids lawyer I would proceed on the basis that Durens car was not chosen randomly and insist on seeing how this random choice was made. Then I would file charges against the school for discrimination, just as a matter of principle.
    This is one way that the liberals will trim down the number of those who are able to qualify for a cwc, It is worth carrying this to court because if it is allowed to stand he will carry this stigma with him for the rest of his life.

  • The socialist goon squads running Government School should all be fired.

  • With Government School run by socialists this was as inevitable as Government Housing turning unto a hell-hole. The Tragedy of the Commons, a fact of life which cannot be overcome no matter how good the intentions of the community.

  • Capt Parker

    The “sheriff” should be Tarred & Feathered … along with school “officials”.
    As long as you people continue to put up with this nonsense, it WILL keep happening and it will continue to get worse – much worse.

  • thedogrules

    I was lucky enough to be born and raised in a rural area. Back in the 60’s I had a gun rack in the back window of the truck with a shotgun and rifle in it, several kids in school had the same thing and nobody got shot. Oh, I forgot, the government controls the schools now, when they say we are here to help, run like hell.

  • Nancy Brewer-Lentz

    This is such a sad story. This sounds like a good kid with promise that has been ruined by people with authority that has gone to their heads. The family much fight this, go to the news, go before the school board, and fight. What was their reason for a 1 car search anyway, did someone see the knife between the seats or what. This is wrong very wrong.

  • When they searched the students car did they include the staff? Of course not, we need to take the fight to these a-holes.

  • William Smith

    Soooo… I just wonder… are there any knives with blades longer than 3″ in the school cafeteria’s kitchen?

  • jd1958

    NEVER grant permission for a search of YOUR PERSON, OR YOUR PROPERTY WITHOUT A WARRANT. They have no authorization to do this. This IS CONDITIONING of the population for ongoing, constant search and seizures. Just say NO TO TYRANNY.

  • machodog

    If this boy and his father attend the alternative school they might just as well surrender and admit they erred. Instead, they should refuse to attend this alternative school and meanwhile start the lawsuit against this school. The more people back down and play the schools’ game the more it will happen. I can’t believe how many people give in to these Nazis.