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Inner City Youth

I’ve changed my mind, I am for reparations. Not for slavery, but for Chicago, for Liberalism and for The Great Soviety! But it won’t cost the taxpayer a dime. Here’s how it works: every congressman, senator and president that participated in the systematic enslavement and hostile destruction of the black family will have their wealth redistributed to fund vouchers and scholarships in the inner ghettos. We’ll start with the Kennedy’s. There will be an 80/20 split – 80% of the funds will go directly to the poor and 20% will be used to supplement the cost of incarcerating the Jackson’s, Sharpton’s and other poverty pimps and slave traders!

For a black man to prosper in Chicago, he first has to make it out of the most dangerous place in the world (his mother’s womb) just for the chance to eat a crap sandwich in the most dangerous city in the country. The odds are his father won’t be living in the house when he arrives. If he’s lucky, he will be raised by a grandparent and not the Almighty Black P Stone Nation.

His playground is more dangerous than Kandahar province, and if he can dodge the “drive-by” and the crack dealers he may reach the respite that is the Chicago Public School system. Maybe he’ll be among the 38% of African American males in Chicago that actually earn a diploma, but the odds are that if he is, he will need help reading it. How many are truly ready for college? And while the military may be suitable for some, what is the vast majority to do?

Chicago used to be the city of “Big Shoulders.” Now, we’re just the armpit of the Midwest. And that funk you smell is a bad case of B.O. – Barrack Obama! That’s right, statistics just in show that in Der Führer’s home town, 92% of African-American teenagers are unemployed.
We now have 600,000 fewer jobs than in the year 2,000 and over qualified adults are dueling over the right to say, “Would you like to super-size that?”

Only 38% have a lousy diploma from one of the worst school systems in the world and 92% can’t even find work pushing carts or filling Happy Meals! Gee, I wonder why they’re joining gangs! I wonder if this contributes to the likelihood of getting shot in Chicago being the highest in the nation!

Every election cycle, the mouth breathers gather us around the fireplace and tirelessly treat us to the myth of the “Southern Strategy” – Richard Nixon’s dog whistle to scare all those closeted racists into the polling booth. Never mind the Grand Kleagle that was the Democrat’s senior member in the Senate, he’s just a mulligan. The press will trot out this phantom every four years but it takes a random act of journalism to even hear about the conditions of the inner city and that’s just what the Urban League gave us last week. (Urban League Study on Black Unemployment)

You’d never know that it was a Democrat and the framer of The Great Society who said, “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.” – Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, (D-TX), would become President following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and while riding on Air Force One would share this little quip with two senators, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Is that in your Eighth grade civics textbook? Does Brian Williams breathe heavy and pinch his brow as he describes the menacing “Great Society”?

The Great Society is the doctrine of pimps. Take an innocent victim, get her hooked on crack, feed her, clothe her, toss her a few crumbs and make sure that she brings back the Benjamins every night after working one of your corners. It’s amazing the conditions that she’ll accept just for a hit off that heated spoon at the end of the night. And if she gets out of line and tries to escape, beat her mercilessly. You know, like what the poverty pimps and their pals in the media tried to do to Benjamin Carson, Clarence Thomas and Star Parker.

“Where there is no hope, the people perish,” and this is beyond a travesty. This is not a life, this is a concentration camp. Chicago and Detroit are the liberal’s equivalent of the Palestinian Refugee Camps. Those refugees could have easily been assimilated by the surrounding Arab nations but then they wouldn’t be a suitable victim card to tap wealth and indignation from the guilt ridden and the naive. Chicago is a refugee camp for the poverty pimps that they can use to stir up black hatred and white guilt, all the while the warlords siphon profits from the ransom that America pays not to have to look.

If I were a black man, I would be leading a new abolition movement. There should be an immediate uprising in the urban areas. This is not poverty, it is manufactured despair and while southern aristocrats once enslaved the body, northern liberals have enslaved the black man, body and soul. It is a page right out of Josef Stalin’s handbook. The story may be apocryphal, but Stalin allegedly demonstrated his “Great Society” to a general in a courtyard. He picked up a chicken, plucked it while it was still alive and then told the general to watch what would happen after he threw it into the cold Moscow winter. The chicken came back to Stalin and tried to seek warmth at his feet. (Barrack Obama: Raising Stalin’s Chicken)

Dinesh D’Souza on his weekend pass from an Obama gulag, recently debated Obama “Ghost Writer” and “barely known” Obama best friend, Bill Ayers. The subject was “What Makes America Great?” To my amazement, only a few days after this report on conditions in Chicago hit the press, Bill Ayers said that the first thing that came to his mind when seeking to answer that question was Chicago. I wonder if he was thinking of the crime, the corruption or the horror over what Chicago has done to the African-American family. I guess if a Southern Aristocrat was asked about the glory of the plantation, he’d probably sound a lot like a domestic terrorist, community organizer talking about Chicago.

If you’re a black man living in modern America and you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. And yes, that’s part of the plan. The “Great Society” or more accurately “political crack,” accomplished something that slavery, reconstruction, and Jim Crow could not – the destruction of the black family. It is an Exodus generation and it needs God and a black Moses to lead them against Pharaoh; or in the least, Django Unchained.

If I were a black man, I’d be running a gang but it wouldn’t be to peddle drugs or to prop as hired muscle for Operation Push, it would be to claim freedom as my birthright and to make the bastards who have prostituted my future and my children’s future, pay!

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  • foxxybey

    I don’t like the Jackson’s, Sharpton’s Obozo’s or Holder’s they are all slave pimps with a agenda. real history said there were blacks who owned slaves, blacks sold blacks into slavery in Africa, most blacks today wouldn’t last a month in Africa today but, that doesn’t mean we allow one group to say they are down because of the color of their skin. A education by real teachers and not socialist propagandist would be a good start, school choice would also be good, the good one’s make it and the bad ones go under. All men are created equal reguardless of color or speech. God created not man made, all have the same blood, red not black blood, Asian blood or any other. When people turn back to God or come to Him for the first time there would be no racism.

  • The Bob

    Wonder why something like this is not talked about, mentioned by Sharpton, Jackson or Obama? This is reality, and no one wants to hear it, it hurts those that wish to control. The mind set of the Liberal is something I can not understand, I actually believe in the Nation, the People and the ability of the People to govern themselves. I actually believe all are created equal and we have God given rights, that no government has the power to take away, unless we let it do so.

  • Clint

    Finally, someone of any color with some brains. Thank you.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Sounds like my writing, bit i didn’t write it….

    But, I LIKE IT!!!!

    But let’s not forget the enablers that aid and support the politicians and bureaucrats.

    The naacp and nearly every other race based organization.

    The local police departments that stand down on black on black crime.

    The media for continually promoting racism and inciting race riots by their ‘selective reporting’ and edited videos that show a highly altered version to suit their own agenda.

    Race riots raisese advertising revenues.

    • beowulf32

      They made there bed let them lay in it, there nothing but a drain on our country, and if we let them they will bring us down with them.

  • Jon Lewis

    Finally someone has called a spade a spade and I’m not using that phrase racially. The TRUTH NEEDS TO BE TOLD and this article SPITS THE TUTH LIKE A LUNGER FROM DEEP INSIDE. CONGRATS FOR HAVING THE BALLS TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

  • astrojohn

    Great article – finally someone tells it like it is!

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    As a fifty something year old white man, I can find nothing to argue about with this author !

  • bobwhite

    I’m sending this excellent article to NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times and the L.A. Times as I’m sure they will all want to enlighten black Americans with the truth.

    Progressives: Making things worse since 1913.

  • OffensiveAndPeculiar

    Pastor John … start a gang. I’ll join.

    There were Christian pastors who joined in the marches against the “Jim Crow South.” We need a new crop of Christian pastors to rise up against the “LBJ/Margret Sanger North.”