HYPOCRITE ALERT!! Anti-Gun Rights Advocate Arrested For Carrying a Gun on School Campus

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Dwayne Ferguson…. well known as an outspoken advocate for gun control in New York… big supporter of the NY Safe Act….
Turns out, he has a concealed handgun permit…. It also seems that Mr. Ferguson thinks he is exempt from gun control laws he pushed for everyone else.
He gets caught carrying a concealed loaded handgun on an elementary school campus…
Go figure.
Why does Mr. Ferguson doing own a gun… and why is he carrying a gun? Aren’t those terrible, horrible guns the cause of all murder and violence in America?

Ironically, it’s the same legislation that Ferguson supported that landed him in hot water. In fact, back in March at a rally in support of the NY SAFE Act, he admitted that he didn’t think the legislation went far enough.

Dwayne Ferguson, was arrested several days ago in Buffalo, New York and now faces two felony charges after authorities discovered that he was carrying a loaded handgun on school property.

Authorities received an anonymous 911 call at about 4:15 p.m, local media reported. The caller claimed that a man with a gun had been seen either in or around Harvey Austin Elementary School in Buffalo.

The call led to a lockdown that lasted several hours and initiated a response from every law enforcement agency in the district, including the SWAT team, K-9 units and the Erie County Sheriff’s Air One helicopter. About 60 students were held in the school’s cafeteria while officers did an initial search of the school.

No gunman was found, so authorities did a second, more thorough room-to-room search, as students were individually checked for weapons as they were loaded up onto school busses to be transferred to another school. Once the all clear was given, officer individually reunited students with their parents more than three hours after the initial 911 call.

It was during the second search that authorities discovered Ferguson was carrying a loaded handgun. Although he has a valid permit to carry legally, the SAFE Act, which Ferguson whole-heartedly supported, made it a felony to carry a firearm onto school property.

Ferguson was arrested and charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, including having a loaded firearm on school grounds. Both of which are felonies. If convicted, he could face up to four years in prison, but he plead not guilty to the charges on Friday.

Prosecutors originally wanted to set bail at $10,000. However, recognizing his involvement in the community and the fact that he had no prior criminal record, the judge released Ferguson with the stipulation that he turn over all of his weapons to the courts and stay away from the school until the case is closed.

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  • astrojohn

    Sooo, if you or I had done the same thing, would WE be able to get off so easily? Can’t wait to hear the outcome of the trial, if one ever takes place…and if we ever hear the results…

  • Cat Colson

    I hope he is forced to pay for the law enforcement response, the helicopter, the canine teams and the SWAT team. Why didn’t he admit to having the gun when the police arrived…instead he stayed quiet and forced a second search including the children? What a selfish loser hypocrite. Oh, and he BETTER get the felonies he so wholeheartedly believes the rest of us should get or the rest of the people that worked for tighter laws need to DEMAND he is punished to the fullest extent of the law… Just like they would demand it if you or I were to be so stupid as to blatantly break the law. Damn disgrace!

  • GQ4U

    Repeal this stupid law but stick this guy in prison for 4-years anyway.

  • raygun

    Let me see if I get this correct …. only a supposedly elite libertard can say “do as I say, not as I do”. Yeah, I think that’s right. Throw his a$$ in prison and lose the key.