Illinois Bill Calls for Registration of Guns and Justification for Ammunition.

Gun Registration

The state of Illinois took one step forward with citizens conceal carry, then two steps backwards with a bill now on the table.
A recently introduced piece of legislation in the Illinois state house is an unprecedented attack on law abiding gun owners in that state. !

This bill, HB4715, proposes that EVERY SINGLE firearm in the state of Illinois be registered.

First came the Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card, which required all Illinois gun owners to carry their “papers” if they even wanted to touch a gun. We have all seen how well THAT restriction on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens worked to reduce crime.

Next: full and complete registration of all firearms.
Not only is this heinous bill directed only at law-abiding citizens, it goes beyond “simple” registration of firearms to include a provision that says Illinois residents cannot buy ammunition unless they can prove that they have registered a gun capable of firing that ammunition! Here is a direct quote from the bill: “Provides that a person shall not purchase or possess ammunition within this State without having first obtained a registration certificate identifying a firearm that is suitable for use with that ammunition…”

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  • sean murry

    More stupidity from our corrupted goverment in Illinois.

  • thedogrules

    I own a gun shop, so do I have to have a gun in my shop before I can order ammo to stock on the shelves. Illinois (Chicago) is 5th most corrupt politics in the world, not just the country but the world, just look what Chicago sent to the white house. There are 3,580,000 results on this sight, pick one just for fun. http://www.bing.com/search?q=illinois+government+corruption&form=HPNTDF&pc=HPNTDF&src=IE-SearchBox

    • astrojohn

      5th??? That’s a bit low, dontcha think? Look what came out of Chicago and went to DC…

      • junkmailbin

        they are is a contest with California, DC and Detroit as to who has the most iron handed control by liberal democrats

        • Mike Graham

          Yeah, D-town is done, nothing but the rats fighting over the carcass…..

  • Art Hock

    This proves that Illinois elects some of the most retarded citizens of the state to public office, and some even make it to Washington DC.

    • astrojohn

      at least one too may made it to DC

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I’m totally surprised that Illinois hasn’t already gotten around to this. After all, “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie”. – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

    • rosie46

      Time to follow Colorado’s example and recall these legislators.

      • Kalebon

        Hard to do that when there are dead and illegals voting the ‘chicago way’.

  • astrojohn

    That’ll never fly outside of Cook county.

    • Charles Bainter

      A lot of things don’t fly outside of Chicago, but as they say ” As goes Chicago, so goes the State of Illinois”. If Chicago wants it, Illinois gets it.

      • Duh

        Not always. Chicago did not want concealed carry.

        • Kalebon

          took the supreme court ruling to get it for Illinois and then Chicago dragged its feet the entire time and forced a very high requirement onto it when it finally got passed.

          • John c

            And you still cant carry in Chicago unless you own and drive your own car. No public transport, maybe even the bikes they rent. So who is going to carry if they have to pay $100 a month extra for car parking, and are willing to walk back to their car if they go to a place that denies concealed carry at their business. And to get that right you have to pay about $1000 for the class training and registration. It wouldnt be worth it, its hardly worth it downstate.

  • Cindy

    Socialism at its best. The corrupt trying to control the uncorrupt. Why don’t they spend more time and money trying to get the illegal guns off of the streets and less time trying to control the legal law abiding citizens?? I am sick of Illinois wasting time and money on things it shouldn’t… then over taxing us because our state government doesn’t know how to budget. Good old Illinois where our politicians make license plates.

    • K-Mac9

      They won’t spend any time trying to deal with guns in criminal hands because guin control isn’t about guns or crime or criminals or violence, those are just the ruses they use, gun control is about CONTROL!

  • John Crowley

    Are these liberals really pushing for a civil war. Conn, NY, Ill. All trying to get rid of the people’s right to defend themselves which is now needed more then ever since Cops have no reason to protect the citizens of this nation according to thesupreme court. Werren vs. DC.

  • Rob

    Time to open an ammo wholesaler in Iowa on the Illinois border.

  • Jaysen McDermith

    This was my response to Rep Cassidy:

    In response to HB4715: Illinois Firearms and Ammunition Registration & Limitations


  • Michael Lawrence

    I can’t wait to move out of Illinois…if I had the money to move today, I’d be loading a truck right now.

    • Jesse

      I’d help you load it. So long and don’t come back.

      • Michael Lawrence

        No thanks, I really don’t want you to know about the gear I have or where I will be moving it to.

      • Capt Parker

        You and Illinois deserve each other – you fool.

  • MaverickCoast

    After seeing a large number of Conn. citizens reject registering their weapons, I look for the same thing to happen in Illinois!

  • John Spohn

    So ammunition as a gift is now illegal??? Call Santa, Christmas is cancelled!!!

  • Daniel Zaveson

    This is still a bill so the people have a chance to do what those in Connecticut either didn’t do or were unsuccessful in doing, and that’s for the voters to raise their voices to their elected representatives in the state legislature to STOP this piece of garbage BEFORE it’s passed!

    • Mike Butler

      We in Connecticut TRIED but were ignored. We SWARMED the state capitol with testimony and protests, but the almighty Reich did what it jolly well pleased. We will Remember in November!

  • Jd Logsdon

    Don’t it make you wonder just how many of the lawmakers are in bed with the drug lords and the gangs ? They are only trying to keep those buddies of theirs from getting shot !

  • lowetom65

    Illinois gave us obumer. Enough said about the majority of the people who live there.

  • Fed Up

    I’m sure the criminals in IL will be the first to register.

  • Brian Tackenberg

    That’s why I choose not to live in Illinois

  • Heath Cintron


  • Capt Parker

    This bill, in and of itself, if more than sufficient JUSTIFICATION FOR HAVING AMMUNITION.
    What happens if you are visiting from out-of-state and want to buy some ammunition?

  • Ron

    what is wrong with these brain dead bastards—-they are so damned stuoid that they do not know when to quit—people are only going to take only so much of this communist crap and then watch out.

  • Madfoxx

    This won’t go far but you have to give the leftist morons credit for trying stupid crap like this. It will be their downfall.

  • Don Archer

    As we have found out in Australia, Registration apart from all the departmental controls and restrictions it places on Law abiding firearm owners, for no apparent benefits, has a very worrying sting in its tail. Now there is concern, swept under the carpet by Government that the Registration lists are not secure and criminals are actually using these as shopping lists to obtain firearms. Worse still is if you are a pistol shooter in Australia, all your details including finger prints are sent to Interpol where any countries police force has access to these records. Russia, China, Pakistan, almost anyone.

  • js

    IGOLG Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day MAR 5 This Wednesday be in Springfield for this event info at ISRA.org

  • js

    IGOLD sorry

  • Dave

    This is exactly how Romania does is. They keep records of how much and what type of ammo you buy.

  • Dan Hittle

    Looks like the civil war is coming nearer all the time.

  • DJ

    It has started.

  • Meeeee2

    If the politicians need to know the addresses of gun owners, then it seems fair we all have their addresses. Anyone have a list to post?

    • Art Weaver

      That’s the spirit! Publish the names addresses and phone numbers of every idiot that proposes or votes for Gun Control, Registration, or any other left wing-nut socialist agenda!

  • maddog2008

    Governor Cuomo(D) of NY passed the “SAFE ACT” in the middle of the night which made most long guns with rails, lights, barrel shields, pistol grips, ect. illegal to own as they look like assault rifles. Also in that bill there is the law that says anyone buying ammo must prove they own the firearm that uses that ammo and have a back ground check each time of sale. Cuomo is the typical progressive democrat that doesn’t care about the Constitution or any rights. He is a Obama want a be that is going to run for president.(God forbid.) The NYSP won’t disclose how many people have turned in or the registration already “granted” saying that it is against the law to do so. Cuomo also passed a law, again in the middle of the night, that says the police can take your DNA even for a parking ticket. Makes you wonder what these anti-American progressive loons are up to doesn’t it? It is way pass the time for the real Americans to take back OUR country with any means before it is too late.

  • Jeff

    How will that work when a gun can fire multiple calibers?