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The Claim

30 million Americans were in dire need of health insurance. It is a crisis that requires re-tooling of the entire healthcare system affecting 300 million other Americans who did have health insurance that they liked. We must act now! And by the way, an efficient, government-run system will save families $2500/yr.

The Stated Result

Over 30 million uninsured and under-insured Americans would clamor to sign up for low cost insurance without pre-existing conditions or limits. The system will pay for itself and even save taxpayers money. Projected costs were under $1 trillion with savings eventually.

The Expected Result

Hopefully somewhere near 30 million Americans will be persuaded to pay for something they didn’t really want. A few million will pay the penalty. There will be no savings but maybe it won’t cost too much more.

The Actual Result

Only 2.4 million have signed up, and most of those are because they are getting, or expect to get, the cost of their Obamatallohcare insurance subsidized. Billions were taken out of Medicare to offset costs. Obamatollahcare was determined to be merely an additional tax by the SCOTUS. There is no upper limit to costs.

The Hoped-For Result

Government control of all health care. Hospital policies, staff wages, treatment, patient selection, etc., will be mandated by Washington, D.C. Personal health records will be co-owned by government. The IRS will ensure medical payments and collections. Severe limits placed on personal health choices.

Likely Evolution of Result

Your health record will be entered into a government health matrix, and the amount and/or vigor of your health care will be determined by government criteria. Although these criteria will shift slightly with the political winds, expect factors like age, race, sex, income, occupation, weight, lifestyle, etc., to play a major role in deciding who will be treated and who will be given pain medication and/or end-of-life counseling.

Food choices, sports, hobbies, vehicle use, travel, reproduction, etc, will be monitored and regulated due to health concerns and costs.

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  • Hoodoo H

    I just heard a medical report on TV yesterday that they expect cancer cases in the near future to increase by 70% !!

    • IsRaeLi_BaBe29

      Perhaps depopulation plan in progress?

      • Hoodoo H

        Never can tell just what is going on anymore.
        As we used to call it… A “SH! tST0Rm.”

      • Hoodoo H


        Noticed your post was exactly at 5:55 zulu time. Is interesting because for the last year, most times I will look at the clock for reasons unknown, only to have all numbers match. Guess I could say it has freaked me out a bit.
        Who knows…

        • IsRaeLi_BaBe29

          I believe I posted around 3 PM Pacific time?

          • Hoodoo H

            As did I, shortly thereafter.
            Sorry…Zulu time is coordinated time per certain chosen area (could be anywhere). May not be the hour of your timezone, but showed as such in email from your post. Could have very well been from US Central time as well. They’re 2 hrs diff from you. I just found again that per the time, all the numerals matched when drawn to the time listed.
            It’s a number thing. ha

          • IsRaeLi_BaBe29

            Oh okay now I see, thanks.

          • RightandWhite

            too bad. it could be what Onigger changes American time too

      • RightandWhite

        only against whites

  • chamuiel

    It is only going to get worse.

  • Pat Alexander

    Yes, and the corrupt fake obama regime continues to fleece Americans citizens Chicago style!

  • Kenneth Duncan

    And how about the hospitals and doctors offices that have closed?

    • RightandWhite

      not the one in thug neighborhoods, or the abortion clinics

  • Doc Holliday

    Do you want . . .

    A president who has us on the road to serfdom?

    A president who advocates higher taxes? Wealth redistribution, less freedom and less opportunity?

    A president coated in Teflon who freely gets away as an accomplice to the murdering of innocent Americans?

    A president who circumvents the constitution, but bows to Saudi kings?

    A president who nationalizes sectors of our free market economy and single handedly picks winners and losers?

    A president who forces you to buy goods and services you don’t want and then fines you for not following his orders?

    A president who is systematically bankrupting our country while giving away tens of billions of dollars to our enemies abroad?

    A president who, for the first time in American history, is robbing your children and grand children of the same freedoms, opportunities and dreams that were handed down to you and me?

    A president who does not believe in the supremacy and exceptionalism of the United States of America?

    A president who despises our military so much that he jeopardizes our national security by cutting their budget in half?

    A president who is about to foist the single biggest tax increase on the American people in the 237-year history of our country come January 1st?

    A president whose political ideology takes delight in record 47 million Americans now on food stamps?

    A president who invests tens of billions of dollars in failing green companies that are headed by some of his biggest campaign donors?

    A president who refuses to approve a desperately needed oil pipeline that would help put many Americans to work while decreasing our dependence on foreign oil?

    A president who usurps the Constitution, ignores the separation of powers, thumbs his nose at congress and issues executive orders with impunity?

    A president with deeply rooted ties to domestic terrorists and radical Muslims and Marxists?

    A president whose upbringing was heavily influenced by radical Communists and Socialists?

    A president who appoints members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood to his cabinet?

    A president who shuns the leader of Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East, in favor of appearances on celebrity T.V. talk shows?

    A president who makes back door deals with leaders of Communist countries conditioned upon his reelection?
    Well, you’ve got one & you voted him into office.

    • Stormy

      I didn’t vote for that donkey’s behind!!!

    • mathis1689

      I didn’t vote for the illegal alien Communist!

      • RightandWhite

        anybody who voted for Romney vote for the HeadNiggerInCharge

  • Stealth

    This and MUCH of the disasters in America can be directly traced to DISEASE-BRAINED LIBERAL WOMEN who felt ‘sorry’ for gays, SORRY for the criminals, SORRY OBUMMA…. yeah… Now YOU liberal, disease-brained women and your families friends and coworkers will ALSO pay the price!

    • RightandWhite

      don’t forget the freebie loving nig….I mean thugs…..I mean urban americans

  • CQQL33

    He we go people…….and we have 3 more years (or possibly more, yes it is possible) on the down ward trend for the country we loved and died for…….God Bless America.

  • RightandWhite

    freebie care. affirmative action. welfare. notice a trend