No One Delivers a Can of Whoop Ass Better Than the Judge.

‘It’s time to stop being politically correct, and start being morally right’ says Judge Jeanine Pirro in her opening statement as she focuses upon the rampant level of total chaos and lawlessness throughout the country where no one seems to be held accountable for anything they do.

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  • Hoodoo H

    Helllooooo…anybody here?

    …Well…The judge is right.
    That’s all I have to say.

  • barto

    This is one Lady I would like to see run for office.

    • Chained

      It would never happen–she is intelligent, has common sense and can think for herself. Quite the opposite of gov’t employees.

      • Fred_K

        The Dems would vilify her to the nth degree.

    • Clint

      She ran for Senator from New York.

  • Patriot

    Mark Steyn said when he subbed for Rush a couple days when Rush was ill that the object of war is to destroy the opponent’s will. Our enemy knows that, which is why they are attacking us on every front they can think of; and we need to make that OUR objective and take down these evil lying bastards that are trying to destroy everything that is good in the world.

  • foxxybey

    She is great watch her every chance I get, I too would like to see her run for office.

  • Jim Sanders

    Judge Pirro, I think you have struck the nail firmly on the head. I wish that there where more judges that would represent the people. It’s only by those that know what is really going on that the people will have a chance to regain our country. Judges need to come out in the open as you have done and show their distaste for the lack of Constitutional morals that now reside in this country and the lack of law from our top officials down. We have some awesome Law Enforcement Agencies that try and do things right and some that have fallen by the wayside siding with higher government. Our government is enticing them by giving out military grade equipment, special tactical gear, ammunition, etc buying their obediance and support for marshal law. They are being duped into a sense of false security by these tactics being told that they are given to these departments but in actuality the higher government are staging their assets allowing the law enforcement to believe that the government is giving them something when the government can’t even keep them with the proper budgets to run their departments with causing furloughs, lack of training new officers to replace those that have fallen, and adiing equipment that would be more useful in solving crime.
    Judge Pirro, Thank you for your words of truth, but may I ask you what should we do about this unless our elected officals step in and aid the citizens and help to protect our 6 as you might say. Unless we do something we will have terrorist from within as well as terrorist from other countries to deal with. Law Enforcement will not be adequate to protect everyone. Please Your Honor, comment on these remarks as I for one would like your response. Thank you again, Judge Pirro!

  • Susan

    Sex Ed is a Lukacs invention (Cultural Marxist) to destroy Virtue in children. Destroying normal sexual identity formation by destroying innocence is the easiest way to destroy dignity in the sex act and corrupt children’s perception of their body and “Good and Evil. Kids, by nature, are immature and SHOULD be in Latency, where intellect can flourish.

    Sexualization focuses on sex in unnatural stages and makes sex into a group thing devoid of morality. “Sex Ed” is rape of children’s minds and distorts Reality/Biology and unnaturally focuses kids in group setting on an intimate act that they have no understanding of (or should). It destroys normal moral sexual identity formation which needs Awe and Mystery for normal development which leads to respect of the opposite sex and maturity.

    We have to get the minds of our children back who are being programmed in the Wundtian psychology put into curricula for decades—-designed by the evil Billy Ayers-types to fixate kids in Latency—to infantilize them and corrupt them.

    We need to take back public schools to local level with parents on the boards and able to buy whatever curricula—not dictated what goes into the minds of their children by the State. It is parental Rights to educate their child.

    Note: When sex ed was introduced in the 70s, the morality of our children sky-dived and is now in the sewer. Wisdom is being able to discern Good and Evil. Our children are taught cognitive dissonance—Up is Down and Vice is Virtue. Their morality is being erased or flipped.

  • daveveselenak

    It’s scary here in America when the women have more testosterone than the men! REVOLUTION is the SOLUTION!

  • mb

    Judge Pirro is not only extremely correct she is also extremely hot…we need more strong women like her running this country because the old white men have lost their cajones…is there not 1 man left in congress…

    • Lady Patriot

      LOL…We girls could clean house!

  • Doc

    Here come the judge, here come the judge, I ain’t kiddin baby, here come the judge! You go Jeanine!

  • refuse2lose

    Welcome to AmeriKa…. land of the slave, home of the not so free

  • Mike Travis

    It was ok as far as she went, but she stopped way short of saying what is most needed which is that Ovomit, the dnc,. and the many sellouts in the rnc have all betrayed America, making them Traitors, subject to the lawful punishment for traitors which is death by hanging. Nothing less than that will do anything for they have absolutely no respect for us or the Constitution. The only thing they fear at all is that we will rise up as a nation and do what should have been done long ago, which is hold them accountable for their treason.

  • bayman61

    Judge Jeanine Pirro , now this is one woman I would vote for to be President. Become our President and fix it all for us.

    • Shadowdark7

      Could you imagine the team that Judge Jeanine Pirro and Chuck Norris could make for the Executive branch of the National government?

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    Judge Jeanine, With all due respect, Would you please stop telling the truth. The liberal lefty’s will have a meltdown ! P.S No dis-respect meant to you or your husband if your married, But you are one hot intelligent American female !! We love you ! Keep telling it like it is !

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.great video judge.join us in Washington dc,on may 16,2014 for oas{operation American spring}time to sweep the treasonous ineligible stench in the wh,and ovomits administration.out of Washington dc.we are constitituional correct,not political inept.like ovomit and his administration.god bless American veternas/citizens

  • Snailmailtrucker

    What’s not to like ?
    Beautiful woman with good old American values… it used to be all American women were like Judge Jeanine Pirro !
    Keep up the good fight Judge Pirro

    Please consider a run for the White House !