Piers Morgan Threatens NRA in Parting Shot After CNN Cancels His Show

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CNN’s prime-time talk show “Piers Morgan Live” is coming to an end, but its host’s Twitter account is still going strong.

Morgan hit out with tweets against those he deemed were taking joy in his show’s cancellation, just three years after he took over for Larry King, who lasted a quarter decade.
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The airdate for Morgan’s last show has yet to be determined, CNN said in a statement.

Morgan is a former U.K. tabloid editor who reinvented himself as a TV personality with stints as a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent” and its U.S. spinoff, NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” and as a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

He hosted BBC’s “You Can’t Fire Me, I’m Famous,” and did interview shows and documentaries for ITV.

Morgan told The New York Times that his show lately has “taken a bath in the ratings” but that he and CNN President Jeff Zucker were discussing a new role for him at the channel. CNN’s audience has tired of hearing a Brit weigh in American cultural issues, Morgan said in a story posted online Sunday.

CNN did not comment on Morgan’s future with the channel.

Last fall, the already struggling “Piers Morgan Live” faced increased competition from a revised Fox News Channel lineup that included a strong new performer at 9 p.m. EST with Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File.”

Morgan served as editor of The Daily Mirror from 1995 to 2004. He has been questioned in connection with Britain’s long-running phone hacking scandal, which has led to numerous arrests, resignations and the closure of the News of the World tabloid.

Earlier this month, Morgan confirmed that he was interviewed in December by British police investigating the illegal interception of telephone voicemails. Morgan, who said he had given a previous witness statement, has consistently denied wrongdoing.

Read more at Fox News

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  • bdcorvette

    Just another snotty British punk. Bye, whacko!

    • daveveselenak

      Amen brother, it astonishes me that this dying Republic is letting punks such as him and Obaa-baa-ma and his band of lezbo and homo weenies take down the country! The American Spring is being organized for the month of May in Moscow West i. e. Washington DC and millions of “US” had better show up as this “Dick-tator-N’-Thief” must be stopped! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

      • Manú V

        ^i think i destroyed my IQ reading that. i’ve heard of people like you, but had a hard time believing they existed. i hope you don’t vote. not with that much intelligence, or rather lack thereof…..

        • JB Andrews

          Yep we are done taking crap from the Homos, GayStoppo and GayKK. Homo’s are a tiny fraction of the population and getting smaller with the very high suicide rate of the Butt-Pirates. Not to mention AIDs, Hepatitus and illegal drug use. See what happened with Chik-Fil-A and Duck Dynasty ! Now look at the new laws in AZ. Yep, you butt-lickers are on the way back into the closet where you belong.

          • Manú V

            Amazing. I’ve never seen such levels of bigotry. I don’t even know where to begin dissecting the ignorance you spewed. Fortunately I don’t have to since you’re clearly superior to reason facts. Congratulations.

          • alps

            Hey I got twice as many up votes as you did. So UP-YOURS you perverted ass-feeder ! Your AIDS spreading army of queers are headed back into the closet whether you like it or not !!

          • Manú V

            First off I want you guys to know that you’re all pretty great at puns. Nice one dude! “UP-Yours” haha. (but why did you hyphenate that? They’re two separate words… Someone didn’t pass ENC 1101)

            And I don’t eat ass. I’m all about cunnilingus 🙂 should I define what cunnilingus is? It’s kind of an SAT word.

            Also why do more heterosexual people have AIDS and HIV than homosexuals?

          • Luther Robinson

            you are the reason we need homes for the brain dead

          • Manú V

            You’re the reason we got stuck with the worst congress in our history.

            nice try.

          • Bruce_in_San_Jose

            And Manú V, you’re the reason we got stuck with the worst *President* in our history!

          • Paul

            Since when is the percentage of gays with AIDS and HIV lower than the heterosexual community Check your facts!!!

          • Manú V

            I’m not about to take fact checking advice from people who only point to them when it’s convenient.

          • Paul

            Just love how you throw stats out without any facts!

          • Manú V

            Ok, here we go…
            Stats have numbers. I wasn’t throwing out a stat. I was as they say, “just saying” since there’s also a lot of straight people with HIV/AIDS.

            Now it sounds like you’re trying to justify the assumption that all gays have HIV/AIDS. Now give me a link showing me the numbers you keep alluding to. I honestly would like to see them.

          • Paul

            Boy you sure like to bounce around it was your statement that aids affected more heteros than gays. You can’t back that up so you want me to prove your point. I never said or believe most gays have aids that’s your statement not mine. I should have remembered what a wise man told me ” Never try to argue with an idiot” DONE!

          • Manú V

            no, i want you to provide me with a link. this may shock you, but i can actually admit to being wrong. i was giving you a chance to do just that, but you’d rather back off. you’re just doing the same thing you’re accusing me of. making a claim and not backing it up. how ironic.

          • Paul

            Ironic is that you spouted a statement and want me to prove it LOL

          • Manú V

            do you know how to read? I said, prove me wrong, but i can tell you’re too lazy to do that so i’ll do it for you.

            it turns out of new AIDS cases reported in the US a little over 50% are among homosexuals (you’re welcome)

            that’s still a lot of heterosexual people affected though.

            however in subsaharan africa HIV is transmitted primarily among heterosexuals. subsaharn africa constitutes 2% of the worlds population, but accounts for about 1/3 of all HIV victims.

            my point being, a lot of straight people get HIV/AIDS too.

            are you satisfied?

          • Paul

            You are wrong with your original statement that more heterosexuals have HIV/AIDS than gays and last time I looked we are not in Africa check this site aids.gov › HIV/AIDS Basics‎

          • Bruce_in_San_Jose
          • Bruce_in_San_Jose
          • Bruce_in_San_Jose
          • Paul

            Ohhh!I see you are one of those people that won’t let the facts get in the way of your argument when losing LOL

          • Manú V

            We’re not in africa, but homosexuality and aids are not exclusively american. and i dont need you to tell me i’m wrong, i already did that for you 🙂

          • Paul

            Hopefully you found the answers on the aids.gov site you need so you are informed. :o)

          • Manú V

            no i got them from huffington post and wikipedia. (you can relax i checked the citations on the wiki page. i’ve written research papers before so i know what a reliable source looks like)

          • Bruce_in_San_Jose

            You are certainly correct that there is a lot of bias displayed here, but that doesn’t exempt you from speaking truthfully. In 2013 the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that MSM (men having sex with men) amount to 63% of the population with HIV/AIDS, even though MSM represent a very small part of the US population. The report also points out that heterosexuals, making up approximately 98% of the population compose only 25% of the cases of HIV/AIDS. Other reports conclude that vectors for hetero infection appears to be blood transfusions and IV drug use.

            Now, note that I am not chiding you for a misspelled word, I am criticizing you for fabricating statistics to support your bias!

          • Manú V

            I didn’t fabricate stats, my original statement was based on an assumption, albeit a wrong one. Now I’ve already gone on to admit I was wrong and even prove it. Myself.

            Thanks for beating the dead horse though.

          • Bruce_in_San_Jose

            Quote from Manú V:

            “I didn’t fabricate stats, my original statement was based on an assumption, albeit a wrong one. Now I’ve already gone on to admit I was wrong and even prove it. Myself.

            Thanks for beating the dead horse though.”

            Really! Assumption? Did you preface your statement “I don’t know for sure, but…” Or, “maybe this it true…”

            You made a statement that was patently untrue with the intent to bolster your argument, expecting NO ONE to hold your feet to the fire. Maybe instead of “fabrication” I should have used “prevarication!”

            As for the dead horse beating… only when necessary!

          • Manú V

            It WAS based on an assumption. That much is painfully obvious. You’re right though, i should have prefaced it with “I don’t know for sure, but…”, however as the human that I am, I got caught up in the moment and just assumed (there goes that word again) that claim was true. Now, as an even better human being when someone put that statement into doubt I realized I was wrong, found out for myself, and backed off my original statement.

            And no, there’s no need to beat the dead horse here when I already admitted to being wrong about that statement. I’m sorry you were late to the party, but it’s over now.

            Now can we stop talking about animal cruelty? It’s becoming unsettling.

        • Bill Wood

          Sounds to me as though your I.Q. was already quite damaged before this. I believe your birds are flocking somewhere over in La-La Land, and you should go there and get the Flock out of here.

        • daveveselenak

          Hey illiterate, illegal alien, take your ass back to the hole in the ground that you came from! I know the truth hurts so all that you can do is mock the message! Hit the road A-HOLE!

          • Manú V

            Let’s see, I used more SAT words than you and managed somehow to spell them correctly so not illiterate, I’m more American than you so so not an illegal… I guess nothing hurts cause nothing you said is true. I’d commend your Internet trolling efforts, but that was very vanilla of you. Run of the mill stuff. I take it you’re a rookie?

            Oh and Bill, I see what you did there! “Flock” haha. You’re a regular Jay Leno. Good stuff 🙂

          • SRM29

            THEY are trolling?? Why even come to this site if it “panders to an audience defined by astoundingly narrow, mis/uninformed views”?

            We no longer care what LGBTs and their liberal supporters think. We can’t even glance at you people without being called bigots, haters, racists, etc. Don’t even pretend you don’t use the same language and worse against us on liberal sites.

          • Manú V

            You know, you’re right I could be considered a troll right now, though I never denied it. You seem to have a brain though. I wouldn’t mind debating you on this. And while I really don’t go around on liberal sites either (I don’t like extremists of any kind) I can assume that while the tone on right wing sites is hateful when talking about liberals, the tone left wingers use to talk about right wingers is more condescending. Not that that’s better. And you shouldn’t be surprised at being called bigots when your political party ad a whole is on the wrong side of a civil rights issue simply because you people fear what you don’t understand and on top of that refuse to have an open mind to learn about it. It’s much easier to just brand it as “sin” I’m talking of course about anyone who’s not a typical heterosexual.

          • Luther Robinson

            I am sorry I did not know you had this condition and can not help yourself so I will drop the brain dead zombie remark and hope you can find the help you need !!

          • Luther Robinson

            what anti American country did you come from ?

          • Manú V

            Born in NY, raised in FL. The former, home of Ground Zero and the latter, home of “Stand Your Ground”. You know, anti-American countries.

            I’m ten times the American you are Mr. Robinson so spare me your snark.

  • Charles Scappaticci

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

  • sha49tn

    No, America is tired of his bigoted ways, & his arrogant attitude. I think gun violence DOES need to be discussed, & the law enforced, (that are already on the books), but, it needs to be done in a decent, polite manner. Telling one person that they are stupid is totally unacceptable.

  • stisteve

    I’m sure that the NRA and American gun owners are shaking in their boots over Pee Ears Morgans “TWEET” on twitter….we all know how “Scary” a “tweet” is….or in his case maybe it’s a TWIT…??

  • Liberty1776

    Fat,lazy,mouthy, worthless, British schmuck!
    I would like to put him in a jail cell at a maximum security penn, video tape it, then permanently GOOGLIZE it in his memory to play over and over again for the rest of his life!

  • CK

    Get out of the USA…and take your liberal friends with you. Back to the land of losers you jerk off!

  • Steve j

    NRA. Been around for more than a century.
    Piers Morgan. Dooshbag extraordinaire. Flash in the pan.
    I don’t think the NRA is worried.
    I don’t think the NRA expended any energy sweating the wrath of “Piers Morgan-tabloid editor and possible fugitive from justice in the UK”



  • HappyG

    Can anyone else imagine this guy saying this while running away with his legs and arms flailing wildly…all the while looking over his shoulder to make sure no one is chasing him? Did his Mother have any sons?

    • ERA53

      I imagined something similar but it had a slimy rat tail between his legs. And I don’t think his mother had any kids that lived.

  • RoP

    We’re not through with you yet Morgan–not until you head back to your own country you bloody bloke.

  • RIC54

    About time!

  • Incredulous

    Deport Bieber and Piers.

  • rog363

    At least now I won’t be scrolling through the channels and have to see his arrogant face staring out at me anymore. He’d go back to England but I heard they have no use for him either.

  • GQ4U

    He actually blames the NRA when it was him pushing to take away our constitutional rights. If he loves twisted socialism then he needs to return to Great Britain and all the opportunities it now offers and get the hell out of the USA.

  • Joe Edwards

    I guess the American public has voiced their total discontent with Piers for being so Anti American, and So Anti Constitution, and his viewership has lost too much for the network. Maybe his disdain for America who kicked Britain out for taxing our morning beverage has taken over his thought process and never understood what freedom is meant to be. By The Way Piers, I hope you don’t continue your insanity and think another network will let your pompous ass denigrate the U.S.A again.

  • hankrbradley

    No Piers your not done with the NRA you are just plain ole DONE! As in “stick a fork in it.”

  • Dave

    Send the m0t#3rf#ck3r back “across the pond” in a helicopter. Dump him out halfway over the Atlantic. We would be rid of him and I’ll bet that it would go a long way to repairing the damage that BO (Bastard Obama) has done to our relationship with England.

  • GQ4U

    Piers who??? On CNN??? I thought both were already extinct.

    • Dave

      Yeah, but their bloated carcasses are both rotting alongside the road and stinking up the area.

      • GQ4U

        Thanks, I was wondering where that stench was coming from.

  • stisteve

    Not that anyone should spend an inordinate amount of time looking closely at Pee Ears….but has anyone else noticed what a dull, inbred type of appearance he seems to have…..a little like some of the “Royals” (not trying to be insensitive….but they are required to marry another “royal”….so they are all blood related…. however distantly).

  • jkrzos

    Hey, since you don’t like the NRA/GUNS, go back to England. They have neither. My our English cousins will put you out of business, permanently. You should take H. Weinstein too, he doesn’t like the NRA/GUNS either

    • Gimpy Joe

      He may not be to happy back in England either. I read that there is a push on in Parliament over there to reverse their ban on handguns.

  • Coldcowboy

    Noyhing but dung comes out of his mouth !!

  • paulie2

    Baaa Bye loser!

  • David Beach

    Come you limey a$$ just leave the country and save yourself some respect. You are not welcome in our country. Take another position with CNN and you will just embarrass yourself. The majority of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE support the NRA and not you or anyone else can change that.

    • AttitudeChecker

      The majority of “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” then are absolute cunts.

  • HappyClinger

    Hey, Piers, we may not be done with you yet, either.

  • JBKonya104

    Piers….just stay out of Politics! American citizens have a right to protect themselves and we have a CONSTITUTION and a right to an Organization who will fight for us! It’s our 2nd Admendment Rights. The NRA membership is growing stronger daily.

  • sean murry

    Dont let the door hit you in the rear you punk.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Oh, a threat from Piers Morgan; about as frightening as a gnat fart.

  • mule man

    Bye bye puke !

  • SFS444

    You were cancelled cause nobody likes you or your libocommentaries. I can’t believe that they chose you to take over for Larry King. Even the dumb demolibs don’t like you…go home to your rat hole in Libengland.

  • USAPatriotSC

    Didn’t we come here to escape people like that. We should put him in a dingy and point him in the direction of GB.

  • ERA53

    It does a person good just reading all these heart felt good byes to Pee Ears, Good Bye you slimy rat

  • Bib Bob Dog Wan

    In Military fighter pilot speak, this boy is a Whiskey Delta extraordinaire. This liberal Moron qualifies for the “No Visual, No Tally and No Fn clue” gang, hands down.

  • Randy131

    By tweeting the NRA, I guess Piers Morgan is blaming them for his demise, instead of Americans just plain being disgusted by his political views about our US Constitutional rights, that were designed for the atrocities committed by the British against the American colonists, especially the 2nd Amendment.

    • Independentrd

      Like Obama and his liberal gang, he hast to blame some one else. They are experts at taking others credit and blaming others for their own failures. Most “foreigners” come here to get away from the very things Piers epitomizes, to become citizens (the legal way) because the country has so much to offer.

      Yes Piers, Don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way back to the UK

      but please go home soon!.

      • Randy131


  • marmo43

    whooooooo we are so scared….there is strength in numbers, and the nra have many…

    • Destry

      Yes, 3 million+, and growing, against one slimy limey.

  • Ron

    does any one know why he is even in this country—he serves no useful purpose as far as I know–maybe we could take up a collectio far a plane ticket so he can go back to England–they probably ran him out of there anyway,and don’t want him back.

    • MeeshaWoodstock

      Why contribute to someone who has made a fortune here in the USA…he can purchase his own airline ticket…
      Now, Obama on the other hand, I would gladly chip in….

  • BigDogJunction


    The whole reason he’s being CANCELED is because of his beef, with the NRA. But, he’s not done with them…

  • EZPCNZ22 .


    Bring it, Pier’s.

  • cuzinlukey

    Piers, you’re all mouth with no teeth. Come on! Do something for Christ’s sake. Your words and idle threats are bothersome on the wind.

  • cuzinlukey

    You’re like the Beetles. You’re over, now just disappear!

    • AttitudeChecker

      1) It’s spelt “Beatles.”
      2) They would be over. They’ve been better than anything America has produced for more than 40 years.

  • silvercliff_46

    Let see, not enough people even watch you on a second rate news channel to even give you enough ratings to keep your job, and YOUR going to draw a red line against the NRA. That’s kind of like Obie drawing a red line with Putin on the Ukraine?…., Hahahahaha!

  • limey bastard

    You should keep him. He is intolerant, xenophobic and an arsehole. Reading the level of tolerance toward limey bastards, british punks he should fit right in

  • Peter Furman

    Piers Morgan is an AZZ hole! There is a reason he has been kicked off the air and it’s a whole lot more than his “Attacks” on the Second Amendment!
    This moron was a “Judge” on a “Freakin” talent show before CNN and just as big a jerk as he is NOW! He has a very big mouth,has NO talent and the gall to attack the Constitution,our inalienable rights,our G-D given rights as terrorism and tyranny,a corrupt,impotent gang of political “thugs” have/are eviscerating the Constitution,Freedom Of Speech,the Separation of Church and State,Due process,Federal,State,Civil and Constitutional Law,allowing,encouraging “Illegal” immigrants to come here in direct violation of Federal Law!
    America is NO longer a FREE country as many as 50 million on food stamps,as many as 15% unemployed,many millions underemployed,an economy that cannot create the jobs necessary which is the engine that has powered Freedom for more than two centuries!

    This “empty” can,this pathetic excuse of a man who speaks the “Queens” English is NOT an American by definition yet he would demean those who came here “legally”,fought and too often died to defend,to protect this country which was “Born out of revolution,independence,the blood,sweat and tears of generations until NOW!
    Government has/is making a mockery of “Limited” which was the vision of the Founders and Framers in Betrayal of the oath they swear!
    For the people,by the people means that Government is meant to have a very limited role,a role defined to represent,protect,Work for the American People NOT to empower,steal,betray,control,dictate as we face today!
    Our only defense against the enemies without and the enemy “within” is the “right” to bear arms for ourselves,our families,to protect our property and the Country we live in!
    Screw Piers Morgan and his cadre of sociopath’s!

  • BuddyEarl

    Piers, are you worthy of a write-up on Mediabistro.com? British schmuck! Brits are super people but as usual there are always D-bags sprinkled thru the populace over there and here. I don’t see any other country picking you up as you were here in the US, no others would put up with your vomit.

  • Wellybob2

    Some harsh comments towards us Brits here 🙁 Don’t judge us based on one idiot!

    • stormhaven

      You’re just going to have to let us get it out of our systems. It doesn’t ever pay to enrage an American!!! We have a memory like an elephant and a mouth that never quits once engaged. Nothing personal.

  • Nomen Necio

    Do you now understand why we killed so many Brits and chased out the rest. They yearn for kings and yearn to have there foot on someone’s neck. Even the Germans, brutal cousins of British ‘nobility’, knew that heavy-handed brutish ways with client cultures only results with those numerically superior people rise up against them, kill some of them and chase the rest back to the ocean they came from. The Germans at least knew they had to co-opt the peoples they were annexing if the wanted to keep their heads on their shoulders. Unfortunately, the Brits kept breeding anal sphincters at home, like Piers Morgan.

    • Wellybob2

      if your a white ‘American’ chances are your true ancestry lies in Europe you mong…

  • hunterson

    Maybe Piers would like some cheese with that whine?

    • Dave

      Who gets to cut the cheese?

  • Anonymous Patriot

    Morgan is a former U.K. tabloid editor who reinvented himself as a TV
    personality with stints as a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent” and its
    U.S. spinoff, NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” and as a contestant on
    “Celebrity Apprentice.”

    Wow, what a distinguished media pedigree. This guy is a true journalist, a real member of the upper crust. Oh, wait, no, he’s just some half wit moron who fell backasswards into fame riding the wave of moronic TV audiences who are slaves to “reality” TV. This guy is no more intelligent than Hunny Boo Boo.

    You’re not done with the NRA Mr. Morgan? I am sure they are scared. Why don’t you go back to your country where some citizens are waking up and starting to call for their guns back.

  • Chief47

    Somebody needs to put some buckshot up Piers’ backside on his way out of the country to make darned sure he doesn’t come back in our lifetime or his.

  • rycsailor

    Heard Obama is going to put Piers on his payroll as chief liar for Holder, just like Obama’s hired liar,Jay Carney……

  • Michael

    Long overdue. Piers would probably be good at….give me a minute, I’ll think of something. I didn’t even like him on America’s Got Talent either. So long slimey limey.

  • Ken

    ah leaving with grace and dignity. What a walking piece of garbage.

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    The Title Piers of sheet morgan making a threat is a joke ! What is he gonna do ? Suck you to death ?

  • Rebelwoc

    UK doesn’t want him, Canada doesn’t want him and it took the US this long to agree with them. Get out Pierce we have had enough of your BS.

  • George Flynn

    I’m Glad Mr. Morgan is going , A Broadcaster with a British Birth Certificate Trying To Take Away My Rights By use of the Media is Unacceptable !!!! The Brits Tried to take our Country once , And that’s Enough !!! If U don’t Like it Here Go Home !!!!!!

  • durabo

    Piers, you preening, posing POS, why don’t you go back to England and walk about Londonistan? Those Muslims are unarmed, don’t you know? They will treat you with respect.

  • kcir321

    What a worthless nut case he is,is he under medications ,if not he should be

  • Conservativesniper

    I am absolutely certain the NRA is quivering in the corner under a blanket, nancyboy. Pfffffffft!!

  • big foot one

    the NRA had little to do with it americans are offended by this arrogant dickwad unless there progressives ,and screw them.

  • TSJones97

    It’s also telling that other celebs and guests have been criticizing Morgan for being Obsessed with hating guns. This guy is a gun hating fanatic. It clearly crossed the line from having his own viewpoint and having discussion on the show, to him literally thinking everyone who doesn’t agree with everything he says, is either evil or stupid. That’s the tell tale sign of a failed position. The only defense is to insult the other side.

    • stormhaven

      I kind of wondered why libs keep spreading lies in such a vitriolic way if they even SUSPECT anyone from another party might run for office. Your post explains it. They are just students of Pears Morgan!

  • ADRoberts

    I feel sorry for Piers. He really does not know how irrational and illogical he is. He does not even fit in with the thinking in his own country where they are trying to get their guns back. But it appears that he is walking in a fog, following the mirage that the Bilderbergs have put in front of him.
    Reality WILL eventually come to his mind. But it will be too late. Just as the minorities, women’s orgs. and other lost souls are being used. When their usefulness if finished, they will be the FIRST to be removed.

  • BlkHrt

    He needs to go back to England… he is wasting valuable oxygen here… piss of piers… oh hey, piers go take a long walk off a short pier……

  • Hangman54

    Count Me as one who is glad to him go…buh bye….

  • gunnerv1

    …and we the American People aren’t done with you either.

  • Zepp

    He has me shaking in my boots.

    • Destry

      Me too… NOT!

  • MontieR

    As the brits would say another looser wanker. SEE YA. Good riddance.

  • Bill Wood

    “I’m gonna tell my dad on you, NRA!!! You’ll be sorry!! Just you wait and see, you big meanies!! “.

    • raygun

      This must be satire.

      • Bill Wood

        Yah think??

  • bless2live

    A brit that failed at home and abroad!

  • richard berry

    Great news, we don,t want him in uk. So when hes admiitted what he knows about the phone hacking scandal, he can then crawl back in the hole from where he came, and stay there…..vile specimen, the world is better off without him. Just exactly what is he famous for?

  • Thomas T Blake Jr

    OOOOOOOOOH,, I’m so scared!!!

  • raygun

    Finally ….. CNN wised up and did the right thing. Let’s take up a one way ticket collection for his trip back to the UK. We don’t need a britt telling America what to do, after all we kicked their a$$ way back when.

  • Art Hock

    Even the pinkos are tired of his bulls##t and are willing to buy him a ticket back to the UK. Unfortunately they don’t want him either.

  • Conservativesniper

    We NRA members are trembling in fear, whiner. Bugger off!

  • j rover

    j rover
    I at one time thought Piers Morgan was a Human, I found out that I was wrong. Humans are borne not Piers Morgan. Two trains collided and Piers Morgan fell out of a hobo’s ASS.



    • stormhaven

      Lazarus, why don’t you tell us how you REEELY feel? Just be careful you don’t have a stroke—Morgan isn’t worth the inconvenience.



  • thedogrules

    “You Can’t Fire Me, I’m Famous,” guess what Piersey boy, you got canned, hahahahaha.

  • onlyvato

    You are all so done Idiot!

  • jaydee007

    Reminds me of this.

  • Tonya Smith Haas

    ughhhhhh!! Go away already. Americans DO NOT respect you or CNN. Go away

  • Shadow_58

    Now, take your dumb as* back to England, you limey basta*d.

  • celticwaryor

    Get lost you red-faced POS. America has had it’s fill of overbearing, self-righteous people who think they are the ultimate authority on any subject you wish to bring up. We fought the big-headed Brits once (actually twice…War of 1812) before and kicked your a$$ both times. We have no intention of letting you slander and talk down to American’s again. Go home jerk!

  • rikker45

    I believe we ran all these buttwipes out of our country once, guess its time for a repeat performance. send this butt wipe home. we don’t need no stinkin brit telling us how to live.

  • Everett

    Interesting that he said that he was not through with American gunowners, he should consider that perhaps we are not through with him, if he is so foolish to stick around. Just cannot cure stupid.

  • Art Weaver

    So long Piers Moron! I’d tell you to not let the screen door hit you where the good Lord split you…but knowing how much you like being spanked, I doubt it would be heeded!

  • stormhaven

    Why don’t we just stick to rejoicing that the feckless little British pissant is gone, GONE, G-O-N-E!!!!?? Homosexuals are here to stay and I couldn’t care less about what they do as long as I don’t have to watch! More important things to do than worry about who is forking whom.

  • Cancel_NPR

    Bring it, you little KFUC…

  • Bruce_in_San_Jose

    Is Morgan a citizen of the US? Did he just make a threat? If he is here on a work visa, he has only 180 days of non-employment before he has to be gone. Or, faces the chance of being denied another visa for up to ten years. Dang, I wish they enforced something like that rule on other illegals. BTW, once fired, Morgan has to make application for extension and get a new job OR HE BECOMES AN ILLEGAL!

  • grumpy old man

    And now the end is near,it’s time to bid him a FOND FAREWELL,good bye you stupid moronic slug….If you don’t want to go home,then go to hell…

  • mrsgunnut10

    Do you know what I would like to see happen ?? It would really ” make my day ” to see Pier’s Morgan getting his Butt whipped by about three or four bad guys. I would just lean back, watch them doing their thing and hand them a cold drink while it happens. This poor excuse of a Human Being does not belong in these United States. Too bad his own Country doesn’t want him back, but thats ok, deport him anyway, one way ticket, no return. Yep, you are right, I am a Member of the NRA and Gun Owners of America.Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.