Stop Crime: Remove Pens From Politicians, NOT Guns from Law Abiding Citizens


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  • Bro D. A. Moran

    How about we just remove the politicians and go after the banks, corporations and wealthy families! Politicians are nothing but a side show to keep us distracted. they don’t have any power.

  • TW

    OK, I have one and only one objection to this picture… that isn’t a real gun.

    Seriously, is there a good reason the image contains a picture of Deckard’s gun from the movie Blade Runner? True someone removed the second trigger but it is a seriously recognizable piece of movie weaponry.

  • Phil McMorrow

    The point is well taken. If the politicians were really truthful with themselves, they would know that the pen is mightier than the sword and, like a sword, it can be used for good or evil purposes.