Why is America Engaging With A Culture of Barbaric Monsters

Jan Morgan

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The video on this page is one of many I could share that presents clear evidence that we are spinning our wheels, wasting our money, jeopardizing our soldiers lives, trying to civilize a culture of monsters.

I am sick of seeing our warriors return home missing legs, arms, disfigured, after being forced to follow rules of engagement and fight fair against an enemy that comes from an uncivilized animalistic culture that has no value for human life.

This video contains islamic jihadists in syria who clearly are not content to just kill the enemy.. No… they get their jollies torturing people as they die a slow, horrendous death.

Watch this video, if you can stomach it, then lets discuss what and why America should or should not be involved in trying to westernize a culture that does not want it. At one time, I thought Ron Paul was amiss for having an isolationist attitude regarding some of these countries. Now, I am inclined to say, to hell with them. We have our own problems in America that need addressing. Stop sending billions of our tax dollars over seas trying to fix a culture that does not appreciate it and does not want us there.


Obama announced last year he planned to give another $300 million of our taxpayer money to the al-Qaeda Syrian rebels which brought the total to $815 million.
Our tax dollars are financially supporting this kind of barbaric behavior by rebel jihadists.
Regardless of how you feel about either side in this war, America should NOT be funding any entity that engages in such barbaric torture that is seen here.
YOUR money folks…..
Furthermore, I want to know what kind of depraved life these people have in order to torture any other human beings in this manner.
In this culture… there are no RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.
American should not fund islamic jihad anywhere, under any circumstances because these people are not people… they are ANIMALS.

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  • Nahtazu

    We had to reign in Japan with 2 nukes and countless dead American soldiers. Then General McArthur was put in charge of Japan’s rebuilding. Now Japan is a productive, civilized nation. I would suggest a similar action (yes, nukes and a strong military take over) in the offending middle eastern countries. History shows that it works. But unfortunately, the administration is disarming us, and is infiltrated by those who share Islam’s goals. It may be too late. Shop early for your Burqas.

    • rivahmitch

      Sorry to disagree but, after 9/11 a few nukes on population centers in Afghanistan where bin Laden was known to have been and an announcement that any future attacks on the American homeland would incite the same response would have rendered the middle east a very different place today at a lower cost in both dollars and American lives. NO “boots on the (worthless) ground”, just a simple lesson even a muslime can understand.

      • Conrad Gabbard

        Good thinking, however, I submit sending those boots into their capital city and leaving a pile of as many bureaucrat bodies as could be found or created in their town square with a long rod driven through them and a white flag waving above them with “Don’t make us come back” on it in their local language and Arabic. THAT they’d understand!

      • Archie

        I agree with rivahmitch. The islamists should be told that Mecca will be the first large hole in the ground after the next terror attack on this nation or it’s representatives.

    • Darkskor

      “Violence begets violence”…this is all these people understand. I say give them the kind of violence they truly deserve…thermal nuclear. But alas, we have a pansy in the WH and our congress is full of lefties and rinos. I, for one, will NOT bow to allah (a minor pagan deity) and his followers. So no burqas for my wife and daughter, and no rags for my head, unless it’s a do-rag.

    • beowulf32

      They just brought in a plane load of refuges from Syria last week and it landed in New Jersey, too hell with what happened at the Boston that`s what there saying.

  • Raptor

    It’s a bullfight, unfortunately we are no longer the Matador, we are the bull 🙁

    • Conrad Gabbard

      Beg to differ, we’ve become the clowns, trying to stay out of the way.

  • Jason Dunn

    I hate Obama and his entire agenda! This traitorous bastard should be impeached and imprisoned!!!

    • thedogrules

      Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 is clear; Obama CANNOT BE IMPEACHED….you CANNOT IMPEACH someone who is NOT legally President but you can physically arrest him and all his Criminal Associates……Born in Hawaii, yea, right.

      • Wondering Woman

        Pathetic thing is that not only does our Congress has no guts or gonads for taking any action against the corruption, but if anyone can find a good group of law firms with the gonads and guts to file a class action lawsuit demanding the immediate arrest of present administration and all his appointees, as well all living past presidents and their appointees, including all congressional members who tries to block such action that would be a good start toward rounding up a large number of one world global government, aka the new world order puppets, and when those puppets start singing we can probably get the new world order elitists, who have the most barbaric brains on this planet.
        If anyone can find any lawyers with the courage, they should have no trouble funding it if they contacted sites like Info Wars, WND.com, Jesse Ventura to post petitions and asking for $10 to $50 dollars to join in the class action law suit.

    • Hoodoo H

      tried and hug for treason

    • rcodger

      AND THEN SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Moore

    When are we as a country going to wake up the the barbarism of these muslim animals. They have no respect for anything or anyone. Obama and his ass kissing toadies are enabling the muslims in the destruction of America.

  • dgunn


    • USPatriotOne

      I believe SOON, very SOON…!!!

    • Conrad Gabbard

      Muslim “refugees” are being settled all over the country. Haven’t you seen them?

      • Wondering Woman

        Why do you thihk the Mexican border was left wide open? Non Hispanics were out numbering the Hispanics crossing over the Mexican border since Obama took over 5 years ago.

        • colsooonscoorner

          Have you noticed he’s bringing tons of them here (muzzies), They are nothing but EVIL & so is the prez & his administration.

  • foxxybey

    Demon animals and they should die the same way they murder people, sick idiots who follow their and Obozo’s daddy satan.

    • Hoodoo H

      Soldiers shouldn’t waste their time…doub tap and go.
      I wouldn’t spit on em if they were on fire, just add napalm.

    • Jason Dunn

      Agreed. Obama should be the first in line too!

  • daveveselenak


    • USPatriotOne

      Yes..I believe SOON, very SOON…!!!

  • wahotsdad

    Make glass not war, Nuke them until they are quiet!

  • Nick

    Say what you will about Jan Morgan, she’s refined dumb to a science. Jan? The US military isn’t trying to ‘civilize” Islamic Johadist fighters, whatever that means. Beginning with the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the US has often armed, trained and financed jihadi groups when we thought we could manipulate them into doing our dirty work for us. That’s it. No more and no less. Sometimes that works for a while and most times that’s a disaster from Day One. but that’s your US civilizing mission. And by what definition is America “civilized” (whatever that means)? A country that tortures and murders prisoners of war, kidnaps innocent people off the street and “renditions” them to places like Syria “interrogation,” bombs weddings and funerals and children out collecting firewood, lies to create justifications for waging war on other countries and operates a top secret and massive surveillance system to spy on its own system doesn’t qualify. Dumb dumb dumb.

    • Conrad Gabbard

      You surely have a problem, but I doubt that it’s Jan. Muslims are Muslims and any change would get them killed by fellow Muslims. Why are Sunni fighting Shi’ia? They disagree on the authenticity of quite a few “traditions”/hadiths (not unlike short police reports of what someone said or did), many collected up to 200 years after Mohammed’s death. They’ll take from us what we’ll give them, feel no obligation, and turn on us when it suits them. When our military is downsized further, who will fill the void?

  • buck

    Every living muslim in the entire world is an assault on the very soul of humanity , there is not one that deserves so much as thirty seconds of life . Every woman that gives birth to a muslim child should be executed for a crime against nature and , GOD , and every spark of energy in existence . Every muslim male should be elimnated at birth simply because he has no relationship to any thing resembling a human being .

  • USPatriotOne

    That’s what these Muslin Monsters are training for RIGHT-NOW in the 88 Muslim Terrorist Training Camps here on American Soil, along with the 386,000 U.N. Troops on American Soil, mostly Russian…!!! And Yes Sec Kerry admitted last September that there is 386,000 U.N. Troops on American Soil…!!! It’s about to get BAD, REALLY BAD….!!!

  • BuddyEarl

    Civil war is bad, so next week go to your enemies and greet them as your brother, kin to your mothers, stop this senseless killings to both side and go home, start your spring gardens. DO NOT wait for the word from the great creator of peace, Obama.

  • Grant Ayjian

    christians and the people doing the attacks are being supported by the muslim brotherhood who is being paid by the usa, thanks to the muslim president and his scum fukn muslim father and crazy mother.

  • hangman57

    American Soldier should not take prisoners ,they should just kill them and move on . They don’t deserve to live .

    • Susan

      “Rules of Engagement” by our evil corrupt leaders, tie their hands behind their backs—on purpose. Zero is a muslim and a sodomite, like the muslims. Walid Shoebat—ex-muslim–stated that the Saudis prefer the boys for sex.

      The whole culture is filthy and evil and an abomination. We should never have gone over there “to create freedom”!!!! What a joke!!!!

    • rcodger


  • celticwaryor

    Someone should show Odufuss what his brothers do for a hobby. This is just about as barbaric as one could get. These people are disgusting animals.

  • Conrad Gabbard

    The problem is Islamic doctrine – which can never be changed. All Muslims practice Sunna: to obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for all time, encouraged by 90 verses/suras in the Koran. Devients can expect to be murdered; so called “honor killings” are one aspect of devient treatment. “Moderate Muslims?” Think about it. A short, easily readable, fully verifiable and inexpensive “Life of Mohammed” is avaliable at http://www.politicalislam.com – a sound psychiatrac analysis of the man, “Life Alert, the Medical Case of Muhammed” by Dede Korkut, M.D. is available through http://www.Amazon.com
    Why do you need to know this? Obama is importing Muslim “refugees” by tens of thousands from places where Christians are being slaughtered.

  • junkmailbin

    Islam only respects power and the heavy handed use of it. You show up with the industrial tools of whoop arse and beat them back into the stone age. If there is any sign of coming back, bring on the big hammer and smash them again

  • Wondering Woman

    Reality time folks! Where did the $300,000,000 that Obama sent the Hamas terrorists come from? The same place that the $23+ million that Obama signed papers earmarking for the purpose of bringing Hamas terrorists to America for the purpose of naturalization when he first took office on February 4, 2009! Where did Obama get the funds that paid for the monetary funding of the Muslim Brotherhood and the supplying military weapons to the Hamas terrorists Syria and Libya? The money we paid in income taxes and all the other hidden taxes we don’t include on the IRS forms. That means that We the People are funding these murderous illegitimi, whether you want to or not. Where was the outrage of We the People when it came out that what used to be out government was supplying monetary funds to the Muslim Brotherhood and military weapons to the Hamas terrorists. Despite lawyers in the private sector stating that this is defined as TREASON, We the People did nothing when Obama wrote himself a waiver making it alright to continue the drone bombing and the monetary funding of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as supplying military weapons to the Hamas. We still sit complacently by while congress does nothing to stop him, instead they seem to condone it – John McCain and Lindsey Graham even went on a secret visit with the Hamas terrorists and returned saying they were very nice fellows. We keep re-electing these new world order puppets despite their performance.
    How many of you know what the G 20 is? How many of you know that just before the Pope resigned, he and others including Queen Elizabeth, prime ministers of both England and Canada, and George W. Bush were convicted of crimes against humanity in the International Court? The same charges were recently filed against Obama in Egyptian courts.
    Look up the G 20 and you will find that our USA is one of them, and they seem to be the ring leaders in the one world global government, aka the new world order. Their 3 largest cities are Washington, DC, London and the Vatican.
    I definitely do not want to have anyone think I condone what this corrupt administration is doing and I have repeatedly told my 2 senators and representative that I do not appreciate being put in the position of aiding and abetting such criminal activity, nor do I appreciate having elected officials who at best are aiding and abetting all the criminal activity of this corrupt administration and is actually a part of the planners of this corrupt administration at worst, otherwise they would have taken action to stop the criminals activity.
    Do you like what the federal government is doing to We the People now? They have been doing the same and worse to other countries for much longer. That is why other countries think of us as Big Bully, which seems to be more apt than Big Brother. The sad part of it is that neither side fighting these wars still don’t realize that the one world global government is funding both sides, and the major purpose of the war is to decrease the population.
    Apparently some people have seen the wisdom of Dr. Ron Paul, but apparently are having a hard time swallowing the other part of his advice that America’s behavior in other countries is causing the hatred that brings on such behavior. I agree with Dr. Ron Paul on that aspect also. The behavior shown on this video is definitely barbaric and subhuman, but is the drone assassinations, which includes women and children any less barbaric? If you think Americans are less barbaric, type in the name “Kenneth Trentadue” in your search window and view his remains. He, according to the federal government, hung himself in a federal prison in Oklahoma. This was done by agents of what used to be out government. When I ran across the name, the location of his death and the time of his death – I immediately wondered about any connection with the Oklahoma City bombing and why I had never heard the name before, if it was. When I went looking I found that Eric Holder apparently was on the federal payroll prior to the OKC bombing, since he was assigned to investigate it. I found a video of Eric Holder interviewing the pathologist who did the autopsy on Kenneth Trentadue’s remains and listened as the pathologist told him that there was no way that he committed suicide, he was murdered and it was a cover up, but with what the federal government was saying, he couldn’t put that on his death certificate so he had put unable to determine exact cause of death. Since I shared that information on line, when I went looking for that video later, it could no longer be found on youtube.com. Neither could some other items found when I went looking for every thing I could find on the Oklahoma City bombing, including the allegation of papers signed by Eric Holder, authorizing the release of explosive materials to Timothy McVeigh prior to the bombing, nor could I find the allegation that Timothy McVeigh and friends had planned to bomb the building – but they planned to bomb it at night when the building would have been empty.

  • chamuiel

    these are obama’s chosen people.the one’s he said he will stand with.

  • Randmo

    You’re only now figuring this out?

  • Lorraine E

    It is no wonder Americans are hated world wide. Our tax dollars and military supplies are being sent to the muslim brotherhood/al Qaeda by this administration and we are subsequently perceived as supporters of demons, sadists, morons, devils, and monsters.
    Guess with overwhelming support from the senate and a completely divided congress with democrats, RINOs, and conservatives fighting each other nothing will ever be done to stop BHO from sending money and weapons to terrorists and enemies of our country. The end.

  • buck

    Moderation of my comments is unacceptable , I am immediately unsubscribing , so long a wipes .

  • Philip Marsala


  • organicroseski2

    These men are not human and they do it for their belief. They belong in a crazy institution–locked up.

  • livefreeordie

    Ah….because we’re ruled by one?

  • ruffusduffus

    people need exposure to these monsters, especially because the U.S. infrastructure is infested with them already!