“Banning Guns is Part of Medicine”- Obama’s Nominee for Surgeon General

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How many radicals does Obama bring to the table before Americans recognize who he really is?

After being burned by his nomination of Debo Adegbile to head up the civil rights division at the Department of Justice, Obama produced yet another radical nominee, this time for Surgeon General.

Vivek Hallegere Murthy he believes doctors should ask patients during a routine medical history whether or not the person has guns in his home.

Murthy is president and co-founder of Doctors for America, an anti-gun group that advocates making gun control a facet of the practice of medicine.
His group, which has been dubbed “Docs vs. Glocks,” has pushed Congress to ban “assault” weapons and “high-capacity” magazines.

He also wants to spend more tax dollars on more research to prove that fewer guns mean a lower crime rate, despite the fact that a number of reputable studies prove the opposite.

In a preliminary hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Sen. Lamar Alexander asked Murthy about his social media comments on firearms, such as a tweet before the 2012 presidential election that included the odd claim that “guns are a health care issue.”

Murthy’s Twitter timeline is full of his anti-firearms screeds. A tweet from December 2012 reads, “NRA press conference disappointing but predictable — blame everything in the world except guns for the Newtown tragedy. #wakeup.”
Like so many gun control zealots, Murthy ignores the fact that mass shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., occur in so-called gun-free zones where the only armed individual is the predator.

One especially troubling aspect of Murthy’s view that doctors should counsel their patients against exercising their Second Amendment rights is that such information entered into a patient’s private medical records would be available to the government under Obamacare.

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  • Miguel

    Just another piece of crap radical Obama has brought in to “radically change” America.
    Keep your change.

  • astrojohn

    Wouldn’t bother me if our Doc asked us – her husband also has a CCW permit!!

    • ADRoberts

      Asking is not the problem. Requiring the doctor to enter it into the COMPUTER BASE so the government, for sure, will access it IS a problem.

    • rob

      It is a back door to registering guns

      • Nonameever

        Front door actually

        • rob

          I stand corrected….yes you are right.

    • RGW

      Astrojohn, is that anything like Orbitalloo? My anal retentive neighbor, it’s none of your Doctor’s or this Liar and Thief’s business what I have in my home. You shouldn’t be so loose lipped about what you have, if oBraindead and his minions decide to liberate you from your Second Amendment Right, what difference at that point does the rest of your Rights have and how would you manage to regain them, hummm… Superpooper!

  • Art Hock

    Another gook who should go back where he came from. Doctor my butt, he is another imposter shill for Obama..

    • ADRoberts

      Doctors mainly treat the body.
      Priests have NO place because God, Himself, tore the veil into. We have direct access to God and the Catholic Church seems to have put “confessions” back into the equation in order to inject themselves between God and man.
      IT IS NOT GOD’S PLAN. Do not confess to a Priest but only to God.

    • James Maxwell

      Looks more like an Indian or Pakistani

  • Dale

    Its like my sister in law told her children. Do not tell the Doctor or the Priest anything you would not want to see on the front page of the newspaper. Biggest gossips in town! What goes on in our house is no business of the Doctor or the Priest!

  • NymRod

    Vivek Hallegere Murthy was a Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow.

    Paul Soros was George Soros’ brother.
    George Soros’s elder brother Paul Soros, died on June 15, 2013. Paul headed Soros Associates and established the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for Young Americans. He was married to Daisy Soros, who, like her husband, was a Hungarian Jewish immigrant.

    • ADRoberts

      Once again, Soroses are secular Jews who are MOST CERTAINLY Antichrist. It is looking like there are two different types of Jews. Those who God will save and those who are antichrist.

  • Dave

    Obama picked him because he likes the shade of his lipstick. Just sayin.

  • gene1seabolt

    When the doc asks you about your weapon’s possession, simply reply: “If you ever ask me that again, you’ll never see your next patient!” “Any other questions, Doc?”

  • Rick Allen Carfagna

    I had a Dr. ask me if there are guns in my home. I responded
    with a question; “When preforming fellatio, do you spits or swallows?

  • CoosaTotah9

    Just another form of an unconstitutional warrant-less search and a way of registering firearms. Which is a denial of our Rights protected by the Fourth Amendment and which will lead to denying our Rights protected by the Second Amendment by coercion, intimidation, harassment, confiscation, banning, or worst. Heil, mein Führer! “Heil Obama.”

  • Phil Bronner

    Strange, considering doctors kill more people a year than guns…maybe Doctors should be controlled!!!! And guns aren’t a health care issue….it’s a Constitutionally Guaranteed human RIGHTS issue!

    • TiredVET1

      You are correct about that as well as cars and construction tools kill more people that guns so should they ask us what kinda of car we drive or do we use dangerous tools when we work.

      What a load of Cra_p.Beam me up Scottie the folks down here have lost all reason of common sense safer fighting the Clingons LOL.

      • SRM29

        haha! Don’t forget me, Captain!

        • PissedoffVet

          Come on get on but don’t forget your tazer I think the Clingons are liberals we might need to thin the heard up there.

  • Lowell

    We do not need another anti American in a position of responsibility. Contact your Senators now and voice your opinion. Your next trip to your doctor could be more about the weapons you own and have you ever been treated by a shrink or been depressed than your blood pressure.

    • HappyClinger

      My senators are as useless as dung on a doorknob.

      • NymRod

        My senator is Ted Cruz.

  • tomtom

    If my Dr. asks about guns in my home he’s my X Dr. Its just another form of the government sticking their nose where it does not belong! The elections are coming, my suggestion is anyone in office or running for office that does not support my constitutional rights does not belong in office. Make them answer to the people at the polls!

  • reggiec

    Hey Doc. look up SSRI Stories. you know big Pharma’s solution for boys being boys. Almost every mass shooting has a SSRI background

    Side effects:

    • Confusion

    • Depersonalization

    • Hostility

    • Hallucinations

    • Manic reactions

    • Suicidal ideation

    • Loss of consciousness

    • Delusions

    • Feeling drunk

    • Alcohol abuse

    • Homicidal ideation

  • Wayne Bennett

    They are attempting a total takeover of our entire political system to put it into communist control and subjugation of the people of these United States Of America. I for one will not let that happen,will you?

    • rob

      I am with you Wayne….1000%

  • ECDucy

    The Surgeon General will need his own Doctor after WE THE PEOPLE are finished with this Communist piece of crap! Time to eliminate ALL Communists!!!!!

  • George

    First I want to see his birth certificate and than his doctors certification. He can ask anything he wants, I’ll tell him only what I want him to know. Oh damn, he may find out because I carry mine where ever I go, even into the doctors office. If my guns are not welcome, than neither is my money.

  • Jim Linford

    So lets blame scalpels for malpractice.

  • reagangs

    This IDIOT needs to be put in place, before he destroys the American medical field. If he were to ask me about my weapons I’d tell him to “take a flying leap …. none of your business”. I wonder which foreign country he immigrated from ….. India, Pakistan (the enemy), or any other hostile country. Damn, BHO, what are you thinking ?!?!?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Every tyrant or wanna-b tyrant who ever lived would agree with Debo Adegbile.



  • Eagle2758

    Hang’em high!!!

  • Nonameever

    Illegal alien DNC members endlessly complain about ‘papers’ being required all while demanding ‘papers’ be required for all American gun owners

  • Doc

    Why is he wearing lip stick?!?

  • pysco

    He and Obama also believes that killing babies is part of medicine………………. Screw them..