Business Owner Discovers: Insulting Gun Owners is Bad for Business

A business owner in South Carolina finds out the hard way that more people conceal carry guns than he expected and that insulting those people can be disastrous for business.
The owners of Backstreets Pub and Deli in Clemson, South Carolina made the mistake of putting this sign in the window of their business:
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.45.43 PM

Of course… as predicted… that went over well.

The backlash against the pub has been immediate and overwhelming. They’ve apparently felt compelled to take down their Facebook page, and various online restaurant ranking services (Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor) have starting to downrate them because of their sentiments.

The owners of Backstreets Pub and Deli in Clemson, SC, is free to hold any opinion they desire about gun owners in general, and concealed carry permit holders in specific. They should probably keep in mind, however, that gun owners are a large percentage of the population and tend to support one another.

As gun owners, we fully understand that not everyone shares out views, and we respect the rights of businesses to decide whether or not they will post their property. We can then decide whether or not we want to patronize these establishments.

But Backstreet went beyond merely posting (which they didn’t do in a legal way, I might add) and decided to call perspective customers “losers” and “douchebags.”

It is probably not a smart business decision to unnecessarily insult a large group of potential customers.

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  • Dottie Parsons-Harrison

    Lol I look forward to the story regarding their being broke and closing…

    • Paul Rush

      Or staying open and becoming frequent victims of armed robbers

      • Dottie Parsons-Harrison

        Haha it would serve the douche bags right…

        • rs1123

          A guy goes into a bar. He points to a woman down the bar and tells the barkeep ‘I’d like to buy a drink for that douche bag over there.’ The bartender says ‘Okay, but you best be careful what you call people.’ He then tells the woman ‘That man wants to buy you a drink, what would you like?’ ‘I’ll have a vinegar and water,’ she says.

          • celticwaryor

            Oh, good grief!! LOL

      • SirDanMur

        Why would anyone rob them, their registers will be empty from now on.

      • rs1123

        Yeah, they go broke between being robbed and people being afraid to go there in the first place. Maybe the guy can get a job washing douche bags.

        • Wayne Ogilvy

          I think that IS a job description under obamacare !

    • Myrtle Linder

      Pete’s stupidity will be known world wide and rightfully so. This on will fly.

    • rwp24382

      What is really dumb about the story is that owner claims to be a gun owner with a concealed carry permit. The owner said he hastily wrote the note for some people he knew and wasn’t thinking people would take it the wrong way. He said that he doesn’t carry his gun to work and didn’t think it was right for others to carry them in his business. Well, I think this one comes under the heading of ……… DUUUUH? It looks pretty blatant to me what he meant.

      The man should thank his lucky stars that concealed carry people frequent his business. For the most part, they are the most respectful of the law, that is why they can get a permit. These people understand that getting caught drunk is a way to have your permit suspended. Permit holders are usually responsible people. That is why in Virginia, violent crime in bars has dropped, since the law to carry in bars was enacted.

      • Steven

        In my state, drinking ANY amount of alcohol while armed is a felony. That means your CCW isn’t suspended. It, along with your right to legally possess a firearm is PERMANENTLY revoked. I won’t get into the Constitutionality here, but most CCW holders aren’t going to do something stupid to provoke the fight.

        • rwp24382

          It goes back to being a responsible firearm owner. You don’t do things that will get yourself in trouble. Why can’t you go into a nice restaurant and eat a meal while carrying? A responsible owner should realize the trouble he would get himself in by carrying and drinking. I have gone into many bars like Applebees, Red Lobster, Lone Star, and Ruby Tuesday and not feel the need to drink alcohol while I’m there. I didn’t matter if I had my weapon with me or not.

          In my state, you don’t have to be carrying and lose your privilege to carry, if caught drunk wither behind the wheel or in public. You lose your privilege for public fighting, domestic abuse, and various other violations. It depends upon the charge as to whether or not the privilege is given up permanently

          • Steven

            I think we agree on the principles involved.

          • rwp24382

            I would just hate to be in the situation like the female doctor in the restaurant in Texas, that didn’t bring her firearm in with her to the establishment, because of it being a gun free zone. She was eating her meal with her parents, when some crazed idiot crashed into the dining room, and began killing people at random. She had to watch her parents killed in front of her and could do nothing.

            I’m sure the woman still fells guilt in obeying the rules of the restaurant and no one would have know the difference had she had her weapon with her. The difference would have been the amount of people shot before the shooter may have been killed by her. She was instrumental in getting a lot of pro-gun laws enacted in Texas.

          • Steven

            The PROPER answer to that situation is NOT patronizing the business.

  • Drew P. Balczak

    I think they committed “Corporate Suicide”.
    Good job goobers, now we have more unemployed people.

  • Doug Satterfield

    Who’s the douchebag now? #businessfails

  • Watcher

    Yes, I would agree this ‘business owner is an idiot on many levels. The fact that he is probably a carpetbagger does not escape my thought processes, either, because who could be so ill-informed in one’s community as to insult those upon whom one relies for business, unless it is a newbie, liberal to the area trying to market his pansy agenda! But the real creme on the cake is that after the moron finished unloading the full intellect of his mind, he revealed that he also failed English in composition of sentence syntax and structure. The idiot put a period, then signed his name….”Douche-bag”. So apropos for such an illiterate, uninformed wimp.

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Neal Allen

    Interesting, the owner posted on FB before he deleted his account, about gun nuts and such, then said he himself was a gun owner and concealed carry permit holder.

    Who is the douchebag again?

    • Amy A

      Oh, now I get it, the owner must b Diane Feinstein, who has h identical view and permit… snicker..

    • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

      On top of being a douchebag I bet he’s also a lying sack of s^%$!

    • Cami W

      Neal, he was lying, he wouldn’t know which end of the barrel the bullet came out of.

      • rs1123

        Maybe he should experiment with that.

        • Wayne Ogilvy

          Of course you meant on himself right ?

  • John Fah-q Smith

    May they file chapt. 11.

  • Steeley

    I’m a little surprised they still have a window in that door. That being said conceal carry persons ARE law abiding citizens!

  • cybersniper

    I would call this guy a douchebag but that would insult actual douchebags. At least actual douchebags serve a purpose unlike this idiot! hope he get robbed a few times and then closes his doors because he went broke…

    • Cami W

      LOL Cybersniper, well said!

  • Karen

    The guy’s an idiot, for certain. I don’t mind if his poorly thought out action leads to him forcing the closing of his business for good, but I really hope that he doesn’t get robbed. It’s bad enough he’s creating a free victim zone.

  • Michael J Carter

    There is a reason that Texas has a 51% rule. So even if I have a CHL I can’t enter that bar with it. Other wise fine post, I’ll just take my business some where else if your going to be like these guys.

    • falcn

      And people say TX has good gun laws? PA is way more friendly. We have OC, no bar restrictions, no duty to inform.

      • reaper79

        I have been saying that same thing for years. You always hear about how lax they are on gun restriction, and Texas is the best state for gun owners. But in reality there are a few states with better laws that support the second amendment, And yes PA is one of those better states.

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          $125 Lifetime license or $25 for four years, any resident license from anywhere else valid, no training requirement, no duty to inform, and anything that doesn’t shoot bullets is not legally a weapon.

          Indiana is what Texas wants to be when it grows up.

          • JOHN T. FOX


        • Cami W

          Reaper, we moved from Texas to Arkansas because of hubby’s job, we had a CCW from Texas, but when we moved we had to get our driver’s license and everything changed. Our Arkansas (D) Governor Bebee signed the Constitutional Carry bill into law, and he is a Democrat, strange for a Democrat, but then again he has endorsed (D )Rep. Mike Ross, an Obama rubber stamper for governor. Bebee can’t run again because Arkansas has term limits….We hope to give Senator Pryor his pink slip, and defeat Mike Ross in his bid for governor.

        • MontieR

          Try Arizona we have constitutional carry, NO permission slip needed. Concealed OR open carry.

        • JOHN T. FOX


        • sc

          Vermont and Arizona are the best, wear your pistol or carry your rifle, open or concealed your choice you don’t have to ask some bureaucrat for permission and there is no such thing as gun registration either, Texas does not have a gun registration and you can keep a loaded pistol in your car but it has to be out of sight, no permit needed. but you can not carry a pistol out in the open unless you are going to your car or going in to your residence, or hunting.

      • Mr.Mike

        Same here in Ohio, no bar restrictions(other then you can’t be served alcohol while open carrying) and no duty to inform. In fact they can’t open carry a pistol in Texas. I just read a few lines down and see that Indiana is also for gun owners. Well looks like I’m surrounded by my kind of people. I’m sure that Kentucky and West Virginia are open carry States. I would hope so.

        • falcn

          Ohio most certainly is duty to inform! There was a relatively recent case where a CCW’er got in trouble for not telling the officer within 30 seconds of his approaching the vehicle. Also bar carry is restricted and you can’t even have 1 beer in restaurants that serve alcohol when OC or CC (legally). Not so friendly. http://www.handgunlaw.us/states/ohio.pdf

          • Mr. Mike

            What you are referring to is CCW permits. Open Carry is not required to inform,. Only as a curtisy. As for CCW’s it makes no since because when they run your plates it tells them you have a CCW permit, but yes if you have a CCW you are required to inform them.

  • Jim

    Anyone that lives in the area of this business, please get the word out if they close up shop. It would be cool to know that these things can be settled through free market solutions.

    • JustLurkin

      Also, the address would be a plum address for any sane level headed type to open up a bar/tavern/pub, since one just existed there, but failed due to defective management.

  • Jordan Smith

    Not only will they lose the concealed carry patrons but also the supporters of concealed carry in general

  • Dr. Obvious

    As much as I love a good soap in the sock code red, has anyone even verified or followed up on this story?

    • Nukl3ar

      They have listings on the sites shown above … easy to check for yourself

      • Dr. Obvious

        Yes, I can see his yelp had fallen through the floor. I meant had anyone put eyes on it IRL. Since however the owner has gone on record as going full retard, fire at will, fire for effect.

  • lars1701c

    I love how liberals think businesses should be forced to cater to gays but turn around and think its peachy to do with CC people

  • Mark Varab

    f them. nothing more

  • Alan Crouch

    Approximately 1/3 of the US population owns guns. There are enough guns in the hands of civilians to arm every man woman and child in the country. Alienating a group of people this large when you want their money is really stupid, doing so in such a way that you will turn off people outside the group is even dumber. Way to go morons, may your business crumble and fall off the face of the Earth. The world will be a better place without it.

    • Bob Smiton

      1/3 are too young to concealed carry or own firearms without a parent purchasing it. At least 1/3 are legal gun owners. The remaining third are criminals with guns, politicians protected by guns, gun rights supporters who don’t own guns, people who just don’t care and the remainder… yep those are the noisy and obnoxious ones who claim they are 90% of America.

  • anon

    facebook page is up, just the link is bad.

    • sc

      facebook is bad.

  • John Adams

    What I thought was most amusing and not unexpected hypocrisy was that this owner is not only a CCW holder himself, but a registered Democrat who coined himself “conservative”.

    • OzCop

      That would be a looooong stretch…

  • standupbcounted

    Ever notice how gun free zones are targets for the crazy looking for an easy place to kill a lot of people…I may not have a gun on me but I believe in our right to own and carry them and I would never support any business with such a sign in their window..For one thing:, I wouldn’t feel safe knowing they put a target on everyone in there.

  • Jason Adams

    Doesn’t go over well in the very pro gun state of SC either.

  • Carl

    And all this time we thought that the owner had PROUDLY signed his name at the end of what he had said because it fit him/her so well….

  • Chris Peterson

    Call any other segment of the population “Losers”
    or “Douchebags” and the PC police would be crying “FOUL”
    and picketing and demanding a public apology. I think [as legal gun owners] we
    should boycott this business EVEN IF we get a truly sincere apology. People
    like this need to be taught two lessons.
    1/ As legal gun owners we’ve got each other’s backs.
    2/ See, even when insulted and provoked no one pulls a gun
    and starts shooting, we just shake our heads and walk away.
    I look forward to this moron declaring bankruptcy.

  • Dave

    You forgot the part about how the owner has a conceal carry permit and is a hypocrite dick

  • Peter N

    does everyone know that the CEO of Starbucks said the same thing last year. The only difference is how he got the message out and the words his secretary used. He too asked that people with CCP not bring their guns into Starbucks. This is another corporation that needs to be boycotted.

    • standupbcounted

      Yes, I remember that Starbucks came out with that and they too should be boycotted…People need to spread the word on this.

      • Peter N

        After I read the article I vowed to never give Starbucks another red cent. I support local business whenever possible anyways.

      • Jack Hollis

        I don’t think that any “real people” go to a Starbucks. Their coffee tastes like I imaging horse biscuits would taste like brewed.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Starbucks’ said nothing of the kind.

      • Cami W

        Yes, Starbucks backtracked and said ,no guns allowed.

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          No, that is not actually what they said. They used a lot of PR speak to say nothing.

          If you carry, they won’t say anything. If they do say anything, and you refuse to leave, they won’t call the cops. And they have no signs posted.

          See the discussion above where what they should have said was, “Guys, please play nice and don’t freak people out.”

          But you can still carry in Starbucks, and I do. Without any hassle at all.

          • Cami W

            Here is where I got it:

            CEO says guns not welcome in stores

            is becoming a gun-free zone.

            months of wrangling over the highly emotional issue, Starbucks CEO Howard
            Schultz on Wednesday announced that guns are no longer permitted in Starbucks
            stores — or in Starbucks outdoor seating areas.

      • Peter N
        • MichaelZWilliamson

          From your link:

          But, to be clear, Starbucks will not slap an outright ban on guns, he says, because enforcing such a ban “would potentially require our partners to confront armed customers.”

          “Both sides of the issue have staged events at Starbucks, so our company has been characterized as pro and anti-gun, but we’re neither'” insists Schultz. “Very few issues are as emotional or as polarizing as this.”

          Unlike the NO SMOKING signs currently posted in its stores, there will be no signs posted that specifically state that guns are not welcome.

          “At this point we’ll sit and monitor the situation,” says Schultz. “We’re hoping that most people will honor the request.” But even if gun-carrying customers don’t honor the request, says Schultz, “We’ll serve them with a smile and not confront them.”

          Before debating 2A issues with me, you might benefit from googling my name.

          • Peter N

            so you are a big man whose name I should be familiar with? no one is trying to debate you.I don’t want to even talk to you but you are putting out false information when you say that Starbucks never said that. Are you a company spokesman? You made a statement that is being refuted and now you seem to be getting butt_hurt. If you had a better level of reading comprehension, you would see that my original post said that Starbucks ASKED that people with CCW not bring their guns into Starbucks. If you want to point to things said in the article, “For these reasons, today we are respectfully requesting that
            customers no longer bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating
            areas—even in states where “open carry” is permitted—unless they are
            authorized law enforcement personnel.” Howard Schultz CEO Starbucks
            So tell us again how how Starbucks never said that.

          • OzCop

            Michael, is this your piece? Interesting read…all those who are against gun control should read this…

            It’s amazing what one has to
            to believe in gun control

            by Michael Z.

            KeepAndBearArms.com — It’s
            amazing what one has to believe to believe in gun control:

          • Andy Reid

            I just posted your piece, “It’s amazing what one has to believe to believe in gun control”. Copyright notice attached, of course. That’s a long, but pretty good list. I highly suggest it for the rest of you here: http://www.michaelzwilliamson.com/politics-It%27s%20amazing%20what%20one%20has%20to%20believe%20to%20believe%20in%20gun%20control..html

          • Peter N

            I typed in dou_chenozzle and you were correct, your name came up. I enjoy watching trolls squirm when they can’t keep up with the conversation at hand. Thank you though for proving my point.

        • Jef

          “fail” is a verb, not a noun.

          • Peter N

            Jeff is spelled with 2 F’s unless you are retar_ded

      • sc

        Oh yes they did.

    • sc

      that should be easy to do their coffee taste like it was made with ground that were at least three weeks old. tried them twice, but never again.

  • irish7_1sg

    A$$holes! I hope they go broke! After a few armed robberies, of course.

  • Legirons
  • k0diak314

    This is right up there with putting up a sign that reads “Whites Only”

  • angeleyez

    What does the delusional owner of Backstreet put in the food to ward off other
    imagined evils ?
    What would happen is a customer made a gesture with their hand that the owner
    felt looked like the shape of a gun ?

  • simoneperkins

    why dont they just put a sign up saying “it is okay to rob us we wont fight”.they need to take a long look in the mirror on whos the douche bag..

  • Gabe1971

    A business certainly has the right to exclude patrons for whatever reason they want. The patrons or prospective patrons can then determine for themselves whether they want to give their money to that establishment.
    Starbucks did it and Starbucks can now bite my a$$.
    This place did it with an exclamation point and now they’re feeling the repercussions of their actions. Let me break out my violin and play ‘My Heart Bleeds For You’

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Starbuck’s merely said that they’d rather people didn’t open carry. They don’t post signs nor do they enforce this. It was in response to gunnies over-vigorously walking around with ARs, etc, and the sheep getting scared.

      I carry in Starbucks all the time and they say nothing. They just don’t want drama.

      What a lot of people on both sides don’t get is that Starbucks is neither pro nor anti gun. Whatever the local law is, that’s what they accept. They’d just rather people didn’t make a scene.

      • Gabe1971

        My problem with Starbucks on this (it’s but one of a few issues I have with their CEO) was with how they handled it. Surely, people were using them to make a statement and open-carrying just to make a point, bringing them into a situation they didn’t ask for. But their response was, shall we say, abrasive. Yes, they didn’t post signs like this a$$hat, but they weren’t exactly saying “Look, we get it, you’re allowed to open carry, but if you could do us a favor and not make a scene out of it, we’d appreciate it.”

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          Yes, that would have been a much better phrasing. They tried too hard to not offend anyone, and offended everyone.

  • jeffnkr

    They are indeed free to hold whatever opinion they feel right, for themselves.
    They are NOT free to call me a (quote) “loser” and/or a “douchebag”.

    • BeriBeri99

      You said:
      They are NOT free to call me a (quote) “loser” and/or a “douchebag”.

      Yes they are, however, they must be prepared to endure the consequences of those actions.


    Idiots must want to declare bankruptcy and apply for welfare and foodstamps rather than work ….oh my bad I just described a whole lot of people .


    here in the St.Louis area,,you put up a sign like that,,YOU are out of business real quick..

  • It depends on where you are. In new york, or San Francisco it would have been a good idea. Other place not so good. Were the owners from a liberal state?

  • Cami W

    All the CCW holders we know, and hubby and I have have one, wouldn’t support any business place that didn’t allow legal concealed carry. I hope they go broke.

  • Phaenius

    I think for simple gun laws we ought to have this:
    There should be no liability for the public or private property owners who allows people on their property with weapons of self defense securely holstered and strapped to their persons just as Jesus informed his disciple Peter when Peter began to brandish his weapon Jesus told him to sell his cloak for to obtain, “put your weapon in its place.” A person who keeps his weapon so secured is usually responsible and were he to use the weapon he is responsible for what is the outcome, not an innocent property owner.
    BUT….if any private or public property owner who could never recover a life feels it necessary to forbid the customer to be disarmed, the owner to avoid the responsibility of having his patron virtually disarmed in route from his home to the owner’s property must have at the entrance of that property a secure means of storing the customer’s weapon of self defense, AND provide live armed security sufficient to protect all such customers while on that property. The onus should be on the person denying the customer the right to self protection.
    Simple laws like this are needed.

  • Brian P.

    Fair enough. Tell us what you really think. You have a right to do so. I also have a right to choose who I will associate with in business and otherwise and where I will spend my dollars. This pub has a right to discourage gun owning/carrying customers and I have a right to dine at establishments that respect my right. It’s just that simple.

    Good luck with your bottom line when it’s made very clear which pub has defenseless victims. The criminals will love you, at least while you’re able to stay in business between crimes. You should offer the thugs and gang bangers discounts on top of it. Oh yeah, don’t be surprised if the convicts fail to show gratitude for how safe you’ve made their ‘work environment’.

  • daveveselenak

    Just more proof of how mentally disordered the left truly is; so naturally the owner tries to rectify matters by rationalizing i. e. lying as all liberals practice .

  • JJM123

    A bit disappointed in the article. They did mention social media Backlash but what I was looking for is something along the lines of “Business activity has decreased by 75%” or “resulting in nickle and dime purchases as the place is cased”.
    And just curious, what is the non legal way it is posted?

  • splooshman

    Stupid is as stupid does. Liberal wusses are so clueless. With so many other bars to choose from, why support one like this? I hope they go out of business.

  • MikefromNC

    How disappointing. I’m a HUGE Clemson Tiger fan, and I love that town. But the response to this idiot’s sign was predictable. A small town in SC and he wants to insult gun people? Really? He’s too stupid to have a business.

  • jeffnkr

    I went to the YELP restaurant review. The backlash is SWIFT and HARSH! The owner is not going to be in business for long.
    We need to show the compassion, grace, mercy, and forgiveness, to others, that we ourselves would like to have extended to us, when we make mistakes. It’s evident, from the comments on the YELP page, that such is not generally the case. We can choose to be respectful, while at the same time, expressing our own opinions and beliefs about guns and/or any other subject. It’s certainly acceptable to tell any business owner that you will take your business elsewhere. One certainly should add the reason(s) for one’s decision. It’s NOT okay to be immature, even though one’s opponent appears to be. We should not lower ourselves to the level of anyone acting immaturely and disrespectfully. Yes, sometimes we will need to be firm, and (literally) stand against an opponent. Example: liberals who feel it’s okay to destroy pro-life signs and physically attack pro-life demonstrators. We need to stop just standing by and watching them destroy property. In the case of physical attacks, we need to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Our responses can and SHOULD always be respectful of others. In the case of this restaurant owner, one guy, in his post on the YELP reviews, made references to his (God-designed) anatomy as the reason he will take his business elsewhere. I support his right to do so. But that’s an example of lowering yourself to your opponent’s level.
    If the owner publicly apologizes, he/she should be given a 2nd chance to earn and keep customers. Yes, if I lived in the area, I certainly would.
    BOTTOM LINE: Just because someone is acting like the south end of a north-bound horse, it doesn’t mean we have the right to – or should – act in a similar manner. Take the proverbial high road. We all want the world to be a better place. Responding with love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness, is the best way to do so. In The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, chapters 5-7), Jesus tells us step-by-step how we can overcome evil, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    • splooshman

      Well said.

    • Beedogs

      Why does a business owner want to call others douchebags instead of simply posting a no CCW sign? That makes business sense to you?

  • Lowell

    I wish I could stop being a customer however I never was and now know I never will.

  • HappyClinger

    Dear Jan, I think you mean “prospective” customers. Love your website regardless!

  • Sapperboy

    Typical progressive and their dirty mouths. They are beyond stupid.

  • Stephen Malm

    I thought it was rather brave of Mr. Douchebag to sign his note like that. I can understand the main message “I don’t want guns in my establishment”, and decide whether I want to eat or drink there – but to be in an “all customer-service” business, and denigrate a large number of people you don’t even know because you get your shorts twisted over our differing view is just really poor judgment. Oh well, enjoy all the extra elbow-room at your gun-free zone place. I’ll patronize your competition that knows basic decency, and feel like my family’s well-being is valued.

  • mrsgunnut10

    Good for the South Carolina Gun Owners. Business’s seem to think they can do Business by naming their own procedures. There are Millions of Legally Registered Gun Owners out across these United States of America. Business’s should also take note that most of them Vote. This isn’t just to Business’s, it also includes ALL City, County, State, AND Federal Politicians. All Gun Owners here in Missouri should take notice and follow the South Carolina Gun Owners Policies.Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • WhiteFalcon

    I sincerely hope that bankruptacy is in their very near future.

  • commie hater

    Have fun commie boy paying for Ovomitcare….with no customers. You’re the loser bankrupt parasite

  • chuckie2u

    All you douche bags out there find another Pub to sip your favorite brew. Shut them down!

  • chairde

    No matter what your personal opinions may be a public business is not the platform to use. Insults to customers is not a successful business model. One more point however. How would you know that a person is walking heavy if his weapon is concealed.?

  • Just Saying

    Well, I agree with their right to free speech, and freedom of association, etc. I am all for that. But think about it: whoud they have posted a sign denying service to homosexuals? No. These people are cowards of the higher order. They go against what the political powers of the day go against. I bet that there are other categories of people they don’t approve of, but they won’t dare post a sign against those in their window, for fear of being called all kinds of things.
    Bottom line: they are not even expressing a conviction, they are just aligning themselves with the “enlightened” of today. It is more a fashionable gesture, than a conviction, otherwise they would not feel the need to belittle gun owners. One is not progressive enough nowadays if they don’t belittle gun owners, Christians, white males…

  • 4everBfree

    Since there was a period after “business” I thought “Douchebag” was the owner signing his name.

  • Beedogs

    Why does a business owner want to call others douchebags instead of simply posting a no CCW sign? That makes business sense? The backlash is well deserved.

    • maodeedee

      It clearly shows the mentality of the gun control advocates.

  • d

    I have been telling everybody I know to BOYCOTT the Backstreet Pub & Deli. I will NEVER go there again.
    It is forever on my S-list.

  • dcwwms53

    Ahhhh, how I wish I could open an identical place across the street or next door with a huge sign INVITING concealed carry and my NRA GOLDEN EAGLES sticker on the menu !



  • Darren Wilkens

    It looks like the owner is going to have to go out of business soon. Next time he says “loser” and “douchebag”, he should make sure he’s looking in the mirror. People like him are the ones who are destroying our country. Hopefully all idiots like him (who own a business) will have to close their doors.

    It goes to show that the left lacks common sense. They’re all IDIOTS!

  • Robert

    Another dumb $hit liberal shoots himself in the foot.

  • PatHenry

    I love this guy he’s the most honest Liberal out there and let’s us know that we can go spend our money some where else :o)

  • roadking2000

    I’ve decided to stop doing business with anyone who does not allow firearms and any who oppose my conservative views. Why should I put money in the pocket of someone who doesn’t want me exercising my 2nd amendment rights? These are usually the same people giving money to the mayor blooming-berg idiots of the world so they can try to void the constitutionality of right-to-carry

  • jane

    we reap what we sow!! wonder is he has a gun under the counter????


      I read in another article about him that his has had a CCW. Since 2001

      • Dr. Obvious

        The owner has stated that “nobody needs a gun in a bar full of children.”

  • David483

    Yeah this isn’t even really a second amendment issue. Sure, he’s ignorant of the facts that there is nothing wrong or illegal about people carrying a firearm for self-defense, but the real issue is the stupidity to alienate a large percentage of the potential customer base for one’s business. I can only assume that he’s not native to here and is from a country where firearms are strictly prohibited.

  • CombatTrooper

    Gay bar?

    Anyway, it is his right to do with his property as he so choses. Say with conservatives who do not support gay marriage. However there may be a cost in loss of business.

    • Doc

      It is now :p

    • maodeedee

      I’m a Conservative and I have nothing against gay marriage unless religious institutions are forced to preform them, not that the Muslims would sit still for that…..
      And I doubt very much that any gay bar would discourage concealed carry considering that gays are often threatened with physical violence and are more likely to need to carry a gun than a lot of other people.

  • Ka

    Wow! Where’s this restaurant at? I bet it could be bought for next to nothing now? And maybe the next owner will keep their biased opinions outta there!

  • Doc

    I would advocate for open carry in my establishment. No one would rob me. It would be like a robber going into a bank and yelling “This is a stickup, no body move” Then realizing that there are 18 cops waiting to cash their checks.

  • Anniem

    Yes, as an American they have the right to speak their mind. However, I think this is a wonderful lesson for them that Freedom Of Speech DOESN’T mean just them, but ALL of us.

  • jd1958

    Even If I didn’t carry a firearm. I’d support those who elected to exercise their CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHTS to do so. I have to put up with liberal doublespeak. They can “tolerate” your RIGHTS. But since they won’t …………’em
    Dang, I’m trying really hard to be a good Christian man. But his garbage really fires me up. I won’t use the words that I use to……NRA Life member.

  • Southern Stormhawk

    From the reviews of the restaurant online, I would recommend that the owner give more attention to the cleanliness of his establishment (with emphasis on the bathroom) and the quality of the food, which has been mentioned at least in 6 reviews as the cause of diarrhea and a suspected case of food poisoning. Perhaps he does know his market base and has done this so when his business closes down he can blame, “all those evil redneck gun owners”.

    • Dr. Obvious

      Um, dude…

  • maodeedee

    Stupid is as Stupid does, and Stupid people do Stupid things. The right to self defense is one of the most fundamental basic human and civil rights. Firearms are not immoral and there are no such things as “good” or “bad” firearms.

    In other words a “Deer Rifle” is not a good gun and a “Saturday night Special’ or an “Assault Rifle” are not bad or immoral guns but only if they are used for bad or immoral purposes.

    Neither is concealing a firearm immoral. it is a requirement of the law that a gun must never be “brandished” or used as a threat against others and it is for this reason that the law requires a legally licensed firearm to be concealed under the conditions set forth by a concealed carry permit.

    Carry permit holders in the US have an unequaled record of the fewest cases of abuse of almost any licensed activity. Permit carry holders value their licenses dearly and are responsible in the extreme so as not to have their permits revoked.

    If every patron of the Backstreets Pub and Deli in Clemson, South Carolina were a concealed carry permit holder, this establishment before going out of business, would have had a much more intelligent and civil group of people frequenting their erstwhile establishment.

  • rebel587149

    am waiting to hear they posted going out of business signs.

  • Jim

    The owner must be a dumb douche bag.

  • L. Harris

    I knew the owner once and he is a kind and decent fellow. The condescending nature of the note is what disappoints me the most. Come on, Pete, you are better than that.

  • rs1123

    Also very smart to inform the public that ‘anyone entering or leaving this establishment is defenseless and an easy target for crime’. Calling people ‘douchebag’ for owning a gun, I hope the guy loses his whole frigging business, and there’s a good chance of it I think.

  • yacope

    apparently they already took the sign down…Funny how the tolerant leftist/statist has to ALWAYS put the insult exclamation point at the end of their debate. Can they ever have their say without having to get personal?

    I have no problems with a business that decides they don’t want my gun, my money and myself and family in their establishment. I respect that their right to decide this in their private property. BUT I reserve the right to NOT go in there. Because if criminals are on notice that I and everyone else in there is defenseless then I don’t need to go there, and I will not bring my family either.

    Good luck with that.

  • rs1123

    He says to gun owners ‘I do not want your business.’ Apparently he does not want his OWN business.

  • sc

    some one should put one of those side walk signs up that says “this business likes to be robbed and no one in side has a gun, come on in”

  • Carolina Carry

    If the owner really is a CCW holder and carries in the Bar. If he puts up a legal sign, banning guns in the bar. Anyone noticing that he has one, can call the police and have him removed/arrested, from his own bar. The sign prohibits him from carrying also.

  • Stephen Malm

    At this point, I probably wouldn’t enjoy patronizing the place anyway, what with its aroma of nervous sweat with a hint of vinegar…

    • Mancave Heywood

      Oh I get it, do they serve douche chips instead of pretzels or peanuts at the bar?

  • daddyhawg

    Funny that the owner has been reported as having a CCW permit and takes this stance. Typical liberal attitude of “do as I say, not as I do.” Serves the hypocrite right for his liberal stance on the issue.

  • foxxybey

    Hope they go out of business period, idiots at best.

  • stisteve

    As i stated on a different thread yesterday about this moron…….Brilliant Business decision on your part idiot……!!! I’ll bet there are a LOT of business owners out there who would love to have you run their marketing campaigns…..NOT…!!!!

  • 1PRAYS4U

    All one has to remember is Luby’s Cafeteria in Texas!