Facebook Pressured to Ban Gun Themed Pages

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Facebook may announce company policy changes for gun-related pages in the coming weeks, according to an article by VentureBeat.

The social network has been under pressure from the powerful Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Moms Demand Action civic group to ban gun-themed fan pages on the site.

Sources close to the conversations reportedly claim, “Talks are progressing. The discussions are ongoing; there have been positive developments.”

VentureBeat touts an extensive investigation which they claim revealed adults and children were making arrangements to buy, sell, and trade guns through the many Facebook fan pages devoted to guns and the people who use them, sometimes in violation of federal and state gun laws.

Of course, Venturebeat and these anti-gun organizations apparently have not bothered to investigate how drug dealers are using the social media site to sell drugs… or how many sexual predators are using the site to lure and sexually assault children and teens….

Last October, a 15 year-old high school student in Kentucky bought a 9mm handgun from a man he met through a Facebook fan page. The teen was arrested when he was caught with the loaded pistol on the campus of Greenup County Highschool. The seller drove from Ohio to Kentucky to make the sale and was also arrested. The suspect told sheriff’s investigators he sold other guns to people he met on the Facebook fan pages.

The two advocacy groups recently joined forces to pressure what they say is their stated objective of seeing “Facebook get out of the gun business.” Mayors Against Illegal Guns was co-founder by former NYC three-term mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg along with Boston’s then-mayor Thomas Menino in 2006. Mayors of more than 1,100 U.S. cities belong to the organization.

A Moms Demand Action petition on Change.org to prohibit gun sales on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram has over 94,000 signatures. Comedian Sarah Silverman recently tweeted about the campaign, which is getting massive exposure through U.S. media outlets.

The petition is addressed to Instagram chief executive Kevin Systrom and Facebook co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg:

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO
Your platforms unfortunately allow users to buy, sell, and trade firearms without requiring criminal background checks.Other online platforms including Craigslist, eBay, and Google+ have already prohibited these sales.I ask that you put an end to this completely unregulated social media gun show and prohibit gun sales from your platforms immediately.
[Your name]
A spokeswoman for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, told VentureBeat last week, “Anybody can go to Facebook and Instagram and buy a gun online. We’re asking them to review their policies.”

Facebook of course is not an e-commerce site and doesn’t sell anything. Last week, a Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat, “You can’t buy things on Instagram and Facebook, nor can you promote the sale or use of weapons in advertising. We encourage people who come across any illegal activity to report it to us.”

Users are still getting around the company’s stated user policies.

Google+, with about 450 millions users, also prohibits the sale of guns and many other items through the site.

A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment Monday.

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  • Melvin P. Arbuckle

    The people most fearful of guns are child molesters because they know not only is it merely a matter of time before a parent shoots them but that they will deserve it when it happens.

  • Jose

    One little bite at a time. A little nibble her, another their, and eventually the anti-gun club will get their way. Can’t outlaw, but can restrict access and muzzle the media and pro gun organizations by outshouting them. MY rant for today.

  • PRo-Gun

    this is total stupidity, i’m on more than 100 gun related groups on facebook, and everyone, i mean everyone is devoted to preventing children from getting guns and illegals getting guns. simple fact is, groups are PRIVATE CLOSED GROUPS, this means that any sales or trades that happen between the members of those groups is considered a PRIVATE TRANSACTION, which is PERFECTLY LEGAL IN ALL STATES as long as the firearm in the transaction is legal in that state. SO FU anti-gunners, try spending more time and money to dealing with the kids and felons so they wont buy guns. you dont want a felon to have a gun, then damnit, DONT LET HIM OUT. simple fact is, we do not take away a felon’s rights to free speach, or religion after being released, well, hate to tell you, that his rights to defend himself with a firearm is another one of those protected rights. if you dont like it, then move. its that simple.

  • Bill Lawson

    If this happens along with me Facebook will loose millions of followers

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Is everyone ready to start a KILL THE ADS campaign on FB? (Every time you log onto FB, hit ‘x’ on several ads and tell them you don’t want to see ads from that company.)

    I already do that, when I get pissed about something FB does.
    …or even if I’m in a bad mood.

    Kick ’em in the [where it hurts] 😉

  • whoda

    I keep seeing moms demand action on Facebook, yet there does not appear to be any unified response to them. Lets show them we have more supporters of our rights..


  • Bill Brown

    find another site that is pro gun and change over, make somebody else rich.

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    I CAN live without FarceBook…
    Sounds like it’s time for some hungry young go-getters to build the NEW FaceBook.

  • dufus

    All the do gooders better remember one thing “A gun is like a parachute if you need one and don’t have one you’ll probably never need one again”

  • sha49tn

    While I think that underage children shouldn’t be allowed to view pages like this, I have no problem with adults viewing them. There should be age restrictions on a lot of other FB pages. I am getting fed up with Zuckerberg trying to control what we can & can’t post on FB. If he keeps this up, I’m done with FB.

  • crazzyotto

    let me be perfectly CLEAR! i lived 68 years without FB; but, only my first 12 without a firearm. FB can go down my toilet with a loud FLUSH and it will NOT be missed. my firearms, on the other hand, – DO NOT MESS WITH THEM, so, FB, ban ‘guns’ and join the warped mayors and enjoy yourselves – i assure you that there are MULTI millions of us who will NOT MISS YOU! are your advertisers listening?? if not, they will feel it in their pocketbooks.

  • Fiesty

    I believe that most of the Facebook participants still believe in our Constitution and if they do, I along with a multitude of people will disappear from this venue. There comes a time in every issue, when we have to stand for what we believe, before what we believe is taken from us. Now is the time!