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Mitch McConnell (R-epulsive, Ky.) is talking tough about tea party-backed candidates challenging GOP Establinishtas in this year’s midterm elections, “I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” the Senate Minority Leader told the New York Times. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”
This remark is in stark contrast to tea party “Joan of Bark,” Sarah Palin, who in her keynote speech at CPAC challenged Old GOP saying, “You know that 2010 GOP election victory that swept you into power, you didn’t build that — the tea party did!”

I don’t know why people keep clamoring for a third party when we don’t even have a second one yet but with leaders like Mitch McConnell, I completely understand the frustration. It’s the same reason we kvetch when the president bows and apologizes to enemies, yet expresses disdain and hostility toward fellow Americans. It appears McConnell and “Old GOP” have taken a page out of the Alinsky Papers because they talk tougher about the tea-party than they do of the Marxist regime that is currently running the country. Did I say “running”? – I meant, “ruining.”

It appears the war to save the Republic must first be waged and won in the Republican Party. Recently I polled my readers for a list of the many accomplishments since the Tea-Party Revolution of 2010. The question went like this:

“Can you help me list 5 major accomplishments of the Republicans that swept into office in 2010? What have the Republicans accomplished since they stripped the gavel from Pelosi and handed it to Boehner? Can you name any conservative victories? Thanks ahead of time.”

I was quickly told that “the Republicans” couldn’t accomplish anything because of Prince Harry and his merry band of Cenataurs. So I revised the question to include stonewalling as an accomplishment: you know, like when John Boehner and the boys stopped the raising of the debt ceiling and defunded Obamacare. Right?

Most of those that were polled left exasperated and came up with nil but there were some who “got their GOP on” and suggested that the passing of thirty jobs bills was an accomplishment. Boasting over thirty “ceremonial” jobs bills that haven’t created one job: seems kind of like praising penis enlargement pills, but it is something, I guess.

David Steiger, co-host of the Uncommon Show quipped: “They nailed Hillary & Co. on Benghazi and the perpetrators are behind bars. The IRS has been investigated and all those involved with malfeasance have been indicted. NSA wrongdoing has been corrected and new policies enacted. Obamacare has been rendered null and void after the long fight to defund it. And the debt and deficit have been declining because Republicans who hold the purse strings said ‘no’ on the frequent abuse of the debt ceiling.”

Now that would be something to run on! Sadly, here’s the truth:
Since Boehner has gaveled up, the republicans have been the complicit party, acting more like an abused wife peeking out from behind the drapes than the Farrah Fawcett they should be – sewing the sheets together and burning the bed.

In regard to true opposition, Newt Gingrich accomplished more as the minority leader in 1993 than John Boehner has as the Speaker of the House. If you remember, the Clinton’s had tried to pass “gays in the military,” a tax bill, and Hillary-care only to fail over and over. Gingrich, as an opposition leader, fought against Clinton failures and forged an opposition agenda with greater success than John Boehner has against Obama victories.

With the level of corruption running rampant in our nation’s capital one would expect a “Contract with America,” town-hall meetings, one minute speeches, press conferences and investigations. One would expect there to be more than Senators’ Cruz, Lee and Paul and Congressmen Gowdy and Amash to be speaking out. And you would expect them to be leading the charge and not the object of sniping from their own party.

One would expect the party that holds the purse strings to reign in the spending, stand fast on principle, and cut off funds to a travel office that has seen the lavish waste of an Imperial presidency reach 1.4 billion a year. The Obamas have out-spent all previous presidencies even with three years to go. Who in office is speaking about the transgressions? Who is calling for heads to roll on Benghazi, the NSA, Fast and Furious, and the IRS targeting?
And these are only the scandals we know about.

When there are strong conservative voices acting as watchmen on the wall, like Joe Walsh of Illinois and Allen West of Florida, they’re abandoned by the GOP leadership like David did Uriah the Hittite. When the GOP failed to “strangle in the cradle” conservative Ken Cuccinelli’s bid for the gubernatorial race in the Virginia primary election, they scuttled it with friendly fire in the general. And now Mitch McConnell is running ads against the tea-party and promising to crush their opposition.

When it comes to the silent coup of the Marxists in this country, “Old GOP” has been nothing but a spectator, and when true patriots run in from the sidelines to try and stop the bleeding they’re beaten back as “tea-party Hobbits.”

As for conservative victories since 2010, I can only think of three: Chick-fil-a, Duck Dynasty, and gun control. And what were the flashpoints of these great victories? – A guy who makes chicken sandwiches, a guy who makes duck calls and the NRA: all standing for principle against tyranny and backed by the cheers and support of “We the People!”

The only black eye that the President has received legislatively has been the NRA coordinated ass-kicking following the Sandy Hook massacre which saw both democrats and republicans jumping on the president’s gun control bandwagon only to be stopped cold by a true opposition campaign.

Immigration may be another place the president fails but it won’t be a recompense of a united GOP. If it happens it will be for the same reason that victory was had over gun control – scared democrats joining with constitutional republicans. You know, those same guys that Mitch McConnell is trying to crush in the primaries.

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  • bdcorvette

    So much for being a party of ideas. Maybe they must be Mitch’s ideas. Stop all the interparty squabbling and unite around the commonalities – either that, or all you old farts get out of the way. You are sucking the life out of the party and discouraging younger folks from participation.

    • bull57

      The GOP will become the constitutional Conservative party again or it will die! This conservative of nearly 40 years is done voting for RINO’S, period!!!

  • The PSP (Perpetually Stupid Party) strikes again.
    How have those establishment candidates worked out for us: Ford, Bush I, Dole, McCain, Mittens????

  • skip511

    Mitch McConnell, represents the same old Washington establishment that must be replaced in order to preserve our democratic way life…a way of life that is shrinking daily.

    • Mike_Travis

      Yes though voting is not the answer. Starting with Ovomit, all the traitors must be tried for treason then executed. It is the ONLY way we will remove them plus it will send a message to those who follow them that if they even THINK about betraying us, we have a lot of rope with their name on it.

    • Ray_Downen

      I hear that Mitch McConnell ALWAYS votes for the same things we are yelling that we want. Yet some accuse him of not representing us.

  • MaranathaMark

    The truth of the matter is, Tea Party candidates elected in 2010 have fought a 2 front war the whole time – Obama and Progressive Left (Democrats), and Establishment /Progressive Right (GOP). How many times have the GOP Establishment (Progressives), stolen defeat from the jaws of victory for the Tea Party people like Cruz, Paul, Lee, etc. The GOP Establishment have been working to try and take down Cruz, Paul, Lee, and other Tea Party conservatives, at every major vote. That is self-inflicted wounds for the GOP Establishment/Progressive Right, cause the more times they tell the Tea Party Conservatives to sit down, shut-up, hand us your donations and vote like we tell you to, isn’t going to fly anymore with most of us in the Tea Party. We’ve tried that for 5 decades, and we ended up with a country tens of trillion in debt, lawlessness in the White House, Agencies running rouge, and an economy/dollar on the verge of collapse! Playing nice and watch the country go to hell in a hand basket is no longer acceptable for the Tea Party folks. Yes, we need to clean house in the GOP first, cause a house divided can’t stand, thus either the Progressive GOP folks need to boot us or we need to boot them, there is NO COMPROMISING at this point! But if the Progressive GOP wins, you essentially end up with a single party government, cause there really is no real difference in the Progressive GOP and DNC Progressives, both want total control over the American population via an all powerful, huge federal government, they only difference is the speed at which they intend to get there!

    • Mike_Travis

      You nailed it!!! What makes their treason all the worst is the gop is supposed to represent conservative principles, yet they attack every tea party person who really ARE conservative, and not just talk about it like the gop.

      Yes, it is time for them all to go, and I mean straight to the gallows for breaking their sacred oath to defend the Constitution. If we are really going to return to being a nation of laws, we must enforce the laws we have, especially those governing Treason for there is no greater crime against We the People than treason, which is why execution is the punishment.

      • Ray_Downen

        Those most deserving of punishment are those who attack the Republican Party and our champions. In recent months, our worst enemies have been some who support the Tea Party and its radicalism. I note that those non-patriots who refused to vote against Obama in 2012 were radicals of the Tea Party angry because they were unsuccessful in taking over the Republican convention and forcing their nominee on us.

    • Ray_Downen

      Mark has all us old fellows figured out, he says. But the Republicans I know don’t fit his description. We’re patriots. We LIKE Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee and Judge Jeanine and the many other patriotic Republicans active in politics today.I should have mentioned Scott Walker. And Ryan Paul and many others. It is provable that some Republicans should have retired already and surely should retire NOW to be replaced by younger people. God has blessed us by keeping some Supreme Court judges alive so that Obama didn’t get to put more of his kind on that court. But the Republican party is not dead. It’s the only hope for the U.S.A. to have a future.

      • MaranathaMark

        Ray, with all due respect, Mike Huckabee, Paul Ryan are Progressives, just like McConnell and McCain. Ben Carson, while a good man, is not a constitutionalist, and would do away with the 2nd Amendment. I disagree with you, that the “GOP is the only hope for the U.S.A.”, it is the conservatives that are the “ONLY HOPE” for this country. Progressives, whether Democrat or Republican, are still deadly to the future of this country. I’ve met Mike Huckabee, while he is a likable enough fella, he support Amnesty and Common Core, which are poison to this country and the American way of life. I truly believe we have to stop electing those folks who are progressives, even though they have a ‘R’ behind their names. I’ve heard and even participated in the foolishness of just electing folks because they are on the GOP ticket, and as I said earlier, it has left us with a herd of RINO’s who’s only mission is to stay in office, even at the expense of voting with the Democrats on key legislation, and spending money we don’t have, like drunken sailors! The founders never expected men and women to make politics their career, it was supposed to be a type of service, and after a couple of terms, they were expected to go back home and resume their profession, which is why they didn’t put term limits in when they wrote the constitution and the 1st 10 amendments to the Constitution. If they had of put term limits in both congress and supreme court, we would be in much better shape right now.

        • Ray_Downen

          Mark loves the U.S.A. as I also do. He is mistaken about Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson not being good for what ails this nation. He certainly has good ideas about term limits. It simply is not true that some Republicans are Democrats at heart, if that’s what he implies. I can’t speak for every Republican, of course, but I observe that most Republicans are not supporting Obama in any way. Some try to compromise with him, and that can’t be done. And all surely try to be civil in discourse with and about him. But when we’ve done all we can to get the best candidates running on the Republican ticket, we then need to vote for the winners and get out of office, regardless of seniority, those who are loyal to Obama or whose goals for the nation are not our goals.

          • MaranathaMark

            Again, Ray, with all due respect, you have to be joking! “It simply is not true that some Republicans are Democrats at heart,” Ray, are you seriously advancing this idea?! Look at McCain, Graham, Boehner, McConnell, they are PROGRESSIVES, 99% of the Democrats are PROGRESSIVES! They all want the same thing, Big, All-Controlling Govt. they only difference in these Progressives GOP and Democrats is how they arrive at their common goal. If you can’t see that, my friend, you are either very naive, not watching or a Progressive yourself. Carson is a good man, no argument, but when he starts picking and choosing which parts of the Constitution to support, he falls from conservative favor in my opinion. Huckabee supports Common Core and Amnesty, which are 2 of the more dangerous issues facing our country today, so he may have a few conservative positions, on to of the more important issues of the day, he is on the WRONG side. Ray, you have to take your blinders off, my friend and really take a close look at these RINO’s like McCain, McConnell, Graham, Huckabee, and Carson. When the Republicans that you say don’t support Obama cave and support raising the Debt-Ceiling, Amnesty, increasing taxes, funding Obamacare, abandoning the fight against Obamacare, etc, what do you say then about these folks. It doesn’t matter if they say they are against it until the final vote, if they end up voting in Obama’s favor on these things. Whether it is Obama in office or “Obama-Lite” like McCain, we still are heading for destruction. I truly believe the only hope for this country, and it grows smaller with each passing day, is for a congress who’s majority will stand by and implement conservative principles and policies. Compromising to a zero gain or less, will NOT help us at all! We are at the point where only bold conservative action can hope to have a chance of pulling this country back from the edge of the abyss! Ray, please pay attention to these guys you think are “Republicans”, and see where they stand on the issues… you just might be surprised. And don’t just look at them over the last few months, go back and look at their position on the issues over the last 8 years! You might just be shocked at what you find!

          • Ray_Downen

            True Republicans have enemies, even some who claim to be true Republicans. Mike Huckabee is not as represented by Mark. McConnell is a true Republican and deserves our appreciation. That may be why enemies of true Republicanism are attacking him and Mike Huckabee. Ben Carson is likely to be our next President. I note that opponents of Ben Carson and Mitch McConnell and Mike Huckabee are true Democrats regardless of what name they claim. Obama has done his best to divide the nation into special-interest groups. Is the Tea Party trying to help Obama?

          • MaranathaMark

            Ray, you are obviously delusional! Prove that what I’ve said is not the Truth about Carson, McConnell or Huckabee! I have not misrepresented any of them, and if you think Ben Carson is going to be the next president you must be high! Ben is a good man, but he simply is NOT a Constitutionalist. He is all for abandoning the 2nd Amendment, and supports anti-2nd Amendment legislation. Despite his opposition to Obamacare, you simply can’t be anti-Bill of Rights and win the Presidency on the GOP side. I have been nothing but respectful to you Ray, but you have not extended the same to me, but that is to be expected by an Establishment/Progressive like yourself. I base my views on you due to the folks you claim to support! You and those like you, are as much to blame for the situation we find this country in, as are the Democrat Progressives like Obama, Reid and Pelosi, for it is supposed “Republicans” like yourself, that keep supporting Progressives like McConnell, McCain, Graham and Boehner in office, despite their progressive records! You truly have blinders on or are incredibly naive to think McConnell, Huckabee or Carson are true Conservatives! But don’t take my word for, actually engage your brain and check on their records (Huckabee and McConnell), and look at what they’ve been saying in their speeches… you just might be surprised if you actually pay attention to what they are saying!

          • Ray_Downen

            You’re right that if the fine people I admire are not “conservatives” I also am not. But the ones I admire are representative of the Republican stands through the years. They do NOT represent the present Tea Party, or I’d not admire them. “We” are not taken in by the furious fulminations of Tea Party partisans. We stand for the Constitution and for what has made the REPUBLICAN party the right party through the years. As for paying attention, I know what is at stake, and I recognize that some are seeking to divide the Republicans into ultra-conservative losers and ones they think are “liberals.” You are one whose voice is raised to divide and ruin the Republican party. If you can knock out the best among us, you suppose then that losers can take over the party. I think you’re wrong.

          • MaranathaMark

            Very well, you are not a conservative nor a constitutionalist, for if you don’t defend the WHOLE constitution, you can’t claim to be a Constitutionalist. You are a Republican, which has contributed almost as much for the problems this country has, as the Progressives across the isle. Yeah, I’m one of the “crazy”, ultra-conservative, constitutionalist Tea Party guys, and If the GOP is going to vote with and act like the Progressives in the Democrat party, we will “divide” the party or possibly leave the party. See if you can win another election without us “ultra-conservative losers”… ask Mit Romney how that works. If you truly “Stand for the Constitution”, you wouldn’t support the all-controlling, super-government, that the folks you support, push and work to create. In case you missed it, the U.S. Constitution is about a minimalist style government, void of professional politicians. Progressives are progressives with a common goal: An all powerful, all controlling government, ruled by “Professional” politicians who’s only concern is staying in power. If you are good with things like common core, Amnesty, an unlimited debt ceiling, unrestrained spending, and an all intrusive government, then you are supporting the right guys, but please stop lying to yourself and everyone else, that you support the U.S. Constitution and/or Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, cause that claim doesn’t hold water with who you support! As for ruining the Republican party, we can’t claim that, The Tea Party is the only reason the GOP controls the House, and it is ONLY reason you have folks like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, in office, whom without, Obama would have his way in Congress and the country would be much worse off. Ray, I truly hope the Tea Party will take the next step and create a separate party, a real conservative party, so we can leave the GOP to go the way of the Whig Party, as it should. You put folks like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or Paul Ryan up as your presidential president, and watch the “Ultra-Conservative losers” vote Libertarian or hopefully offer up their own candidate. As for the Mid-Terms this year, I truly hope we see a repeat of the 2010 TEA PARTY movement to further cleanse Congress and especially the GOP Progressives like McConnell, Graham, etc. If we fail, your democrats in GOP trappings like McConnell, McCain and Graham will continue to aid Mr. Obama in destroying this country!

          • Ray_Downen

            We Republican patriots can win without Tea Party support, and it’s obvious that the Tea Party CANNOT take over the Republican Party. Mark makes clear his conviction that Ron Paul has it right and that the Tea Party is promoting the docrines of a party other than what has made the Republican party the party of patriots.

          • MaranathaMark

            If that was the case, if the Republican party can win without the Tea Party, then Romney would be president, wouldn’t he!?! Conservatism is what made the “GOP” a viable party, and it’s departure from it will be its end. No one in your RNC believes the GOP can win a single election without the Tea Party support. You sir, are delusional! But we shall see in the up coming primaries and again in November! And for the Record, I don’t support Ron Paul. I do support Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. The Tea Party supports the same doctrines the founding fathers of this country supported. If that doesn’t serve the GOP, then I really don’t care. No true conservative is concern with the GOP or the DNC, we are concerned with the country’s future, what party affiliation man or woman is, is irrelevant as long as they adhere to the Constitutional constraints put forth in our constitution and bill of rights. So when the GOP starts acting like closet democrats, we call them like we see them, and vote them out!

  • reggiec

    No third party needed, just a hostile takeover of the GOP!

  • yaki534

    Are you kidding? Look at the last two candidates they put up for president. Both rinos. I am donating my funds to the Tea Party Candidates, the real conservatives.. The RNC is not getting a cent.

  • Jimdar

    Send all of those old brain dead farts home. They have had their chance to fix the problem and failed

  • junkmailbin

    it is time to stop the traditional knife fight and blood spilling in Republican primaries. All you end up with is a whole lot of ammunition for the democrats to pile onto the bloody winner and no money. We have seen what happens when the zealots take over. We loose like Delaware, Nevada, Alaska, etc.
    Ground rules.
    1. Never speak bad of another Republican RR.
    2. Elect the most conservative person in the primary that can win the general election W Buckley.
    3. Get out and support the candidate who wins. No sitting on your self-righteous arse and not voting. No doing the bad lip thing, this is to be directed at the Democrat.
    You want change that counnts, than change the way you do business and change yourself, instead of having to change your soiled diapers

    • Clint

      We have danced this particular dance many times with the same results. We elect Republicrats and Democans. There is not a “smidgin” of difference between the two.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    As we all know the world we live has turned upside down.

    What is good is now called evil. What is evil is now called

    good. God’s Words is now called “hate material” and talking

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  • GQ4U

    The DNC is the enormous weight pulling us under and the RNC is the chain linking us to that weight. Cut the chain and you’ll free the Republic.

  • foxxybey

    McConnell is a RINO idiot and needs to go and he is the one to be crushed, a Nazi idiot from hell.

  • bull57

    I believe the tea party has some very good choices for president and I would like to add one solid name, SCOTT WALKER, gov. of Wisconsin. Boy, talking about a guy with some great credentials and a proven record in a blue, blue union state. Walker has my support and my excitement at the possibility!!!

    • Ray_Downen

      But why do you think Scott Walker is not the Republican he claims to be? I also like him and appreciate the marvelous job he has done in Wisconsin. But I would like him less if he claimed to be anything other than a faithful Republican. The reason we lost in 2012 was because of Tea Party zealots. Now they still want to take over the Republican Party and ruin any chance of saving the U.S.A.

      • bull57

        Ray I’m confused, where did I imply that Scott Walker is not the republican he claims to be? I must also confess that I’m one of the Tea Party zealots that helped the Republican Party become the majority in the House in 2010! I’m not going to preach, but I’ve been a republican for almost 40 years. I for one am trying to save it from its own self destruction. The GOP left me and their principles somewhere along the way. Without a D or an R behind so many members names today it’s hard to distinguish one party from the other! I personally believe that if the GOP is to survive they had better return to its conservative roots or they will be the become the permanent minority party!

      • ICorps

        What do you mean by “faithful Republican”? Do you mean faithful to the big money donors who want more Hispanic immigrants, amnestied or not, as a source of cheap labor? Do you mean faithful to a spinelessness that renders Republicans incapable of standing up to the Democrats’ destruction of America?

        Do you really believe if John McCain had won that he would have saved the U.S.A.? Do you really believe that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are saving the U.S.A.?

        What you do believe is that party label and political philosophy are synonymous, which is naiveté carried to a dangerous extreme.

        • Ray_Downen

          ICorps asks what I mean by “faithful Republican”? No, the party is not owned by “big money donors” nor “spineless” folks unwilling to speak out and act as needed to defend against Obama’s aim of destroying the nation. I observe that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are doing all that can be done toward obstructing Obama’s plans for our destruction. But since both are realists, they are not trying to subvert the Constitution by acts which are contrary to that document. I surely do believe that only honest people should claim to be Republicans. I do not agree that all Republicans are also aligned with Tea Party purposes. I disagree with much that Ron Paul supports, and the Tea Party, so far as I can tell, is fully in favor of the goals of Ron Paul’s party, the Libertarians. I’ll do anything in my power to prevent a takeover of the Republican Party by Libertarianism.

  • jsccats

    Apparently Mitch “missed” the “successful” reelection of Scott Brown in MA against a real dingbat opponent now Sen Warren (D-MA) or how well moderate Tommy Thompson did in his race in 2012.

  • 7818TD

    If you do not donate to Matt Bevin, and if the GOP wins, Mitch McConnell will be Speaker of the House. I do not want to see a Judas in that position.

    • KayDeeBeau

      Sorry – you are mixing your Congressional chambers – Mitch is a Senator and cannot be Speaker of the House – but perhaps you meant Senate Majority leader?

  • rowleya

    Isn’t Mitch &Co moles for the left?

  • reggiec

    Whistling past the graveyard

    The “TEA Party Movement” (Not a Party) and those they
    support are becoming more and more determined to counter decades of creeping
    Socialism. I believe that voters would love to have a clear choice between
    candidates instead of being forced to choose the lesser evil.

    The left has been very well organized for decades. (Labor
    unions, teachers unions, community action groups, the homosexual lobby and
    illegal immigration promoters) The reason RINOS and the left fear the “TEA
    Party Movement” is because the right is showing their ability to organize as
    well. They are pulling down the curtain that has hidden how the elite of both
    Democrats and the GOP have worked together to increase the size and power of
    the central government at the expense of state and individual rights.

    RINO’s (The GOP
    establishment) are card carrying members of the Washington elite. It has become
    ever clearer that the establishment of both parties have sold their votes to
    campaign donors and special interests. We can get their attention by a primary
    challenge during the next election cycle and every one after that.

    Make them feel like they are whistling
    past the graveyard, hoping the ghosts of our Founding Fathers are not giving
    aid and comfort to the true Conservatives that will challenge the GOP in a
    hostile takeover.