Student Suspended for Shirt Quoting the 2nd Amendment

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A high school student in upstate New York was suspended for wearing an NRA T-shirt that touted the 2nd Amendment after he refused to turn it inside out or cover the words with duct tape.

Shane Kinney, a 16-year-old sophomore from Grand Island, located between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, said he served a one-day, in-school suspension Monday after he refused last Friday to turn his T-shirt inside out at the request of the vice principal at Grand Island High School. The shirt was emblazoned with the NRA logo and the words, “2nd Amendment Shall not be Infringed” across the back.

“Mr. Lauria [the vice principal] told me I had to either turn the shirt inside out or put duct tape over the words,” Shane Kinney told FoxNews.com. “I told them that I wasn’t going to do it. I had to sit in the suspension room and eat lunch alone until my father brought me a new shirt to school.”

“There was pretty much nothing in the policy about guns.”
– Shane’s father Wayne Kinney

Kinney, a card-carrying member of the NRA along with his parents, said he had worn the shirt to school before, along with others that were similar, and had been asked to put duct tape over the writing. He said he complied because he didn’t want to make waves.

“I would never complain. I just wanted to get through the school year,” Kinney said. Officials at the school cited the dress code which prohibits any clothing that might incite or encourage “violent activities.”

“There was pretty much nothing in the policy about guns. We spoke to the principal about it,” Shane’s father, Wayne Kinney, told FoxNews.com. He added he discovered that he was also a member of the NRA. “We decided that it was best to let the whole thing drop since Shane already took his suspension.

“I don’t think they would have changed their minds anyway.”

In a copy of the letter sent to the Kinney home that was provided to FoxNews.com, Grand Island High School Vice Principal Michael Lauria stated:

“On Friday March 7th, 2014 prior to the start of school, Shane was seen wearing a sweatshirt with the logo of a firearm. Shane was asked to remove the shirt and turn it inside out, or place tape over the logo. Shane was also previously asked not to wear the shirt to school.

“Shane did not listen to the administrator and was later seen wearing a T-shirt with rifles displayed on the back,” the statement continues. “Shane’s actions are insubordinate and in violation of the GICSD Code of Conduct.”

On Thursday, Schools Superintendent Teresa Lawrence released a statement denying that Shane was disciplined “for wearing a shirt expressing a position on the NRA or gun control.” Although she did not elaborate, she said the incident presented an opportunity to review policy.

“The Grand Island School District recognizes this matter as an opportunity to review its policies, procedures and actions to ensure that they are consistent with our commitment to provide a safe learning environment and protect students’ Constitutional rights,” Lawrence said.

Kinney’s father maintains that there is actually nothing in the student code that bans clothing with the imagery of guns.

While Kinney took his punishment like a good student, he says he’s still not happy with how everything went down.

“I don’t agree with it,” he said. “The NRA does great things and there was nothing wrong with that shirt.

Kinney, who is an avid hunter with a part-time job at the local gun club, says that he believes that he was asked to remove the shirt more for political beliefs than for inappropriateness.

“I’ve worn other shirts before with guns on them,” he said. “I was never asked to cover up. I think this happened because it was an NRA shirt.”

“That’s what I’m leaning towards.”

Meanwhile the superintendent of schools is dancing around the truth, playing with words in his response to the action.
In this link he says no student was disciplined for wearing a shirt that promotes a position on the 2nd Amendment or gun control..
In fact.. what he refuses to say is, the student was suspended because the shirt had a picture of a firearm on it.

read more at Fox News

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  • freedomforall

    What if god-fearing Americans decided to refuse funding public schools? What if parents decided that the public school system is broken, corrupt and run by liberal/progressives hellbent on brainwashing our children to think and act like them?

    • Marco127

      It will take a big movement of Americans. However, the Department of Education definitely needs to be abolished. It exceeds the proper role and function of the federal government and, in the 30-some years of its existence, has become (predictably) a funnel for waste of taxpayer dollars and for social experimentation and engineering of our children on a large scale. Both of these outcomes are destructive to the integrity, virtue, and freedom of American society.

      • FBAshplant

        Well said. You describe perfectly the Department of Education and our liberal politically correct government. Abolishing the Dept. of Ed. would be a great step in improving our educational system and helping to balance our national budget.

    • Devilrider

      It is not just the school system. The whole country has gone nuts. Johnny took his shotgun out before school and shot some ducks and put the shotgun in his rack above the pickup seat. In 1957, the principal would have seen it and gone to his own truck and got his shotgun and talked duck hunting with Johnny. In 2014, the school goes on lockdown, the swat team is called and Johnny gets expelled. His parents are arrested. What a life.

      • James Maxwell

        I was raised in South Texas and South Louisiana and the scene listed
        above was not uncommon back then. When I returned from overseas
        in 1972 and was home on leave I went back to the old High School
        and there were pickup trucks in the parking lot with rifles and shotguns
        in the rack for all to see. On Friday’s we would come to school
        prepared to go hunting as soon as school was out and spend the
        weekend in the swamps hunting an fishing. Sadly the world has
        changed and the corruption of Washington has permeated the land

    • Myrtle Linder

      If students are wearing something, saying something, reading something, or wearing something inappropriate I can understand. What is wrong wit the second amendment? Oh I see, whoever you are, you do not us to be able to defend ourselves, you want us dependent on you and to kiss when and where you desire that we do so. I am so sorry, I am not into kissing. I do not believe that is GOD’S plan for me.

    • reggiec

      I have read reports that “home schooling” is growing at the rate of about 20% a year. Charter schools are also growing in popularity as people wake up to the indoctrination occurring in the public school system.

    • I think thats a great idea fredomforall…. which is why my daughter spent most of her life in a private school.

    • Brian

      That is the thing. You don’t get to “decide” not to fund public schools. You work, you pay taxes, you shop at local stores that pay taxes. Those shops employ people that pay taxes. Unless you are going to drop totally off the grid. No car, no electricity, no county Utilities and intend to live constantly on the move, they you will support the Public Schools.

      • john doe

        If your student is not there on count day the school becomes unfunded by the state. Rhis is how thwy calculate their funding and budget.

        • Brian

          Counts are an ongoing thing. It’s a daily thing. To unfund a school it would require a significant number of children to be removed and even then there is sufficient government funding as to render even that moot for a period of time.

    • Patriot

      Too many parents don’t want to upset their lives by having to homeschool their kids. For shame, parents.

      • Russell Sayce

        And what about the grand parents that put the young parents in this situation, will they continue to sit back and watch?

        • Wayne Ogilvy

          Yep ! It’s Bush’s fault ! When are you liberals going to take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming someone else ? My guess, NEVER.

          • Russell Sayce

            Who said anything about Bush? And please don’t place one of your divisive labels on me, I don’t watch your idiot box.

            You act as though bringing children into this world and throwing them to societal wolves is commendable on your part. And that your weak children just need to toughen up against evil that you never had to experience, so you don’t know what it’s like.

            At least, you don’t know what it’s like to be on the recieving end. I don’t know how you baby boomers and silent generation can sleep at night. There is no conspiracy to take over the world, just the dumbest, most evil and perverted generation at the helm.

          • Wayne Ogilvy

            You are just looking for an excuse to blame someone else for you not growing up. By the way you spoiled brat man child my children are not weak. My youngest daughter could whoop your behind in a quick second ! Do you work and provide for a family ? I would guess you sit around collecting SSI {federal welfare} using your snap card for munchies after smoking your dope. Your generation is the most evil & perverted you gay & muslim loving wannabe,You sick freaks think pedophiles can be rehabilitated and want to save the convicted murderers from the death penalty while at the same time taking your pregnant girlfriend to planned parenthood for an abortion ! You want someone to blame for how children turn out ? try public education not the Grandparents Punk !

          • Russell Sayce

            Thank you for proving my point, you who is collecting and protecting.

            Thanks for threatening for your daughter to whoop my behind, violence is a virtue in the reprobate mind.

            Unlike you, I have never recieved anything that I didn’t work for.

            I am not trying to blame the grandparents, they will do that on their own. I am trying to encourage them to join the fight for their offsprings survival, where are they?

          • Wayne Ogilvy

            Were right here fighting to keep them away from girly men like you and obama ! Whats the matter little man does my daughter being tougher than you hurt your backside ? You are a liar about never getting anything you didn’t work for, Did you work for your diapers as an infant ? And saying my daughter COULD whoop your butt is a threat of violence ? You must be one of those people that’s threatened by a pop tart chewed into the shape of a gun huh ? By the way what did your first sentence in your latest reply mean ?{Thank you for proving my point, you who is collecting and protecting.} What does that mean little fella ?

          • Russell Sayce

            Well golly gee grandpa….it means you can’t really talk to much about the gov. that’s choking the life out of society, because you’re being paid by them for your silence. Next time I will make simpler implications so you won’t hurt yourself on them.

            Is now a good time to talk about why you’re so sensitive about this sublect, or do you to medicate first?

          • Wayne Ogilvy

            Since you seem to be too far left of normal thinking to understand my questions or even answer your own statements little girly boy. I will bid you farewell and wish you the best in your rainbow utopia of hope and change P.S The only meds I take are multivitamins unlike your feel good anti-depressants all you liberals are on just before having a violent episode in a public place like Schools / Theaters / Military bases / Etc, I will keep my eyes open for you ! I will be watching and ready !!

          • Russell Sayce

            It must be nice to live in a dream world Grandpa, everything is as you say it is, oops…is that a hockey game coming on your set? Now I know why you gotta go…

  • jb80538

    So if he were wearing a “gay pride” or “pro abortion” shirt, I suppose he would have been applauded.
    Damn fools in charge of our schools!

    • Wumingren

      He ought to test that by wearing such a shirt and see what happens.

  • Hoodoo H

    Thank you for your Patriotism, young man!
    Stand strong and do not waiver.
    It is a battle between evil powers and principalities. ..the Bible says so.

  • Darhalaz

    Let’s bombard the school with complaint letters (Grand Island Senior High School, 1100 Ransom Rd, Grand Island, NY 14072) and phone calls (716-773-8820). That should get their attention.

    • Eagle2758

      They also have a contact button where you can send an email. Let these turds have it!

      • Darhalaz

        I’m disgusted with the way this country is treating true American patriots. A different high school (CA, I believe) has prohibited the wearing of American flag shirts on “Cinco de Mayo” because it might cause problems. Every member of my family will be donning an American flag shirt on May 5 because this is America, not Mexico. Will you help me spread the word?

        • Wayne Ogilvy

          Yes I will !! Nothing against Mexican’s, But if you want to live in your culture that’s fine. But this is the USA. You came here voluntarily. Assimilate or go back to the country you LEFT for a better life here, We as Americans love pretty much everyone, But don’t try and change America into what you ran away from !!!

  • Wumingren

    Perhaps he could make an even “louder” statement by wearing his NRA shirt with duct tape covering the letters and walk around campus with duct tape covering his mouth, too. Show them that their opposition to the 2nd Amendment is also opposition to the 1st Amendment.

    • Marco127

      Excellent point.

  • robertdavidhummel

    The Teachers UNION and ALL “Democratic Progressive IDIOTS”, …NEED to Be REMOVED from… ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS…PERIOD.
    All Public SCHOOL LEADERSHIP and TEACHERS, … should be REQUIRED …To “PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE “, …””To The Fiag of Our Country, “AND”, … BE PHYSICALLY able to RECITE The Constitution of Our United States…PERIOD and, … be able to EXPLAIN””, …Just HOW and WHY … those same FREEDOMS are not permitted in the Public Schools, of Our America. …PERIOD.

  • dufus

    Enough is enough from these sob’s. Isn’t it time for the American people to rise up and be counted? Give us a break! Stand up people. I am sick and tired of everyday hearing stories that are totally absurd by these wackos that are in our schools and law enforcement and especially from our Muslim President and his administration.

  • James Ives

    Sounds like a great lawsuit to me.

  • Had the constitutional framers established government and society upon Yahweh’s morality as reflected, in part, in Psalm 149:6-9 and 1 Timothy 5:8, this would have never occurred. Inf fact, there wouldn’t be any tax-funded (socialistic) public schools that are not only anti-firearms but also anti-Christianity to have expelled this young man, to begin with.

    For more on how Yahweh’s moral law applies today, see free online book “Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant” at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/law-kingdomFrame.html.

    Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of an 85-page book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      Well then Ted, we STILL don’t want the establishment of a Theocracy. It’s bad enough with the impending rule of Marxists and Communists. Thank God for the First Amendment!

      • When one understands that the principal means by which we keep the First Commandment is by observing Yahweh’s other moral laws (of course, under the New Covenant, through Christ as Lord and Savior, motivated by love) and that idolatry is not so much about statues as it is statutes, it becomes clear that all governments are theocratic, serving either the true God or some false god, demonstrated by what laws they keep and consider the supreme law of the land.

        Furthermore, all non-existent false gods (1Corinthians 8:4-6) always have been and always will represent we the people in one form or another.

        “…There is no escaping theocracy. A government’s laws reflect its morality, and the source of that morality (or, more often than not, immorality) is its god. It is never a question of theocracy or no theocracy, but whose theocracy. The American people, by way of their elected officials, are the source of the Constitutional Republic’s laws. Therefore, the Constitutional Republic’s god is WE THE PEOPLE.

        “People recoil at the idea of a theocracy’s morality being forced upon them, but because all governments are theocracies, someone’s morality is always being enforced. This is an inevitability of government. The question is which god, theocracy, laws, and morality will we choose to live under?…”

        For more, see online Chapter 3 “The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YAHWEH” at bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt3.html.

        • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

          Thanks for validating my point.
          You have a talent for rambling and for not saying anything.

      • PATRIOT.WW48

        MStg:: Great words and thoughts to that ted guy. however u did 4get to include a far worse Theocracy, ‘islam’. Ted does seem to be MYOPIC and does prattle on 4ever. It’s not that I don’t agree with him on a lot of his points. A platoon of your Recon boys saved the butts of the 6-man team I was on in Cambodia. Big-Time Thx to you Jar-Heads.

        • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

          You’re right about Islam. However, Islam is not, at the present, our biggest problem, Marxism and Communism are. We need to get rid of the Marxists in our government, bring back our manufacturing base, get people off of welfare and to work, and then worry about Islam. So far, they have only about 1 to 2 % of our total population, but are gaining ground. The Marxists, here, are well established and are a great deal more of a threat to our economy and society.
          I was in Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos as a Scout/Sniper. Three tours, some with Force Recon and some on other (classified, “independent” missions). I lost three spotters and I spent “quality time” on hospital ships, once for each tour.
          Thank YOU for YOUR service, I hope that you (enjoyed) dealing with the Commies as much as I did.
          What pi$$es me off, more than anything, is that we now have one of those slime-ball Marxists in OUR White House.


    Get these liberal Constitution , Bill of Rights hating idiots out of our schools . We need to go back to the 4 R’s and drop all this leftist bullcrap agenda . The only way to do this is to eliminate the Federal Dept. of Education , which did not exist until Jimmy Carter was elected President ( 2nd worst Pres. ever , only Obama is worst ) after which he created it to repay the Teachers unions for supporting him in his election . Since the Dept. of Ed. was created , the quality of our children’s education has dropped dramatically and socialism has taken over our schools, which has since then rewritten history taught in schools to fit the socialist agenda.

    • Patriot

      Actually, the progressive movement started in the 1800’s. I went to school long before Carter came on the scene, and was taught that FDR was a great president, so this did not start with Carter. It only accelerated.

  • Bob

    Man trusting in man again, it does not matter if we believe its a better form or not – it’s still resting in man instead of Messiah.

  • foxxybey

    I say fire all the Nazi union teachers as they don’t teach anything but hate America and need to be in hell where they belong.

  • pysco

    If he was my son, the school district would either fire the principle, or be funding the best private school around. We need to rid ourselves of the PC idiots,

  • dave

    Union backed over educated idiot self anointed progressive socialist democraps are not helping the tax free program to bring the business to New York called UP NEWYORK.

  • Charlie

    What a good little bunch of socialist these school personal are !! First the first amendment protect students right of his free speech . Second the shirt logo is about the second amendment . Both of these rights are not given to us by any government agency , these are God given. Now the NRA is an organization that promotes and teaches gun safety . Therefore logically the school should embrace the NRA and use their expertise staff to teach students the subject of gun safety ,usage ,maintaining gun and responsibility of gun ownership .

  • Nonameever

    The United States Constitution is generally banned material in all public schools, in California the Ninth District Court of Appeals agreed with a school district that if Hispanics threaten racially motivated violence against Anglo students if the flag of the United States of America is displayed during their Cinco de Mayo celebrations, then the Hispanic students should be immunized from prosecution for terrorist threats, hate crimes and extortion and the Anglo students should be properly punished by refusing the display of the flag of the United States of America. We have differing rights premised upon race, ethnicity or national origin with Anglo students at the base–because Anglos oppress minorities.

  • Eagle2758

    Time to charge these turds with treason, hang from the highest tree.

  • digdeeper

    That’s the problem with government controlled education. It’s propaganda and brainwashing, NOT education. As Hitler said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” What better way than subverting education! Look out when they start talking about pre-K for all kids! Should be a bright red flag!!!

  • Brian

    Insubordinate? He goes to school there. He does not work for them and he is not in the military. His actions and what was worn is in now way insubordinate. Respectfully asked, respectfully denied. Perhaps the principal and School board need to look up just what the meaning of insubordinate is and is not.

    That child could wear a shirt with the entire bill or rights on it, adorned with the appropriate symbology of the organizations that avidly support each fundamental aim and there is nothing that can be done. It is freedom of speech. As long as there are no words which would be considered offensive then the shirt is perfectly fine.

  • Patriot

    Stick to your guns, Kinneys. You’re in the right, and they’re in the WRONG. That bs about “insubordinate” and “in violation of the code of conduct” pales in comparison to the school violating kids’ First Amendment free speech protections.

    Don’t let them bully your kids that way. Yank your kids out of school and home school them. Yeah, it’s hard, but the right thing to do is never the easy thing to do. In the short run.

  • robbpa

    Mr. Lauria, the vice principal, Should be fired, sued, and charged with violating Shane’s constitutional rights.

  • HongryHawg

    They don’t like the Constitution in New York. Everybody knows that.

  • Eebigdog

    Sue the vp, school district, city, county
    and state for infringement of free speech.
    That’s what the libs would do!

    • Russell Sayce

      That’s because the judges are libs.

  • James Maxwell

    Why is it that the Ultra Liberal Left Social Democrats are so afraid of the U.S,
    Constitution and what it says? They run and hid every time someone bring
    it up in discussion screaming Bigotry, Racism and hate speech. They do not
    know nor want to have an open and honest discussion on what it says that
    scares the hell out of them. Perhaps it goes against their attempt to confiscate
    weapons and abolish our rights under the Constitution, I don’ understand?
    But I will tell those who want to take away my weapons and my ability to
    protect and defend my family, my country, My religious freedoms then
    come on down but be prepare for the results of your actions. i live
    in peace and friendship with my fellow man until you step on my toes.

  • Charles Montesquieu

    And if it had been something bashing Christianity or a qu’ranic verse? How about a picture of two men or two women kissing or holding hands? That would be acceptable? Any of the references to God in the founding documents or any of the 50 state constitutions!? This is what generations of social engineering of our youth has produced. Pathetic!


    the ballot box is lost, someday the SWHTF. probably when the mulatto, Marxist, muslim trys for a 3rd term

  • junkmailbin

    time to take back our school boards and toss out the teachers union. Our kids deserve better than haveing liberal anti american pervs running the education systems