EIGHT States Approve Concealed Guns on Campus

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Way to go Florida! The bill that could arm trained teachers, principals, and other school staff passed in the state house yesterday!

Critics of the bill argue that more guns in schools will increase the odds of gun violence. Democratic state representative Mia Jones believes arming teachers and principals won’t help in a crisis situation.
So, Mia, I suppose you think unarmed teachers cowering in a corner with students as a crazed mass gunman unloads on them, is helpful? We’ve seen how well that works… We’ve also seen that school security is helpful but the only way to stop bad guys with guns is to arm more good guys with guns. What part of that can you not get, Mia?

“We don’t need amateurs bringing guns to the fight, we need to make sure that we have trained personal in our schools that handle guns and have been trained to do so,” she said.
Of course Mia does not comprehend that teachers who get concealed carry permits DO go through training… Most of the citizens I know who conceal carry, train regularly, practicing at an area gun range and can outshoot many cops.
I should know… I own an indoor shooting range.. I see who comes in to practice and take classes on a regular basis.
What do you base you position on, Mia?

Supporters point out that the bill has some key safety components built in. Only school officials with former or current law enforcement backgrounds or former or current military officers can carry a weapon on campus. They must pass a background screening. They have to have a concealed weapons license. They have to participate in active shooter training and firearm proficiency training every year.

The bottom line is that with this bill each school district will have the choice of using this legislation. It’s a choice that Palm Beach county will say no to.

Meanwhile… over in Idaho, good things happening on the 2nd Amendment front.

Within the past couple of months Idaho said yes to a measure allowing concealed guns to be carried onto university and college campuses.

The legislation, cleared the state House of Representatives by a 50-19 vote and was overwhelmingly approved by the state Senate last month.
Idaho wws the seventh U.S. state that allows guns on college campuses, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The passage of the Idaho bill comes amid a tense debate on the extent of gun ownership restrictions in the United States, which has seen a string of recent shootings at schools, movie theaters and other public places.

Under the legislation, those who gain a so-called enhanced concealed-carry permit in Idaho can carry firearms on campus except in such places as residence halls and public entertainment facilities like football stadiums.

Anyone who passes an eight-hour gun training course provided by a National Rifle Association instructor would be eligible to apply for the permit.

The bill ignited controversy in the weeks leading to its approval by the legislature, where Republicans outnumber Democrats by 4-1.

Okay… 8 states down…. Now… for the rest of them…

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  • Dottie Parsons-Harrison

    Okay so Florida and Idaho what are the other 6 states?

    • Paparock

      You can carry in Oregon schools if you have a Concealed Handgun License.

      • Paparock

        Just so it’s clear, it must be an Oregon CHL.

  • foxxybey

    Should be in every state and on every campus in America and armed guards in the high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, no gun free zones and let the people defend themselves where ever they go.