Fed Up With Federal Corruption Yet? Ready to Abolish the IRS?


If you are an American who is sick of the corruption and obesity of the federal government, the IRS Scandals and Lois Lerner’s refusal to answer the American people, then you will like what Nathan Mehrens is proposing. Nathan is president of Americans for Limited Government. He says it is time to abolish the IRS and move to a tax system that is simple and fair for all Americans…
Check out his article below featured on Fox News:

America marked a dubious milestone in its history last year – the 100th anniversary of federal taxes levied “on incomes, from whatever source derived.” Ensconced in the Sixteenth Amendment, the federal tax code totaled 400 pages when the income tax first took effect in 1913. Today this tax code is a staggering 74,608 pages long – and is administered by a bureaucracy of 90,000 employees at a cost of more than $11 billion annually.

According to the latest data from the Tax Foundation, Americans will shell out $3 trillion in federal taxes this year – and another $1.5 trillion in state levies. That’s $4.5 trillion — a whopping 30.2 percent of income.

Americans deserve a tax system that is simple and fair – one that incentivizes economic growth as opposed to assaulting our productivity, our prosperity and our liberties.
Lurking within the code’s monstrous size, myriad complexity and astronomical cost are any number of pernicious evils. And that’s before we take into account the political persecution perpetrated by President Obama’s Internal Revenue Service (or the ensuing cover-up and ongoing failure of the Justice Department to prosecute these abuses).

The IRS targeted administration critics in an apparent effort to silence them leading up to the 2012 election – yet the president recently claimed there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” associated with this effort.

Does anyone really believe that?

Even if it were administered ethically and uniformly, the tax code’s complexity is a boon for well-connected special interests that use that complexity to benefit their constituents.

Also, the rules are constantly changing. Within the last ten years alone, tax professionals at CCH estimate there have been more than 5,000 revisions to the code – compounding the unreasonableness and unfairness of the existing system.

At its most basic level the income tax is redistributive – violating the founding wisdom of Thomas Jefferson, who sought to guarantee to all Americans the “free exercise of [their] industry and the fruits acquired by it.”

According to the latest data from the Tax Policy Center, 43 percent of Americans pay no federal income tax at all.

How is that “equal protection” under the law? Also, how is a levy that expressly targets consumer activity, job growth, capital investment and personal savings – all key drivers of prosperity – in any way consistent with advancing the “general welfare” of our country?

Enough is enough. Last November, U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) introduced legislation to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment – which he hopes to replace in part with some form of consumption-based tax.

“Viable alternative plans for raising revenue fairly to support constitutionally enumerated functions of the federal government have been proposed,” Rep. Bridenstine said.

However he correctly added, “as long as the Sixteenth Amendment is in place and lobbyists dominate Washington, these alternatives will never be considered.”

Rep. Bridenstine has identified the real problem here. There is currently no incentive for federal lawmakers to scrap our current system because the special interests keeping them in power are profiting from the status quo.

Not only that, there are far too many politicians in Washington who subscribe to the radical redistributive economic ideology at the heart of the income tax – while rejecting common sense solutions aimed at reversing the damage it is doing to our country.

Americans deserve a tax system that is simple and fair – one that incentivizes economic growth as opposed to assaulting our productivity, our prosperity and our liberties.

As we observe this year’s Tax Day (and as we celebrate Tax Freedom Day on April 21) let us resolve to get behind Rep. Bridenstine’s push to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment.

Reforming the IRS is not enough — if we truly wish to usher in a new era of economic and individual freedom, we must abolish the agency and its oppressive tax code altogether.

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  • John Burney Sr

    This sounds great.. If we the People could do it on our own & leave Congress out of it.. They all talk how bad lobbyist are, they do not have to do everything that that they tell them to do if the congressman/woman doesn’t want to.. Of coarse everytime congress tries to do anything to the I.R.S. it gets worse just about like everything else they touch..

    • Frogman17

      My only question being, aren’t lobbyist the same people who make politicians super wealthy while in office, or shortly after leaving office, or isn’t one supposed to ask that question? LOL

      • John Burney Sr

        Yes they do.. If we got rid of the lobbiest how would any of Congress know how to think on their own?????

  • Chief47

    When do we start and how do we do it? I’m ready, willing and able.

    • dodger4754

      Read bobfox321’s post, above & follow the link.

  • bobfox321

    FairTax already has bills pending in the House and the Senate. Here is an easy to read comparison between Fair Tax, Flat Tax, and the mess we have now! http://conservativescores.org/fairtx

    • don s

      the fair tax is the only way

  • bobfox321

    It is impossible to reform the IRS. The IRS and the tax law are a political tool since the beginning of both. Let’s get rid of both. Now is the time. See my other post of how to EASILY do it. We must take the politics out of taxation.

    • Frogman17

      And remove the politicians from government. It could all be easily set up and actually run via the voting process, with no scum bag politicians getting their cuts off the top, and extra benefits after the fact.

  • Bill1966

    There is a far easier solution. When you go to work tomorrow, change your tax forms. You have the right to pay NOTHING in, refusing all witholdings. Next year when tax time rolls around DO NOT FILE. There is no better way to fix the problem then by hitting them where it hurts the most.

    • dodger4754

      There is only ONE way this strategy would work and that would require at least a majority of income earners buying into it. Won’t happen.
      If enough of us lobby our representatives to pass the FairTax and tell them we won’t vote for them ever again unless they do, we can get the 16th Amendment repealed and the IRS reduced to 1/1000th its current size.
      The voter/taxpayer is STRONG if we can band together on this issue.

      • freedom2u

        Most have no clue where their income tax dollar goes. Most believe it runs the government, not. Neither the flat tax, fair tax, etc, is needed. Complete government overhaul is needed, less government, more freedom to create and improve all for humanity. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

    • mdlman1

      Agreed, Bill1966. That is EXACTLY what I did and do. They want to steal MY money; Let ’em work for it…..!!!

    • Geheimish Verbotten

      Bill1966 hit a home run. The IRS can threaten you with jail, but I don’t think they could succeed, unless they also put about half of the IRS in jail. If millions of people stopped filing and paying, the IRS would collapse!!!

  • Doc Holliday

    I think a flat tax for individuals and a tax break for business for equipmet purchased during the tax year is the only fair way.
    They only way you should not be paying tax is if you earned “0”. Welfare is earned income.

    • Geheimish Verbotten

      Doc, you’re going have to put those pistols back in your holsters. The IRS started as a flat tax. So long as you have the 16th amendment and income tax, we’ll end up the same way as it is now.

  • Frogman17

    Beg pardon, but aren’t these two questions both redundant and synonymous?

  • colsooonscoorner

    Getting rid of the IRS is a good idea. We also have to bury the alphabet soup of bureaucracies. Then I think we’d have a fair chance of getting our country back.

  • William

    Where was all this support for abolishing the IRS when Ron Paul was pushing for it during his last two presidential campaigns? Lots of my fellow Americans seem to be slow in the uptake.

    Better late than never I guess.

  • William

    Let’s face the facts. America is no longer a manufacturing based economy. We are a Consumer Goods economy. The easiest way to grow our economy is to either eliminate or suspend the income tax. What this will do is out money back in the pockets of the American Consumer. With note .money to spend they will buy more. Thus increasing demand which in turn will increase need for supply which hopefully would increase manufacturing here in America which would create jobs,reduce unemployment while increasing the amount of consumers with more people Woking.

    • Geheimish Verbotten

      whoa, someone makes economic sense. How’d that happen. You can tell William is NOT a: tax lawyer, tax consultant, CPA, tax preparer or a member of Congress or Federal employee. William makes too much sense. You da man!!!

  • LC

    I love the Fair Tax! It’s finally picking up steam in Congress. A system of taxation that actually makes everyone a tax payer, brings in more money to the government while leaving more money in the tax payer’s pocket… No more tax returns. It makes so much sense.

  • Maggietish

    Every day we get more more news of the corruption of the IRS and how intrusive they’ve become in our lives. They’re not supposed to have any political objective but over the last 4 to 5 years that’s all they have. They have targeted religious organizations, conservative groups and anyone they think is a threat to the liberal/far left agenda. We need a special prosecutor because it’s clear that Eric Holder won’t do anything. They have spent tax payer oney on frivolous meetings and conventions with no conscience at all. Pres. Obama wants them now to head up Obamacare and with all the corruption that exist right now are we to assume that there won’t be any with that, really? A flat tax is the way to go. American taxpayers must tpush Congress and push hard to get the flat tax approved now.

  • Herman L. McCloud

    I.R.S. Reform is not the answer, However annihilation of the I.R.S. is the answer to all
    the unlawful attacks which have been directed at certain individuals, Simply vote out
    the I.R.S. and replace it with a 10 % or what ever straight across the board and forget
    the I.R.S. completely, Therefore every tax payer is taxed accordingly to his income,
    and isn’t that what “Income Tax” is suppose to do, Instead of the big companies and
    the rich getting all the deductions and paying nothing or the welfare whom contribute
    absolutely nothing to the system and yet they collect big refunds at the expense of
    the working tax payers, A straight tax would be more fair, No income, No tax or Refund
    the more money which is made then the more tax’s to pay. The reality of this is, This
    would be more fair and limit the hardships on the working tax payers and there are a
    hell of lot more tax payers to vote than there is companies or the rich to oppose it, We
    the people can vote this into effect. It’s about time to take back our government. !

    • Geheimish Verbotten

      Herman, look up the income tax history since 1912. You’ll find the income tax WAS A STRAIGHT TAX!!! Believe me, you have to pull out the whole system by the roots, repeal the 16th amendment, abolish the IRS, force all IRS agents to live off of sauerkraut as a punishment for all the evil they have done to others, and take away Obama’s cigarettes and golf clubs. If we went back to the way we were prior to 1912, our economy would really blossom. The next best thing is a national consumption tax. Nothing else would really work.

  • Lee

    I want to know why no one is screaming for the FairTax. You get to keep your money, and only pay tax if you buy stuff. And the IRS goes bye bye. It has all kinds of built in safeguards for the poor

  • bull57

    There is not enough time, money or ethical politicians to overhaul anything in DC. Anything that involves every facet of our lives and not even to speak of the amount of money involved can be overhauled. Scrap the whole damn system and start over! At the same time scrap congress and the black house and start over there too!!!