Gun Manufacturers Move South!


In the past six months, three preeminent firearm manufacturers—Ruger, Beretta, and Remington—announced plans to build new gun factories, and it’s no coincidence that all three chose not to expand at current locations.

In fact, the companies publicly stated that moves to the gun-friendly South at least partly hinged on rampant anti-gun legislation in northeastern states where they have been long-time, tax-paying fixtures in the business community. In a Washington Times op-ed piece, Dr. Ugo Gusalli Beretta slammed the hypocrisy: “Unfortunately, as we were planning that expansion, Maryland’s governor and legislature voted in favor of new regulations that unfairly attack products we make and that our customers want. These regulations also demean our law-abiding customers, who must now be fingerprinted like criminals before they can be allowed to purchase one of our products.”

As a result of that frustration, Connecticut-based Ruger will set up shop in Mayodan, N.C.; Beretta is investing in a new facility in Gallatin, Tenn.; and rather than increasing production at its long-time home in Ilion, N.Y., Remington will soon be building guns in Huntsville, Ala.

In doing so, the firearm giants are bolstering a decades-long migration pattern driven by factors such as labor costs, lower taxes and less restrictive regulation, in addition to ever-more-pressing political concerns. Remington moved its corporate headquarters to North Carolina in 1995, and the new Alabama plant will be the company’s third in the region. Other iconic brands, like FNH/Winchester and Ithaca Gun (South Carolina) and Mossberg (Texas) also made strategic decisions to relocate.


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  • Peter Furman

    I was born and raised in the North! I went to college in the North,I worked for 13 years in the North,I have lived in Boulder,Colorado,Scottsdale,Arizona,Raleigh,North Carolina and Atlanta,Ga for most of the past 30 years!
    I love the west and miss it but I am an East Coast person and live here!
    There are so many “transplants” here who got “Sick” and “Tired” of the quality of life,the outrageous expense,the taxes,the progressive,”left” politics which is why the South,Texas as well as the West are growing exponentially as the North and the “far West” have abandoned an environment where the “People,our inalienable,G-D given Rights have been “taken”,”trampled” in lieu of corrupt politicians who betray the American Legacy for Power,for Money,for Control which is No Longer tolerable for those with the courage and ability to “Get the Hell Out”

  • marmo43

    most states will welcome new businesses and people as long as they leave their liberal progressive belief behind if they have any…conservative states do the best. we have a democrat governor and can’t wait to see him GO

  • overkills

    more businesses need to move out of the north . it looks like the south is better than the north

  • ECDucy

    I grew up in the North (Massachusetts) & went to school in the Southwest (Oklahoma). Over the past 5 yrs. the North has become TOTALLY Communistic. New England (Ma., R.I. especially are totally Socialist & violate people’s rights constantly). If I could get my damned wife (who has lived in Ma. all her life & thinks it is great) to move, I would be back in Oklahoma in a heart beat (Oklahoma – much, much less expensive, economy is better, weather is better, people are more friendly, jobs are plentiful, food is much more reasonable, rent or home ownership much, much more reasonable, & people’s freedom & rights are respected more).

  • Doc

    In the first civil war the manufacturing base was in the north. Now it’s in the SOUTH

  • raygun

    I see where NYS has started a tax abatement program to companies that want to operate in the state. It’s a little late as the high elite state officials and old Bloomberg have already done the damage with gun manufactures. In addition, their high tax rate is against them.

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.we control our guns very well mr politican,we don,t need gun control we need politican/government control.mr politican mr government.we the people,who you work for demand to see each and everyone of your credentials.including your birthcertificates.ss cards,and all required paperwork,proving you are qualified for said office you now hold.please have all proper paperwork,to be shown to we the people,for whom you work,and proof of you taking the oath of office,and a copy of the constitituion for which you took an oath..we will allow for a 72 hour grace period.we want to believe you.we really do.but common sense tells us other wise.please respond to the people you work for.you know {we the people} asap.and invite each and every politican/government employee to join with us in Washington dc on may 16,2014 for oas{operation American spring}god bless American veterans/citizens