Gun Rights Victory in Georgia! Another Good Reason To Move South!

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Georgia…. Sweet Georgia…
I’ve got Georgia on my mind!
That fine state has taken a major step toward expanding where licensed carriers can take their weapons, with the governor signing a law — criticized by one group as the “guns everywhere” bill — that allows them in bars without restriction and in some churches, schools and government buildings under certain circumstances.

Following mass shootings in recent years, some states have pursued stronger limits on guns while others like Georgia have taken the opposite path, with advocates arguing that people should be allowed to carry weapons as an issue of public safety. Republicans control large majorities in the Georgia General Assembly, and the bill passed overwhelming despite objections from some religious leaders and local government officials.

The bill makes several changes to state law and takes effect July 1. Besides in bars without restrictions, guns could be brought into some government buildings that don’t have certain security measures, such as metal detectors or security guards screening visitors. Religious leaders would have the final say as to whether guns can be carried into their place of worship.

And school districts would now be able, if they choose, to allow some employees to carry a firearm on school grounds under certain conditions.

“This bill is about the good guys, you guys,” bill sponsor Rep. Rick Jasperse, R-Jasper, told the crowd. “Amid all the misinformation and emotions, one must remember that this bill isn’t about irresponsibly arming the masses. This is a bill about safety and responsibility.”

Opponents, however, include Americans for Responsible Solutions, a group co-founded by former Democratic Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who survived a shooting in 2011 and started a nationwide campaign on gun control. The group’s executive director Pia Carusone on its website said, “the bill is extremism in action; it moves Georgia out of the mainstream.”

Some religious leaders also opposed the law, saying it will increase confusion. Under it, the assumption is still that guns aren’t allowed unless otherwise noted. The law adds a provision, however, that those in violation cannot be arrested or fined more than $100 if they have a valid permit.

It’s unclear whether any school districts plan to take advantage of the new law, but proponents hope it will deter violence.
“Schools have been gun-free zones for some time and those have been where some of the biggest instances of violence have occurred,” said Gary Holland, a retired firefighter from Dawsonville who attended the bill signing. “If I’m a criminal, I would select a target where I know guns are not allowed because it would make the pickings easier.”

The bill passed largely along party lines in the House and Senate. The most prominent Democrat to back the bill was state Sen. Jason Carter, who is running for governor.

Carter, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, reiterated his support for the Second Amendment and noted he had worked to improve the bill to “ensure that places of worship have a real choice on whether to allow guns on their properties.”

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  • Shorty Stuff

    It’s really a shame that laws such as this must be passed. Any law that can be passed can also be repealed at a later date. It should be enough that the 2nd Amendment clearly states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed … period.

    • Dean Harris

      I agree 100%!!

    • violater1


  • Dean Harris

    I really wish that Texas would follow suit. I guess that Prick Perry is to much of a spineless worm.

    • violater1

      Do not think he has been given the opportunity but I am netting he would prove you wrong on both counts spineless or worm! Governor Deal signed our Bill into law he did not draft it nor did he vote in our legislature or Senate so why are you bad mouthing Perry in Texas?!

      • NukeWaste

        So, you left out Pennsylvania, huh? Do you think that most of the state likes having to follow a few major demoRat cities? We need to change the way the vote is counted. By counties. Each with 1 total vote. No split votes. Release the state from the tyranny of the cities.

  • NukeWaste

    And what were those two big hooks over the school fireplace used for? Any guesses? Any wonder why there has never been a school shooting where a teacher went nuts and shot people?

  • Jack

    Georgia has moved toward the mainstream while New York and Connecticut seem to be losing their marbles.

  • Mark

    Kansas has become even more gun friendly this legislative session. How about some more pro-gun families and industries moving this way.

  • rightwingnut

    Shut the hell up. There are too many down here now.

  • Johnny Bailey

    So, Gabbie Giffords and crew proclaim that Georgia is moving OUT of the mainstream? Uh-oh…… threaten Georgians with NOT being hip…… Maybe they’ll knuckle under…… HA! What a douche. Georgia will not allow itself to be railroaded by the likes of Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Illinois, soon-to-be Virginia, or anyone ELSE. Newsflash; mainstream America REJECTS the communist definition of “Hip.” As evidenced by the trouncing Senate Democrats took on the Toomey-Manchin bill last year.
    But many folks clearly MISSED the biggest protection of all that was rendered by this bill, and it has gotten small press as a result………
    Here it is……. NO EXECUTIVE ORDER, be it local, state OR FEDERAL can be utilized to DISARM the Georgian citizenry! None. Meaning, if the federal govt decides in their infinite wisdom, to declare Martial Law or some kind of a national emergency for WHATEVER reason, they CANNOT come into Georgia and either order OR attempt to confiscate firearms and ammo, either administratively OR physically. NO KATRINA style confiscations. And if they disregard, the citizenry will be justified in shooting them into taco meat. THIS is the big enchilada here. With the trajectory of this current govt, we don’t trust them as far as we can FART them down here. Problem solved…..