New York Times Neglects Truth/Portrays Anti-Gun Business Owner as Victim

Jan Morgan

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Here is the ACTUAL sign in the window of a South Carolina business that generated a national backlash from gun owners.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.24.47 PM

Here is the sign the New York Times shows in their article about the same story.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.24.29 PM

Thats just the beginning of a series of false representations by the Times in this story where they attempt to portray the poor business owner as the victim.
Let me go get my violin and kleenex so we can have a pity party for the defenseless little business owner who decided to make a public statement that gun owners are paranoid douchebags.

Here is a sampling of the ridiculous bias once again evident in the reporting by the Times journalists.

CLEMSON, S.C. — Pete Matsko expected a little pushback when he posted a sarcastic sign banning concealed weapons from Backstreets Pub & Grill, his beer and burger bar in this college town, but he did not expect to become a national target.
A new concealed-weapons law in South Carolina turned his pub into a battlefield in America’s culture wars.

JAN MORGAN “WRONG”: The wording on his sign, referring to gun owners as LOSERS AND DOUCHEBAGS is what generated the problem for his pub.

Like an increasing number of bar and restaurant owners around the country, Mr. Matsko discovered that his politics can matter more than what he serves.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.39.55 PM
Mr. Matsko behind the bar. Credit Mike Belleme for The New York Times

Restaurants have long been social barometers, sometimes setting informal public policy by how they do business. In Northern states, a de facto set of Jim Crow laws were enforced by racially segregated restaurants. In the South, lunch-counter protests helped dismantle the region’s formal segregation laws.

“It’s interesting that we started to go to Starbucks to look at the paper together and have coffee together, and now we’re having a gun discussion there,” he said, referring to a public statement last fall by Howard Schultz, the chief executive, in which he asked gun owners to not bring weapons into the company’s stores.

JAN MORGAN- Of course we are having gun discussions there and everywhere else we go these days because the federal government and liberal gun grabbers are trampling our 2nd Amendment rights and we have no choice but to stand up and fight back… Discussing the issue and educating the public is our best defense.

Still, most restaurateurs want to run a business without controversy. In states with changing gun laws, that has become a challenge.

In a state with more than 230,000 such permits and a large population that grew up with guns, the policy had strong support from many state lawmakers and both candidates in the approaching governor’s race.

Mr. Matsko, who owns two handguns, decided to post a sign in his pub banning them.

“On some nights you have college kids wall to wall in here drinking,” he said. “You don’t want a gun in here.”

On reflection, he said he might have been better off using the official state-designed sign instead of his own.

JAN MORGAN- “YA THINK?” …. and so here is the New York Times description of the sign he posted…

It read, “If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I do not want your business.” The sentence followed with a derogatory term used for an obnoxious person.

The sign was up for about a month before things exploded on St. Patrick’s Day. Someone posted a photograph of the sign on Twitter. It was posted on the AR-15 Gun Owners of America Facebook page. His sleepy entry on the crowd-sourced restaurant review site Yelp jumped from a few reviews to hundreds. His stars dropped from four to one.

Reactions on Yelp and in other social media questioned Mr. Matsko’s dedication to the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment.

Although the state’s restaurant and lodging association took no position on the new law, some members say having to post a sign barring guns is akin to putting up a scarlet letter. Many are still deciding what to do.

One is Sean Brock, a well-regarded Southern chef with restaurants in South Carolina and Nashville.

He shot his first gun when he was 8, and sleeps beside a 9-millimeter handgun every night. But he doesn’t want guns in his Husk restaurants.

“It’s a bit strange to me that you think you need to carry a gun when you’re having a cheeseburger,” Mr. Brock said.

JAN MORGAN- “THANKS Mr. Brock for shedding light on your real position on the issue. I will never eat in your establishment.” By the way, I do not feel the need to carry a gun when I am having a cheeseburger… I feel the need to carry a gun when I am in a public place where crazy criminals roam freely with guns, especially in public places like your establishment where law abiding citizens can not have guns and criminals can. Do you honestly think a ridiculous “guns prohibited” sign on the front door makes a bad guy with a gun stop in his tracks and say, oh heck, I can’t go in there with my gun to rob the place and kill innocent people… I guess I better pick another location.” Seriously”

Still, he and his partners have not decided whether to put up signs prohibiting guns. “

JAN MORGAN- “Gun owners can take our business elsewhere.. and … we will. ”

read more of the New York Times article here.

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  • Barry Smith

    It IS their right to post a sign like that on their door if they want, it’s still a semi free country. BUT WE as possible patrons also HAVE THE RIGHT to NOT do business with JERKS like these. So I say take your business elsewhere and let them lose business AND MONEY.

  • Elizabeth

    I find it telling that he isn’t being sued and forced to serve people who carry guns – quite unlike a bakery that didn’t want to make a wedding cake for a homosexual wedding.

    • Kent2012

      yes where is eric von holder, minister of justice and gun sales, when you need the twit the most…..there he is testifying in front of a group of nutless wonders in DC telling them “dont you go there buddy”….

  • Wayne Acuña

    “It’s a bit strange to me that you think you need to carry a gun when you’re having a cheeseburger,” Mr. Brock said.
    Guess this guy hasn’t ever heard of the Luby’s shooting in Killeen, TX. Those people, too, didn’t think they’d need a gun to eat with.

    • Memphis Viking

      That’s the same idiotic reasoning liberals always use when they argue against restaurant carry. They ignore the fact that if you can’t take your gun into the restaurant, you also can’t carry it in the parking lot of the restaurant. And if you’re uncomfortable leaving your gun unattended in your car, it prevents you from carrying it between your house and the restaurant. I carry a gun when I go out to eat not because I’m concerned about being robbed in the restaurant, but because I’m concerned about being robbed in the parking lot.

      • chamuiel

        agreed, unless the hamburger prices are too high for a mediocre hamburger.

  • justathinker

    My sign says: Long guns & knives only. (Keep your piddly little handguns to yourself, concealed.)

  • Tami Spraycar

    WOW!!! I am SO SICK of the slant of the media. If he didn’t want the backlash…then don’t post the sign. It is bad enough to post the State’s sign, but to post your own is even worse…when it says that.

    • Clint

      The owner is a gun owner. What a hypocrite, and not very wise either.

      • bobvelon

        What you want to bet he is a Democrat…. I don’t want a CCW because when this administration decides they want to take them they will not know I own one…. If someone else carries that is their business and I do not feel threatned…

      • chamuiel

        what you want to bet he has a gun and a baseball bat in his place of business?

        • Clint

          You are probably right.

  • Capt Parker

    Message to Mr. Brock …..
    I’m sure that no one sitting in the theater that night in Colorado expected to NEED a weapon to protect themselves from a whack-job who was going to shoot up the place.
    I’m sure that no at the Sandy Hook school expected to NEED a weapon to protect themselves and the children under their care from a whack-job who had killed his own mother and then attempted to kill as many as possible at a primary school.

    We carry guns because no, but ourselves, can ever be responsible for our own personal safety.

  • Stu Chisholm

    Naturally, they also didn’t permit comments. This is probably one of the reasons.

  • Rickie elliott

    The problem is NOT his wishing no one was carrying a concealed weapon it was the liberal philosophy that they have the right to insult everyone who does not follow their beliefs with impunity. Calling a liberal an ignorant douche, a baby killer, a communist, a muslim terrorist supporter etc. will get you massive media coverage as a racist.

    • chamuiel

      and bigoted.

  • Victoria Bingham

    Tell it to Suzanne Hupp that we should be able to eat a hamburger without carrying a weapon.

    In 1991 Hupp and her parents were having lunch at a Cafeteria in Texas when a crazed man burst through the plate glass window with his truck, shot 50 people and killed 23, including both of Hupp’s parents

    To this day she probably wishes she had ignored the state’s public place gun ban.

    • chamuiel

      she has stated so. even before congress.

  • reagangs

    This is just like the anti gay businesses ….. companies should be able to refuse service to those they object to, but must suffer the consequences of lost business. If someone objects to a business policy, go somewhere else. After all …. this is America ….. Freedom to Choose.

  • Jack

    If the gun is concealed how would Mr. Matsko know?

  • jq2intx

    I agree that it is the right of the business to say no guns, It is my right to not frequent that business. I had business cards once that I would give to the business by putting it in the door. Said “No gun, no money” but now I just let them see me reading the sign and then walking away. My wife and I both carry for our personal protection. That has nothing to do with eating. We also do not frequent bars which the State says we may not enter if they make their money selling liquor. (51% law in Texas).

  • Ron

    what has truth got to do with an article in the New York Times—they have a prohibition against the truth in their paper

  • chamuiel

    A sign like that at the top of the page is not legal in Texas.