The REAL Domestic Terrorists

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  • Wayne Bennett

    Have any of you seen it yet? This is real and it is happening. No Joke!!! We need to deal with these thieves now and send them home to steal from their own people and leave the rest of the country alone.

  • Kent2012

    There will be blood in the streets, or on the range. Too many of us put our lives on the line in the attempt to stop communist clowns from hammering the citizens of many countries into the dirt….Well folks it is here now, just down the street. We will fight, we will carry the flag that we have supported. The twits sneer and suggest that we are simply spewing BS….These cowards demean us, but then that is what cowards do the best, that and set of car bombs to kill civilians….keep your seat belt latched tight, the street fight is the dirtiest combat around…live free or die trying…

  • Robert S Moulds

    Barack Obama is not that bad at least he did not order a million pairs of Confederate flag flip flops only later to say the confederate flag does not belong anywhere in America. Wonder what she’ll do with the flip flops whistle Dixie though she came from along line of unreconstructed southerns Jimmy the victim president Carter who used civil rights activist Andrew Young to extend apartheid in South Africa by 11 years, Bill and Al the bore snore Gore New Sons of the South buttons. Even Barack to his regret went to a redneck rally in 2008 North Carolina seeing cheap knock off confederate flags all one can say to him is have some pride man. They even had confederate flags sold at the Kingston Ontario Canada county fair along side Bob Marley Jamaica flags last year.
    As for Eric Holder is more Mexico’s problem than the United States operation fast and furious only adding to heavy armed drug gangs. Placing some cities in Mexico under marshal law no wonder some of them move to the United States where they assume they are safer Donald Trump or no Donald Trump. Just another example of bad Latin American policy driving peasants out of their seeming dangerous countries.Maybe send them to Mexico to see the problem their gun running has worsened.