Thousands of New Yorkers Protest Gun Registration and the Safe Act


The final deadline to register firearms under the New York SAFE Act is just a couple of weeks away…
As the deadline approaches, citizens are coming out in droves to stand against the law.
On Monday, it is estimated over 3 thousand people rallied outside New York’s state capitol in Albany in protest.
I remember speaking at a similar rally in New York last year… It was incredible to look across at the massive crowd and speak about their battle ahead.
Unfortunately for New Yorkers, they waited too late to get involved in the gun rights issue. Its very difficult to come in during the final quarter and try to turn an entire game around.

I am praying for success on the gun rights front in that state, but am not confident at this point that the people will beat the anti-gun machine that is well established and heavily supported….
It’s going to take a lot of work and boots on the ground educational effort to turn that state around on the gun rights front.
The citizens need to remove some legislators as well.

By April 15, all semi-automatic so called “assault” weapons must be registered, or the owners risk being charged with a misdemeanor.

Hard to believe this is really happening in America.

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  • Native Born American

    I hope they all join their brothers and sisters in Connecticut and refuse to comply.

  • dave

    Iroquois Rod and Gun Club member. Cuomo”s got to go. Gun owners and pro second amendment get off your duff and vote. We can beat these anti gun idiots. No excuses, register and vote. Your vote counts.

  • Darren Wilkens

    Any (and all) elected officials need to be impeached if they violate their oath of office and any article of our constitution. It’s time to rid America of these parasites!

    • bobvelon

      Our main parasite is in D.C. along with a few Democrat Senators that are ant-second amendment. They all have to go. The whole administration needs to go quite frankly…

    • Rosie46

      Colorado recalled their congressmen. Maybe NY should do the same.

  • gilward

    Should repeal cuomo. He acts like a wild eyed leftist, out of control. How in H do these loony’s get elected??

    • Clint

      They are elected by fellow loonies, especially when pro-second amendment, and gun owners do not vote.

      • ADRoberts

        Leaches who can be bought with FREE STUFF vote for tyrants.

    • Bruce A. Frank

      He doesn’t “act like,” he is!

  • Susan

    “All laws antithetical to the Constitution are “Null and Void”.” Justice John Marshall. All justices have a DUTY to declare unconstitutional laws “Null and Void”.

    Any person has NO RIGHT to “make” Laws which are unconstitutional–UNJUST LAWS are Null and Void.

  • daveveselenak

    No it isn’t, why is that, all governments left unchecked revert to tyranny and after some two hundred years of bliss and apathy we are now facing a tyrannical regime that must be taken down, no doubt about it! REVOLUTION is the SOLUTION to TYRANNY, peaceful at first, bloody at worst – it is up to those in power to choose which one they want!

    • Pat Alexander

      It is hard for the mindless government to choose, much less when honesty is at the helm!

  • Luke

    What does it matter? fifty-one percent of the state population lives either in the Parasite on the Hudson or one of the other two major urban centres in the state and they are the only ones Cumo is paying attention to. It has gone past the time when NY and many other states could be “saved”. Demographics (thank you Teddy K) have doomed the country as we knew it. Start thinking about how to get a job in some part of the continent that could exist as a stand – alone country and move.

  • doug

    Stand Your Ground, united we stand, divided we fall, they are trying to split the states up, so we cave, Stand Your Ground, we are behind you!!!!

  • HongryHawg

    New York does not adhere to the US Constitution. The residents have always known that. It’s like they say, people sleep at the wheel until it happens to them. However, better late than never. Civil disobedience could go quite a ways in this situation.

  • digdeeper

    Anyone voting for gun registration or any abridgment of gun rights is violating their Oath of Office to uphold, defend, and abide by the Constitution….the United States Constitution! In essence they are advocating against out constitutional rights and liberties, and against our constitutional form of government. This is a crime…as referenced in 18 USC 1918 under ‘disloyalty”.

    Support and membership in http://www.oathkeepers.org is highly recommended for all who have ever taken the Oath and civilians as well as Associate members.

  • salgal

    We have to defend our rights to guns. We should object to this requirement to register guns. We have a right to guns, according to the Constitution and they can threat to arrest us but they don’t have a ground to stand on. It is our constitutional right. Stick to your Guns!

    • HappyClinger

      No, it’s a natural right, and the Constitution says the government cannot interfere. The Constitution does not grant rights; no person or group of people has any authority or power to grant rights to other people.

  • Pat Alexander

    Taking away ones life jacket while aboard a ship, you got to be kidding! These liberals have released the bad guys on good people to the point that one has to protect his own life as well as his family! The gun is a viable tool to preserve life and it is going to be around for the American citizens to neutralize these types of situations. The problem is not the American people, it is our government trying to ramrod the “The Constitution of The United States of America down the throats of the American people. A wrongfully demanding government, abusing power over the constitution is a tyrant!

  • ADRoberts

    This battle is between the elitists who NEED to disarm Americans so they can take over without resistance and the MASSES of Americans who want our Republic back.
    The last time this conflict occurred, a Revolutionary War occurred because the elitist sin power believed they were in control.

  • BIGron

    Stuff happens when you elect a demwit governor. We just got one in Virginia and we are having the same kind of fun. Why are some people so st-st-st-stupid?

    • festmatt5440

      And ‘ Illinois ‘ , the ” Communist ‘ state .

  • Eebigdog

    …it’s coming to a state near YOU!

  • dufus

    It’s time to stand up and be counted and put the liberals in their place. It is time to live by our Constitution again.

  • Ann Wilson

    I’m with you Jan and thrilled to see New Yorkers finally making a stand. I also agree that it may be too late. I moved here a few years ago (BIG mistake) and found it almost impossible to own a handgun especially with a concealed weapons permit. First they require what they call a class which is a good idea. The problem is in the class they are not allowed to have a real gun and one never qualifies on a range. It was a joke. Once you paid for that you have to file a very expensive application. Then when the courts get time a judge has to approve whether or not they think you should own a gun. In the meantime you need to get a form with five local references which is difficult when you do not know anyone yet and this costs money. You also need to pay your local police for a background check and pay them for your fingerprints. While all this is going on you are supposed to give all your weapons to the State Police to hold and if the process takes too long they confiscate them as being a nuisance.
    What I’m concerned about is I hope it’s not too late in the 4th quarter for our whole Nation.

  • Stanley Hill

    Don’t obey unconstitutional laws made up by Socialist/Marxist people. If no one follows the unconstitutional laws they have failed!

  • Kent2012

    These unfortunate Americans will have to completely rehabilitate the state house occupants in order to return control of NY to adults…..