I Told You So….Armed Agents.. Guns Pointed at American Citizens.. America’s New Normal..

Jan Morgan

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Armed Federal Agents Pointing Guns at American Citizens, Over MONEY

A year ago… I told you our Department of Justice and the IRS were out of control… that our country was moving in the direction of a police state with these agencies using para military Gestapo tactics, raiding small businesses across the country and most importantly, pointing guns at innocent citizens accused of no crimes ….. pointing loaded guns at citizens whose bosses were accused of non violent white collar crimes… i.e. tax mistakes.

Since when is it okay for the IRS and Justice Department to point loaded guns at Americans over tax issues?
And now… its guns pointed at citizens over grass..

Government agents with loaded guns pointing at non violent Americans is now the new normal…

Did you know, it has been a year, and none of the people in this video have been convicted of any crimes, yet the lives and businesses of all of them have been destroyed.

The raid on Bundy’s ranch was called off… but the government is not finished with him yet… what they have in store for him will make rounding up his cattle at gun point look like a tea party…
and guess what…
YOU may be next. … What the government does to a few of us… they will eventually do to all of us who have something they want…
This has to stop. ©2014 JAN MORGAN

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  • Zepp

    I’m just glad the militias showed up to defend this guy. There will be another civil war in this country if the government doesn’t back off. History repeats itself when people don’t learn from past mistakes.

    • barto

      I like you am glad these people showed up to support Bundy but were they militia or friends, neighbors and others who were just fed up with Government over-reach?

      • Zepp

        I also just saw the federal government is trying to take private citizens land along the border of the red river in Texas. Fortunately the state attorney General Abbott dared the Feds to come and take it. I can’t wait to see these states fight back!

      • WaywardSon

        I was there. It was all of the above.

      • Dave

        The “Oath Keepers” were there… had a personal invite but was unable to go.

        • RobGoetzSr

          I had my gear packed and ready to go. Texas may be next. But the Bundy thing isn’t over yet. U just wish the Arizona Governor would deploy the National Guard in Bundy’s defense… But this worked-out far better. Kudo’s to Sheriff Mack.

          • Rosie46

            Bundy is in Nevada.

          • RobGoetzSr

            Typo, Sorry

      • Jeff Horton

        When the second amendment was written. Everyone with in an age bracket, was considered militia. And were there to protect the Constitution From enemies of the Constitution both foreign and domestic. The Constitution and the United States are one in the same things. Politicians are not mentioned to be protected. Because they can become Domestic enemies.

        • bobwhite

          Seems our government has become our most dangerous domestic enemy.

        • Andy Z

          The age bracket was 25 to 45 but that was when the average lifespan was 50. it should be increased to at least 65 to 70 in modern times

          • Jeff Horton

            I think it was by able body not age.

          • Jeff Horton

            Opps forgot to add this

    • bil

      Only trouble is, this time the government is HERE and has the good guns, tanks and planes. A civil war in this country will never be won unless the military refuses to fire on its parents and grandparents.

      • Steve j

        Coin toss. I’m guessing it would be a wash. Blue states do not supply our military with volunteers.
        My bet would be the limited manpower of federal agents focusing on small bites at a time hoping to cow the rest of us into submission.
        Or simply bueurocracy-ing us to starvation with a complete government control over food and everything else. Kinda like “hey, wanna eat?, want your kid to go to school?, hand in the guns. We know you have them”. Etc.
        Either that or the “civilian defense force”, manned by the chronically unemployable, the deranged dregs, and other standard issue libtards. Which would be awesome in my opinion. Bunching them all up with identifiable uniforms…..you know?

        • bil

          I hope you’re right, but the people knocking are going to be cops (see above) and the National Guard; to Florida from say, Idaho. No ties to locals. Whoever, they’ll have undergone training, have unit loyalties, automatic weapons, and upper level command structure giving orders, which they’ve been well trained to accept.

          • Clint

            You only die once, unless you are not a Christian. Then you will die twice. A Christian may die a physical death, but he is spared from eternal death, because of Jesus Christ.

          • bil


          • billie

            AMEN and Amen

    • Stealth

      You are RIGHT! And let me tell you this…here are MANY of us veterans who have VASTLY more ‘experience’…than THESE fools….

    • agree..

    • Todd Little

      It isn’t.

    • DeafRanger

      Before that can happen we need tanks and jets and satellites… I guess we need the states to provide those items through the National Guard. It is also time for the states to take back their power and assert their rights given by the Constitution. It is time to put the federal government in handcuffs.

  • Rightway1208

    And they wonder what we can’t stand them

  • Steve


    I need help understanding your position. In the week leading up to the Feds’ departure from Nevada, your clear position was that Bundy was undeserving of help and that the patriots that arrived in support should not have.

    • MH Snider

      Sounds like she heard all the facts, like how it is state land NOT federal land, how the Feds were illegally stopping all cars coming into the state, searching the cars and seizing legal firearms and ammo (the only issue FOX news refuses to allow Hannity to report), etc; etc; etc;

    • Steve, I appreciate you asking me to clarify my postion,..
      I am sorry that my articles on the Bundy deal were misunderstood by you and apparently a number of people. I thought they were very clear..
      When I said, Patriots, choose your battles wisely, I meant, look at the big picture and fight at the real root of the problem where we can actually make a difference on a national scale… which is through STATE’S RIGHTS..
      I was not in favor of using this situation as an excuse for firing the first shot of a revolution… This was not the case for that..
      I want Patriots to understand that there are thousands of people across this country being bullied by the federal government as I write this.. Where were all the patriots on the cases I documented in the above video? We can’t possibly run all over the country and try to fight all these individual battles continuously. The way to fight and win for all of us is to reclaim states rights… State sovereinty would have prevented the feds from coming into the state of nevada and bullling Bundy over money.. We need to reclaim control over the land in our states, the gun rights in our states, and all other business that shoudl be between the state and its citizens… not the federal government..
      The second article I wrote several days after my first one on the bundy deal, clearly outlined how we go about this…

      • Steve

        I appreciate the calrification and do agree that individual states should reassert and defend local sovereignty. However, until such time as our our state legilators act, I do not believe we can afford to sit idly by and let the Feds run roughshod over individuals. Both the Feds and the spineless state representation should have recieved the message that real patriots will not abide this kind of tyranny.
        As a native resident of Texas I like to believe that if necessary, Texans will lead by example on this issue. I prefer the outright independence of Texas. Until that day, I am consoled by the fact that our Governor Perry as well as AG and future governor Abbott (enjoying the support of the majority electorate) will take this kind of fight to the Feds.
        Though most patriots are aware of the constant abuses against individual rights, I believe that this Nevada incident was a wake up call. Most sit back petrified into inaction believing what we’ve been told that… we are the minority and that no one else feels the way we do. Like you, I am please that this incident did not escalate further. I believe that Nevada confirmed for many that they are not alone and that there are others that are willing to resist tyranny.
        Again, thank you for taking the time to clarify. I agree with you that the answer is the assertion of sovereignty by the many states and the federal governments recognition thereof.

        • Clint

          May I add, it is time we force the politicians of our respective states to live up to their promises to the people. On the local level, true patriots need to look them in the eye and register this. “I’m not your friend or buddy”, “if I vote for you I expect you to uphold what, you know, the people in your district want, not what you think is best.” “We are not hiring you to be our mother or father, we are hiring you to be our Representative in Government, whether in the House or the Senate.” “We do understand each other, don’t we.” For far too long we have elected faces and names, and families who have sold us down the river for their own gain. I promise you, if we don’t change, they won’t change, except to get worse.

          • Frogman17

            May I suggest……….. the first cardinal rule of the politician’s handbook is ” tell them what you think they want to hear, and then do what you want. Been that way for the last hundred years or so, and will continue to worsen with passing time. Once in office, they know it takes forever to remove them, so why would they care who thinks what. As for individual states choosing their fights for “states rights,” that would all happen in Federal Courts, which, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, and as corrupted and the rest of the systems, so I’d appreciate anyone explaining just how that might work? Certainly can’t even imagine Chairman Mao being drug into a Chinese Court and giving up his power, and certainly wouldn’t expect of the DC clowns either. I my mind that would leave only the method allowed for in our Constitution, removing tyrants via physical force. Like the politicians, the hired gunmen also take an oath, and so far they’ve all proven to be tyrants following the orders of bigger tyrants, making this entire mess a very difficult issue to resolve with any expediency. I have no doubt at least some military will follow orders to the letter: however, the big question would be how many, and in what manner would those who opt out act? It’s always a numbers game, and if enough chose the patriot’s road, they could actually negate any actions taken by those who make the wrong choices. the larger military hardware (planes, tanks, artillery, etc.) are only important when large scale battles are involved, ie. has little effect when used against groups like al Qaeda, and all the other terrorist who have proven this to be true, and use every means, including captured weapons, against their enemies.. When the fight comes, and it will, the only way to proceed would to be only react, on a small scale, to the actions of the enemy and drive them crazy. If even only 50 million patriots were involved, they would immensely outnumber any enemy that might be presented. As for the huge numbers of guns and ammo recently purchased by Uncle Sam, the y by far outnumber those who have been trained to us them, and have had no battle experience. I would think that many would just go home, rather than fight a fight they’re not interested in. Then consider what would most likely happen when the welfare checks cease to be delivered, and the inner city crowds get hungry. That’s another army of angry citizens who would have to be dealt with, in every large city in the country, so just picture Watts magnified exponentially hundreds of times, if not even more so. I can think of numerous additional issues that would be quickly jump into the equation that would make life in DC totally impossible, and certainly far more difficult than what the patriots might face. Assuredly, it won’t be pleasant for anyone in the country, and many will not see their next birthday, but it will be far, far more unpleasant for the tyrants, especially if they live through it and are tried for their crimes. Just pretend like it’s the 1770s again, and all will be well again at some point in the future, and then we’ll have to make damn sure the clowns who we employ to run the show, will never be in any position to usurp powers they were never intended to have to begin with. The one thing I haven’t addressed here is while all this is going on, what will our outside the country enemies be doing???

  • Peter Furman

    The American Dream has turned into a Nightmare! Millions and millions of “Legal” immigrants risked everything to come here without money,without shelter,without jobs but with the indomitable desire to embrace Freedom,Opportunity,a Present,a Future they would build with their (blood,sweat and tears) for themselves,their families,generation after generation until NOW!!
    The tyrants,the tyranny,the abuse,the stealing,the political corruption,the corporate corruption has been growing exponentially for close to 60 years!! The FAILURE of the system we were given is profound! “Checks and Balances was supposed to be the “Fail Safe” where all three branches of Government were charged with making sure that an Obama,a Holder,A Pelosi,a Reid,a Johnson,a Nixon,the Clinton’s and to some degree every administration in my lifetime has usurped the “Limited” powers,abused and betrayed the “sworn” oath they take to in fact empower themselves,enrichen themselves,grab power and position they did NOT earn,do Not respect as the Constitution,the Bill Of Rights,the Declaration Of Independence,the effort,the work,the sacrifice,the honor of so many has been Eviscerated,betrayed,taken as THEY fought to defend,fought to protect,too often gave up their lives,generation after generation UNTIL NOW!
    We,the people,”Of the people,for the people,by the people” have been willingly victimized and the “Miracle” of what was created,a life with meaning,with purpose for those who gave us this gift and for those who will follow,our sons and our daughters,their children will become another Failed country that was and could have been!
    Live Free Or Die,Never Again,Never Forget,save the legacy we were given at ANY and All Cost!

    • Frogman17

      Hey Pete, ONLY IF “WE” ALLOW/PERMIT IT. End of story. If we do nothing it’s all over anyway! So why not at least do what’s still possible, rather than lay down and die a slow and agonizing death in the end anyway? And then no one has mentioned Bible Prophecy, which will be the next major hurdle in this race we call life here on planet Earth. But then we must take care of first things first, and proceed in proper order.

  • USN

    it was a dry run for another operation…..see if the people would stand still for it…then they tried it in Nevada and it didn’t work. When people are contained they are help less. When they on even ground the citizens prevailed….so how hard to you want to fight for your freedoms???

    • Almeters

      Exactly…wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. How will they react come May 16th??

    • Frogman17

      You Sir , see the real and true big picture here. I’m afraid many don’t have a clue.

  • Randy

    this is not good old America anymore this is Obama and holders Nazi controlled government. I want to know where the house and senators are. and yes everyone has rights. just remember you Nazi grunts these could have been your mothers or wives getting raided for no reason at all. what if your mother or father was there and had a heart attack? think about it

  • refuse2lose

    It’s really pretty simple… you either live free or you die a slave. Everyone has a choice…

  • Lorraine E

    Oh where oh where has our congress gone? Have they forgotten about the balance of power?

    • they have not forgotten… they are ignoring their responsibility.

    • Frogman17

      They, my friend, are a big part of the problem, along with the Senate, Oval Office, Supremes, Federal Reserve, and bankers in general. We’ve all really been slaves for over a hundred years now, but the media just failed to let us know it, and most refused to see and/or admit it. .

  • foxxybey

    Federal agents are like gang members would rather have the money then be moral and that goes for anyone of them that would stand against citizens over the rule of a Nazi government. If they turn on a citizen for government, they are the enemy and needed to be treat that way as they have become immoral money robots.

  • dan from ohio

    homeland security has decided to buy 25 MILLION shotgun shells over the next 5 years.They are arming up because they know something bad is coming and they will have to fight we americans

  • Kent2012

    This would not happen if America had a president…

  • Mike_Travis

    This will never end until we remove the source driving all the criminal acts of government, the Federal Reserve. The FR is owned by a conglomerate of international banks who are intent on creating their new world order. To do so, they control and manipulate not only money but the presidents in both parties. Besides, even if the FR was a benevolent organization, the Constitution clearly states that only congress shall have the authority to coin money, so when they were created, they were automatically unconstitutional, but congress did it anyway.

    • Joe Flock

      Exactly. The Fed has been the means of taking us from a state of prosperity and abundance to the debtor’s prison that this country is becoming.

  • Ranchman

    If you listen to what many of the people in the video are REALLY saying, it’s obvious they feel pushed into a corner. They clearly state they feel as if they’re being forced into fighting back and are willing to do so now because of the way they’ve been treated. This is what it’s going to take, enough of us fed up to the point where we will start fighting back in the same way they’re fighting against us. It’s going to have to happen, there’s no other way. The federal government, and especially the regime we’re under now, have drawn the line and will not stop.

  • Shadow_58

    Let the MFer’s point a gun at me. I got one Hel* of a surprise for them.

  • Patriot47

    King Barry needs the same spanking that was given King George.

  • mule man

    Federal agency–polite term for thug organization

  • Dee

    Welcome to Obama’s National Security Force.

  • coastx

    Two things people can do to end this: 1) civics education and 2) militia. A-MERRY-CANS willl do neither. To-DAY’S A-MERRY-CA is a decadent and listless society of around the clock food, snake ball sex and degenerate entertainment. Ask yourself, WHY ARE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA NOT PROMOTING CIVICS? hahaha

  • Dave G

    All these business owners were harassed due to their political affiliations or beliefs. As the video showed, there are businesses being raided for no apparent reason so if we do some digging like what happened to the Gibson guitar manufacturer we would find that these businesses gave money to a conservative event or cause. In the Bundy case, Mr. Bundy is simply in the way. PERIOD.

    • coastx

      Bundy is ion the tank with BLM.

  • D. Guardian

    eventually, a first shot will be fired and all hell will brake loose, hope not, but it will…signs are there.

    • break not brake. Cars have brakes.

    • Capt. Parker

      It IS coming …. if you wear the “uniform of the King” expect to be treated as an “officer of the King” ….. PERIOD.
      Is you cushy pension and your paycheck really worth it?
      Is your family really worth it?

      You’d better start asking yourself these questions now, while you may.

  • D. Guardian

    do all those federal agents involved in criminal activity against the people of America, familiar with “The Fourth Nuremberg Principle”? They should, if they know what’s good for them.

  • citizenrights

    This is nothing new, That the Internal Revenue Service uses such tactics of intimidation.
    It is about fear! Creating fear in compliance for all taxpayers. This has been going on for over fifty years.

  • citizenrights

    What is happening people are waking up! To the truth.

  • Wayne

    What more evidence do we need to impeach, Holder, Obama and whoever is in charge of the IRS. To be nice they should be hung.

  • RobGoetzSr

    This is precisely why the Second Amendment is in the Constitution, specifically the BILL OF RIGHTS! The first Ten Amendments to our Constitution are “ABSOLUTES!” Without them, the US Constitution would never have existed, as the States all required these Individual Rights to be as important as the Document itself. In it’s first draft, there were 12 Amendments, not 10. You may research this if you like. Pre-eminent though is the “Right of the Individual Citizen to Keep and Bear Arms.” This Right has been much written about by our Founders in private letters, documents, and the Federalist Papers by those very same Founders who felt it an “Absolute Necessity.” For those naive individuals today who say, “It only guarantees a Single Shot Musket,” I reply, “What do you think a Musket was? It (the Musket) was the pre-emminent ‘assault weapon’ of the time!” It was the most advanced weaponry in the world. Now I’m sure there are some anti-gun people who read this post. If you choose “not” to own one, that is your right. But do not come banging upon my door ir the government should decide to take everything from you in a state of emergency under the guise of “Marshall Law.” President Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying, ” WE THE PEOPLEARE THERIGHTFUL MASTERS OF BOTH CONGRESS AND THE COURTS, NOT TO OVERTHROW THE CONSTITUTION, BUT TO OVERTHROW THE MEN WHO PERVERT THE CONSTITUTION.” Abraham Lincoln We all have a sworn duty to protect, defend, and preserve, the US Constitution and to pass it on to our children.

    • Frogman17

      You get it brother, but many do not, and far too many expect someone else to do the dirty work for them, and they’ve been just too busy for too many years to get involved. Times up!

      • RobGoetzSr

        Thank you Brother!

  • Hillary R. Clinton

    As more Federal agents (employees of Americans) use weapons against ordinary citizens, the time has come to pass a law that American gun owners have the Constitutional right to ‘shoot to kill’ any federal agent attacking his family, home or business. Read the second paragraph of of the Declaration of Independence.

    New law: “Stand your ground against federal criminal agents.”

  • Charlie

    Tyranny at it’s finest . These A holes in the brown pants came from all over our country to be involved in this tyrannical bunch of manure . Who the hell do these so called Americans in the brown pants think they are for they certainly are not believers of the constitution and our bill of natural (God given) rights.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Holder and Obama both have said they will enforce laws they like and ignore others. OK, the precedent is set. Defund the IRS and any other law you find abusive. And here’s another one:

  • bull57

    Did they have to take some people out to get all the IRS officers in?

  • Capt. Parker

    “When someone tries to kill you ….. well …… you just try to kill them right back!”

    Malcolm Reynolds, Captain, “Serenity” – firefly class

  • Sardis

    If you break the law, there will be consequences. This Bundy character has been breaking the law for years, and the government has tried to rectify the situation through nonviolent means for years (court orders, fines, etc.) At the end of the day, however, we as a society can’t afford not to enforce our laws through force if every other means has been exhausted. Bundy escalated this situation, not the feds.

  • James Foley

    This is why citizens must ALL be armed when gestapo comes calling. Every citizen should at least have a connection to a militia.

  • DeafRanger

    We need to start building secret rooms in our office buildings and homes so when the feds come we can hide ourselves until they leave. Maybe miles and miles of underground tunnels connecting Constitutional Conservatives together out of sight of the Feds. Maybe whole underground cities… but then we would run into their underground cities. Maybe we can all move to Costa Rico. After the libs destroy the nation we can come back… or not.

  • DeafRanger

    We need to return power to the people and the states. We need the next President to file criminal law suits against all involved in the Obama administration.

  • DeafRanger

    the IRS needs to be taken to court over this matter really have violated the Constitution and the laws. They cannot violate the Constitution or the laws legally. This is absolutely outrageous. This is thuggery – typical Chicago politics and gangsterism brought in through Obama.

  • Dean Welch

    All Patriots are invited to sign a petition to Congress at
    The Official OAS group founded by COL Harry G. Riley (USA Ret) is

  • Johnny Bailey

    The federal govt is GROSSLY outnumbered by American gun owners, and they KNOW it. They were reading the blogs during the Bundy siege too…… And they realized, they were about to fire the opening shot for revolution number II. Say they DID fire on the Bundy militias and protesters….. Bunkerville would have been SWARMED with armed patriots looking to shoot ANYTHING carrying a federal ID inside of 12 hours, starting with the arrival of up to 50,000 Oklahoma militia. Rightly so……
    I’ve noticed a sizable downtick of federal aggression since then. I think, worst case, it gave them pause. In best case, they’re beginning to get the message that we are mad enough to begin firing back.
    The federal govt employs roughly 1.9 million souls. Of that 1.9 million, only 668,000 of em are trained and authorized to employ firearms in it’s service. Add a few contractors and mercs, and some misguided law enforcement, and we’ll be generous and give em 1.2 million.
    Now, there are 125 MILLION gun owners in America, not counting family members and minors that can operate firearms, with over 325 MILLION firearms at their disposal, with over 10 BILLION rounds of ammo on hand. Even THE FEDERAL GOVT is not stupid enough to antagonize this block of numbers to the point of anger. They poked us with a stick at Bundy’s, and I think they came away shocked by the unexpected rebellion.

  • mediaaccess

    I’m new to this site. Gotta come and check it out.

  • Liberty Max

    “We’re the OBAMA Federal Govt, we can do what we want, when
    we want and there’s nothing you can do about it”

  • Liberty Max

    Obama / Holder are THUG Criminals