Fines for Wearing Swimsuits That Offend Muslims…How Civilization Jihad Transforms a Nation

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Civilization jihad is a process that Islam uses to methodically transform nations. It has proven to be an effective way to take over without violence.
Political correctness and ignorance are their best weapons.
Civilization jihad works by infiltration, then complaints about our culture, pushing for acceptance of islamic practices and threats of lawsuits over non conformity.

An example: The report about three women being fined for wearing swimsuits on a beach that were offensive to muslims, has generated a firestorm in responses. Though it has proven difficult to confirm, it is similiar to what is confirmed and already happening around the world in places where Islam is attempting to control the culture.

There are already discussions by our own legislators of making negative speech about Islam a crime.
It IS a perfect example of civilization jihad that the muslim brotherhood uses in their documented plan for the destruction of a nation from within.
Here was the basis of the report:

Submit, convert, or pay a fine.
When you go to the beach now in Italy, you better pack a full set of loose clothes and a hajib or get ready to shell out some serious money. This, according to a number of media outlets, reporting on an alleged case in Messina, Italy.

Reportedly, a justice of the peace in Messina, Italy has fined three girls an amount of approximately $3,500 each for wearing what is considered common beach wear in Italy, because the uncovered skin offended some Saudi Arabian tourists who were also at the private resort of Taormina.
Whether this is actually factual or not is not the issue… it is certainly the direction civilization jihad takes a nation.

It has become common place for Muslims to make demands upon others to adhere to their standards, so it should not come as too great of a surprise that they filed their complaint.

This is what Islamization of a free society is all about and it is coming to YOUR state, your town, your neighborhood soon if you don’t fight back. This case happened in Italy. It is no accident. It is part of the muslim brotherhood’s plan for the destruction of a country from within. It is a very carefully planned, full proof meticulous process of slow but deliberate transformation….. Islamization.
Don’t be fooled. What happens over there is already a process underway here in America.

The encroachment of Sharia Law continues virtually unchecked.. We have over 50 court cases in this country where American judges have allowed Sharia law to trump Constitutional law in cases involving Muslims.

Think situations like this are an outrage? Get ready America…. They are here and the demands to submit to “their way” are already happening all around us.

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  • CrusadaB

    The United States will not put up with this nonsense.

    • Cheryl Webb Clair

      Don’t be so sure of that. With the Muslim in the White House, anything could happen. There are already some moves towards Sharia in the U.S. The liberal bozos in the congress and SCOTUS are sitting still for it.

      • Jackson Bentley

        racist, uneducated cheryl

        • SelfLoathingLeftist

          Islam is not a race moron!

          • foxxybey

            Not even a real religion but very cultic as far as control goes over the people.

          • violater1

            Very Cultic as far as their sick quranvis concerned as well! Teaching outright lying, murdering, beating and defiling an all sorts of real lovely things like that! Enslavement mutilation of males and females! Oh yeah you could say they are of a Cult alright! Right up there with the Worshippers of Satan of which they are a break off of Satans bunch! Practicers of devination/ Worshippers of lust and children perversion and abuses! These folks are real sweet lovers of peace! Not!

          • foxxybey

            I totally agree, God Bless and Shalom:

          • sreynolds

            The “prophet” they pray to is a pedophile POS. It is a political group that claims to be religion because it offers the path of least resistance. “F” Islam and ALL those that participate in it.

          • None

            How many people have been killed in the name of Christianity? Get real!

          • James Paterson

            Ahhhh so you want to use what happened hundreds of years ago to justify the atrocities of Islam today? You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you

          • violater1

            Thanks james I needed that!

          • Kent2012

            There are a number of idiots that, when seeing a comment about the scum sucking islam pigs, have say something about the “crusades” which immediately demonstrates their intellectual infancy….

          • Charlie Stephens

            That’s a good question… What’s your answer to that? I suppose it’s your assertion that the headlines we read of beheadings, kidnappings and murders, and entire villages of people being wiped out because of their religion, is being perpetrated by Christians against Muslims? The people you refer to being killed in the name of Christianity is something that is happening currently and being hushed up by the media? Isn’t it easy to make such broad, bold statements behind the anonymity of the name, “None”? You speak in B.S., the preferred language of cowards and weak, subservient followers of tyrants and thugs. How about you pull your head out of your butt,

          • violater1

            Very well said Charlie! Well indeed!

          • violater1

            Check it out not near as many as have been killed against Christianity! So you get real and check out the numbers smart guy!
            Everyone realy truely loves smartasses like you so now you are no longer none but truely the last 3 letters of your title!

          • michael mocalsa

            nice PICTURE…Idiot !!!!

          • Kent2012


          • Bacchus

            None, you are an Ignorant idiot, stupid SATANIC muslim. Islam murders over 170,000 Christians every year, 200 million Christians are persecuted every day by muslims over 270 million have been murdered since the start of Islim .

          • jdangiel

            It’s a race to the bottom.

          • Taking care of business!

            …of hell.

          • violater1

            What did jackson say you just commented to airspace dude! Are you taking your meds lefty! Is it maybe wacky weed?!

          • Ronald R. Johnson

            You are right. Idiot it is not a race Thank God, but it is a serious Illness!

        • marilyn manson richardson

          Jackson Bentley you my friend are an idiot, probably a muslim too, all of which are spans of SATAN

          • violater1

            Who the heck are yall a talkin to!

        • Jackson, speaking of education, I suggest you work a bit on yours… Islam is not a race.

          • Barry

            He meant Muslims but you seem racist and uneducated.

          • rivahmitch

            It’s not a religion either.

          • Hoodoo H

            Yep..a cult bro.

          • Read the dictionary!

            All religions are cults, look up the definition!

          • Hoodoo H

            NEGATIVE, Lib Pogue.
            Any man can write a different definition, but some things are true whether you agree or not.
            CHRISTIANITY, for instance, IS NOT a cult…It is HIS Word.

          • Sofia

            And what qualifies you to say that?

          • rivahmitch

            My power to discern the obvious.

          • violater1

            Jan where is jacksons comments or do you gals just have a thing against this guy! Where is any Jackson Bentley comments for goodness sake?!

      • easyrider

        It’s amazing how many people like you believe this crap, Cheryl. I’m certainly glad that I don’t live in your paranoid world.

        • Ewilk

          Paranoid? Apparently you live with blinders. Google and do your own research. Start with Dearborn Michigan Muslim.

          • newhon63

            No need to start with Dearborn. I live in Michigan. There are areas in Dearborn that are no go for non-Muslims. This holds true for similar cities across the globe and just about every state in the union has a Dearborn type city in it. Tolerance for Islam is one-sided. Everyone else must tolerate whatever Islam dishes out and no one is supposed to say anything about it. Sorry. You slap me, I am going to punch you. Can’t take it? Then don’t slap me.

            Italy will have nothing but Muslim tourists if they keep that up.

          • d2

            hamtramck is getting to be just as bad…

        • easy rider….. muslims have murdered 270 million people in the 14 hundred year history of islam. There are 109 verses in their koran dictating hate, murder , and terror against all people who refuse to submit or convert to islam. … There is in existence, a documented plan by the muslim brotherhood for the destruction of America from within using this very process of islamization.
          Those are FACTS. … not paranoia.

          • A believer

            That’s the highest point of ignorance. And I trust you can show more ignorance 🙂 keep it up

          • jd1958

            Moooha-mad was a pedophile. He was a madman that saw visions while sitting in caves. His Roman Catholic wife interpreted his visions to the masses of morons we call the followers of Moooha-mad. You Sunni or Shia? Do you know? Wahabe or Kurd do you know?

          • A believer

            Wow jd1958
            Your ignorance is even on a higher scale. My advice to you. Is to get the “real facts” and not the “internet facts”. You need prayer. God bless

          • daisykmt

            Not clear on whether you’re agreeing with Jan & saying she needs to give facts that show more ignorance, or if your intent is sarcasm in saying that the facts she posted are not facts at all. Just wanting to understand.

          • A believer

            Thank you to being respectful. I’m disagreeing. Ignorance is not a sarcastic word. It’s just a description of what Jan wrote.
            Unfortunately most of these people are acting exactly like the Pharisees. They judge and point fingers and use lies and fake facts. That has no base. And what’s worse is if we compare (Bible vs Quran) you will be shocked. I read both holy books. Both books were written while thy were persecuted. What I have found out. That Muslims respect Jesus much more than Christians do. Shocked? Maybe not. Try finding out yourself. And don’t ask blocked minded people. Search for the truth yourself. God bless

          • daisykmt

            Yes, people can disagree but do it in a respectful way, which is what I try to do. I, too, have read the Bible from cover to cover, & have researched facts concerning it. It was written over a period of 1600 yrs, by 40 different people from 6 different countries, & in 2 main languages (Hebrew & Greek). Jesus said he came, not to destroy the Old Testament law & prophets, but to fulfill them. We are now to live under the New Testament where we are called to love all people. In the Bible, Jesus is declared & revealed to be God’s Son who was with Him in Creation & eventually came to Earth to fulfill His ministry (John 1:1-14). Admittedly, I do not know much about the koran, but I have seen some of the verses Jan was talking about. They did call for death to unbelievers (non-muslims), although one said “harshness”. I do know that in the name of Allah, many muslims have killed many non-muslims because of that fact: that they are not muslims. The footage on tv shows those in the muslim world chanting death to America, & kill Americans. It’s a dangerous, scary thing to behold. Those on trial for killing Americans have shown no remorse, but instead pride for what they did in the name of the one they follow. If there has been one defendant who has been remorseful, I have not seen it. As I said, their holy book calls for death for non-muslims. Those who adhere to it have a mission to fulfill, which is a death-sentence to non-muslims. I’ve seen footage of muslims beheading captives. In one case of Shariah law being carried out, I saw them slowly slicing off the hand of someone accused of stealing. (Not chopped with a larger instrument quickly, but by using a butcher knife.) These are facts that are supported with the videotaped words of muslims, themselves. As I said, it’s very scary.

          • In_Christ

            You stated that you have not read the Quran. You saw some versus that non-believers should be killed. Okay, now please take a moment to think with me here. Is this any different than a non-christian taking scriptures from the bible and calling God a blood thirsty God? Read the book of Joshua again. Joshua was actually one of the most violent prophets ever, but God condoned these acts. He sent out Joshua to get rid and destroy the Canaanites. This was also called an ethnic cleansing. But you and I know as followers of Christ that God did this because Canaan was full of wickedness and immorality.

            Just as I would direct someone to please read the bible cover to cover more than just one time, instead of taking versus here and there out of context; I am asking you to read the Quran before formulating your opinions about muslims. Also, don’t depend too much on the media, and what you see on tv, as it is always one-sided.

            I am blessed to have devout mulsim friends, whom respect my faith. None of them have wished death over me, or tried to kill me. My grandmother is a strict devout christian and I am most afraid of her and her church over any other religious person. In fact, I am terrorized more from fellow christians than any other faith.

            Did you know that bikinis were banned in the USA? Up to 1965 one would get a citation for wearing a two piece in New Hampshire. Conservatives supported these views that later were oppressed and taken over by culture that has only been driven and led by Hollywood itself. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He doesn’t change just because our culture has deemed it fit to wear a two piece in public. He still expects us to be modest and decent. This is scriptures not just my opinion.

          • The same believer

            Impressive. Truly in Christ. As you did not listen to fake facts. That is used and manipulated by media for political or other worldly reasons. I will pray for you that you may be light to others. God bless you

          • daisykmt

            Again, in a respectful way, I need to ask for clarification. Jan noted 109 verses in the koran calling for “negative action” toward non-muslims. From your post, I understand you to say that these are possibly taken out of context. Is it possible that, of all the 109 verses, not even one literally means death today—current time—to non-muslims? Because one is all it takes to be an edict to end someone’s life.
            I realize about the many numbers of deadly battles in the Old Testament. You stated in your post the purpose for these. It is something that God used to accomplish His purpose, I suppose, although I do not understand the mind of God. I do know that under the New Testament (I believe the final age for mankind) we are called to LOVE our enemies, “do good to them that despitefully use you”. The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapters 5, 6, & 7 are filled with a call to peaceful living. Further on in the NT, it says, “as much as lies within you, live peaceably with all men”. This is how God left it with us—with the final writing to us, via the NT. To me, that is polar opposite of the directive to another group of people by their leader—whose writings spanned only his lifetime on this earth—to harm those who will not convert to their belief system. Again, if 108 out of 109 verses is taken out of context, that one verse would be all it would take to be a death sentence to a vast number of people. I am sorry that anyone feels more terrorized by the Christian religion’s teachings that I noted 8 or 10 lines up. Of course, there are “wacko’s” in probably every belief. (For instance, I in no way condone the behavior of the Westboro group.)
            Yes, I agree about Biblical teaching on modesty and decency in attire. As for the bikinis being banned at one time, I’m sure there were most likely many citations handed out. I recognize that it came from a general consensus of the people & culture, not from only an offended few. I’m not arguing, but still do stand by what I’ve said.

          • The same beleiver

            I hope this doesn’t get blocked.
            So. Jan Morgan. Who spreads hate clearly instead of understanding says. There is 109 verse (completely out of context) about “killing”
            So what about thousands verses of
            Forgiveness. Mercy. Compassion. Love. Helping the poor. Honoring the parents. Loving Jesus and prophets since Adam was created.
            What about verse that says “who ever saves a ONE soul. As if he saved all people. And who ever takes a soul. Is as if he killed all people”
            I wonder why Jan. And people equal to her who spread hate and lies. Don’t quote this.

            What about million of Christians converting to Islam. And why? Because they stopped listening to the media garbage. And they listened to facts.

            One of the guys below said “Muslims flew into the building”
            Is this like saying “Christians did the World War One. And World War Two. And killed millions and millions? Is the like saying. Hitler was a Christian. And killed in the name of GOD of the bible millions and millions? Is this like saying. All Italians are Mafia?? And since they are Christians. Then all the Christians are mafia?

            Does Jan Morgan remains silent in church as per the NT commands her? Or do we just pick and choose. I saw another post from Jan Morgan quoting verses from Quran. Can you google “Jewish lady defending Quran” she will explain the context of these verses.

            I don’t have the enough time – unfortunately – nor the great writing skills as Jan Morgan does. To reply to her posts.

            I myself. Has heen persecuted by Christians while I am praying. My shoes got stolen. I had to walk back barefoot. Do I hate Christianity? No. I love Christianity. And I love Jesus the Messiah. But what I don’t like is people spreading hate. And yes I pray for them. But I will respond to them.

            Have you heard of Christians killing their own sons and daughters because the son or daughter converted to Islam? I’m sure NOT. I’m sure media won’t show it.

            Also Jan said she received threatening messages. Do you know that the highest attackers and killers in USA is done first by Americans. Follwed by Jewish extremist. And Latins. Then “Muslims”.

            Did you hear about persecution of Muslims by Christian militants? Why didn’t Jan Morgan post it?

            To ALL,
            If reply gets posted. And jan Morgan doesn’t delete it.
            There are 1.3 billion Muslims out there. Just please don’t judge the whole Nation of Islam. By th acts of “few political or extremist or people who are paid by terrorist organizations for money or power” who represent less than 0.01% of Islam. This is not fair.

            In my country. My neighbour are Christians. We love and respect each other. One day my mother had to stay all night up because her Christian Neighbour was ill. So my mother stayed by her side as th Christian husband was out of town.

            I don’t like to mention “good deeds” because it’s our duty. And Quran and God (Allah) wants us and commands us to do righteousness. And our right hand shouldn’t know what our left hand spends in the cause of God.

            Btw. Do you know that Christians in the easy worship “Allah”!
            Do you know thy say “the Messiah is the son of Allah”?
            If this is a new information to you. Then you should learn more from a better resource. And people who have the gift such as Jan Morgan also have a great responsibility and will be asked.

            God bless you all. And bless you Jan.


          • daisykmt

            To: the same believer— In reviewing your post this morning, I believe I’ve already addressed each of your talking points in several of my posts yesterday & day before—except your last one. So for those, no need to restate. I will just refer you to those posts. On the last point, I respectfully reject that “the Messiah is the son of Allah”. He is the Son of Jehovah God. (Yah-weh in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament portion of the Bible) I have not heard of any Christians worshipping Allah. I went to a Christian university (it is not state-funded) and in all my studies there, never heard of Christians worshipping Allah.

          • The same beleiver

            To daisykmt:

            Thank you for listening/ reading.
            What I stated. Is not something I read on the internet about Christians and Jewish of the Middle East worshipping “Allah”
            It where I live in. They pray to Allah.

            Do you know that the Arabic bible says “Allah”
            The word in Arabic is الله
            I’m attaching two photos of Gensis. Where it says God and them Arabic bible it says الله

            Also check this link its a famous Christian singer. From the Middle East. Singing to “Mary – peace be upon her – and the name of the song in Arabic is “Ya Umm Allah”
            Which means “Mother of God”


            I think in second 00:23 she says Allah
            Now this is clearly a Christian song.

            Here again
            I think second 00:04

            And here
            Second 00:27 singing for Allah the father of Jesus.

            Allah in Arabic doesn’t only mean “God”
            It means “The One and The Only True God”

            Also. From Hebrew point as well. You can check this. Jewish in the Middle East worship Allah


            If you ever have the chance to visit the Middle East. You will find many many things that is the opposite of what you learned.
            Do you know there are tens of thousands of Americans and their families live and work here. And sadly there are hundreds of thousands of American soldiers “deployed” here as well. Saudi Arabia is one of America’s biggest allies.

            Back to subject:

            Have you ever heard of Muslims NOT respecting Jesus – peace be upon him. ?
            Did you read the verses that talks about Jesus in Quran? That he is the Word from God? I will quote from Quran

            Jesus is referred to as a “Word” from God in three passages in the Quran. No other prophet has been described with such a title.
            “…O Mary! Behold, God gives you good news of a word from Him, who shall become known as the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary…” (Quran 3:45)
            “…The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a messenger of God, and His word which He conveyed unto Mary…” (Quran 4:171)
            “…God gives you good news of (a son whose name is) John, (who comes) to confirm a word from God…” (Quran 3:39)

            The Quran describes Jesus to be a ‘Spirit’ proceeding from God:
            “We breathed into her (Mary) from My Spirit.” (Quran 21:91)
            “…a Spirit created by Him.”(Quran 4:171)
            “We blew into (her womb) through Our angel.” (Quran 66:12)

            The Quran describes Jesus to be a ‘Sign,’ an aayah in the Quran. In the terminology of the Quran a miracle is a ‘sign’ of God to display divine might and unrestricted ability to do acts outside the chain of cause and effect. In this sense, the virgin birth of Jesus is a miracle; a wonderful show of God’s mighty power to do as He pleases. Therefore, Jesus is a ‘sign’ not only to the Israelites but to the entire world:
            “And We made the son of Mary and his mother as a Sign.” (Quran 23:50)
            “…We may make him a sign to men…” (Quran 19:21)
            “and We made her and her son a sign for all peoples.” (Quran 21:91)
            In addition, the Quran declares Jesus’ second coming to be a ‘sign,’ an announcement that the Judgment Day is coming close, “And indeed, Jesus will be a sign for the Hour (of Judgment), so have no doubt about it, and follow Me. This is a straight path.” (Quran 43:61)

            Last but not least. Kindly watch this video of a Jewish women. It is entertaining and informative, you spent most of your life being taught and provided by sources that hates Islam (even if it’s another faith than yours)
            So at least you owe yourself to listen to different sources.



            At the end of this respectful dialogue. I pray God bless you and your family and beloved ones.

            Peace be upon you

          • In_Christ

            You are so respectful, and kind when dialoguing. I truly appreciate it. I agree with you that in the New Testament we are to love one another and our enemies. But let me ask you this: If someone broke into your house and threatened your family and tried to kill your children, would you fight back and try to save them? Or would you sit there and love on them and turn the other cheek? Do you believe we have christian men and women in the military that go and fight in other countries and kill out of “self defense?” Aren’t they supposed to turn the other cheek and love the enemy? What about after the new testament when European colonization ravaged, dehumanized and exploited parts of Asia and Africa including the muslim world? How about the spanish Inquisition and the Crusades? Did this make christianity violent and barbaric? How come they didn’t turn the other cheek? Or love their neighbor.

            The Quran affirms the rights of self defense. The Quran is very, very specific about when one is allowed to go to war and that is in light of self defense which is what many christians do TODAY. If there are followers of the Quran misinterpreting it, and using that to do as they please, then they are fake muslims. Just like there are fake christians who misinterpret or interpret scriptures as they please. The Quran is a book of love, mercy and forgiveness. You can read and see for yourself. What Jan is doing with the Quran is the same thing Richard Dawkins does with the bible – plucking out versus and claiming that God is a bloodthirsty God.

            I have many muslim friends. They respect Jesus and his teachings so much. They love him. They just don’t worship him. And let me clarify another point. I do have amazing christian friends who love God and love their neighbor. I can count in my hand how many, but they are so respectful and loving. I have sat and had peaceful dialogues with my muslim friends and they respect my beliefs. We don’t agree with each other and I want to convert them, just like I’m sure they want to convert me, but we respect each other.

            Jan, I respect you, but on this point I don’t agree with you. I hope I am able to express my views and not be deleted, because I have muslim friends, and I love them as God has instructed me to do.

          • Bacchus

            You are NOT in Christ but a muslim. Muhammad /Allah Lied about Jesus not being God and the Son of God and about the “Trinity” nature of God. Muhammad lied about the death of Jesus on the cross his resurrection and his ascension That makes you Satan. How can the Koran be a book that teaches love when so many are and have been murdered in the name of Islam????You are most ignorant about the Crusaded. There were started AFTER muslims Murdered Thousands of Christian Jews in Israel. As for as the Spanish inquisition is concerned About 30,000 Christians were murdered over a 350 year time scale. In comparison, over the last 3 years over 150,000 Syrians have been murdered in the name of Islam and over 6 million people have been displaced would have died if it wasn’t for the Charity of Christians

          • Bacchus

            I hate to disappoint you but there is no context in the Koran, the vast majority of it is a collection of one liners therefore very little context. Rarely do four sentences follow in sequence to form a paragraph

          • Chris

            Um, yeah. We Christians are quite the terror group, what with all that “love your neighbor” and “do unto others” stuff; you have every right to be terrified. Remember that day the Muslims flew the planes into the buildings? I do.

          • In_Christ

            I am going to reply to you, and to “cmouse”

            You both have lost credibility. If this is the way you show a fellow christian what loving you neighbor is, then I don’t want any part of it. @ cmouse – cupcake? Who are you to give me a nickname? I will tell you what I think about YOU. You are delusional to think that you bare good fruit showing that you follow God. Maybe you should have prayed before asking me a question and ask God to help you get over your sarcasm, and condescending tone. I would be willing to listen and also have an open mind in dialoguing, politely and respectfully, but like I said, you both have lost great credibility. I don’t want to discuss anything with you. Your words are not aligned with your heart. Learn how to treat a fellow neighbor with respect and then speak. You sound like wolf in sheep clothing. False prophets. False witnesses. Christians like you are the reason why so many are converting and leaving the church. You are full of hypocrisy. Yes I am judging you based on your fruits. Your words about loving you neighbor has lost all meaning. Did the both of you expect me to sit here and turn the other cheek, and kindly respond to your questions? Listen, The Quran is full of versus on how to be respectful towards women. How about you read that and learn some manners.

          • cmouse

            Are you a Moabite, a Hitite, an Ephramite? G-d gave the Israelites specific instructions on certain people. Islam requires any votary to kill non-believers….forever. The Koran cannot be taken as a whole because each section supercedes another as the false prophet suited his fantasies. Surra 9 was the last one written and superceeds all others before it. Read it cupcake and then tell me what you think of the followers of the false prophet.

          • Bacchus

            God (Y’shua) Hates SIN. The Canaanites. Were very sinful and did not repent of their wickedness. But you never stated that therefore your argument is in error. You don’t seem to understand the ideology of the muslim. Their religion is one of domination TOTAL DOMINATION.

          • The same believer

            Daisykmt. Very respectful and honourabl comment. Thank you for being respectful. God bless you.
            I will address your points. But the admin has deleted my comments. And blocked me. If the word “ignorance” was taken as an insult. It wasn’t meant to be. I do apology. It means lack of knowledge. We all lack of knowledge in many areas.

          • freebirds

            A response to abelievers response to me that has been removed fro this site.
            There is over 109 scriptures in the quaran that supports killing and violence toward non Muslims. Quaran 2:191-193,2:224,2:216,4:95,4:89,4:76,4:74,3:151, and over 150 more of violent verses. The bible has 0. Its all about choice

          • freebirds

            What Jan wrote is true. Your blissful. You know what they say about ignorance. What Jan said is fact. Does the truth hurt? Why won’t you believe facts? Liberal school teachers are the same. You show them facts and they start yelling and looking really foolish. But I’ve learned in my years that one can’t fix stupid. And one who doesn’t absorb facts is stupid.

          • A believer

            Freebirds. Truth does hurt
            Who said truth doesn’t hurt?
            What Jan wrote is out of ignorance and unknowing the truth. Hence the outcome is as good as the income. Ignorance all over.

            What you learned might fit on you as well. You might be stupid to others as well. I guess that backfired at you.

            May God open your eyes, mind and lead you.

          • freebirds

            So you believe God supports the Muslim faith. And the act of killing those that refuse to convert?

          • A believer

            Freebirds. You asked me a question. So kindly read my answer.

            Muslims and God and their holy book DOESN’T teach or tell NOR supports killing people who refuse to convert. Where did you get this from??? Where did you hear this nonsense from? That’s why I say. It’s ignorance. Because people judge and act and attack based on fake facts.

            Let me ask you a Yes/No question.

            Did you ever hear of Christians families killing their daughters or sons because they (daughters and sons) converted to Islam?

            Yes? No? Let me tell you. Yes. It happened and so many times.

            Does this mean Jesus taught this?

            Another fact:
            Fortunately I live in the Middle East. And I love in a country where Christians and Muslims live in harmony and peace.
            Side by side. My Muslim Neighbour sends food to my Christian Neighbour. My Christian Neighbour helps my Muslim Neighbour in his garden.

            But sadly enough. The amount of ignorance I’m fighting here is so big. So big in quality of the high level of ignorance and quantity as well.

            But I truly thank you for giving me the chance to talk “type”. Without being attacked and insulted as it is the case most of the times.

            God bless you

          • constitutionislaw

            And god bless you. i do know that christians and muslims live together in other lands. it is to bad that their are some who are perverted and are reading into the scriptures their own interpretations. this is where the radicals come in and make it bad for all concerned. it is time we all get together and rid our world of these radicals by either teaching them the true meaning of gods word or remove them from this planet.

          • The Same believer

            God bless you too. Thank you for your kind comment.
            I tried replying to yours earlier. But it was deleted by the admin. I hope this one goes through. God bless you and I pray you have a blessed life. In the name of God. Amen

          • 57Bootsy

            Thank you, Jan! You are exactly correct!

          • newhon63

            Not to mention the Holy Land Foundation case that had a mountain of evidence ready to be presented but the Prosecutor’s office was ordered to drop the matter. Muslim Brotherhood was co-conspirators in that. From what I am given to believe is that it was closed because it may uncover some very embarrassing things with high ranking officials within our government at every level.

          • sreynolds

            and o’racist is a member of the muslim brotherhood, his actions tell us this and so does oracist in his own words in many different cases.

          • daisykmt

            I heard him say that the most beautiful sound in the world is the early morning call to prayers.

          • olijf

            The real insane person is the judge, who made it all possible. I can’t believe how stupid such a judge is and if true he/she should be fired asap.

        • FactsRule

          I don’t get why an unsubstantiated claim is necessary when we have thereligionofpeace.com

        • antiscreed

          Lol gawd people like you are stupid. YOU are exactly the problem.

        • mtncrusr

          Easy, Even paranoids have enemies.

        • tim

          google this barenakedislam.com

          • daisykmt

            I did. It should be required reading for every American. The same people who deny what that site shows would be those who say the Holocaust is a myth.

    • Conservatarian

      The American people won’t, but the government will.

      • daisykmt

        For the most part, very true, I’d say. As for in the govt, the few who would fight against it would be the likes of Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul. Trey Gowdy has gotten death threats over his work on uncovering the true facts of the administration’s part in the Bengahzi debacle—yet he won’t back down.

    • Irish1025

      Want To Bet? The current dictator in OUR White House BOWS and Kiss’s The Saudi King’s hand ring whatever and you REALLY believe that he will NOT go right along with them?

      • Sardis

        lookit…where was your paranoia of Sharia law pre-2008?

        • Chris

          Here’s the difference: there was then and is now NO DOUBT that W LOVES America. Obammy, not so much.

        • Irish1025

          Never Saw These Pic’s before .After 9/11 (Which BTW I believe WAS a false flag) There was a story making the rounds that the Bin Laden family was flown out of America via Air Force One because The Royal Saudi Family was long time friends with the Bush family shortly there after it was announced that it was Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden that brought the towers down. The Bin Laden family is from Saudi Arabia. There are just too many coincidences and myself not being a believer in coincidence leads me to come to the conclusion that the people in charge of our governments (worldwide) are ALL EVIL.

    • BC Beyer

      why not, we put up with everything else. Even a man posing as a president who breaks the law, lies, filling our country with illegals n terrorist, spending taxpayers money on everything n everyone else except the American people. The list goes on…..

  • 2bfree

    That is disturbing. Having been to Italy, Standard beach wear is a bikini or speedo for EVERYONE—regardless of age. So Italy will be collecting a lot of fines! Well, that resort better hope they get a whole lot more rich muslims to vacation there, because the regular folk won’t be.

    • Cheryl Webb Clair

      It isn’t unusual to go bare on Italian beaches.

      • American Infidel

        Been there, done THAT

      • Freedomless2012

        a paid shill…

        Hope they pay you enough that you can sleep with yourself as this dirtbag and his Muslim terrorists destroy this country

  • Mike C.

    Most beaches I came across while in Sicily were topless so this is really surprising. Good thing their tops were on or they may have been stoned to death! PC BS and bowing to someone else’s beliefs for fear of offending them is ludicrous. This behavior offends me so can I sue?

    • Hoodoo H

      That, or the Muzzies would have had to kill themselves.

      • Douglas Moore

        That works for me.

        • Hoodoo H

          I knew you’d say that. :B

  • Giuseppe Jordan Tagliabue

    I’m Italian, and I can tell you that this is a fake. As much as I hate the muzzrats, I love the truth, and there’s no truth in this. Be careful before simply copy&paste the news that you read anywhere. A little digging wouldn’t cost much 😉

    • American Infidel

      At the private resort of Taormina? Is that where you’re at?

  • Thomas in Jacksonville

    Islam has no place in a free country. If the followers of Islam don’t like living in a free country, they can go to an Islamic country, like Iran.

    • Sardis

      Do you understand that your comment is a glaring oxymoron? A “free country” is one where people are entitled to their own religious beliefs and to practice peacefully in accordance with those beliefs, the way the vast majority of Muslims do. If Muslims weren’t welcome here, this would not be a “free country.”

      • Douglas Moore

        It’s not a real religion Sardis. Islam should be banned here. They are just a bunch of backward 7th century savage animals and all mosques (terrorist training centers) should be burned to the ground.

        • Justin Humphrey

          Did you really just call a Mosque a terrorist training center? Cause i think you’re confused… just go ahead and wikipedia the catholic crusades. Just go ahead and do that buddy

          • Douglas Moore

            Okay bbbbbuddy. LOL The Crusades was a “defensive” measure against oppressive attackers who were killing, maiming, raping, enslaving, etc. Let’s see… who was that bunch of terrorists? The Muslims!

      • mtncrusr

        Yes, and in that ‘FREE COUNTRY’ I will not submit to the will of a cult religion.

      • daisykmt

        Did you see where Jan Morgan wrote above of the 109 scriptures in the koran that dictate hate, murder, and terrorism to those who do not submit to or convert to islam? And of the documented civilization jihad (islamization) directed at America to destroy her from within in order to subject her people to islam? If a free country wants to REMAIN FREE & is warned that something like this is creeping ever closer, they should wake up and wise up to the fact that they had better put a stop to this plan that has already admittedly been put into place.

        • Sardis

          As if Islam is the only religion that has inspired violence. Plenty of violence has been committed in the name of Christianity, and other religions too. Shall we decide that Christianity is not a real religion and ban it?

          Our Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom is meaningless if we can decide that we don’t have to recognize religions we don’t belong to.

      • toni969

        “peacefully” is the key. The press won’t even publish anti-muslim cartoons (like the mohammed as a bomber one that earned its creator a death-fatwa). Please tell me about these peaceful muslims on your planet. We have none here on ours.

        • Sardis

          Growing up, we had a Muslim family as one of our next-door neighbors. Lovely people. We had each other over for dinner a lot. My sister babysat their toddler when she was younger. We celebrated the 4th of July together. 9/11 was terrible for everyone, but it was especially hard on them…not only were they devastated by the attack on our country, but they were scared that as Muslims of Middle-Eastern descent, they were going to be lumped in with the radical terrorists who carried out the attack. Judging from posts like yours, I guess they were right to be scared.

          Do you even know any Muslims? Have you ever met any? In today’s age, the fear and ignorance of the unknown continues to be a problem.

  • Gil Dominguez

    So, the United States is not the only country with idiots for judges.

    • Jonathan Edwards

      Been to the UK recently? If you want unparalleled legal left-wing idiocy, look no further

  • In my state we take responsibility for our own feelings:)

  • 81117barringster

    I am offended that they are offended. Let’s try THAT LAWSUIT on for size.

    • 57Bootsy

      Me too, 81117barringster!! When I look at that black thing they wear, it scares me, and I think they’re gonna kill me. That TOTALLY offends me.

  • American Infidel

    “But, but….it CAN’T happen here in America!” you say?
    I hope you’re not that stupid to think that.

  • E B White

    According to other sources, the article this came from is a satirical publication. Like the Onion.

  • Billy Mullins

    This just goes to show that there’s more than one way to carry out jihad. It has become abundantly clear to me that if a Muzzie is breathing, he/she could be in the middle of a jihad. I expect it won’t be too long before we start seeing reprisals in Europe against rug-huggers. I really believe that enough common people are gonna get a belly full of Muzzie nonsense and then we’ll see random violence against rug-huggers in increasing numbers. Not all the spirit has been bred out of Europeans.

    • Hoodoo H

      Amen. Common sense has to start somewhere.
      Let the games begin.

    • PatHenry

      That’s why they are trying to disarm us so sharia law can be implemented here!

      • violater1

        That is just a small part of the agenda Pat! A lot bigger and ughlier plans are also in place! Believe me should we lose it will not be pretty or civil for a long time to come!

      • violater1

        Trust me Pat it is a lot bigger than that and a lot ughlier picture than you can imagine!

        • Sardis

          Are you intentionally misspelling “uglier”? Also, how are you privy to “the big picture” when the rest of us are not? Care to enlighten us?

          • violater1

            since I feel you are being Sarcastic! The answer to your first quest is I guess so appears that way to me also! Your second quest the answer is no I will not to you since you probably are truely not interested in anything except stirring the pot! But I will tell you it is open to everyone on many different viewers of the plans for ours and the worlds dismal future! So if you have a true desire to know seek and you may find!

  • Jackson Bentley

    This is simply not true. All of you people just listen to what people say. Not if it is actually true or not. Have COMMON SENSE, but maybe you’re unsure what common sense is.

    • That must be why California Rialto Unified School District Interim Superintendent assigned students an essay question requiring them to contemplate whether the Holocaust ever actually occurred.

      Rialto Unified’s Superintendent? Mohammad Z. Islam. Of course, he denies knowing anything about it at all.

      • No. I investigate, find out more, and take action where I can.

        What did you do? Insist people use “COMMON SENSE”?

        Like the “COMMON SENSE” that would preclude a Los Angeles School District from assigning students to question whether the Holocaust ever occurred?

        Gotcha, Jackson. I’ve got the cut of your jib.

      • Snailmailtrucker

        Taqiyya !

        • Indeed. But he does have an opportunity to act in a manner that cannot be a lie.

          We shall see.

  • Cat

    Next thing you know, they’ll be trying to control the type of relationships you’re in! Isn’t it just horrible when someone tries to make their beliefs superior to yours? Darn Muslims.

    • Cat

      Regardless, people’s comments opposing this, if it was to actually happen, shows me that they obviously don’t realize that Christians are doing the same thing to homosexual couples here in America. “What I believe is better than what you believe, so therefore mine must be followed by everyone.”

      • Christians are not doing the same thing. We are simply obeying the bible. If you do not like the rules, talk to God yourself.

        • Cat

          Muslims are just obeying what they think is right. Does that mean they get to tell everyone else what to do? And if you aren’t a Christian, then it’s really not your rules is it? So why not everyone just obey their own religious rules, and not make other people (who do not believe those rules) follow your religious rules as well.

    • Mrs. Patriot

      You can have whatever relationships you want as long as you’re prepared for the consequences.

  • Jackson Bentley

    Things are difficult to prove when they didn’t actually happen.

  • heilbama

    The Amish in America would not and do not wear ‘English’ swimwear and do not approve to it. Know what they do? They stay away from beaches where those things ARE worn. Most Amish can’t even swim. They certainly do not file lawsuits if they see too much English skin.

    • heilbama

      I read that, as well. I was making a point about the way Americans assimilate, may not approve of how others live but respect their right to do so. I should have been more clear.

  • Freedomless2012

    Considering the President has surrounded himself with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is not surprising that Sharia law would be creeping in to the United States.

    See here:


    We have already seen that Obama, as well as Hillary, are very comfortable embracing Islam and radical terrorists, as well as sympathizers.

    Hillary Clintons rumored lover, Huma Abedin, has also been allied to the Sister Brotherhood, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood. These facts are IRREFUTABLE.

    Not only were her parents allied with the terrorists organizations, she also ran charities for them.

    See here:


    And here:


    So why is anyone surprised or doubting that this tyranny is coming to America?

    We have a President whose career was launched in the home of a terrorist (Bill Ayers), as well as receiving his first job from the terrorists father.

    That can be see here:


    As well as here:


    So at this point, it is no longer a question of WHEN will this Muslim, terrorist, sympathizer begin implementing Sharia tyranny.

    Instead, the question is when?

    • Irish1025

      Too True

    • Sardis

      All of your “sources” are posts from partisan, editorial blog posts containing wild, unsubstantiated accusations of conspiracy.

      Barack Obama has been president for about six years now and only has about another two years remaining in office. When exactly is he supposed to begin implementing Sharia law? I sort of think he’s running out of time to be all the things you claim he is.

      • Mrs. Patriot

        And don’t think he doesn’t know it.

      • antiscreed


      • Freedomless2012

        This is your response?

        You do not like the sources?

        Ignore all the facts and try to find some way to divert from the truth.
        Classic Saul Alinsky,,,

        The stench of a shill is overwhelming.

  • Barry

    If you don’t agree with jan morgan she will block you like a the baby she is.

  • Irish1025

    This Story was also carried by a British Paper so who is lying and who is speaking truth? With the way that the barbarians behave themselves in our nation I find it difficult to NOT believe this story however that being said I think it is high time that ANY Country that caves in to these animals not just Italy too, should be boycotted by ALL non-muslims! THAT is how you change a Countries Laws!.

  • Kristen Elizabeth Conant

    How dumb. I just do not understand the stupidity of people today. Why on earth would a law protect something petty as tourists complaining about people NOT of their religion. Everyone wants tolerance, well this is what happens every time. One group taking over and calling all the shots. What happened to people being raised with respect for others?! Manners and etiquette have left and this is what you have, people abusing each other simply because they do not care. I pray this doesn’t happen in the USA, but with the way people are it most likely will.

  • Jim Dandy

    If they don’t want to see in because they feel it is offensive, tell them to look away. If they refuse, BLIND THEM…

  • Sardis

    “Though this story has proven difficult to confirm..”

    Says it all.

  • Ol’ Grunt

    Unproven, but is typical with the Muslims wanting every place they have infected with themselves, to bow down and conform to their demands.
    The countries that have allowed these pariahs to infiltrate, need to get them under control.

    • Hoodoo H

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • Brian

    This isn’t true at all. Christian beleifs in America are forced upon non beleivers all the time. Anyone who gets faith thousands of years old fables are just idiots. Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc.

    • Mrs. Patriot

      NO, Christian beliefs are not forced on anyone. That’s a lie. It’s not the Christians who are slaughtering people all over the world who won’t convert. It’s the Muslims. God doesn’t like liars.

    • Hoodoo H

      This Country’s Founding was strictly done so on Judeo Christian belief.

  • TexRancher

    There’s an idea going around that would require all drum liners be produced in bright colors to keep muslim women from being picked up for the dump accidently!

  • comp lui

    You stupid scums try to make it all about Muslims but there are many beaches in western countries where they have banning bikinis which shows too much. Its not about Islam , Its your obscenity laws. In many countries they can charge you with obscenity and put you in Jail.

    • Hoodoo H

      There you go again, spouting off fodder.

  • Hoodoo H


    • comp lui

      FU PIG

      • Hoodoo H

        I see your avatar is an Israeli and American shaking hands.
        How does my extreme strong dislike against Muslims offend you enough to call me a pig?

      • Hoodoo H

        So…according to your screen name, you’re Living Under the Influence of comp-uters? Israel/USA? Comp-acts of relation?
        Dude, according to your quick backlash, I’d say you’re definitely a Muzzie and/or an Instigator.
        Maybe you just love the religeon of peace, Islam?
        What a joke.

  • jd1958

    Islam….the “religion of peace” is oppressive, murderous, filled with fanatical followers that will murder, mutilate, and cause mayhem wherever they go. Convert or die. That is the mantra of Islam.

  • william C

    Ignore the ruling, don’t pay the fine. If they come here, kick their sorry asses off the beach. This is our country, not theirs.

  • PJ Gildernew

    I am going to be interested what will happen when the PC’s 2 favorite “causes” begin to clash (Islam and LGBT) whose side do you think they will take?

  • foxxybey

    Tell the Islamist and Italians to get a life, if they don’t want to see your bakini tell them to stay away from the beach and that cures that problem.

  • Charles

    HAHA I wonder what the response would have been had they been on a topless beach? 🙂 If you don’t want to wear a perfectly legal swimsuit on a beach because your religion doesn’t allow it, that doesn’t mean that I can’t wear a swimsuit in front of you. If you don’t like what you see, don’t look.

  • HongryHawg

    Wonder what the fine would be at a nude beach; beheading?

  • redhorse1969

    maggot ragheads go to hell

  • Joseph111

    regarding muslim women and the beach, what’s the point???
    I mean, its kind of like alcohol-free beer …

  • Devilrider

    Let’s all go sit on the beach in a burka.

    • Hoodoo H

      Vamos a la Playa in our Birthday Suits !

  • reagangs

    Damned foreigners …. like it or leave it. If you don’t like what’s going on in America ….. lump it or go back where you came from. You probably came to America because of the Freedoms. However you fight those Freedoms with your stupid ideology. True Patriotic Americans will fight you to the grave for those Freedoms. To hell with BHO and his minions/sheeple.

  • rivahmitch

    The “jurists” or judge responsible for this action should be found in a ditch.

    • Snailmailtrucker

      With a towel on his/her head.

  • Doug Miller

    I doubt as a Muslim woman that she would be allowed on the beach by her self.

    • That is probably just a file photo. The article stated “some Saudi Arabian tourists” objected. You are correct regarding the Islamic woman probably not alone.

  • Buford

    Welcome to the new Austerity, Europe. “Live and let live” is not a tenet of Islam. What happens to your vineyards now, or do these not also offend? If Italy goes along to get along, any nation later called upon to provide relief from Moslem oppression should never, never, never forgive the debt.

  • PatHenry

    Wow the moderator must be working overtime deleting comments What gives!!!

  • refuse2lose

    i’m hoping liberals will take notice and go to the beaches fully clothed…

  • billjcanada

    the cure for Muslin BS come in many convenient calibers. It needs to be applied in a very liberal manner.

  • IsRaeLi_BaBe29

    This is where political correctness leads, not only Italy but all of Europe will soon be flushed down the Islamic toilet and all that will be left are the horrors of satanic Islam and the misery and death that follows.

  • mule man

    Muslims are subhuman mongrels that deserve zero respect

  • leftythree

    They need to go back to the Middle East, or wherever they came from. We didn’t invite them or their culture here, they came because they wanted freedom now they try to change ours. Freedom Of Religion I believe was meant for Christian Faiths to practice the way they wanted answerable only to God if they didn’t follow his word. Muslim faith is a Strange belief, Cover up every part of your body but your eyes in public, but it’s OK to rape Children and Marry Children, Kill anyone that doesn’t accept their faith.?Ridiculous. Plus I wish our Government would quit Recognizing it as a Religion, it’s not. The Only True Religion is Christianity, All of the others are “”Cults””, false teachings and Prophets and their Followers will burn in hell for it. I’d rather have the alternative and spend eternity in Heaven because My Savior died for me to take away my sins, and because I believe that I have a home in Heaven. Their so called Prophet, or God just died, and still is dead. Mine is alive and well, thank you Jesus.

  • Roger Anderson

    Get the damned towel-heads off the F&&&ing beach, THEN, they won’t have to worry about being offended.

  • Your Name

    Let me get this straight. Muslims go to VISIT Italy, and the Italian women are to cow down to them? The locals get slammed for doing something that is normal to their own culture? Uhhhh….when in Rome………

  • Roger Anderson

    We had close to $250 in groceries at a Target Store. They told us that WE WOULD HAVE TO WAIT until they could find a non-muslim checker, to clear our “pork products”…..what was our response??????? YOU F&&&ing put it back, we’re out of here and will NEVER come back here for our groceries………….

  • junkmailbin

    time to zone lot next to mosques for barbecue shacks and pig farms.
    i WILL neither bend head or knee to a false religion that worships a defunct mesopotamian moon god and wants to subjugate the world

  • John A

    Islam has no tolerance for things that are considered everyday in America. One would think the liberals would come to their senses and realize the very things they promote (i.e., promiscuity, homosexuality, drug use, etc) would infuriate the Islamic radicals. Additionally, every woman in the U.S. would become property of men and they would have no longer have rights. I’m sure that is going to fly in our society these days.

    Just think of the number of people in this country who would be stoned for having sex out of marriage, cheating on a spouse, alcohol and drug use. Hell, more than half the population would be wiped out because of these few reasons alone.

    In short, Islam promotes violence and control of people and has absolutely no place in American society..

  • Not to sound like a prude, which I am one of, but, I do not go to nude beaches because they do not agree with my moral perspective and such. Perhaps the Muslims may wish to purchase and develop Sharia compliant beach resorts. Let the market decide.

  • Lorraine E

    Best way to stop the slow but steady imposition of sharia law in our country is to order that all women obey their laws immediately. Start in Hollywood by imposing all of the sharia laws on all actresses Then fire all women in the news media, all female teachers, nurses, doctors and lawyers. Impose all of the sharia laws upon all of the women IMMEDIATELY! Women have to be forbidden to drive cars, attend school, have jobs or appear in public without their master all at the same time. The name of the muslim game to conquer my country is 1001 cuts slowly imposed upon us by our deplorable injustice system until we have been slowly but surely assimilated into a muslim lifestyle. Pretty much like the government is doing with our second amendment rights, as a matter of fact all of our rights.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Please share these facts with others, we all need to know the truth about Islam.

    1. 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by:

    a. Superman
    b. Jay Leno
    c. Harry Potter
    d. A Muslim males between the ages of 17 and 40

    2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by:

    a. Olga Corbett
    b. Sitting Bull
    c. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    3. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by:

    a. Lost Norwegians
    b. Elvis
    c. A tour bus full of 80-year-old women
    d . Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    4. During the 1980’s a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by:

    a. John Dillinger
    b. The King of Sweden
    c. The Boy Scouts
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    5. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:

    a. A pizza delivery boy
    b. Pee Wee Herman
    c. Geraldo Rivera
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    6. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard
    in his wheelchair by:

    a. The Smurfs
    b. Davey Jones
    c. The Little Mermaid
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    7. In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by:

    a. Captain Kidd
    b. Charles Lindberg
    c. Mother Teresa
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    8. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:

    a. Scooby Doo
    b. The Tooth Fairy
    c. The Sundance Kid
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    9. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by:

    a. Richard Simmons
    b. Grandma Moses
    c. Michael Jordan
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    10. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:

    a. Mr. Rogers
    b. Hillary Clinton, to distract attention from Wild Bill’s women problems
    c. The World Wrestling Federation
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    11. On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take out the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers.
    Thousands of people were killed by:

    a. Bugs Bunny, Wiley E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd
    b. The Supreme Court of Florida
    c. Mr Bean
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    12. In 2002 the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against:

    a. Enron
    b. The Lutheran Church
    c. The NFL
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    13. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by:

    a. Bonnie and Clyde
    b. Captain Kangaroo
    c. Billy Graham
    d. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 and 40


  • Snailmailtrucker

    Don’t these muslimes seem a lot like the liberals/Democrats here in America who attack everyone who doesn’t think as they do or act as they do?

    Just askin’

  • 57Bootsy

    Muslims can go straight to HELL. They make nothing, they produce nothing, they create and foster a seething hatred, that is all they know and choose to spread. Muslims/Islamists, their Sharia law, should be decimated and erased for eternity from this planet.

    • Sardis

      They sure foster a seething hatred in you, sir.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Don’t these muslimes….seem a lot like the liberals/Democrats Gays here in America who attack everyone who doesn’t think as they do or act as they do?

    Just askin’

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Don’t these muslimes seen to act like the Obama Administration and their ObamaCare
    bu lls hitt…forcing everyone to do what they say even tho it is against the Constitution to force any Americans to buy anything ?

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Isn’t it strange how many of the islamic pigs frequent strip clubs !

    • Sardis


  • Dave Phelps

    send the muslimes back to their own country and stay there

  • Dave Smith

    Take your pig with you to the beach and use bacon instead of tanning oil. How do you get a tan while wearing a burka?

  • Jim

    That’s a great tan under that burqa…

  • Dave Phelps

    July 4th all american women should go nude and their husbands should sat outside drinking beer, because all muslime men =, if they see a woman not their wives nude they must kill themselves

    • Snailmailtrucker

      I hope none of the liberal women do that….
      or (as ugly as they are) I might have to kill myself !

  • SuperDave2

    This is why Islam, every single shred and vestige of Islam in all its forms,
    including the Muslim, must be wiped from the continent of North America, the UK
    and Europe.

    From Inuvik to El Paso, and from Los Angeles to Cape Spear in
    Newfoundland….every single Muslim gone, every mosque dismantled, Islam in all
    its forms criminalized and outlawed.

    The sooner we begin the better.

    Support M.A.I.D


    Support the targeting of groups like CAIR and all the other Muslim
    Brotherhood splinter groups operating within the USA.

    Muslims have no place in the western world, Muslims and Islam have no place
    among the civilized, they never did, they do not now and they never will.

    We’re working on it now. It’s a sister project to an effort to identify,
    with detailed particularity, all Muslims in North America.

    Files, detailed information files are being complied on individual Muslims,
    their employers, the companies they own and those who are sympathetic to the

    This includes the Muslim as found in law enforcement, the military,
    government bureaucracy, the judiciary and all boards, NGO’s and tribunals.

    The files are being assembled for several reasons. One of which is the
    expedited identification and location of the Muslim once domestic governments
    begin to isolate and then remove the Muslim.

    Another is to create a clear picture of the Muslim within all communities in
    order that they not be allowed to move quietly within communities and
    infiltrate positions of power and influence.

    Another is to be able to shut down all businesses that ignore the
    detrimental effects of retaining the Muslim in relation to any facet of their

    Its in its infancy but the message is being well received. That is the
    message of both Muslim identification and then deportation.

    Your readers can do the same in their local areas.

    All information needs to be assembled in a format that will then be used in
    a data-base.

    Your readers need to locate Muslims in their midst, document their employers
    and all information related to their employers and their employers customer
    base including any government or publicly funded contracts that employer has.

    Identify the entire Muslim’s family with names, ages, addresses, schools
    attended. Provide photographs of all the family members if possible.

    Information relating to Muslim individuals can also include their credit
    information, drivers license numbers and all relevant.

    Local sporting goods shops, gun clubs, gun stores and shooting ranges can be
    accessed as well. Any proximity of Muslims to shooting ranges can be noted with
    all details regarding their weapons and vehicles noted.

    Identify all property the Muslim owns including vehicles and their make,
    model, color and license plate number. Location regarding where they park both
    at night and while at work.

    The same detailed identification process applies to all members of
    government, law enforcement and the judiciary.

    The location of all mosques and Islamic/Muslim associations and or
    “friendship” groups. In relation to this information such as related property
    taxes, permits held and conditions of those permits.

    These political buildings, the mosques need to be identified with GPS and
    their location with respect to local law enforcement detachments. Details such
    as avenues of access and exit with all other subtle details are very helpful as

    This should be done quietly and in a format easily sent via email etc.

    Its quite simple really, makes the identification and removal of the Muslim
    much easier for all involved.

    Get a decent camera, either a Nikon P520 or a P600 or a decent Point and

    Start documenting the Muslims in your area as per the details above.

    Of particular interest are the ones wearing Muslim dress like the hijab, the
    dishdasha’s, the burqas and the dyed hair and beards.

    Log all of this into a file related to a particular address or company.

    Be discreet in taking the photographs, you can also use a small video
    camera, holding it in your hands as you walk by the family or standing beside
    them in public. Then later just take a screen shot of the video when you pause
    it on a Muslim face.

    Make sure you don’t keep all the files on one computer, transfer them and
    duplicate them to an external hard-drive.

    Learn to use encryption programs.

    Don’t expect assistance from local law enforcement agencies or even the FBI,
    the CIA or the NSA. These agencies are under the thumb of Obama and have been
    pushed in a direction which serves Muslim interests.

    Our politicians are directly responsible for this. One only has to look to
    the treason and sedition of the Obama administration.

    This is a president who is openly Muslim and who has, to the perhaps fatal
    detriment of the United States of America, lined the highest offices and halls
    of American judicial and bureaucratic power with the Muslim

    Now Americans must look to themselves and stop being indecisive, stop
    dithering, they must begin to act before the Obama group has achieved what they
    set out to do, before Obama has completely destroyed America.

    But not all Americans are sitting on their hands, not all Americans walk
    with feet of clay.

    But this I know as do many Americans…….that there are senior echelons within
    the US Armed Forces officer corps who are quietly looking around them for their
    allies and their enemies, there are young men and women in West Point who
    quietly look around them for their allies and their enemies…..and they seek as
    do sheriffs associations, as do millions of patriot Americans across the United
    States, for a solution to the treason and sedition that reigns supreme at 1600
    Pennsylvania Avenue.

    They have watched as the greatest republic in the history of mankind has
    been rendered toothless, has been ravaged, rent and sodomized, has been smeared
    with the filth and excrement of a poisonous 7th century political ideology, has
    been made the laughing stock of the world, has been bankrupted, has been forced
    to her knees with her enemies daggers placed at her throat and all this at the
    command of a vulgar little bastard mongrel, this son of a common whore, a
    vicious little steam-bath homosexual, a conniving, treasonous, seditious
    communist who plots the final days of the country he hates with every fiber of
    his feminine shell, they have watched and they have waited and they are sure
    their tormentor will not torment much longer.

    And who can blame them?

    Who can begrudge these decent men and women, these patriots, the mechanism
    that will remove a cancer from the White House?

    Who can deny these decent men and women, who can deny millions of decent
    Americans whose families have spilled blood and poured sweat in the building of
    this great republic, who can deny all of these souls the coup d’etat that will
    drag treachery, by its throat, from the White House and stand it on trial to
    face charges of high treason and sedition?

    There are those who will not wait until America herself is assassinated.
    There are those who look back at the early days before Hitler took power and
    wonder why those who knew him for who he was did not take decisive action and
    in so doing spare the world the misery and losses of WW2. There are those who
    look at the early days of all the tyrants, despots and dictators and wonder why
    patriots did not act with courage and resolve and in so doing, spare the lives
    and misery of hundreds of millions of souls. There are those who wonder if
    America’s future, America’s salvation lays in an echo of that too little, too
    late afternoon of July 20th, 1944.

    The choice belongs to patriot Americans, always has and always will.

    The fact is that a hijab/burqa/niqab are not required anywhere in Islam.

    Nowhere, in the Koran or in any of the supporting Islamic jurisprudential
    texts is there a directive for women to cover their heads.

    The reason for their wearing is two-fold.

    One. To make women feel as owned property, to subjugate them.

    Two. These head-coverings are word as an overt political statement. It is a
    statement that is overtly and intentionally supremacist in nature. It is a
    political statement that is hostile, aggressive, intimidating and in many ways
    openly harassing.

    Even senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood speak to the nature of the
    hijab and how it is ordered nowhere in the Koran.

    Watch this excellent documentary and watch the words fall from the lips of a
    senior Muslim Brotherhood member at about the 19:00 minute mark.


    This is an excellent educational tool and I highly recommend watching it and
    as many other documentaries on Islam, the Muslim and the Koran as you possibly

    Truth, education and the blinding light of day are the best weapons to be
    used against Islam and the Muslim in all its malignant and murderous forms.

    Now, what will you do and say?

    What will you do the next time a Muslim in a hijab attempts to wait on you
    in a restaurant, a bank, a hotel, a grocery store, a government office….will
    you demand to be served by someone else who is not making an aggressive,
    threatening and intimidating supremacist political statement? well, what will
    you say….and what will you do?

    What will you do the next time you encounter a bearded Muslim male, his eyes
    full of murderous hatred ?….what will you say and do?……will you demand to be
    served by someone else who is not making an aggressive, threatening and
    intimidating supremacist political statement? well, what will you say….and what
    will you do?

    The time has come to move the Muslim to the margins, to begin to identify
    the Muslim with particularity, to begin to lay the groundwork and the
    infrastructure for the permanent removal of the Muslim from the Western world.

    The time has come to identify, with particularity, all persons, all members
    of law enforcement, all members of the bureaucracy, all members of the
    judiciary and all members of academia who support or sympathize, in even the
    slightest way, with the Muslim.

    So, what will you do, what will you say……..the next time you are face to
    face with a Muslim?

    Will you turn away?

    Will you defer and compliantly lick its ass and boots?

    Will you step aside with your eyes averted and head hung down in submission
    to the supremacist and murderous Muslim?

    Will you continue to quietly, meekly and mildly ignore the building of
    Muslim political and military planning centers in your towns and cities and neighborhoods?

    Will you continue to swallow the vicious lie of the “good Muslim”, the
    elusive and non-existent “good Muslim”.

    Well……what will you do?

    The choice is yours…..it always has been.

    • Witchwindy

      Prohibition never works, it just causes more violence and crime. It would be the same with prohibiting any religion.

    • Sardis

      “This is why Islam, every single shred and vestige of Islam in all its forms,
      including the Muslim, must be wiped from the continent of North America, the UK and Europe.”

      Replace “Islam” with “Judaism” and “North America” with “Germany,” and you sound just like a Nazi.

      • SuperDave2

        Sardis, People like you are the reason the Nazis got away with so many murders! Wake up, see what Islam wants for you & yours!

  • Nonameever

    In the US, persons were excluded from pilot training sessions because of a tattoo reading ‘infidel’ and Saudi customers found the tattoo offensive. US Supreme Ct Justice Breyer denounced the First Amend right to offend Islam, because Islamics might become violent if offended and US citizens cannot induce violence in Islamics because that is the same as yelling fire in a crowded theater, so if there are any morons around hailing Islam, then all liberties must fall away in favor of the right of Islamics. This is not just Italy, this is President Obama and a town hall near you, we cannot make them mad, they may try to hurt us.

  • violater1

    These Muslim biitches best be careful as these girls boy friends may be mafioso! Muslim biitches may be sleeping with the fishes!

    • violater1

      Yeah they getting tired of sleeping in camel skin tents or in the desert under the stars! Gets cold on them deserts! But you muslim gals best lay off the Italian gals! You could have a real bad accident!

  • Josie

    I wasn’t sure where this happened and then I saw Italy! Really this happened in Italy? I find it hard to believe. They are not afraid of showing their bods and I can’t believe Italians are going to let Muslims tell them what to do. The article does say this is not a confirmed story.

  • cherokeeman

    islam is a disease, and like any disease, needs to be eradicated permanently.

  • Doc

    Just goes to show how pussified Europe has become. You don’t see islamists arrested for offending Christians.

  • gepops58

    This nonsense is really getting out of hand

  • newhon63

    Ahhhh. Deleted comments. Any reason why or has Islam began to influence the moderators here now?

  • PatRiot

    Their attempt to visit their ancestors.

  • Ian Purdey

    Italy should be kicked out of the EU for taking on none EU laws without going to the EU. Or is the EU not working properly as they need help from Arabs muslim. Laws in EU should be up held. We all have herd the what we thought was properganda that the Muslims are going to over take the religious laws around the world, what about the lion from Zion. The riches people do you think they will let this go on after being driven out of Jerusalem Jew must fight. Or have they got a new move up there a leave. War earns money and who better to play chess with. Muslins V Christians . with that sort of money they could play chess with real people anytime.

  • Ron

    Once again I will say it. There is a sickness spreading among us. To hell with the Muslims.

  • honestly

    wow some of you are ridiculous. probably the stupidest article I’ve read

  • Billy Mullins

    I have a simple mantra that I have developed to summarize both my feelings & beliefs about Islam/Muslims and what I believe is the only viable solution to a Muslim world.

    Bullets not burqas
    Pistols not prayer rugs
    Shotguns not sharia
    Rifles not ramadan


    • JJM123

      And the supposed JP should also be on the receiving end – justice served.

  • monitorstl

    Europe is supremely phuqued!

  • Deborah M Walker

    What the hell is wrong with people, I wouldn’t not change just because it offends someone, don’t look, get the hell off the beach! Go HOME.

  • coastx

    Besides the fact that Egyptian conceived Judaism controls both Christian and Islamic populations via Crypto Judaism, Crypto presentation in the judiciary is a forgone conclusion. They’re Christian OR Muslim wherever they need to be to control acculturation what impact on the larger community is MERC transformation of the indigenous.

    This is Tau politics, and to fight back people have to understand Tau agenda. They will do neither. It’s a willful act of denial on behalf of the public, and the consequence for this will be the untimely loss of their freedom in perpetuity.

    You can tell people to wake up. They will not. The mind falls into a sleep state of consciousness when indulged by unchecked access to food, sex and degenerate entertainment. This is a corporate/marketing propaganda mitigated pathology, and the corporation is the ONLY entity that can break Crypto’s coil on the human mind.

    Done deal. Want more? Boycott McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and degenerate entertainment in perpetuity. People will not do this and they agitate when confronted with reality. The phenom is trauma bond with the perp agency, which in this case is EVERY corporation that is hawking products on the open market.

    American culture’s become addicted to hedonism, and until people realize what this is and how it impacts the mind they will continue to be a prey species. That’s just the way it is. Noble quotes, midnight candlelight prayer vigils and protesting fall sloppy dead against Tau. Boycott.

  • ArmyVet95

    If the tourists were either British or American, they should have firmly reminded the idiot judge that had it not been for their countrymen’s help, he would most likely be speaking German at present!

    • Gideon Harris

      Or if the tourist was Russian, because let’s face it we couldn’t have done it without them.

  • CPG

    And it never happend. Funny that the only proof of it happening is the proof on this site…

  • sreynolds

    OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING- – – – 3 more days,,, CAN YOU HEAR US COMING YET? Tick,, tock,,,, tick, tock LMFAO we are coming for you frauds….

  • Screw Islam and Sharia. They are not compatible with Christian/democracy ideals. Our two cultures cannot survive together and personally I vote for Christianity and democracy every time over a cult of depravity and murder.

    • Gideon Harris

      I vote sanity and tolerance every time over lunacy and intolerance. Think for yourself for the love of Science.

      • Idiot. PC is what’s killing the world and it’s people like you who will tolerate your own extinction.

  • Bob Pawson

    “And if THINE eye offend THEE, pluck it out, and cast it from thee:” Matthew 5:29 & 18:9 >The WORD is to DISCIPLINE YOURSELF– not to punish or fine somebody else for YOUR own SIN or YOUR own sense of TEMPTATION. If YOU are OFFENDED–> BLIND YOURSELF! By going to the beach– You LED YOURSELF into TEMPTATION. You KNEW what was there. You chose to defile yourselves. Yet, as you always do, you blamed others for your sin. That age-old type of LIE, that wicked kind of blame-shifting faux-excuse goes back to the Garden of Eden where Adam tried to blame his sin on both God & Eve when said to God, “That woman YOU gave me– SHE made me do it!” (Genesis 3:12). Take responsibility for dealing with your OWN temptation and your own sin. You NEED a redeemer. You need grace. You need forgiveness. You need Christ the Messiah– the Lord Jesus– God Incarnate… as your SAVIOR. HE paid your “fine” for you. <

  • Martin Morales

    Muslims better stay clear of Miami. T&A all over the place there.

  • guest

    Muslim, Christian, Buddism , what ever you believe, none of us are fighting with each other or ‘flesh and blood but…

    Ephesians 6:12
    New International Version (NIV)
    12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    Romans 12:17

    17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[d] says the Lord. 20 On the contrary:

    “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”[e]

    21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

  • Deborah Dyess

    kick sand in their faces and tell ragheads to go home

  • Derek Coventry

    And Allah will smite them if they try to go to school.

  • Lance Segler

    To Hell and ham sandwiches with Muslims….I’d walk around shirtless wearing a bacon necklace and semi erection.

  • The same believer

    Daisykmt. Very respectful and honorable comment. I will address them one by one. Thank you for being respectful. Someone – I guess the admin – deleted my comments and blocked me. This is the fifth time I’m trying to post. And I get blocked. If the word “ignorant” was taken as an insult. It wasn’t meant to be. I do apology. It means lack of knowledge. Which all of us lack knowledge in many areas. Let’s see if the post will work

  • Sardis

    This “story” lacks credibility. Not one actual news outlet has reported it as far as I can tell–only right-wing and anti-Muslim blogs.

  • natalie

    “multiple sources including FOX news..’ lmao! Yeah..that says a lot!This story is a BS propaganda.Why don’t ppl just mind their own business and instead of fighting over which religion is “better” put their time to doing something good…something that is actually going to help humanity and this planet and not instigate hate and wars…

  • Russell Atchison

    When I was young I was told by WWII vets that there was a short story about Italian war heroes. It seems they haven’t move off of the mark.

  • Megumi Yuuki

    If they dont like the culture of the country they are visiting, they are FREE to LEAVE. If you do not respect me, I will NOT respect you! PERIOD!

  • Sardis

    Bigotry and intolerance is alive and well.

    According to the Pew Research Center, of those who practice religion, here’s the breakdown of how people identify, worldwide:
    Christianity  31.5%
    Muslim  23.2%
    Unaffiliated  16.3%
    Hindu  15.0%
    Buddhist *  7.1%
    Folk  5.9%
    Other  0.8%
    Jewish  0.2%

    It is estimated that 23.2% of the entire world’s religious observers practice Islam. That’s over a billion people. A billion people is a lot of people to generalize, particularly when you’re calling them all scum or terrorists or whatever ignorant terms you want to throw out there.

  • toosexyforthenwo .

    Who in their right mind would go to a beach and where all black and lay in the sand? A Muslim

  • toosexyforthenwo .

    per farhakhan (or however you spell his name) Islam is a Nation. and when they put a mosque on your Tax’d Land America, in their mind, they now own it, under their law… But we are either too stupid to know this. or, or , or allowing it to happen on purpose, for some reason…….

  • Mele

    It could happen soon, although at this time in Italy it is referred to as a Hoax started by a satirical paper.

  • coasty

    sod the muslims…that is soft of Italy to fine them…muslims have to realise if they visit other countries they can not enforce their ways on the locals. Their at a beach and italians and other normal countries where bikinis…if they dont like it…dont go…

  • Steve

    This is ridiculous what are these types of Muslims going to do when the whole world has had enough of their crap, no more tolerating the intolerant, we all need to stand against this problem with exactly the kind of crap they are pulling Submit, convert, or pay a fine. and if not they get locked up. just like they would do to any one of us. i hate to think i offend some one but the fact remains no one asked them to come to other countries and start trouble. if the entire world stood against this thing they’d have no where to turn. i have no issue with some one who has different beliefs then i, but when you start pushing your religion on other people it’s a problem, they complain all the time how our cultures and religion is being forced on them, but yet you turn around and do the same? yeah because that makes perfect sense. I have friends from all walks of life different beliefs religions color gay straight Bi, and we all get along just fine, in fact it’s a very loving environment where we support one another in goals and those with ideas. i know damn right well that if we went to a place where Islam ruled and started to complain or what ever, we’d be killed or locked up. i say we start taking a step in that direction. the locked up part anyway, killing solves nothing and only angers people. but enough is enough.

  • You felt in a “bufala”, a fake news. That “news” was originally posted on a site called “Corriere del Mattino” that in Italy we know posts fake news.
    So, the fact you are talking about is invented.

    Original article: http://corrieredelmattino.altervista.org/vietato-bikini-in-spiaggia-in-presenza-musulmani-multe-salatissime/

    This article (in italian) explains the fake: http://www.newnotizie.it/2014/05/non-e-vietato-il-bikini-in-spiaggia-in-presenza-di-musulmani-occhio-alle-bufale/#

    • Eagle2758

      Who started the Crusades,eh…….

  • Gideon Harris

    Bullshit, pics or it didn’t happen

  • Gideon Harris

    It’s articles like this that breed intolerance and plain ignorance. No, I’m not Muslim, nor am I religious in any capacity, in fact I’d go so far as to say religion is quite possibly the most dangerous idea to have sprouted…ever, it divides us, it allows us to ignore the law, because lets face it if there was a God you’d be a fool to obey the laws of mortals when eternity is at stake. And it discriminates, all of them, not just the Abrahamic faiths (Islam included) However with all this said this article is nothing more than a call to war over rumors and prejudicial fears. This isn’t even the first time this fear has been in the public limelight. Mass fear over the Chinese out breeding western folk was the Islamicfication of yesterday and in twenty years time I’m sure we’ll be seeing it again. *sighs* Okay continue on your day, but try to make up your own minds and not to just accept the opinions and fears of the loudest, dumbest and richest.

    • Eagle2758


  • Michele Bezzi

    Guys it’s just a fake story from 2 online funny “newspapers” (they think they’re funny making these jokes).

  • br

    If u dont like other countries rules, Then stay in Your own. People visit other countries to experince different thing. Not to try to change them.

  • jb80538

    This is AMERICA and we have rights. If a woman wants to wear a bikini, she HAS that right. Her parts are sufficiently cover to meet our laws. If some idiot muslim is offended, they can pack their stuff and move to a different country!

  • mutantgeezer

    Islam is NOT a religion. It is a murderous misogynistic cult that practices slavery, lying to non-believers, stealing from non-believers, and worship of a historically documented pedophile.

  • Frank

    Let them piss off back to camel land

  • Brabado

    I’m sorry but, how do Muslim Men find their women “G Point”, with all those cloths hiding it?

  • PM

    “reportedly…” Your sources seem non-existent. Do you realize that YOU are spreading hate?

  • Linda Mitchell

    Isn’t one of the punishments to Muslim women burying them up to their heads and stoning them? Hmmm…. violation of speech… beach… sand… problem solved!

  • Gideon Harris

    Information moves so fast that no one has the time to fact check, and before you know it there are several sources seeming to say the same thing so it’s just passively accepted by the weak of mind to be true before anyone realizes that it’s bullshit.

    • Eagle2758

      True, but being career military and having been to the ME, experience is a tough teacher. Where is your proof that this story is BS. Ever heard of the Crusades?

  • Bacchus

    Both the Bible and the Koran agree that Satan is a deceiver. Surah 3:54 states emphatically “and [they] deceived and Allah
    deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers” Sura 3:54.
    pity muslims are so stupid they do not understand this fact.

    • Eagle2758

      Who started the Crusades,eh. Guess who will finish it.

      • Bacchus

        . The reason the crusades started was because the muslims invaded Israel an murdered tens of thousands of Christians and Jews. The Crusades were stared to protect innocent people from being murdered by ignorant deceitful lying murderous muslims. and the Western Australian 10th Light Horse regiment of 600 soldiers defeated the Turks anr Beersheba in 1917 October 31. Then led the charge all the way to Damascus defeating the mighty Turkish army because God blessed this regiment. You seem to have misunderstood the statement I made. I was stating that the Koran is SATANIC according to the Koran. The muslims deny that Jesus died on the Cross. They deny the Trinity, they deny the resurrection. They deny that Jesus is the Son of God and God. Surah 3:54 is a quote from the Koran that proves beyond any shadow of doubt that allah is SATAN.

  • Linda505

    Oh my, and we wonder why as a world we can not get along. Look at these posts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We should use this incident to enlighten each other and instead we sling mud and call each other morons. I know nothing about Islam other than what I read in the paper or hear on the news. But this entire incident seems ridiculous to me. If anyone is offended by the attire someone wears on the beach then don’t go to the beach. Or don’t look.

  • Johnny McCalom

    The way I see it .. If the Muslims want sharia law or anything else from a Muslim nation then they need to pack their bags, get a ticket, and head back to where they came from. Or find a Muslim land that they prefer to live in .. we were a free nation ..we have a Constitutional law, and was a Republic until Obama got into office … and one day we will be again.

  • Eagle2758

    F++K the muzzies.

  • Eagle2758

    Ok libs – So, who started the Crusades,eh. Guess who will finish it,eh. Hmmmmmmmm.
    Why do cultures outlaw incest, which Islam condones. How about the part
    that it deteriorates the brain, and they have been doing that for at
    least 1400 years. Some people figure it out. Ask yourself, “Why did
    Christ die on the Cross?”, and who else has done that, and what does it
    mean, and what does Jesus offer us. Hmmmmmmmmm.

  • Bacchus

    To ALL non muslims. Please take notice ,Muslims must believe every word in the Koran. especially the verses that call for the execution of Christians and Jews. This is the basis of Islam. Muhammad Never HEARD OF Aristotle’s LAW OF NON CONTRADICTION. ALL THE SO CALLED COMPASSIONATE VERSES ARE DELEATED BY THE VAST NUMBER OF VERSES THAT CALL FOR THE EXTERMINATION OF CHRISTIANS AND JEWS. There are over 600 verses that tell of the wickedness of Christian and Jews and call for their extermination. Don’t be fooled by the deceitful nature of islam it is truly SATANIC..

  • Ross R Blankert

    Islam is a political movement and NOT a religion. It is closer to being Marxism or Communism than to a religion. I am sure there are some nice Muslims but this 7th century bunch of barbarians need to be removed from the planet. I say, next terrorist attack, Nuke Mecca.

  • Ciampino

    “Whether this is actually factual or not is not the issue”
    Of course it is the issue otherwise it’s a made up story and has no importance. Go away, find out if it’s true and then come back and tell us. I’m no supporter of Islam but I am a supporter of real news versus made-up news.

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.islam is an idealogy not a religion.the non muslums the unbelievers or the infidals are to be ambushed and beheaded.i wondered why the cover the faces,until we seen one with out her long ranger mask,and there right please cover your faces,as seeing you with out a mask is really offensive to us.see muslums come into a neighborhood,and stay under the radar stay amongst themselves,until there big enough or our called upon,we call them sleeper cells.they have groups in Dearborn mich,texas,maine,upstate new York near hancock.ovomit//satan and his treasonous administration and doj,won,t do anything to them,as they are allowing these musmutts to come into our country.and ovomit his muslums in his administration.they even have military personnel who are taking out anything said bad about the musmutts,and rewriting the books,to make islam which again is not a religion.to make them sound peacefull,don,t be fooled by any of it.there out to take over the world.fight them at every step,and every level.they will jihad.read the book the maulum mafia.and stay alerted/focused/prepared god bless American veterans/citizens

  • cmblake6

    Don’t like? Don’t look. If these 7th century animals are allowed to destroy or subvert the world to their desires, what happens to all of your other rights?