Gun Buyers Being Videotaped During Purchase

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Office will propose a new ordinance to restrict the legal sale of guns in Chicago after a ban on stores was found unconstitutional.

It’s been more than three decades since stores could legally sell handguns in Chicago. But now the handgun ban is gone and concealed carry is the law.

Federal court has said Chicago must again permit stores to sell handguns to those who meet legal requirements. While not happy with that, the mayor has a plan that he intends to roll out to Chicago City Council today.

The city lost its bid to keep retail gun sales beyond its borders. So now, the Emanuel administration is proposing an ordinance that would so tightly restrict stores selling guns that more than 95-percent of the city would be off-limits to the stores.

“We’re gonna do it in a smart, tough and enforceable way to prevent illegal guns in the city of Chicago,” Mayor Emanuel said at a police awards ceremony on Tuesday.

The mayor didn’t outline many specifics, and his office released some bullet points in draft form, but many of them are geared to lessoning straw purchases in which the legally purchased gun ends up in the hands of someone else, as in the shooting death of Endia Martin, 14.

One provision of the proposed ordinance would require that anyone buying a gun would be recorded on video at the point of sale, and that the tape would become part of legal record.

“Those folks would think twice before buying guns for someone else and then trying to sell it to people on the street,” Alderman Walter Burnett said.

That’s the intent, but gun rights groups say videotaping raises privacy and constitutional issues, that they’ll likely challenge. That begs the constant question: can the ordinance withstand a legal fight?

“I would just caution the administration that we tried all these things under a former administration, only to be shot down by the Supreme Court and it cost the citizens of Chicago millions and at the end we were left with nothing,” Alderman Howard Brookins, 21st Ward, said.

While Chicago has lost many gun control initiatives, the Supreme Court made clear that cities and states can still write reasonable restrictions.

Gun rights groups are reserving comment until they see the full ordinance, though it is a reasonable bet that the legal battle will continue.

To underscore the problem with straw buys, the city released a report showing that 40-percent of the guns involved in crimes from 2009 to last year were legally purchased in Illinois. So those guns were purchased correctly, but ended up in the wrong hands.

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  • CrustyOldGeezer

    “We’re gonna do it in a smart, tough and enforceable way to prevent illegal guns in the city of Chicago,” Mayor Emanuel said at a police awards ceremony on Tuesday.

    Let me see…..

    Firearms purchased LEGALLY are classified as ILLEGAL GUNS even before the purchase?

    What a remarkable position for a government to take.

    • Sardis

      I don’t think you’re reading the quotation correctly. He says he wants to prevent illegal guns. He does not mention legal guns and certainly does not indicate that all guns in Chicago are illegal.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        I have it right my friend.

        Any ‘gun’ held by any private party is illegal in the eyes of a tyrannical dictator.

        Please learn ore about history.

        • Sardis

          Ah, tyrannical dictator Mayor Emmanuel, wielding his fearsome power to do…what, exactly? Executing political opponents? Enforcing slave labor? Stop with the hyperbole. He doesn’t agree with you about the nature of gun rights in this country–has it ever occurred to you that supporters of gun control view it as a public safety issue, rather than as a means of creating a dictatorship?

          Any ‘gun’ held by any private party is illegal if a law on the books says it is illegal. If the law on the books does not say it is illegal, then it is not illegal.

          A lot of the people who seem to be most passionate about gun rights apparently love to imagine infringements on their rights that they can then vehemently protest. Obama, for example, has created this panic among gun owners that they had better buy up more guns and ammo before it becomes illegal and he takes their guns away. The reality is that Obama has done very little to further gun control and has in some cases even signed legislation broadening concealed carry and other gun “rights.”

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            IF the ‘law on the books’ is in direct violation of the Constitution, the law itself is illegal.

            And, please do stop with the hyperbole.

          • Sardis

            You’re describing the judiciary’s power of judicial review. The courts can review a law and strike it down as unconstitutional. Until that happens, however, the law on the books is the one that applies.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            maybe in your pretend world.

            And, the PEOPLE have the final ‘review’ power.

          • Sardis

            Are you the “PEOPLE” and gun control advocates are not? I’m a citizen too. The “PEOPLE” are truly not of like mind on this subject; I wouldn’t cite them as your authority for dismissing a law on the books.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            All you need is an education in WHY the Right to Keep and Bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

            Your pretend knowledge leaves a big hole in reality.

          • newhon63

            The part that has them all screwed up is ” Shall not be infringed”. It is the only Amendment that contains that phrase. They conveniently skip over it entirely when the gun control advocates utter the Amendment. There has been a lot of infringement on the Amendment over the years.

            I say to them. You do not want to have a gun. By all means, do not have one. It is your right as a citizen to give up any one or all of your rights, if you so desire. But do not presume to speak for me. I choose to have my rights and exercise them. Because of these rights, we each have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The American people are to blame for the way things are now. Democrats and Republicans alike get power and they immediately pee themselves and start doing all sorts of dastardly things, fill their pockets with loot, forget the people who pay them, and they are legally deaf until the next election cycle and want the money to keep coming in so they start kissing babies again. The American people took their eye off the ball and let the politicians run on auto-pilot. Now we are going to forget kicking them in the tail. They all need a sharp kick in the teeth with an iron-shod boot to get their attention.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            I wish I could have read the comments of Sardis, but they must have been so bad that they were deleted. As it is I can only read our reasonable sounding responses.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            Maybe something I said upset the dear boy?

          • Sardis

            Also in the United States of America. If you do not believe me, I urge you to pick up a civics textbook.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            I studied American History as well as “civics” which another name for government and how it was designed to work.

            Obviously the study guide has been altered a tad for you to think you are presenting an intelligent position on the subject..

          • newhon63

            Obama and his ilk do not concern themselves with things like the Constitution of the United States of America. He has passed all kinds of things unilaterally. He does not even worry about a little thing called Congress. The Boy who would be King feels he can do what he wants, when he wants. Pass that law that is unconstitutional. While that is trying to make it to the Supreme Court, he passes another and another. Once it gets there, his Chief Justice Roberts will agree with whatever The Boy wants. And his little troll Kagan is a sure vote for Obama getting his way too. That’s two votes for Obama and the issue has not even made it to their chamber yet. Has nothing to do with the Constitution anymore, not for them. I will do a happy dance when Obama is a memory or by some divine miracle he is found guilty of treason against the U.S. And is taken away in cuffs. I can dream but he is as slippery as a leech so I know that will never happen.

          • standforliberty

            You sound like a retard to me

          • Sardis

            You sound like a great debater with an excellent grasp of the issues, really an all-around decent, nice person.

          • newhon63

            Yea? When? Other than the rider for the Credit Card bill he signed, which only allowed firearms to be carried into National Parks and for them to be transported on an Amtrak train, what has he signed that helped gun owners? All I have ever heard him say about guns is his usual B.S. About how we need to keep our children safe and get GUNS under CONTROL. The guy is nothing but a double talking wordsmith. He says one thing but does the opposite. Meanwhile people in his “hometown” of Chicago continue to kill each other. Last I knew the count was 450+, but that was months ago. I am sure it is much more than that by now. The solution? Oh, let’s get the guns away from everyone. That way only the police will have them. But criminals do not concern themselves with little things like the laws of the land. Perhaps Emanual should concern himself with keeping his city from going bankrupt so he can keep cops on the streets in stard of having to lay them off so he can keep stuffing his pockets with tax dollars along with the members of the Council in that City of Thugs. And Obama should concern himself with answering the American people on where he was and what he was doing when 4 Amercans were being killed in Benghazi, after 6 years when he said he was going to so that our warriors did not have to wait months and years to get medical attention from the VA, why conservatives were being singled out and targeted by the IRS with Michigan Democratic Senator Carl Levin corresponding with the IRS using his power as a senator to pressure them.

          • zamoco

            “[Obama] has in some cases even signed legislation broadening concealed carry and other gun “rights.” To whom? You mean Mexian drug cartels like in”Fast & Furious”? Muslem Brotherhood In Lybia and Egypt? Please site specific examples of Obama protecting “our” American 2nd Amendnent Rights & Liberties, and I don’t mean imagined or perceived examples.

          • Sardis


            (allowed conceal carry on national parks and checked guns on amtrak)

      • Chris McLaughlin

        No, CrustyOldGeezer has it right. Rahm is making the leap that since the ‘trustworthy’ City of Chicago found that 40% of the guns used in crimes from 2009 through last year were purchased legally in Illinois, they were all straw purchases and thus the intent from the beginning was they were being illegally purchased for someone else. Or could it be that one of the cities with the worst crime in the country is also tops on stolen firearms along with some straw purchases. The city of Chicago and the state of Illinois(because it is pretty much run by Chicago politics) produced this report using Illinois, not Chicago, gun statistics with Chicago crime statistics.
        This law isn’t on the books yet and with the history of how well the City of Chicago has done in justifying and defending unconstitutional gun-control laws, I don’t see this one lasting long if it even makes it into law. There is nothing reasonable about someone having to submit to being video-recorded for a legal purchase, every time they make a purchase. Gun stores already have surveillance equipment. With that along with forms that have to be filled out, the ‘authorities can garner info about a purchase and original purchaser through already existing policies and procedures. Chicago, California, DC, etc. are proof that more gun-control measures do not make anyone safer, but in fact, embolden violent criminals. Just check the FBI crime stats. It’s all there in factual statistics, not some made up, politically motivated ‘report’.

        • newhon63

          Clinton’s DOJ submitted a report to Clinton that gun control had no significant impact on crime in all the time he was in office. But Obama and his cronies can do it better since they have all this experience with guns, being Chicago thugs and all. All hail, the Boy who would be King. May he be caught, cuffed and dragged down to a waiting U.S. Marshal’s transport by his feet with his head bouncing off every step on the way down. Read hi his rights so the spineless jellyfish can’t get out of it by saying he was not read his rights. And may he sit in jail forever and a day waiting for that “Speedy trial” that the Constitution he hates so much guarantees for him.

    • Myrtle

      Maybe they are more harmful than I first thought, they have caused people, sensible people, to loose every trace of common sense.They are completely irrational, where guns are concerned.

  • Winston Smith

    And they’ll put video cameras in back-alleys, parking lots and abandoned buildings where many gun sales to criminals take place – and that number will NOT go down if the Law passes! My daddy used to say “Locks only keep out honest people”: CRIMINALS DON’T CARE ABOUT LOCKS OR LAWS!

  • PatrioticInfidelInPA

    Hmmm, need to be able to hack into the video camera’s and impose Obama, Holder, Hitlery, etc. buying those guns. That would be a laugh and a half. Anything electronic can be hacked, jammed, etc. Sounds typical from a Chicago moron and criminal.

    • hahaha… thats a good one!

    • Sardis

      Shame on you for the term “Hitlery.” I don’t care what you think about the woman’s politics. You’re trivializing one of the greatest tragedies in modern history. If you’re going to compare someone to Hitler, you better be able to point to their military dictatorship, bigotry, and genocidal plans, or else get the f out.

      Shame on you Jan Morgan for applauding PatrioticInfidel’s inane and disgusting comment.

      • web

        Shut up and go back to movinon.org where you will have other MORONS that will listen to you… MORON

        • Sardis

          Movinon.org is the website for a student-run music festival hosted by Penn State University. Please watch who you are calling a moron, or risk extreme irony.

          • newhon63

            Oh no!!! Not irony. Anything but the dreaded irony. And going to break out with the EXTREME irony right from the jump. How will we ever go on with such things in our midst?

    • Carl Falk

      I agree!!

  • junkmailbin

    he is against video tape in bath houses , especially when Barry and him are there

  • Randy131

    The city of Chicago has annual billion dollar deficits, that’s where Obama learned how to create annual trillion dollar deficits, so Chicago can easily add millions of more dollars to their annual deficits by trying to restrict their citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights, and fail as they have in the past.

  • Pat Alexander

    Tyrant government needs to be shoved overboard by a vote till they can’t cry anymore! Good day!

  • Pat Alexander

    Tyrant government should be watched by video everytime they have a meeting, everytime, all the time!

    • Focke Wulf

      agree 100% once they take office every word out of the mouth should be on record along with every thing they do, until the end of there term

      • newhon63

        Exactly. Closed door meetings should never happen. It should always be covered on camera with reporters in attendance. Not just the ones The Boy who would be King has in his pocket but all of them. Objective media coverage needs to be restored in Washington. I can understand when it is a matter of National Security but that excuse is used far too much. When they do not want us to know what deal they are making or who sold us out, they say it is a matter of National Security.

        2 more years and Obama is out. Let’s hope his female clone does not slink her way into the Oval Office or it will be another 4 years of stupid decisions, weak foreign policy and when she doesn’t want to explain herself, she will have a “Discussion Concussion” and send out Rice to all the talk shows.

  • F-14 Navy Vet

    As was shown recently – newspapers published the home addresses of registered gun owners in the past. Why not add Rahm’s new video data to the mix so the liberal media can not only reveal lawful gun owners families, home locations to criminals BUT could also publish their photos! Big Brother Government of “1984” is right at home in the Democrat Party.

  • luvzfoplay

    Perhaps if the cops were catching the bad guys instead of eating donuts there wouldn’t be so many guns in the wrong hands , also possibly if people were permitted to carry concealed or open carry there would be a lot less crime in the streets !

    • Sardis

      So the U.S. has one of the highest rates of gun violence of any developed country in the world, and overall some of the loosest gun laws of any developed country in the world…and your answer is that we need more guns?!?

      • Jeff Wade

        You are correct, but you have not told the entire story. This gun violence comes from places that have the STRICTEST GUN RESTRICTIONS. If you compare CHICAGO to the rest of the world, yes, there is more violence. If you compare Dallas, Texas, you get much LESS gun violence. Also, you are isolating “gun” violence. In places where there is less GUN violence, simply because guns are not allowed in the country, that violence is replaced by violence committed with knives, hammers, clubs, etc. And so yes, more guns, more legal gun ownership, is indeed the answer. Get ALL the facts before using them.

      • newhon63

        Hahaha. We have the only rates of gun violence that is recorded. America is the only country that has any rights to the people. All other nations have stripped the guns out of the population’s hands. Now all,the crooks in those nations have the guns. It is also why we are still free. We are the only nation anyone cares about screwing with because the population here was the one that were smart enough to tell the government what they could do with their taking our guns away for our own good. Are you now going to compare us to the guns in say, Afghanistan where the wild dogs live? Or Britain, where the bobbies will attack you with their Billy clubs, Keystone cop style? That is if the rape gangs do not get to you first. There is not a nation in all of Europe that allows their citizens to legally have firearms to my knowledge and the citizens are all at the mercy of criminals. The crooks know they will not meet with resistance from their victims. Here, in America, they roll the dice and hope they do not try to mug a concealed weapon carrier.

        I like it like that more than being a helpless target that only has harsh words to shoot at someone.

  • Sardis

    First of all, the title of this article misrepresents one mere proposal as something that has already been implemented. There is currently no law in Chicago requiring video recording of gun transactions.

    Second, even if such a law were passed, who cares? You’re on recorded video every time you enter a bank, when you go inside a convenience store, or browse at a grocery store. This proposal calls for nothing out of the norm. If you can be taped buying a gallon of milk, then it’s more than reasonable for there to be video records of the purchase of lethal weapons.

    • SRM29

      You’re seriously comparing this to conveniences stores? That’s to prevent robbery, not record what you buy.

      If this passes, the government will know who we are, what we look like, what guns we own, and can use that information to get our home address. They know gun registration is unconstitutional, so this is their way of skirting around it. History shows again and again what happens once governments receive that kind of information. You are naive if you think it can’t happen here.

      • Focke Wulf

        it is just a way to keep gun stores out of the city, they lost so now they are grabbing at straws, who cares at least you can now buy a hand gun and carry it . take this victory and worry about them later when you vote

      • Sardis

        Why are gun registrations unconstitutional? In what way does a record of your purchase “infringe” your right to bear arms?

        Are you worried about the government knowing who you are and getting your home address? Give me a break. Do you have a passport? A driver’s license? The government already knows “who you are,” and you, like most people (myself included), simply are not that important.

        Chicago, as you know, has until recently had a blanket ban on on gun ownership, but there was still a high rate of gun crime within the city. This means that criminals have guns. It logically follows that they are not smithing their own guns in their basements, but rather they are obtaining guns that were legally manufactured and legally purchased before at some point falling into the wrong hands. In Chicago’s case, it has been incredibly easy to purchase guns in the immediate suburbs of the city, travel 15 minutes, and resell them or give them away illegally in the city. The loose gun laws of the Chicago suburbs thwarted Chicago’s own strict gun control. Now, if you don’t want people taking their legally purchased guns and giving them to people who shouldn’t be owning them, you need some sort of record of the rightful buyer’s identity–and wouldn’t pictures or videos be an important part of that? Of course it would.

  • billybob

    Shall NOT be infringed…Shall not be infringed ……………..

  • USPatriotOne

    These Commie/Muslims will never stop until they are removed from every office in the Land..PERIOD..!!! Old Rahm buddy is a TREATOR to the U.S Constitution has swore to uphold which means he has committed TREASON…!!! His day is coming and for him and soon and for all the rest of these Commie/Muslim/NWO/DemoRats Monsters…!!! The hand of God is moving across this land and you can see it the eyes of “We the People”…and they are more than angry, it’s the power of the Holy Spirit lifting us up and driving us forward! OAS started last week in D.C. to take back our (not their) Nation from the Commie/Muslim/NWO/DemoRat/RINO mu*dering monsters, and “We the People” won’t stop until We WIN..!!! Give me (US) Liberty or Give me Death!…Patrick Henry

    • Sardis

      If the OAS “rally” last week was the hand of the Holy spirit at work, that doesn’t really reflect too well on the Holy Spirit, seeing as maybe two dozen people showed up. Perhaps, it turns out, “we the people” don’t really stand behind the paranoia and anti-intellectual bullcrap that people like you tend to word-vomit onto this website.

  • a_browning

    These people do not know what a straw purchase is. They also must not know that it is legal to sell to someone private party. That is not a straw purchase. People sell guns, people buy guns, people trade guns. It is called commerce.

  • marlene

    every law that got passed by this administration has loopholes. And tyrrany marches on.

  • newhon63

    Trying to work around what was put into law. People will not want to be video taped knowing that it is mandated to be turned over to the authorities on the outside chance the weapon will fall into the wrong hands. It is just another way to keep a record of who bought firearms. A video tape data base of who owns weapons. It is not too hard to get a person’s address and so forth , all they will have to do is run it through facial recognition and tgey will have all they need to confiscate when they get ready yo do it.

    • Sardis

      If you are a gun owner, and your gun falls into the wrong hands, you are responsible for that, unless you can credibly report your gun was stolen despite your having taken reasonable safeguards against that. What’s wrong with a measure to ensure accountability?

      • newhon63

        Locks on the doors and windows. This is not enough to keep a crook out of my house to keep them from walking out of my house with the TV or other stuff? We are supposed to be held accountable for what we do but no one in government is held accountable for what they do. Is this the Extreme irony someone was talking about before?

        Who decides what is reasonable measures to prevent a theft? An alarm on the house? Can’t afford one. An armed guard or two? Can’t afford that either. Know what you are going to say. Why did you buy a gun if I can’t afford to buy an alarm system? Honey, I have guns most of my adult life and it is insulting to imply that if one of my guns were missing that Reporting it missing would not be the first thing a gun owner would do. You gun control zealots have it in your mind that all gun owners walk around Wyatt Earp style, waving the gun around threatening people dressed in camos looking for a shoot out. We just want you guys yo leave us alone. Crooks have their guns concealed until they want to use them. Concealed weapons permit owners want the same advantage so they are able to protect themselves and be able to out up a resistance in a situation

        • newhon63

          The difference is we are law-abiding citizens and they are not. But all you want to do is bog us down with laws, regulations and surveillance along with information gathering methods to keep track of us to make sure we are doing right when the same efforts could and should be used to monitor those who have already proven they are willing to break the law and harm others around them. They don’t care about the laws they break, they are not going to give a crap if you video tape them buying weapons. A background check is done on every buyer, so if the person broke the law then the shop would know it and not complete the sale. Theses crooks already have a mugshot so no need for a video of them anyway. They want video of who has the guns. The video gives them a visual of who bought them and can I D them for later.

          • newhon63

            I just hope that if you ever find yourself in a situation where a thug is assaulting you or has a firearm shooting up a crowd, that there is someone like me around with a concealed weapon permit to present some resistance, return fire and save lives. The alternative is no one to stop or slow the person down so he can empty his clip, reload and shot some more, knowing that he has no chance of catching any bullets himself until the cops arrive, and even then people like that turn the gun on themselves so they are never punished for what they have done, would be nice if they would just save the trouble and just shot themselves before they shot others but they don’t.