Massachusetts Set to Become Most Anti-Gun State in the Country

Jan Morgan

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If Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo has launched an all out assault on the gun rights of law abiding gun owners in his state. If he gets his way, MA will become one of the most difficult states in the nation to acquire and own a gun, legally.

The lawmaker this week unveiled a gun control package that includes sweeping restrictions.

The bill, called the state’s most comprehensive since 1998 by House leaders, will:
* add the state to a nationwide criminal background database (which does nothing to stop criminals from getting guns)

* allow local police chiefs discretion in licensing owners for shotguns and rifles ( of course all criminals are going to ask their local police chief to approve their acquisition of a rifle)

* ban the private sale of guns without a licensed gun dealer, (oh sure… the criminals are going to take their guns in to a local gun dealer to sell them)

* require gun owners to list all the guns they own each time they renew their license. ( I can just see all the criminals jumping up and down to provide a list of all the guns they own when they renew their license… oh wait… criminals don’t have a license to carry so who does this one really affect?)

The licensing and registration reporting requirements would easily make Massachusetts one of the hardest states in which to own a gun.

The bill is set to appear before committee next week and will likely go before the entire House in the following weeks.

You folks better look at the example people in Colorado set by removing state legislators who trample their gun rights and you better act now.
The folks in Colorado did not have the money but they had a passion to stop the abuse. It was a grassroots , boots on the ground effort and it paid off.

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  • Truth 123

    Time for all good Americans to move out of Mass. Let them be buried under their own tax weight.

    • yep..

    • noweareman

      The problem is there’re moving up here to New Hampshire and not leaving their liberal ideas behind that got Taxachusetts into such a fix!

  • Wolfpaw

    So sad, considering how our War for Independence began in MA, initiated by PRIVATE CITIZENS WITH GUNS!

    • exactly.

    • mattp

      thats exactly how i feel… i ve lived in MA my whole life. I refuse to give up and walk away… many people just move. I can’t, I morally can’t just back down and walk away. I intend to “Stand and Fight”. There are many of us here doing just that, and with a bit of luck, We just may win this one

      • whisper

        Hey, the FIGHT started a very long time ago, and Bush senior publically stated they were involved in bringing in a NWO. Your at the END of the fight, and so far you are out numbered in your state. This nation is going to continue to split and

        • Stephanie O’Leary

          Whisper, mattp is NOT alone, and more people are waking up here daily. Nick’s petition above is proof that gun owners in MA are not going to take this crap lying down. Truth vs Power brought victory to a ragtag bunch of Colonists in the past, and it can do it again in the 21st Century.

  • notalocaleither

    If these politicians could only “hear” the stupidity they spout when they create these “laws”. It’s proof that there’s NO common sense to be found in any of them. I have guns in my house (legally)….none of these guns has “killed” me yet. I keep looking at them in case they decide to jump up out of their cases…but nothing yet. It takes a deranged person to kill another. And all the laws in the world will NOT get guns out of the hands of “the bad guys”. This argument is so basic, and yet they don’t get it. Massachusetts will be no better off. yada…yada…yada.

    • they know gun control laws will not make people safer… this is not about safety.. it is about control

      • Travis W Burton

        Exactly Jan, it is about people control and not gun control.

      • notalocaleither


  • John Patete

    It amazes me that some soldier, who put his life on the line for our rights, hasn’t shot this guy yet….well, if he does,…and I’m on the jury….

  • Fozzy

    Mass does not have recall laws! 🙁

    • Marishka Noyb

      What’s a recall law?

  • gun_nut_69


    • astrojohn

      Hmmm, criminals, background checks…seems like the words don’t quite fit together…

    • mattp

      they already do the checks, In MA we have to do the following.
      1 – take an approved basic firearms training course (about $75 average)
      2 – apply at local police ($100)
      3 – all info gets sent to State Police where they do a complete background check and then send it back to the local chief with a yes or no.
      4 – local chief can decide on the type of license you get, LTC-A, LTC-B or FID
      The LTC-A can also (at the discreation of the chief) be restricted in any manner he sees fit. The LTC-A allows for ownership of anything legal in MA (mind you, we still have the AWB here)
      The LTC-B DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO CARRY and you may only own low cap firearms
      The FID is for low cap long guns only
      5 – Then, when you buy a gun, they run NIC check
      6 – You have to renew every 6 years
      7 – Currently we can only sell 4 guns a year in a private sale anyway, everything else has to be at a dealer
      8 – on top of the AWB, we also have the AG’s approved roster of guns that may be sold by a dealer in MA. So buying a new Glock, Kimber, Springfield to name a few is impossible.
      9 – As I said, we have the AWB, so no high cap mags that are not pre ban… the problem is, what’s preban? I’ve been into many gun shops selling mags that are “pre-ban” and have no date stamps on them… yet oddly, this look brand new… Not sure I want to be the test subject to prove my innocense in this state, afterall, this state treats all legal gun owners like criminals and we are guilty until proven innocent.
      These are just some of the provisions we already live under… and they want to add even more… Non of them actually going after criminals…
      They want to impact ‘gun crimes’? then add stiffer penalties to those that commit crimes using guns. Not make it tougher for legal gun owners.

  • Peter Cook

    What was the source for this? I’ve been trying to find the actual text of the bill with no luck. Does anyone know the bill number?

  • Marc Richardson

    Massachusetts… consistently in America’s 20 most violent states and near the top in gun control laws and losses in personal liberties.

    • Devilrider

      Definitely not a good place to live. I would not live anywhere in the Northeast if they heaped wheelbarrow loads of money at my doorstep every Friday. What with the snow, the ice storms, the stinking weather, humidity, lousy rude people, and high cost of living – forget about it. Give me good old Arizona where it does in fact get hot but with 5-20% humidity, nice Springs, Falls, and Winters; and where you can openly wear a gun without a permit or a license. No thank you to the stinking Northeast or California. Colorado, Washington, and Oregon are getting to be just about the same. You have a lot of trouble owning a gun in California. Criminals love it – they know that private citizens will not be able to defend against home invasions, muggings, car-jackings, assaults, burglaries, rapes, robberies, and a dozen other felonies. If I were a criminal, I would move to Mass., Conn,., NY, NJ., Colorado, California, Washington, or Oregon. Terrible places to live.

  • mediaaccess

    When I did my armed robberies (unloaded gun), I never cared about consequences. I just did it. Now I understand God and Country and -Well, I screwed up so badly I now live in Hungary. This God forsaken tyrant we have, Russians zero-ing in, the Muslims zero-ing in. Yea, Guns, gotta have guns, and any other kinds of protection. Europe is so screwed.

    • astrojohn

      …and we aren’t far behind…

  • wyatt81

    The Northeast libs just keep pouring it on. Doubling down on arrogant and stupid.

  • barryinnewburg

    I simply remember the first three letters after the M, kinda says it all, they are hub of Liberal Intellect, which usually destroys the good that preceded.

  • Devilrider

    When it all hits the fan, can you imagine how many of these anti-gun politicians will be running for cover? With 22,000,000 veterans, most of whom own guns, and 30,000,000 hunters all of whom own multiple guns, it is unlikely that this liberal, “progressive”, make people subjects, communistic trend to take hold and spread nationwide. I am ready for this action brother, are you?

    • Scott

      yep…don’t wanna see it , but if it shows, l/we are there !!

  • Stealth

    Massachusetts, Connecticut…the whole northeast is a LIBERAL, DISEASE-BRAINED FREEKING CESSPOOL!!!

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    Let’s ALL make a special effort to see this information gets out to every crook, lunatic, Muslim (redundant, sorry) and killer in America…!

  • ECDucy

    It is a full Communist take over of Massachusetts, damn it! Everyone damned well better take up arms & form neighborhood watch groups (armed groups)(since the damned Governor made it illegal to form Militias in Ma.). Since WE THE PEOPLE can’t form Militias, WE DAMNED WELL SHOULD START A LARGE, A VERY LARGE VERMIN & PEST CONTROL COMPANY IN MA. (TO ELIMINATE THE 2 LEGGED VERMIN & PESTS)!!! THESE COMMUNIST BASTAR*S NEED TO BE PERMINENTLY ELIMINATED!!!!!!!!

  • foxxybey

    What do you expect very few real brains in that state, a lot of Nazi brown shirt idiot’s and have proved it over the years, hope it falls in the ocean and takes all the welfare brown shirts with them.

  • Frank

    Just remember, guns control laws have absolutely nothing to do with safety or gun crime. Its all about control. Connecticut laws and these proposed Mass laws prove that point.

  • FredC1968

    Massachusetts’ Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo is from the Boston area. Although Massachusetts isn’t Boston, the main problem with Massachusetts is the Boston Area, and Boston controls the state.
    My EDC firearm was manufactured in Springfield, MA. Unfortunately for the people in Springfield, they will get screwed by Boston.

  • Kent2012

    soon followed by the “constitution state” with blarney frankenfooter leading the way. California will have to hustle to catch up to the communist surge in New England….

  • palehorse58

    Must be something in the water up here in the northeast. Also most politicians probably don’t have enough carbon credits.

  • ny2223jv

    The dummies who put these moron politicians in office are to blame ..May they all be mugged by the criminals who will still have their guns..

  • dsmith
  • David2u

    If MASSACHUSETTS GUN OWNERS don’t raise hell with their legislative representatives to defeat this, then they deserve to be disarmed. What are you… sheep or law abiding adults and American Citizens with Constitutional rights?

  • mattp

    There are many of us here fighting this. many groups are going to be at the state house today to speak our peace. we’ve made the calls to our reps, we are going to show up in great numbers, but this is Massachusetts… the media will cover non of this until it is passed… the ‘average’ gun owners likely wont even know what hit them until its too late…

  • nick
  • Charlie

    One of the reasons for the American revolution was the British king wanted to control the colonist gun ownership. So the British have finally arrived in MA . To MA citizens wake up and smell the coffee that is actually the smell of tyranny.

  • whisper

    Being a longtime LIBERAL state, it is about time they reap what they have sown.

  • machodog

    In this country the majority rules. If Massachusetts people like gun control, it’s their state and they should be able to enjoy their gun control without outside interference. On the other hand, if they come to their senses, they will DO SOMETHING to turn that around like recalls and stage ins, and vote the bastards out. Simple as that.
    An issue not challenged will be viewed as accepted.