350 Pounds of Obama Voter… Living Off YOUR Dollar, Reproducing, and Voting

This woman is not hirable. Therefore I work every day to put food on her table and pay for her bus rides around town, her housing, her free obama smart phone, her clothes, her medical needs and her party life.
Obama says I must spread my middle income wealth in order to support this woman.
After all, we must keep her healthy and mobile so she can get to the polls and vote for Hillary.
This woman may not know much but you can rest assured, she knows to keep democrats in office so she can continue to live the life style of leisure to which she has grown accustomed.

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  • traitorhater

    She works 10 hours a day tasting fresh doughnuts.

    • Rattlerjake

      Africa is missing another one of their elephants!

      • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.


      • newhon63

        It is not a race thing. There are plenty of other races, white included that game the system. Sadly the statistics show that there are more whites than other races engaged in leeching the system but the study I looked at may have bern skewed.

        • Rattlerjake

          You’re an idiot. She IS black. I said nothing about a race issue, or mooching off the system, I was referring specifically about the retched obese black bitch in the video.

          • newhon63

            You made the reference to Africa missing an elephant. No stretch required as far as what you meant. Be that as it may. There is a Welfare problem in America that has not been addressed in decades and only made worse by the present administration total inaction. It will never be addressed unless the people step up and force the government to act.

    • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

      She thinks she is sexy, how sad.

      • TeaParty Patriot

        Whats even sadder is that to some deviants she is sexy.

    • fideux

      It looks like she’s doing more than just tasting them!

  • dblamp2

    somethings you just can’t unsee

    • TheLeast

      And hey – look at how effectively her efforts countermand the age-old stereotype of the childish pursuits undertaken by the inner-city black welfare careerist! Nicely done, madam!

  • Gayle Schermerhorn

    She is disgusting.

    • Max Watts

      Listen to the comments from other passengers. This is actually pretty high brow for the typical ghetto. Being able to shake you hindquarters is at least as good as graduating from high school or getting a job.

      These creatures and their ghetto mentality are increasing exponentially. What happens next when there is not enough money to fund their myriad of welfare handouts won’t be pretty.

      • Sagebrush6

        If they are on welfare for more than a year, they should have their tubes tied.

        • Dave D

          They should have their tubes tires TO GET welfare.

          • Sagebrush6

            Plus there should be a mandatory pee test every 6 months & if you fail – you lose your wefare benefits. I have to take a pee test to earn it for them. That wouldbe fair.

      • Dave D

        That’s why we prep… 😉

        • Max Watts

          Once upon a time it was easy to distinguish between friend and foe. Now it’s harder to spot a liberal. They are they ones that need to go to camps for re-educationi/extermination as the case may be.

      • newhon63

        When there are less people paying for the system than there are living off it. They will just send out the children they squeezed out to hit the street and mug and rob to supplement their income. Then sue the police forces of the city they live in when their children are shot down in the commission of those crimes.

    • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

      I’ll 2nd that.

  • jakaroo

    They are not laughing with her, they are laughing at her!

    • James

      very sad 🙁

  • Hogwired

    OMG….I wish I could unsee that….

  • JW

    I’d rather be water-boarded than watch this.

  • Jessica MissChievous Lund

    I’m never riding the bus again! You know that seat was not cleaned after this buffalo did the dirty all over it!

    • James Maxwell

      I have avoided pubic transportation for a very long time. I would rather roller
      skate on the freeway than get trapped and have to see this. I have some
      friends who are overweight and still live a fairly good life but they are not
      obscene as this example of obomination.

      • Sagebrush6

        This is an excellant reason to avoid public transportation.
        I had to take a bus home one time when I dropped my car off for some work. I have never seen so many disgusting people assembled in one place in my life as was on this bus. I think half of them were escapee’s from the funny farm. The rest were just freaky.

  • drdgonflyr

    I feel sorry for the young man texting. Didn’t look like he was enjoying the show. This is what our government schools have produced.. stupid people, obsessed with themselves.

  • mac

    Sure she has 11 kids, who could resist her

    • Taking care of business!

      And it looks like they’re growing-up inside of her. But remember what happened to the John Hurt character in “Alien.”

    • Rattlerjake

      She could “do” at least five ghetto thugs at a time will all those folds of skin!

  • HillBilly Buzzard

    She couldn’t get a job as a low rent hooker

    • Rattlerjake

      She doesn’t need to, the gummit pays her to do it for free!

  • Takiwiaa

    You were generous, she’s at least 550lbs.

  • SuperDave2

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….I want to rip my eyes out!

    • Henry

      Or wash them with bleach…disgusting.

  • jd1958

    She is now on her way to the hospital. Over exertion. That was the most exercise she had in years.

    • sandraleesmith46

      I pity the crew required to take her! Been there, done that! I’m too old now!

  • coastx

    Folks, like or not, American isn’t much different. How many of you steadfastly promote civics, will NOT eat at McDonalds, deplore abortion/child sacrifice and have absolutley NOTHING to do with degenerate entertainment?

  • James

    Send Michelle down to her and put this woman on the same diet that Michelle wants out kids to eet in school. That should solve the problem.

  • John A

    Hay demasiado jamón para estas dos huevos.

  • porriii

    Obama & moochel culture.

  • higgy01

    This entire situation is disgusting. She is typical of those that vote for the imposter. They may not weigh 350 but that are slackers that would rather live off others than do for themselves. They have no self respect but when told what they are they become indignant. They make trailer trash look good.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    looks closer to 450, possibly nudging 500.

    • Ed Morris

      her one leg weighs 350

  • daveveselenak

    Believe me – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  • Jim McCormack

    Congrats to the communist liberals for sponsoring such waste of flesh.

    • Taking care of business!

      Only in America.

  • Mig

    Being 350 pounds does NOT make her “unhireable” … too damned lazy to get a job perhaps, but not “unhireable” I know plenty of people who weigh 350 pounds and more who work their butts off every day for their families… Ford Motor Company has a huge number of overweight people working for them… being overweight only makes you undesirable for certain jobs requiring a certain appearance… but even then it can be construed as discriminatory… please stop lending credence to these people by making it sound as if they are victims… overweight is a choice, and it doesn’t preclude you from working!

  • whisper

    Now all you Repus

    • readmylipsnow

      What on earth are you talking about?

      • Kent2012

        he is have a daytime wet dream….

    • Kent2012

      you should refrain from washing your pantie$ so frequently…makes you voice elevate two octaves….

      • whisper

        You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Lent. Voting for those Repulsicians all the while they turned this country into the beast. Search out the Georgia Guide Stones. They want to reduce the world population to 500 million. So, better get figure out that both parties care not for your tears.

  • rikker45

    it looks like she farted, and had to wipe her asss so she did it on the seat

  • bayman61

    She is just plain ugly. Who in their right mind would even get in bed with this pos. Absolutely nasty. She must stink to high heaven. Want a waste of good air. I will bet you she is on welfare, like her ugly momma before her and her nasty looking grandmother before her. We feed such animals as this. And those idiots are sitting there laughing. Shows their lack of intelligence. THIS is what votes for you Obama.

  • Dave Phelps

    typical obama voter, fat and brain dead

  • Mr. Lips

    The worst part is the reproducing part ! YUCK !!!
    Then the rest is disgusting too !

  • I couldn’t watch it all. It started making my PTSD start acting up.

    • Taking care of business!

      Your stronger than me, Indian Andy, I can’t even start watching it.

  • OrganicGirl

    No shame and nothing but trash.

  • Noonespecial

    Well….she seems to be enjoying life….man, what a mess. This is where we are, though.

  • Stephen Tobe

    She will still be voting democrat even after she dies from all that government free cheese clogging her arteries.

  • Stephen Tobe

    I feel sorry for the bus.

  • Work2SnowSki

    That is just so wrong on so many levels.

  • foxxybey

    She needs to get her fat ass off the couch and do something other then eat our money, Slut witch from hell.

  • dmbunce

    Hillery! I knew you’d show up somewhere!

  • David Ben Moshe

    This IS America today and it will only get worse.

  • 82d

    If she weighs 350, I weigh 35lbs.

  • Joe Phelps

    Whats worse is this cow thinks she looks good

  • Jackie Puppet

    That poor, poor bus…

  • Charlie

    Nasty !

  • Chardonite

    This Negress most likely has a glandular condition,or perhaps just a food pig.

  • Ed Morris

    reproducing? Who the hell would want to screw that??????? … LMBO!!!!

    • Taking care of business!

      Ed, to share her Government benefits.

  • Greg C

    Yall judgemental hypocritical jackasses need to get a life!

    • Chardonite

      Are yall a NEGROID?

    • mule man

      Hope she dies quick –to save me money on her obama care

  • Chardonite

    Makes me wish we could return to segregation.
    Very sad that young white children are taught that we are equal to the likes of her.

  • Chardonite

    Does the term MUD skank apply here?

  • Taking care of business!

    She can get a job, in a dunk tank, if a large enough one can be found. Or sense the NFL is so progressive nowadays, how about a linebacker. I’m sure they can stretch a uniform or sew two or three together.

  • Eebigdog

    ……just a matter of time….her heart won’t
    be able to pump enough blood to each “fold”…..

  • stillwild1111

    Fat disgusting cow is too ignorant to realize that people are laughing at her. She was raised like an animal and will always act like an animal. It’s not the school system, it’s the lack of morals that also apply to her momma and daddy, wherever he is…

  • mule man

    Send her to mexico and make her walk back–see if she makes it

  • Art Hock

    She’d make a good boat anchor.

    • reagangs

      Na …. she would float too good (with all of that adipose tissue) for a boat anchor … maybe a warning buoy or an iceberg …. SPLAT.

  • Steven Jones

    I just turned GAY

  • Jean

    And do not think for one moment this “thing” is an anomaly in our culture. Obviously she is not in to the “Lets Move” propaganda…unless she gets moved by a fork lift

  • noweareman

    I’ll never SIT on a bus again!

  • ramoncramon

    I’d hit it….with a truck.

  • Jenni Lynn McGowan

    she can stop doing that.. wth did i just watch ?

  • BillyBooBob

    I think I can speak for most everybody when I say… “Ick”!

  • Suzanne Harb Mackay

    please do not procreate…..

  • pissedoff

    How many children has she raised to become criminals,drains on society or plugging up the courts with crimes against any and all who get in the way of the dinner plate. If she knows what a plate is…

  • TheLeast

    Congratulations, America! This country is now a continent-wide Theater of the Absurd!

  • Greg Tyler

    I didnt know they sold PINK TENTS !!! Must be for Gay Campers!!!

  • Greg Tyler

    Can you image how bad the bacterial farm STINKS ???
    And there is NO WAY she can wipe her nasty butt. Disgusting !!!
    Waste of Human Life !!!!

  • BizNeter

    The video is disgusting and makes me ill. What a waste of oxygen. Go back to Africa, somewhere a tribe is missing its fat idiot disgusting POS DNA !!!

  • Reelman1946

    Creating dependency…buying votes with borrowed or tax money…its that toxic socialist way so beloved by the dementoCrats…always the pretense of helping but actually keeping people down for their vote…its disgusting.

  • Dannye Maldonado

    Glad l don’t have to sit on that seat. Ugh!

  • SugarHillFab5

    What a dirty trampoline. I was auto corrected, but didn’t want to correct the autocorrect. Trampoline seems to fit.

  • SugarHillFab5

    No matter what she does, she’ll just be a pig. Personally, I love it. Her resume will never be in the same pile as my children.

  • ronbos63

    fat ass low intelligent disgusting drone !

  • Art Hock

    Scientific breeding with farm animals.

  • fideux

    I thought it was the govt. looking out for the little people. She’s a gang all by herself. I wonder if Obama made her buy an Obamacare group policy?

  • fideux

    I wonder what her bump and grind measured on the Richter scale? I’m sure the bus driver must have thought there was an earthquake in progress.

  • newhon63

    This women is a disgrace. What is her excuse for being a Welfare pig? Dropping babies so she gets more benefits. No desire to do better. No desire to make her own way. No desire to show her children another way. Teach them to attach to the system then whine about no way out.

  • Steve j

    Biggest dam flying squirrel I’ve ever seen.

  • readmylipsnow

    Why? Why does she act that way? Why does she expose herself like that? Why does she make herself a public pornographer? Why….so many questions….impossible to understand her behavior in public.