An Apology to All Veterans

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]


To all Veterans:
You represent the the spirit that once made America a super power.

I apologize that our government and some of our people do not give you the respect and services you deserve, in spite of the fact that we all know you did not enlist in the military in order to receive gratitude.

You served because you believe in the founding principles of this great nation.

I apologize for the disgraceful actions of the VA that cost the lives of so many of our heroes. It is inexcusable and rises to the level of criminal prosecution.

I am also sorry that so many people, including our own government and President, do not believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights that you put your lives on the line to defend.

You are truly the best representatives of the great American spirit that once prevailed against all odds.

I thank God for you.

Because of your SACRIFICE, I live in a nation where I am free to pursue my dreams.
Because of your COURAGE, I may proudly proclaim America, home of the brave and free!
Because of your UNDEFEATED STRENGTH, I live fearing no enemy.

Thank you for your service and THANK YOU for LIBERTY.

I will NEVER take it for granted. – ©2014 JAN MORGAN

(if you are a Veteran, a mother, father, brother or sister of a Veteran, please list the name and branch of military, where you served, etc. in the comment thread below this post)

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  • seano

    Sean Dillon D Company, 54th Engineer Battalion, 130th Brigade. Fifth Corp. 1972- 1975.
    1975 – 1992 or 93, Combat Support Company, 3rd Battalion, 18th Infantry, 187th Brigade, First Army.
    Served as Dozer operator, Reconnaissance Scout, TOW ll Missile Platoon Sgt., Admin NCO.

    • wow… very impressive… Thank you for your service!

      • GQ4U

        Jan Morgan — thanks for putting this together.

    • newhon63

      On behalf of my son and I , thank you for your service.

  • Sam TwoDat Costanza

    Son of Louis Costanza, US Army, 1956-1958. Brother of Travis Costanza, LA ANG, 2003-2009. Damn proud of both of them!

    • newhon63

      Thank them both for their service on behalf of my son and I.

  • Bill Atkeison

    Bill Atkeison; Born, Fredericksburg V from a long line of American Patriots; I’m a legal, Natural-born (many generations) US Citizen; I proudly wore the Uniform of the US army for 15 years including one year in Vietnam; stationed in CONUS and Germany …

  • Tom Downs

    Thank you Jan!

    Tom Downs, US Army, C Btry, 1/82 Artillery, Americal Division, RVN, 2/13/70 – 11/7/71; B Btry, 1/21 Artillery, 1st Air Cavalry Division, RVN, 11/8/71-4/29/72.

    My Father, MSSGT Vernon H Downs. Enlisted in the Horse Cavalry at Ft Riley Kansas in March 1931. Transferred to Army Air Corps in WW2. Crewman on a B-29 flying over Japan. Killed in KB-29 crash near Parsons, Kansas, 2/13/51, 1 month before his scheduled retirement and 6 months before I was born.

    • US Army (retired)

      Welcome Home!

  • Steve Peterson

    Thank you Jan.
    USN Seabees, MCB 121, 1967-1969 Viet Nam. CM2.

  • Eaglestrike

    Rick Combs United States Air Force 1980-1984.

  • disqus_Y2ex43N42i

    Earl Varney, US Navy – Vietnam 1977 , US Army – Operation Iraqi Freedom (2008-2012) 41 years total service – Navy, National Guard, Army Reserves.

    • Mike Straw

      Vietnam in 1977? War was over and Saigon fell in 1975. You must be mistaken.

      • disqus_Y2ex43N42i

        1971 typo

        • Zoomie72

          Thank you for ALL your service.

  • Damaso

    Damaso Santana US Army-Military Police,Vietnam Era, Korea, Conus, 1967-1980

  • Richard Storie

    31 years active Army, much of service was with field artillery. CW5 Richard Storie

  • Sam Spirit Wolf Shoemaker

    Samuel Shoemaker,28th Infantry Division, 28th Military Police Co. 1983-1989

  • wakRtalley

    Wife of SFC(Ret) Herschel L Talley 22 years, 6 months U S Army with 2 tours in Vietnam

    • GQ4U

      Tell him I said thank you.

  • Joken Joe

    Sorry to say allot of Americans have no ideal of the cost of there freedoms. I’m also sorry there are willing to give them up. US Army 1980-1995.

    • And it’s a shame and a disgrace on how we are looked upon as if we are 2nd class citizens.

      • Joken Joe

        Maybe a 2nd class citizen. But at least we can say we gave will they sat on there duffs. Me I remember my oath and continue to believe in it.

        • Same here…my oath did not end when I was discharged.

          • Joken Joe

            Been hanging around this blog. Its nice to see from my brothers and sisters who have served, regardless of there branch of service.

          • I agree!

          • Bill1966

            Nor did mine!

      • GQ4U

        Not by everyone — look what Jan did here today. Honor will never die.

        • True, indeed but many in society do view us as such. Not to mention, discrimination among hiring veterans that isn’t making it to the news. I do thank Jan for her comments!:-)

          • GQ4U

            Its bad when our society honors gay work rights above veteran’s rights, but I think more and more people are beginning to realize that one group tears down America and the other group is the reason there is an America. Thanks for your sacrifice.

            PS: Let’s create more jobs by passing the http://www.FairTax.org in the House… HR-25 (eliminates all income taxes repeals the 16th. amendment and abolishes the IRS)

  • Me–>Christopher Collins….USAF 6915th ESS, (1983-1987), Cold War Veteran–Bad Aibling Station, Bad Aibling, West Germany….most of my uncles served in the Army and one in the Navy. I am the only one in my generation to have served.

    Thank you, Jan for comments about us veterans!

    • GQ4U


  • ScotWarrior1066

    Edward D. Allen, United States Marine Corps 1965-1967, Vietnam 1966-1967.

    • Lynx Eye

      Semper Fidelis, sir. My foster dad served in either Korea or Vietnam, as well, as a Marine.

  • John Wirts

    John Wirts 43 years in the Army, Air Guard, Army Guard and Army Reserve. B Co 440 Signal Bn 1962-65, 149th Mobil Communications Squadron, California Air National Guard 1966-72, Hq Co 115 Support Group California National Guard 1972-74, D Co 828 Engineer Bn U.S. Army Reserve 1974-1976, Test Section 91 st Div (trng) U. S.Army Reserve 1976-82, 6237th USAR School 1982-88,Tactics Committee 91st Div (trng), 1988-90, 6237th USARF School, 1990-93, Retired Reserve 1993-2005.
    I started out as a field wireman Active Duty, Comm Center specialist in Cal ANG, Crypto Repairman Cal ANG, Recruiter Army Reserve, Test Supervisor Army Reserve, Instructor , for my last three TPU assignments.

    • GQ4U

      Many, many thanks.

  • Just want to say because I can’t possible to say this to all of you, thank you for your service my fellow veterans!

    • GQ4U

      Back at ya.

  • GQ4U

    Dad served 1942, US Navy 3-years during WWII before joining the army and serving in Korean War and early part of Viet Nam War, retired 1965 Master Sargent E9. Three uncles served in WWII Europe, two US Army, one fighter pilot shot down over Italy — survived. None of these four wanted to talk about their war experiences, although one uncle in the Army tearfully shared how he fell in love with lovely Italian girl but the war pulled them apart and he never saw her again — he was 87 when he told us.
    Thanks to all who have and are serving.

  • Steve j

    USMC. 80-84.
    Proud descendent of 6 generations that have served.
    (Some..umm..both north and south at the time. Not exactly sure how to quantify that, but there it is. ;). )

    • GQ4U

      Both sides in the north & south were Americans — be proud.

      • daisykmt

        Great answer to Steve j! I’m with you, GQ4U, both sides were Americans and believed in their cause. Thank you for seeing the big picture and being so fair-minded!

  • UwasaWahya

    Stephen Cline USN, Brother Bryan Cline USAF, Father Joe Cline USArmy, Grandfather Jason Newell Army Air Corps.

  • Chuck Trebino

    Charles Trebino SCPO USN ( Ret) 1962 to 1986. Viet Nam Era.

  • Jeff Ziegler

    Theodore Ziegler, (1900-1905 Spanish American War); Bernard Ziegler (1942-1945 WWII); Jeffrey Ziegler (1981-2008 OIF); My Daughter Victoria Ziegler (2009-2014) and soon to enlist my son Matthew Ziegler. 4 Generations of proud Marines!

  • Ted Copeland

    USN 1974-1993, Machinists Mate 1st Class. Served Aboard USS Lawe DD-763, Special Boat Unit 1, Vietnam, USS Donald B. Beary FF-1085, NAF Lajes Azores, USS Elmer Montgomery FF-1072, N&MCRC Atlanta GA/GA Tech ROTC, USS Blakely FF-1082, USS Miller FF-1091, USS Fox CG-33 during Desert Storm. CWO3 combat engineer, Tennessee State Guard 2004 – present.

  • charlietags

    Charlie Tagliareni 4th Army 1LT ran training companies, ran my own rifle range and finished up my active duty ’65 ’66 as OIC in charge of the Tactics Committe at Fort Polk, LA served my active reserve with the 50th Lightning Division as Captain in ’71.

  • Terry Torsky

    TSgt Michael Torsky served in the USN 4 years, USMC 4 years and USAF 12 years. (1941-1961) Passed 2004

    CPO Joseph F. Iosefa served in the USN (1952-1972) Passed 2004

    SSgt Michael S. Torsky served in the USAF (1979-1982)

    SSgt Andrew J. Torsky currently serving in the USAF (2004-present)

    SMSgt Terry R. Torsky served in the USAF (1987-2014)

  • charlietags

    Chaarlie Tagliareni, served as 2LT training troops Basic Training, later as 1LT served as OIC in charge of 25 meter Rifle Range and finally as OIC Tactics Committee all at FT, Polk, LA ’65 & 66′. I was Airborne qualified but missed Nam. I served most of my actiive reserve duty with the 50th Lightning Division finish up as Company Commander and Captain in 1971.

  • charlietags

    Thanks Jan for doing this – you are a great American. Best wishes – Charlie

  • daddyhawg

    Ray Ten Kate, EMC(SS) Retired, USS Omaha – SSN 692, USS Indianapolis – SSN 697, USS Philadelphia – SSN 690, SMMS Performance Monitoring Team, Instructor at Naval Nuclear Propulsion Training Unit Ballston Spa, NY.
    November 1982 to November 2002.

  • US Army (retired)

    US Army, 8-1968 to 7-1992. 2/2 ACR, Bamberg, Germany, 3/5 Cavalry, RVN & Ft. Lewis, 4/7 Cavalry, Camp Rice, Korea, B Troop, 5th Cavalry, 1st Training Bde, Ft. Knox, KY, 256th Mech. Inf. Bde, LA. Tank gunner, loader, driver & Commander, Platoon Sgt., 1st Sgt, Battalion Sr. Opns NCO

    • irish7_1sg

      AWESOME! Thanks for your many years of dedicated service, Top!

  • newhon63

    The article mirrors what I believe myself and instill it in my son. It is why when we see someone wearing a hat or getting out of a car with a military license plate or some other form of indication that the people served our nation, we stop them and thank them for their service. It has no bearing on the war they served in or the attitude toward the war in question. Our warriors answer the call to duty no matter what and for that we should all be thankful. They are what keeps our government from stopping us when ever and where ever they feel like it and demand “Our papers” or kicking down our door and arresting us for no reason or walking out of our houses with whatever they want.

    We have our vets to thank for that.

    • daisykmt

      Brilliantly said, newhon63! And concerning your earlier post, you have the brave heart of a warrior!

      • newhon63

        Thank you. All I said comes from the heart. I wish I could have helped in a war. Been able to stand with some of my fellow Americans to defend our way of life.

  • Leo Farmer

    Leo Farmer US ARMY 1964 to 1967. Sp.4/E-4 HH Co 2nd Battalion 15 Arty. 172 Brigade Ft. Wainwright Alaska. Pole lineman, wire man & radio operator.

  • anaedra

    Glenn Alfrey, United States Air Force Material Airlift Command (MAC)

  • newhon63

    On behalf of my son and I. Thank you all for your service. For your bravery and honor in and out of combat. And for the sacrifice of being away from your loved ones to answer the call. I have MS so I was never able to serve, but I wish I could have so that I could join the ranks of the warriors for America.

  • Bill Ascherfeld

    Co D, 36th AIB (Armored Infantry Battalion, Third Armored Division, from Fort Knox, KY to a small town N. of Frankfort, Germany, 1955 – 57.

    I then settled in San Diego CA, Married a beautiful Mexican Legal Immigrant. My first-born son died of cancer when he was 18 -20 years old. My daughter is married and has two wonderful boys, and my other son is married and has two beautiful girls.

  • irish7_1sg

    Retired Army First Sergeant, over 30 years total service: Airborne, Mechanized & Combat Infantryman, Armored Cavalry Scout. I was also a Military Policeman for a few years, the Unit Armorer and Supply Sergeant. I am honored to have served with such fine American men and women.

  • Johnny

    Johnny Fowler, Electronics Tech.USN Jan.1966-Feb.1973.Served at NAS Ream Field,Imperial Beach,Calif. Aboard The USS San Diego,AFS-6 and The USS Alacrty,MSO-520

  • madmemere

    God bless you, Jan Morgan; please, keep doing what you’re doing!


    Mineman Master Chief Petty Officer, former Submarine Sonar Technician, Dec 1982-Jan 2013. Served on fast attack submarines during Cold War and on Minesweepers in the Global War on Terror.

  • Thomas Plaza

    Thanks Jan, been a subscriber of your site for a few years now and many more to come.
    Thomas Plaza, US Navy 1990-1993, USS David R Ray DD971, Engineman, Auxiliary Division.

  • Skyhawk

    MSgt Howard W. Taber, Regular Army and USAF 1946 to 1968. Korea, Labrador, Iceland & Italy.

  • Chris Crawley, USN (ret) 1990-2010
    Wife: Shannon Crawley, USN 1995-present
    Father: Joseph Crawley Jr., 82nd Airborne 1956-1960
    Grandfather: Joseph Crawley Sr., Army WW1
    Uncle: Clifford Vaughn, USMC WW2 and Korea, 101st Airborne Vietnam
    Father in law: Anderson J. L. LeBlanc, USMC Vietnam

  • foxxybey

    Fox 1st Marine division, 3 rd Marine Air Wing, 3rd Marine Division, 144 mm gun battalion 1961-1975

  • sarge

    1st 7 Calv Vietnam valley of death and then navy USS Ranger cva 61 after nam

  • disqus_ACg4yPtSDb

    Keith R. Richardson, MAJ-USArmy(RET) Enlisted US Army (E-1) 1965; Spec5 in 1969. Entered OCS 1969, commissioned 2LT 1970. Transferred to USAR 1973 (1LT). Retired in 1989 (MAJ). My Father was a 31-year US Navy (Mustang; Gator) veteran (Enlisted 1940 – 1956 – BMC; Commissioned 1956 – 1971 – LCDR). My Brother is a 30-year US Navy (Airedale; NFO-TACCO) veteran, retired as CAPT in 2001. His last billet was at the Pentagon; his office was in the section that was hit om 9/11, six months after he retired. My ex-wife was a Spec5 Army Operating Room Technician; disabled as a result of service-connected injury. My Son is an Army Veteran; also disabled as a result of service-connected injury.

  • Dodged5

    Pvt Max Nieder, US Army, WW-I (Grandfather)
    Pvt Herbert Nieder, USMC, WW-II (Father)
    MSgt John Nieder, USAF (Ret) Vietnam
    PFC John Nieder, US Army, Desert Storm (Son)
    MSgt Renee Levi, USAF (Ret) (Daughter)

  • Fred L harris

    Fred L Harris SP/4 U S ARMY July 18, 1968 through February 2, 1972, January through December 1970 in Vietnam.

  • Granddaddy – Grand Fleet, World War One 1914-18 Ables’man Raymond Sibert, His Royal Majesty’s British Navy
    Great-Uncle – American Expeditionary Force, World War One 1917-1918, Corporal Jacob Plessinger, United States’ Army
    Granddaddy – U.S. Expeditionary Force, Europe 1942-1945 Staff Sergeant William R. Kelley, United States Army
    Uncle – U.S. Pacific Fleet 1941-45, Seaman First Class Garth Sibert, United States’ Navy
    Uncle – U.S. Pacific Fleet, Petty Officer 2nd Class Bruce Sibert, 1955-61 United States’ Navy
    Father-in-law – Korean Army Contingent, VietNam 1966-69, Sergeant Wonsik Park, Army of the Republic of Korea
    Cousin – Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2001-2005, Sergeant Aaron Wolf, United States’ Army

  • celticwaryor

    USN, River Patrol Task Force 116. VAL-4, Dustoff, and Dufflebag, Bihn Thuy, RVN, 1970

  • vernonrice

    Vernon Rice, 619th Tactical Control Squadron, Det. 5:::::::::Door Gunner on a HH-3 JOLLY GREEN search air rescue chopper and other assigned Top Secret duties at a place referred to as INVERT CONTROL.
    6 months in Viet Nam and then unit transferred to the far N.E. corner of Thailand to a place in short referred to as “NKP.”

  • Charles-Evelyn Gogley

    Charles Gogley SP5 Army – Vietnam – flying around in those crazy choppers (Huey’s). 68-69
    Nephew of five uncles who served in WWll. Three in the Pacific and one on D-Day. My Uncle Johnny was on the Arizona at Pearl Harbor. He was one of the blessed ones who escaped before it blew. Three Navy and two Army. The baby brother was not allowed to leave the states.

  • robertdavidhummel

    Robert David Hummel US Army 1962-thru 1985, I may be 70, BUT, …I am Prepared to Serve in what ever need , …for the Freedoms of My Great Country, That BLANK CHECK I Issued to America, ..in 1962,…is STILL NEGOTIABLE, …PERIOD>Mr Faux-Pas POTUS.

  • porriii

    Pat Orr III, SSgt USAF 1967-1971
    Saigon VN Postal Courier Armed Quick response Team.

  • porriii

    The men in my family have served in the Revolutionary, Spanish-American, WWI, WWII, VietNam.

  • Bruce Reynolds

    Bruce Reynolds, USN 67-73. Served aboard USS Long Beach CGN-9, nuke MM. Viet Nam cruises 70,72,73.

  • Cleo

    Cleo Hardy ’63/’66 7th Inf. 6th battalion 80th Arty ~ Korea ’65/’66

  • CRKienast

    Thank you, Jan Morgan for what you did and said!! So many of us should do more to say it every day == but no, it is much easier to just “bitch” about how our veterans are treated through the VA, etc. and let the “weak and corrupt” politicians along with too many Americans just go on their way doing what they have been doing all these years. Blame everyone else – and too many so called conservatives do this – they bitch and blame the liberals but then don’t vote because they don’t like who was nominated in the primary or something. In the meantime, our veterans keep getting “screwed” and “WE ALL FEEL SO BAD ABOUT IT” BUT THEN keep on doing what we have always done – “BITCH” — So thank you, Jan for doing what you did. I feel like you said it with a “very sincere and heartfelt” emotion that hit a nerve for me. Charles R. Kienast

  • Kanudawg

    USN 70-79 A-Gang MM1(SS) USS Gurnard SSN-662, USS Geo.C.Marshall SSBN-640, USS Wm. H.Bates SSN-680 Westpacs 71,72-73.

  • Glen

    Glen, STG1(SW), USS OLDENDORF DD972, USS YORKTOWN CG48, Ship Repair Facility Subic Bay, Ship Repair Facility Hunter’s Point. US Army Office of the Provost Marshal.

  • Dale Matthews

    Dale M. Matthews, LT USN, Ret. 21 years US Navy Destroyer sailor
    Atlantic/Mediterranean + Pacific area

  • jgilbey

    James Gilbert USNMCB 62 & 74 Seabees 1968-1971 Republic of Viet Nam.

  • Chip

    Chip Deffibaugh, USAF 436th Military Airlift Command, Avionics Maintenance Squadron. Specialized with maintaining C-5A Galaxy and C-141 Starlifter aircraft. 1974-1978.

  • Thank you, Jan for your sentiments of respect and appreciation for our service men and women. When I came home from my tour of duty over seas in late 1967 from the Navy we were scorned by the very people who now hold the reins of power in government. Even to this day they show no respect for the military who defended their freedoms with honor and sacrifice. We have a son who is now serving in the Marines and his mother and I hold him in the highest esteem far above those in our White House. They should all hang their heads in shame for the disgraceful treatment veterans are receiving from the VA.

  • sunjune

    Thanks Jan Morgan.


    D Ogle, USN, MM1(SS) 1969-1978, 1987-1989, USS Henry Clay SSBN 625, USS Barb SSN 596, USS Proteus AS-19, USS Fanning FF 1076.

  • JIm

    Jim Oxyer USAF Ret 1981 – 2001

  • Marc

    Marcus Cabrera, Sgt., USAF Clinic Peterson AFB Colo. Spgs., CO. 1976-1980. Thank you Jan Morgan, it was my honor and duty.

  • Trey Goodwill

    Trey Goodwill, USAF 35th CRS. George AFB

  • Patriot47

    US Army Vietnam Veteran, and proud of it and all my brothers before and since.

    • Centurion

      Agreed! Proud to be a Vietnam Veteran!

  • bruckner

    Major (Retired), USAF

    Served in RVN, Hawaii, Mississippi, Illinois, California. Retired from Hancock Field, Syracuse, NY

    Happy that I don’t have to regard our current “President” as my Commander-in-Chief.

  • Name

    Arthur J. Higgins 1940 / 1964 USARET
    John A. Higgins 1969 / 2000 USNRET
    Michael S. Higgins 1998 / Present USN

  • Dwalt

    A Troop 3/8 Cav (Airborne) Mannheim, Germany 1967-70

  • Phillip G Thompson

    A, B, 1-107th ARBN. D CO 1-145th ARBN, C CO 1-145th ARBN, E TRP 196 Cav 30th HBCT

  • bobcatkj

    Robert Marioni Veteran USN 1974-1981 Vietnam Era

  • Greg

    Thank you. From a Marine and father of a Marine.

  • Gary

    Gary Fox, United States Army and Army Reserve, Military Police and Military intelligence, 1985-2010.

  • Dale H Brown

    Thank you for your kind words about Veterans, and to all the Veterans of all the wars the US has fought to preserve our and the world’s liberty and freedoms and all Veterans who served during so called peacetime a forever thank you for signing that contract, that this present gov’t seems to be so disrespectful of now —
    Dale H Brown , C-1-7 , 1st Marine Division, Korean War 1951-1952

  • Steve Moyer

    Steve Moyer SP/4 United States Army Security Agency November 1969-March 1972 Ft Dix, NJ, Ft Devens, MA, Hertzogenaurach, Germany. 509 Radio Research Group, Viet Nam. 330 Radio Research Company, Nha Trang, Viet Nam 335 Radio Research Company, Can Tho, Viet Nam Vint Hills Farm, VA. MOS’s. 05k20 & 98c20

  • Ray

    My two elder brothers served my eldest Tom served proudly for 21yrs in the Marine Corps. My elder brother Mike served proudly in the Army for 14yrs. I am so proud of my elder brother’s.

  • Mike Straw

    USMC, SGT, 1966-1970, was in Vietnam 1968-1970 with G2 2nd SSCT, 1st MarDiv, DaNang, RVN and then assigned to S2 7th Marine Regiment, attached to 1st Radio Battalion @ LZ Baldy (Hill 63).

  • Mike Straw

    my dad was a Navy AM3 in the South Pacific during WWII, serving as a plane mechanic and tail gunner. He was a SGT in the USMC during Korean serving with the 1st MarDiv at Inchon and Chosen.

  • CWO

    1960 to 1980 retired 2 tours Nam 65/66 69/70

  • cottterstetter

    Clayton Otterstetter, SSgt, U.S. Air Force Security Service special intelligence collection 1971-1978, N.D. National Guard 1978-1980, Maryland National Guard 1980-1981. First in my family to have served, but many relatives have served with two dying on the beaches of Normandy.

  • Wondering

    Stephanie (nee Bartlett) Lebron, TSgt, USAF, 1976-1988, from Misawa, Japan (Security Service) 1977-1978, HQ SAC/Offutt AFB Jan 1979-May 1981, then on to HQ EUCOM/EUDAC in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany doing intel support until Nov 1984, 355TTW/IN at Davis-Monthan AFB Nov 1984-Dec 1986, ending at Metro Tango near Hahn AB, Germany with the 7451st TIS. To all vets and their families, thanks for giving your time in military service, and to Jan for this article.

  • MikeOneInIndy

    Michael Smith, 22nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, 36th Tac. Fighter Wing, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon and moved to Bitburg Air Base, West Germany afterward.
    Proud to have served, while heartbroken at the “support” we received on our return, but I’d do it again in a U.S. Minute!

  • Doc

    Navy (Seaman/Corpsman), Marine Corps (FMF Corpsman), Alaska National Guard (medic). Shot, bayoneted, blown up, and poisoned by my government (Agent Orange) and neglected and abused by the VA for over thirty years. Still ready and willing to serve if needed.

    • daisykmt

      What a tremendous sacrifice, Doc! Thank you for serving!

  • fstookey

    Frank Stookey, 5 years National Guard followed by 21 years active duty Regular Army; Served in air defense missile units as an enlisted man, and as a commissioned officer/aviator in Medical Service units, Armored (tank) units, and numerous Aviation units . Total service January 1962 to November 1986. Retired Master Aviator.

  • darkwingdave

    Julie Clark US Navy, Norfolk, VA, Sicily and Puerto Rico, David Clark, US Navy, Norfolk, VA and Puerto Rico. Son Kevin Maker, US Army, AK and Iraq.

  • rangerrebew

    Great, great uncle Walter Honsinger – Civil War, buried at Andersonville
    Father-in-law, Clyde Harden – U.S. Army Air Corp bomber pilot, WWII
    Father-in-law’s brother, Daron – U.S. Army Air Corp bomber pilot, killed over Europe, WWII
    Scott Weber (me) – U.S. Navy, Viet Nam aboard U.S.S. Ranger
    Daron Weber (my son) – Lt. U.S. Navy, Iraq and Afghanistan aboard U.S.S. Bataan

  • Leon G. Smith

    Leon G. Smith Sgt. USAF, 1966-1970, 483rd Tactical Air Wing, 459th Tactical Air Squadron, Phu Cat AB, Central Highlands, South Viet Nam, 1969-1970, Airborne Radar Navigation System Repair, 6 months flying status.

  • Rocco

    Jerry Valenti, HQ &HQ CO, 1ST Battalion 48th Infantry, 3rd Armored Division,Gelnhausen ,Germany Specialist 5th Class,, 1961 thru 1964

  • BeriBeri99

    Thank You Jan
    Barry :-3)
    PO1 USN RET May ’62 – Oct ’83
    Viet Nam (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club) 4 Times

  • erewind

    Buzz Dunnells USAF 1952-1975. Electronic Technician. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Phillipines. TACP, CCT Vietnam. Airborne ‘Masterblaster’. BSM. Thankful for my country allowing me to serve

  • Ms Morgan — just getting to this story now, several days after you posted. I apologize for the delay.

  • Deborah Cowdrey

    Deborah Cowdrey, U. S. Air Force, 1971-1991 Served many different unit and places over the 20 years.
    Thank you for you article. I come from a long line of military members back to the Revolution. Additionally, both my daughters served and I currently have 5 cousins on active duty.

  • Richard Day

    Richard A. Day U.S. Marine Corps 12/1968 – 12/1972. Viet-Nam 69-70. I want to thank you gratitude and what you are doing to help inform us in your web page.

  • Saltporkdoc

    Paul Wortman: Us.Navy Hospital Corpsman, Bethesda Naval Hospital- ER, Operating Room Technique School, Tissue Bank; TDY’d to USMC Camp Lejeune- Sr Corpsman for a rifle company of Marines whom I love to this day! Semper Fi! Semper Remedius!

  • Bruce Hevner

    Bruce Hevner, US Navy, Damage Controlman 2nd class, USS Mispillion AO-105, 1970-1974, Off Shore Support Viet-Nam.

  • Michael E. Scott

    Michael Scott, CPO, USN (Retired) Served from 1972 to 1995 on board 4 aircraft carriers, USS Enterprise CVN 65, USS Oriskany CV34, USS America CV66 and the USS John F. Kennedy CV67 and various shore installations, Both a Vietnam and Desert Storm Vet.

  • apollodr

    US Navy, 1972-1996.

  • AmericanIcon

    First Marine Air Wing & Special Landing Force Bravo, Vietnam 68-69. Thanks for the kind words, but you’re not the one who needs to apologize.

    • Centurion


  • No Grass

    SFC, U.S. Army (retired)
    In Aviation Maintenance, retired out of Bosnia.

    Just honored to serve.

    • latinovet

      Thank you and your late honorable Father in Law for your service to this Country!

      • No Grass

        Hello LV.

        God love you man!

        • latinovet

          Thank my friend and Veteran Brother!
          Through God’s love my blessings runneth over.
          Thank you for your Family’s service to this Country!

          • Todd Bridges

            You forgot about me! Navy Electronics Technician, Submarines, Afghanistan, 2000-2009.

      • oldeagle145

        You are the Man LV.
        De Oppresso Liber!

        • latinovet

          We Few…We Happy Few…We Band of Brothers.
          De Oppresso Liber!

    • oldeagle145

      Glad to know you NG.

  • latinovet

    It was always OUR honor to serve!
    I had a family member who was KIA during the Vietnam War.
    My Father, a Korean War Veteran, volunteered to fight out of his love for this Country.
    I signed up with the Army 7th Infantry as a combat medic right after graduating from high school the year of the Beirut Marine tragedy in 1983. My younger brother honorably served as a Marine and both our units were sent to fight in the 1st Gulf War.
    Hath no greater love….

    • Centurion

      And we old timers would like to thank you too for your service to our country.

  • Centurion

    My father served in the 33rd Special Naval Construction Battalion (aka 33rd SeaBees) in the South Pacific from 1941 to 1943. He was a welder repairing broken ships. I myself am Army Airborne, serving in the 82nd Airborne Division, Ft Bragg, NC from 1971 to 1973. “Ready, Sir!” “Airborne.”

    • latinovet

      Thank you for your service to this Country!

  • latinovet

    I also would like to honor my fellow Veteran Brothers OldEagle145 and Elwood27. Both served honorably as Airborne Paratroopers. OldEagle145 has a son who is currently serving now to protect our freedoms. Elwood27’s Father also was a paratrooper who jumped in behind enemy lines before the soldiers hit the beach during Operation Overlord June 6, 1944. Elwood27, hold the line my Brother, I am actively trying to ascertain your 20.
    This We’ll Defend!

    • Centurion

      Airborne! Hope you find him wherever he may be. …82nd Airborne, 71-73.

      • latinovet

        Thank you my fellow Patriot and Veteran Brother!
        If your honorable Father is still with us, please thank him on my behalf for his service to this Country!

  • GregSmith

    G F Smith Ash-3 USSMidway and USS Hancock March of 72 thru Dec 75. Thank you mam

  • chuckieb

    Headquarters Company, 26th Engineering Battalion, Chu Lai, Vietnam, 1969-1970

  • Leijona

    Jim Agans, 1964-1968 USAF 1966-1967 Rolling Thunder, Vietnam War. 355th Tactical Fighter Wing. F-105 Thunderchief

  • ReaganConservative1

    I am posting this on behalf of my late uncle.
    P.F.C. Frank L. Walters 35731505 84th Division, 334 Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion,
    Company “F” K.I.A.12/03/1944

  • Philip Witschi

    Philip B. Witschi, Marines, VMFP-3 1987-1993, Jet Mech F-4’s and FA/18’s. My son in whom I am SOOOO proud!!!

  • oldeagle145

    Co B 5th SF Bn 19th SGF Airborne. 1982-1999
    18D (Special Forces medic) Staff Sargeant.

    Son Airforce
    Navigation and communication Tech. E-3 Sentry AWAC
    Tinker AFB

    Co B5th SF Bn, 19th SFG Airborne 1982-1992
    18D SFC
    Currently SOD-K and deployed.

    • No Grass

      It is an honor to meet your acquaintance.

      To Zoomy and Old Hat, God love and keep you.

    • latinovet

      Thank you and your Family for their service to this Country!

    • Fiveseven

      Hardcore. Thank you and your family.

  • BoydSharp

    Twenty years split between active duty Army and the National Guard. On the behalf of my dad, a member of the greatest generation, thank you Mrs. Morgan for your kind comments. So long as there are bullies looking for someone smaller to pick on, there will be a need for the big, dumb and ugly to go upside their fool heads. At your service.

  • gwedem5995

    I was born in l941 and everyone of my adult members of the family, including my father, and all my uncles served in the war.

  • Kent2012

    Thank you Jan….31st Combat Engineers, Phouc vinh RVN 1970-71

  • 2War Abn Vet

    When my kids entered the military I warned to learn a hard lesson – always be aware that the Army will never love them as much as they love it. An even harder lesson to learn is that their fellow citizens won’t either.

  • LeslieGreenleaf

    Leslie A. Greenleaf, Jr. US Army, 7th Radio Research – Thailand – & Augsburg Germany 1971-1974

    My Father
    Leslie A. Greenleaf – US Army – Occupation Forces Japan – Radio Operator – passed

    My Nephew
    Currently serving – Apache Helicopter Pilot

  • Jim McCormack

    Lt.(Sr.Grd) James R.McCormack- Air Group 17- U.S.S. Wasp II-Attack Carrier 1953- Korean War–1954-Gulf of Tonkin -Viet Nam -Spy

  • Joeb

    Joseph Brooks U.S.Army 1973-1976 Army Security Agency, Mt Eckstein Germany.

  • Zoomie72

    Michael Brannick, USAF (RET) US Air Force academy Class of ’72. B-52 Pilot/Aircraft Commander/IP, SAC 1972-1992. Deployed to Moron AB, Spain during Dessert Shield/Desert Storm as mission planner for B-52 missions 1991.

  • vietnam vet

    VIETNAM VET TWO TOUR’S 1ST 92ND Avation co QUI-NHON 1965-1966
    2ND 184 ORD CO OUT OF QUI-NHON IN THE VALLEY got hit 13 day’s and lost two men,1968-1969,then sent to Da Nang the got 1 dec 1969.obama has no idea what it mean to have service,and he will never understand.

  • Mike Egan

    Mike Egan – USAF 1970 -76. (E-5) Most memorable posting was Udorn RTAFB, Udonthani, Udorn, Thailand 1971-72. Assigned 432nd Combat Support Group, worked on RF4C aircraft & recconaisance cameras/ equipment, met then USAF Captain Richie, just after he got his Ace (triple nickel fighter wing also assigned to our base). Saw the real Air America guys. Talked to the Thais about freedom, attitude and war, decided US wasn’t the only place freedom is important. Went home more than a little disillusioned with some of our senior officers and civilan leaders, but proud of our efforts to support freedom. 42 years later, and I’m thinking our biggest fight is still ahead of us, to save our country from the internal communists and liberals (especially the ones in Washington DC). Count me in – I still know how to shoot.

  • Jim

    Jim Kuyon, Sgt, USAF…1967-1969 Karamursel, Turkey Tuslog Det 94 and 6921 Security Wing Misawa, Japan 1969-1971

  • Jim

    Jim Kuyon USAF Sgt 1967-1969 (USAFSS) Tuslog Det 94 Karamursel Air Station Turkey, Dog Flight…1969-1971 (USAFSS) 6921st Security Wing, Charley Flight Misawa, Japan. Two brothers served in US Navy aboard USS Saratoga (CVA-60) out of Mayport, Florida as Quartermasters and father served US Army, 47th Infantry Company “E” out of Ft Dix, New Jersey and Ft Bragg North Carolina

  • Larrie

    Larrie R. Funk, USAF, 4521st A&E, Nellis AFB, Nevada. 1962 – 1966 Maintained the air born radar, bombing computer, and sight system on F-105D & F model aircraft.

  • Lynx Eye

    Thank you for your loyal service to the Republic and its citizens to those that have posted here. I don’t know what I can do to help turn around the VA, but I DO offer a practical service to Veterans. I will give free labor to any Vet who comes to me for computer help. Can’t do the same for hardware if it needs replaced, though. I’m in Canton, OH and can contacted via Facebook (Andrew Curlutu) or by email at [email protected] or Skype anc42cu. God bless.

  • William Leonard Lambert

    HMCM (FMF) William Leonard Lambert; Basic Training Great Lakes Ill; Navy Hospital Corps School Great Lakes Ill.,FMS School Camp LaJuene North Carolinia, 13th Marines, 5th MarDiv; 3rd Plt, Bravo Co., 1st Bn, 1st Regt, 1st MarDiv, NavHosp Millington Tenn,Naval Station Long Beach California; Charliston South Carolinia; FASOTRAGRULANT Patuxent River Maryland; 3/24 4th Mar Div; Vietnam War ; Cold War; El Salvadore; Panama; Operation Desert Shield/Storm. Marine Corpsman , then , now and always…

  • USMCret

    USMC 65-69, 1st BAT, 5th marines detachment H&S company, Bat. scout

  • 9Spoon9

    Thank you Jan Morgan for you warm and positive tone! Alas, we no longer matter except to those that appreciate our combined sacrifices. The only time Retires, Vets and Active military members get mention anymore on the national scene is when the medias’ editors/publicists/producers believe the can sell it (make a buck or increase market shares)..both good and bad occurrences effect US military, present and past. Not many want special recognition , but only for the Fed to live up to its clearly empty promises long ago made. Sad times…but we still have some super folks donning a US (or now…occupied nation’s BDUs) uniforms with full commitment to their mission and their brethren serving as pawns and knights to do the dirty work that often shouldn’t be entertained.

  • Daniel Clough

    US Air Force 1985-1990 Medic USARNG 1998-2000 Medial Officer Thank you for acknowledging those who served. I appreciate it.

  • John Wirts

    Thank you all for your service. Our big problem now is that our politicians for the most part have never served and could never serve. The Founding fathers could not envision a time where non serving citizens could even be considered for public service, so they never wrote the requirement that politicians would have to have military experience. Now we are stuck with politicians who refuse to admit that they are “SUPPOSED TO BE CIVIL SERVANTS” not ruling Monarchs!

  • MynameisPT

    Let’s see. Soldiers arriving at LA airport were spat on by civilians. At the AFEES medical
    examining stations when many young men receiving a nude physical exam there were
    female clerks who had no business being there Gawking and taking pictures.Those
    pictures are now on CFNM fetish porn sites. ( Clothed female naked male). Real way to
    go people on treating men who go to give up their lives to defend this country so you can
    have a constitution that gives YOU right to privacy.