Real Moms Don’t Demand Action… They TAKE IT.

Jan Morgan

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Moms Demand Action is an anti gun organization that works to disarm law abiding moms and dads across the country.
This organization ignores the fact that 2.5 million times last year, LAW ABIDING citizens pulled a gun in self defense and SAVED LIVES.
As a parent and gun owner, I believe any parent who does NOT own a gun to defend the lives of their children, is being negligent in their responsibility as a parent.

Of course, Moms Demand Action doesn’t seem to mind guns when it comes to armed security for themselves.

Notice their sign says they demand action “for gun sense”…
Ask them to define “gun sense” and you will discover their definition of gun sense is to disarm law abiding citizens by creating gun free zones in all public places.

Of course, once again they refuse to acknowledge that all the mass shootings that have occurred in this country happen in those “gun free” zones..
Criminals and crazy people with guns do not abide by gun control laws and those ridiculous “guns prohibited” signs, therefore, the signs only prevent law abiding citizens from carrying guns in those locations which makes them defenseless victims waiting to happen.


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  • ghhshirley

    Is this your idea of “responsible” gun owners? Personally, I do not want to have to live in fear for my children or myself while shopping at Walmart.

    “Police say a .22-caliber pistol fell from the pants of Tony E. Ward on Saturday evening. When the gun hit the floor, it discharged. The bullet missed the baby, but hit a bottle of soda in the cart, then ricocheted and struck the woman in the upper arm…”


    • ghhshirley – so, in other words, because of a few incidents by irresponsible gun owners, you discard the stats that prove millions of lives saved because of responsible citizens who carry guns in public places and on their property?
      You also fail to acknowledge the fact that criminals are not affected by gun control laws so they will always have access to guns, will always be able to bring them in to public places where YOU want law abiding gun owners to be disarmed.
      Also, based on your position, we should disarm all law enforcement officers as well because in spite of their training, even they have accidents or negligent discharges.
      Your argument, like the position of moms demand action, has been proven historically and statistically wrong, therefore lacking in merit in the gun debate.

      • violater1

        Jan not long ago an article about the imbecile that intentionally left a loaded handgun in an open box on a shelf in a Target store! 1) Have they caught him yet to your knowledge? 2) The gun had been bought by a woman and not reported stolen so one could ascertain she gave it to him? 3) Is her involvement being investigated? 4) I feel this will all tie into the gun protest by this very bunch which is financed by billionaire Bloomingidiotberg! I know from your intelligent post you understand my direection on this short questionaire to you! You will recall that like the same day or just prior to the gun drop in Target store there was a protest by these imbecilic so called mothers! In their cases I think that mother is only part of a compound word! Moms demand action conspiracy perhaps!

    • jrzdad
    • SuperDave2

      Libtard……Note that all mass shooting have been by your buddies in the Demoncrap party!

      • violater1

        THAT IS A FACT!!! ALSO BOMBINGS AKA THE MARATHON BOYS! Does it not make one think that they may be perpetrating these kills to attain their agenda! They are evil to the core and their entire existence revolves around contol of all others!

    • MontieR

      No but as usual in your broken idea of correct you will use THE most extreme example to push your agenda. If it saves just one life we are willing to give up ALL personal rights to a corrupt government. For your information the police have also said that FAR more crime is averted without bloodshed when people are armed. But don’t let facts get in the way. With your fear you have emasculated the American male and ruined education. Your fear removed firearms training in public school witch did more to save lives than ALL of blombergs millions and all the gun bans put together. Your fear removed all responsibility from society. Now your fear wants to remove any God given right that offends you or anyone else.

  • redhorse1969

    bull hypocrites pound sand commie broads.

  • foxxybey

    I love it when the punk left idiots need armed guards but, don’t want us to protect ourselves they need to jump in the East River. Women use to be strong now they are weak and want everyone to be as weak as they are. LOL

  • foxxybey

    To bad the bridge didn’t give way and the rats drown in the East River, where trash like theirs belongs.

  • Susan

    These “moms” are so irrational that they shouldn’t be allowed to have any children, lest they create such ignorant fools, like themselves.

    “More Guns, Less Crime”…..there are way more lives saved because of guns than lost due to negligent, irrational, liberal gun-owners.

    And besides—I love the Equalizer—especially being a smaller woman and it is my GOD-Given NATURAL RIGHT to be able to protect myself anywhere, at anytime. AS an ADULT—I HAVE the RIGHT to DECIDE like an ADULT about MY LIFE—not have it dictated by these fools who have hired guards. Some pigs are more equal than others–in their evil slave states.