Voting in the South.. What Photo ID Law? Eric, Who?

Jan Morgan

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I voted today and was relieved to see that Mickey Mouse was not present and I didn’t see any dead people who notoriously vote democrat. (of course the fact that it was a Republican run off election might have had something to do with that.)

I not only enjoyed the privilege of voting but also was thrilled to see that my photo ID would be required to vote.
Ahhhhh.. I love living in the deep south!
Today when I approached the doors of the location where I would vote, I was greeted by this sign:

When I went inside and joked about the Eric Holder’s No Photo ID to Vote

When I went inside and joked about the Eric Holder’s No Photo ID to Vote, one of the poll workers simply smiled and said

the person working the poll who kindly returned my question with a warm smile and an inquisitive expression as he said, “Eric WHO?” 🙂

In the south, most Americans still view this nation for what it is, a Republic.
Most of us believe in the concept of State’s Rights and keeping the Federal Government in its rightful place.

Eric Holder doesn’t think much of that attitude.
So, Holder decided that voter fraud was not an issue in southern states, and that requiring voters to provide a photo ID was intimidating to minorities (Remember: This is the same Eric Holder who ruled that Black Panthers standing at the voting poll entrances slapping nightsticks against their hands and staring down voters was not illegal or intimidating, but asking people to provide a photo ID to vote is intimidating)
Holder took it upon himself to issue a mandate that certain states in the south could not require voters to prove that they are who they say they are.
After all, one Obama supporter, in a state that did not require photo ID, proudly proclaimed on youtube that she voted six times, using a variety of different names of relatives, alive and dead. Requiring photo ID cuts down on voter fraud which in essence, is intimidating to obama voters. Go Figure.

These day, you have to have a photo ID to do just about everything. Heck, even a horse has to have a photo ID to participate in a horse show.
That revelation and Holder’s ridiculous mandate, is what prompted me to shoot this quick message to Eric Holder while I was visiting a friend on her ranch in Texas back in 2012, when Holder first announced his decision.
Watch, have a laugh, cry about how much liberty we have allowed to be sucked down the Obama drain, then get mad, stand up, join the rest of us and fight back.

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  • jps

    What ever happened to lady who said she voted 6 times. Guess Holden would do nothing…How many more like her put the muslin in office with all his muslin friends.

    • Sagebrush6

      She got a bump in welfare payments and food stamps.

  • Stealth

    Damn!!! And I’m stuck in the STINKING, LIBERAL. DISEASE-BRAINED STATE of Communisticut! ( Connecticut for those of you in Rio Linda…

  • raygun

    Excellent video, especially from Lubbock, TX and Good old Texas Tech Univ I graduated from Tech in 1973 shortly after the hipsters took over. What a deal !!! Go Raiders !!!


    Well, what do we expect? “We” allowed this “president” to slither into office, and THEN to be slithered BACK into office! And it wasn’t just because 94% of black voters wanted to have a black president, or 75% of hispanics wanted to stay here illegally without having to BE a citizen. It was because a WHOLE LOT OF WHITE FOLKS DECIDED THEY DIDN’T, COULDN’T OR SHOULDN’T VOTE FOR McCain…and THEN, for Romney! And look what that got you! And if you DON’T show up for this next set of elections, GUESS WHAT’LL HAPPEN AGAIN! If you DON”T vote for a proven conservative, you’re screwing not only yourself, but ME, your NEIGHBOR, your CHILDREN and THIS NATION! You MUST VOTE!!

    • noweareman

      As Lucy says in the Peanuts strip-If you don’t vote don’t CRAB!

    • toongail

      Romney was better than McCain who takes money from George Soros, and I admit McCain advocates socialism the slow way – but not voting put in a real enemy of America who hates this country. I voted Republican in both elections. Hopefully this time we will have a clear choice. If we don’t I will still vote Republican because I do not think they hate America per se – and Hilary Clinton will definitely continue Obama’s policies.

  • James

    In North Carolina they had 34000 voter fraud cases. They don’t have voted photo ID there.

  • foxxybey

    Sign should read, the dead and illegals more then welcome if your for the Islamist from Kenya and vote more then twice, we love your vote.

  • Joseph Mertens

    IRC to use obamacare benefits at a doctors office you are required by that law to have photo id. So if you can have all the minorities do that what is the problem?